9 thoughts on “Unemployed Lana Whinges About Tax

  1. Silly little Lana needs to grow up a bit. She is obviously still at school but her in-your-face Lauren Cooper attitude is probably why she doesn’t have a job.

    Employers want people who don’t bring shame on their business – and having a full-blown mouthy teeny bogot serving customers is going to guarantee retail fail.

  2. Wow. Someone give this girl a cash handout already. She obviously feels that life owes her something and the “burqa heads” have taken it away. She obviously feels she should get free housing and education also. Oh my – How life is unfair!

    While I agree with Max; it’s not unreasonable to ban entry into a shopping centre to school students during school hours. After all – they’re supposed to be at school.

  3. I think this is just an ignorant little school girl. I don’t think she is genuinely full of hate like some of the neo nazis on here. I understand a lot of Australians feel uncomfortable about burqas and that’s okay because we are a very social culture that places high importance on faces. However they should take the time to listen to how muslim women feel about wearing the burqa rather than spouting comments about hiding bombs and stolen goods under there etc. If this girl had watched the sbs special on sending bogans to refugee areas she would change her mind about immigrants. Also I don’t see how you could hide stolen goods in a burqa anyway, I don’t think they have big pockets in there.

  4. Perhaps Lana should head over to England. Over there they have quite a few things to say about Polish people like her. We’ll see if she likes it then.

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