Former ADF Mechanic Finds Joy in Discriminating and Threatening on the Internet

Here’s former ADF mechanic/earthmover, Shannon Austin. He spends a great deal of his life ignoring his children and posting hate-filled rants about Muslims and Aboriginals on the Internet. He has an extensive history of stalking, creating fake profiles, threatening and abusing both men and women who stand up to him.

And yes, the ADF part is accurate.

(Here’s an email he sent to us in response to this post. Make of it what you will.)

24 thoughts on “Former ADF Mechanic Finds Joy in Discriminating and Threatening on the Internet

    • Typical weak loser, wont even own his comments, harden up, the world already thinks aussies are weak, with your example its no wonder, why are the ADF to weak to own up to their actions, I started doing that in primary school

  1. I can’t help thinking with all these obsessed stalkers (especially this one) that this is what it’s all about.

    Maybe the earth isn’t moving for him if you get my meaning 😉

  2. jesus christ, so much ranting… so boring. Of course, for him to actually follow through on any threats, he’d have to find his footy shorts and flip flops before he could even get out the door. What a scrawny little tryhard – obviously compensating for his thimble dick.

    As if he could afford a lawyer – judging by his second photo, he can’t even afford sunscreen.

  3. And yeah, all the homophobic posturing is a little hollow coming from a dude with a girl’s name. Photoshop is a great tool – and so is this guy.

  4. Today I am letting a few stones of my chest after witnessing so many hates in our lovely society.

    My name is Jason, I came from an Asian background, I was educated here since high school. I had obtained my qualification as a healthcare provider in Australia. Just to get a few background issues sorted. Firstly, my family applied for immigration back in the 90s. The Australian government requires the family to deposit 750,000 of Australian dollars in an Australian bank and it had a mandatory term of 2 years. Meaning you have 750k sitting in the bank and you cannot touch it for two years. This is the ensure the new immigrants wouldn’t become the burden of the society, which is fair enough.

    I consider myself lucky that I had never personally involved in a racial altercation although a lot of my asian mates have. I have also witnessed a great deal of racial hatred vested in the name of patriotism. I see a lot of display of patriotism and how proud of them been an Aussie etc while maintain a long term patronage with centrelink. Witnessing the financial cataclysm from Greece, I begin to wonder the possibility of financial collapse within this country.

    I feel like to tell all those loud mouth bogans out there. I run a healthcare providing practice and my last year’s tax bill is around 200k. I have fully served my country (which is Australia where is the country I pledge my loyalty and honor towards) in monetary terms. 8 of us professionals pays more than 1 million dollars in tax to serve the country the fullest. As far as I am concern, you are reaping the benefit of the welfare system based on my effort of working 55 hours/week. I was upset when Steve Erwin passed away, I was angry when they ridicule Ben Robert-Smith. I had made donation to the flood in Queensland, I am eligible for the flood levy. And I have asked nothing in return except peace and prosperity in our society.

    What have you done for this country that you loved so much? Do you even pay tax? If we are to “go back to where we came from”. Who is going to pay for your benefit that you somehow entitle to but can’t justify?

    • @Jason you and your family have just as much right to be here as anyone else. My family are immigrants too and my partner was an asylum seeker, we experienced heaps of racism but we have a saying for Aussie rednecks – at least we came out here with a suitcase and not with a ball and chain 🙂

  5. Yea this dickhead sent me a message harassing me for being a revert Muslim, called me a filthy ugly whore and obviously took the time to try and get into my profile because he saw the photo of my brother’s daughter on my cover and said my daughter was as ugly as iam after telling me that I shouldn’t breed. Id invite this shit head to come over here and say it to my face instead of hiding behind the internet. I’m not scared of this guy, he can threatening me all he wants – he probably masturbates in his mother’s underwear – and before he calls anybody ugly – he should take a look at himself

