14 thoughts on “‘…Work Like Real Men… Not Solving Mathematical Equations Everyday…’

  1. Oh, cool. I used to use mathematics to calculate correct medication doses for patients, but Kane has shown me the light! What a timesaver! Open up, patients – the correct dose is however many pills I can fit into your mouths.

  2. True – “bommed” was a pretty good.

    To be honest; I’m surprised he even spelt “mathematical” correctly. (Although, he couldn’t spell “dole”).

    Since when have bogans mastered more than one word syllables?

    Surely he googled it first?

  3. Real men flip burgers and bitch about people who don’t speak English (despite the fact that he can’t even spell his own language). Never let a little hypocrisy get in the way of a healthy dose of butthurt over the imagined benefits that everybody else is supposedly receiving. It’s all a conspiracy against Whitey!

    Now shut up and bag my burger.

  4. ‘God knows where’ is a nice country.
    How exactly do you “see” an Australian? I mean, I was born in Australia, Tony Abbott was not (Yes, I know his parents were Australian citizens already). Can you tell by looking at each of us? Or do you just pick the white dude over the olive skinned girl?

    • In the eyes of a bogot, the paler you are the more ‘aussie’ you are.
      That’s why I, a pale and pasty irish immigrant, have never had even the slightest bit of hassle despite saying Ireland will always be my home, having no desire to become an Australian citizen and getting my daughter an irish passport whereas my colleague of Asian descent who was born and raised here, drinks beer, barracks for Carlton and has a very ocker accent is regularly told to f*** off back where he came from.

      The world must be so confusing to the average bogot.

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