“Ace” Fre: Pet Defective

It isn’t often that we come across someone so on top of the game as Facebook hate sites fan-girl “Ele Fre”.

Elessa Freelingos Pet Defective

Using only her mad Internetz skillz “Ele Fre” has managed to track down a number of truly alarming people.

Why are they dreadful? What laws have they broken.

Well um let me see…here are the unwritten laws of the racists and bigots as handed down presumably by someone looking like Charlton Heston.


1. Thou shalt not support the human rights of people.
2. Thou shalt not object when some knob jockey starts up a hate group or posts hate speech. Only hate speech is free speech.
3. Thou shalt receive death threats to thyself, thy children and damage to thy property in silence.
4. Remember that the 10% of the Australian population identified as holding racist and bigoted views represent the whole of the Australian population. (Mathematically unfeasible? Factually deficient? Nah, it’s how the 10% feel that counts).
5. Thou shalt not worship gods other than Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Islamophobe websites, e mail rumours from the US, teh_flag, teh_constitution…get the picture thou Marxist Greenie lesbian faggot dole-bludging gay race traitor cowards.
6. Keep Straya white…woops


Anyway I think you get the picture. So let’s take a closer look at “Ele” who likes to expose these wicked law-breaking people.

stupid ele fre

Ele Fre social media consultant and Batty share a tender intimate moment.

What a terrible crime! Running anti-racist pages! What is Straya coming to! Arrest them now! Report ! Report !

Ele Fre employment expert

Ele Fre employment consultant uses her highly developed people skills to pigeon-hole someone whom she has never met in order to vilify a whole group of other people. It’s a good thing Ele’s Greek ancestors had the foresight to arrive here before Ele was born.

Ele Fre legal expert

Ele Fre legal expert discusses a recent court case with fellow mentalists Beryl Bedsheet, last seen making an idiot of herself in a grubby bit of bed linen at Bankstown Square and Shane, a fashionista.

Oh did we tell you, Ele is also a real estate expert? She really knows the Campbelltown area, but that’s not all.

More on that later.

How can we possibly classify all of the factual information contained in this rant? Especially the one where she implies that TAB wear burqas. How can they when they are all hugging trees and having gay sex with them?

Now Ele we really should talk about Phoenix Arizona. We are sure you might be able to soothe your restless troubled mind by moving over there. After all it is one of the most immigrant-intolerant states in the US and the neighbourhood where you have your new investment property is…wait for it…87% WHITE

Do us and the rest of Australia a favour and take Batty and the rest of the freak show you hang out with as well.

10 thoughts on ““Ace” Fre: Pet Defective

  1. She says “get an education.” Going by the looks of her language and grammar skills, bitch needs to follow her own advice.

  2. I’ve got to say, these posts are getting me more and more miserable. How many of these asshats are there? I know that they aren’t the majority, but it seems like they are spreading. The fact that TAB can post a couple of times a day, worries me greatly. Uninformed Nationalism is growing fast methinks.

    • Not as many as they would like us to think. There are only a handful of hardcore ones – and their many fakies. Their fakies proliferate like STDs.

      The rest are brainless yobs who repeat the latest slogans they’ve heard in the pub or from their mates or from e mails. They may grow up at some stage. We like to give them a nudge to help them along. 😉

      • Those dumb e mails have been debunked a thousand times by us here and in anti-racist groups. They cut and paste them because it suits the size and direction of their brain farts.

        It is much easier for them to cast around and find a scapegoat, preferably one who is probably easily intimidated, than to look at themselves for the reasons for their failings.

  3. How is this possible? Lol Her 40 year old, single sister is a vegan fanatic. Evett Freelingos. But she also is clueless in reality. Insisted that chimps don’t have sharp teeth because they don’t eat meat whereas they love their monkey so…sounds like a smart family. Of course Elessa and her husband Anthony Hubbard own Bladestorm in Gilbert AZ, probably sketch based on what you put here, and based on what people say about Evett. It makes sense though they must have a wealthy set of parents that gives them this privilege. Evett pretty much had been living with them in their million dollar house in Woodbine until it was sold last year.

    Evett Freelingos
    May 22, 2018 ·
    No photo description available.
    World Animal Protection AustraliaLike Page
    May 21, 2018 ·
    If you can ride, hug or have a selfie with a wild animal, chances are it’s suffered abuse.
    See wild animals in the wild – where they belong.
    #wildlife #NotEntertainers

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