16 thoughts on “I Told You That I Saved Your Comments Matt Wade…

  1. Oh my non-existent deity. I have mutual friends with this bigot. Well, by friends I mean people I went to school with who dropped out because they were pregnant, but still. Bless Newcastle for its stunning representatives like this tool that gives the rest of us a bad name.

  2. I would like to see Matt Wade report someone for racist abuse.

    As if Matt read his own rants, he can clearly see he is the one writing racist abuse.

    So Matt, bring it on. If you are brave enough?

    PS Nice smile Matt, cost much?

  3. So Matt where did your ancestors come from? They certainly weren’t here for 40,000 years.

    Just remember who the custodians of the land are and show some respect.

  4. What a little scumbag. All the Aboriginal people I’ve known and worked with have been a hundred times the person he could hope to be. Let’s hope when he grows up, he wises up.

  5. The apostrophe is your best friend in the English language. Use it wisely and you’ll never confuse anyone ever again.

    I’ve heard twats like this go on about the Aborigines, the Muslims, the Wogs, and whatever other ethnic group is the hate-flavour of the month, but the Dutch? Now that’s puzzling …

    It also shows how irrationally stupid his behaviour is. Not that he’ll ever see it.

    • About 2 years ago once when I was riding the train there was this guy sitting near me grumbling something angrily to himself. I started to concentrate on what he was saying and I realised he was saying something along the lines of “Fucking Dutch…At least I’m not fucking Dutch.” This was in response to a man and a woman and their toddler who seemed to be Dutch tourists and were on the other side of the carriage.

  6. LOL he lives in Metford. The excitement centre of the Hunter. Man, nothing to do there – that’s why he thinks he has to be a lil racist douchebag. And he probably drinks in Nelson Bay or somewhere.

    • Just as long as he isn’t a Francis Greenway graduate… Nope, a Maitland Christian School graduate. It’s all coming together now.

  7. Who the frick does he think was farming the land for tens of thousands of years before other people showed up and went “Oh hello. You don’t have fences, huh? Well, I guess this land is empty then. Bye!”

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