  6. And further more – here’s a newflash – you are not white – YOU’RE RED!!! Look how red your face is you loser, you look like a cross between a pig and a baboon’s ass! And you send me a message saying that Im ugly – HA! Well Im glad you think im ugly, if im not your type it means im not a barnyard animal! By the way – nice family photos – the crack whore in the middle – is that your wife or the dog that shat you out? Or both? …. And thats a real nice pic of you laying on the ground molesting your children – best to keep it all in the family huh? Might explain a few things – oh i figured it out now -that’s your mother, your wife AND your sister, i suppose it makes it easier for you to afford christmas presents on your toilet cleaner wages….. oh what’s that i hear you say? you’re going to come looking for me? You want to send me a few threatening emails now – go ahead you prick – i grew up as the daughter of a red flagged CIB police detective – I’ve had plenty of death threats,so have my family – we just roll our eyes at pricks like you, in fact we think it’s quite funny because we know what you’d meet on the other end if you ever were dumb enough to see it through. ….You must have such a fulfilling life to be spending so much time being obsessed with us Muslims. Why dont you go get some therapy? and please – stop molesting your children – your family is already ugly enough, you dont need to inbreed any further

    • Lol I say bring it on – let the hacking begin, looks like somebody already hacked his face anyway. I found his fake profile in my friend list bro, lol I remember when I accepted his friend request I was a bit suspicious. But I don’t give a rats because he’d never find me or my ‘ugly daughter’ (news to me I didn’t know I had kids) and even if he did, with the connections my family have he wouldn’t even get close

  7. Evidence of schizophrenia with this lad. Maybe he is angling for PTSD disability because his bulldozer wouldn’t start one day and it haunts him to this day?

  8. He’s obviously unhinged, what normal spends so much time obsessing over other people’s race, religion, colour, sexual orientation etc… dig a little deeper and you often find out that these people have got something in their past or family history or are oppressing thoughts about what they truly think. Maybe Shannon Austin has an aboriginal grandmother, maybe he kissed another guy when he was a teenager, maybe his first girlfriend was Asian, maybe he stood next a Muslim guy at the urinal and saw that the Muslim had a bigger dick – maybe all of these and more …. but doesn’t want anyone to know so he shouts from the opposite direction. And if I’m reading correctly that he had a stint with the army, it just goes to show they need to review their screening process.

    • Time in the army as a dozer operator doesn’t translate to all this so call information he has on people and where and how to find them etc etc…I doubt if the Defence Intelligence Directorate are feeding him anybodies personal information on the off chance he has a mate still in the green machine. This fucktard ever pulled on a boot in my Battalion and behaved like that he would need a new arsehole after finding the keys to his dozer lodged in there for some yummy Asian homosexually inclined surgeon to remove with no sedation.

      • Haha @Dave, you’re right mate, he’s full of shit, if he had any connections that could actually gain intelligence on people – aside from what they make available to the general public by not adjusting their privacy settings and spilling out too much info about themselves. – he wouldn’t be shouting about it. A real lion doesn’t roar while stalking his prey – not unless he’s a dumb ass, if by chance he did actually manage to track someone and pay them a visit they’d probably hear him coming down the street in a pink ice cream truck blaring out ‘hi I’m Shannon Austin and I’m coming to beat your head in coz I’m tough’

        • I was in the reserves, maybe we were not as xenophobic because we worked for a living among the people we shared our neighbourhoods with including ethnic and immigrant folk. The chiefs of Army would shit bricks over this clowns trash talk.

  9. I was recently harassed by this creature when I supported a friend who was suggesting education and tolerance on an anti-Muslim facebook page. I’m a nineteen year old girl, and he not only insulted my university and workplace, he also made highly sexualised comments about me and told people I’d been sending him nude pictures. He has a complete inability to produce any form of cohesive argument and instead resorts to bogan insults and ad hominem attacks on people’s appearances. Have a look if you’re interested:!/AustraliansAgainstMuslimDominance/posts/462803333766714?comment_id=4912948&notif_t=like

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