The Threat of Violent Extremism in Australia

We read a lot about extremism and why we don’t want it in our country.  No one can argue with that – we certainly don’t want to be harbouring violent extremists in Australia.  We don’t want people here who will threaten or incite violence, or those who would seek to destroy the peace in our great southern land.

Home-grown extremism is perhaps even more baffling.  Seeing what we have in this country – and how well it works – makes it hard to understand why anyone would want to threaten it.

Unfortunately, the wannabe perpetrators get far too little attention in the media – unless it’s the fervent, moronic ramblings of one Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, whose ideals are despised and condemned far and wide.  But there are other nutbags in our midst who remain largely ignored in the media, and who, in far greater numbers, pose a threat to our nation.

So let’s take a moment, steel ourselves, and have a closer look at the nutbags who seek to bring violence and extremism to our shores.

Anna, you seem to feel strongly about animal rights, and that’s a good thing.  But it doesn’t excuse acting like a rabid animal yourself.

Fuck you, Jade.  The majority of Australians aren’t looking to butcher people, and how dare you tarnish the rest of us with your idiocy.

Amazing how many cretins have come out of the woodwork following the mauling death of a four year old child.  Takes a real fucking hero to make a joke out of that, doesn’t it Nathan?

Anti-discrimination legislation says otherwise.

Felix needs a dictionary.  Classy?  Easy going?  WTF?

You’re right Diane, you shouldn’t say it.  We don’t want to hear about the sick fantasies of people who want a war on our soil.

To each and every one of the arseholes above wishing violence to be perpetrated against others…  Australia doesn’t need your murderous, idiotic, braindead psychobabble.  You are all as disgusting as any other extremist out there, and we wholeheartedly condemn what you say and what you stand for.  You sick, twisted fucks.


43 thoughts on “The Threat of Violent Extremism in Australia

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how a few nutbags on a racist forum can believe their views represent “the majority of Australians”.

    Some people need to get out more, or at a minimum, not rely on chain emails as their sole source of information on current events.

  2. They represent the potential for violent extremism and deserve no better than to be exposed and rendered impotent. Actually think that’s redundant. These nobodies are just cannon fodder.

    • They probably ARE the majority in their own neighbourhoods (think the festering, scum-filled lowest of the low public housing ghettos on the outskirts of most Australian capital cities).

  3. You seem to employ the exact same tactics you purport to despise.

    You use derogatorary terms to marginalise, stereotype and deride a broad demographic (I’d argue one which doesn’t exist outside your own imagination), how does calling someone a “bogan” differ substantially from calling another person a “towel head”, isn’t it just the same derision on the basis of ethnicity? Of course it is.
    If you’re honest with yourself, you really cannot deny that this is the case.

    Neither pro nor anti multiculturalists can legitimately lay claim to “majority” in this debate, no statistics have ever been proplerly compiled, both political parties remain in lockstep on the issue and the important debate on this topic remains continually stymied, largely by persons like yourself who decry “racist” at the drop of a hat simply because a person puts forward a view which differs even marginally from your own.

    In their own way, the political left, multicultural lobyists and advocates of politically sanitised thoughts, speech, beliefs etc. are every bit as guilty of subverting the democratic process as was Senator Joe McCarthy in the 50’s.
    You must admit (or perhaps you are obstinate enough not to, it’s all the same to me) that if you substitute the term “racist” now, for the term “communist” THEN, the situations are quite STRIKINGLY similar.
    The “Un-American activities” act (or whatever it was called) of the 1950’s equates in many ways to the racial villification laws we have in this country presently. Both are a direct attack on free speech, both are agenda driven, have at their core character assasination and ultimately I believe both will be judged harshly by history as the rule of an angry mob enshrined in law.

    If you truly supported these laws, you’d drop offensive, derogatory terms like “bogan” from your vocabulary just as surely as you expect others to drop any number of derogatory terms for various ethnic groups from theirs.

    The kind of “you’re either for us or against us” polarising rhetoric used by the political left (I say this as observation, not as accusation) are every bit as much a threat to national stability as any other. Islamic fundamentalism, multiculturalism, reactionary behaviour of marginalised “Anglo” Australians just to name a few.

    I’m quite certain you and your group-think circle will correct my spelling, deride my grammar, possibly even create the age old classic, the falacious straw-man argument to deflect from the number of valid criticisms I’ve made of your logically flawed arguments and the hypocritical bombastic manner in which you present them .

    Possibly you’ll even resort to personal attacks, this is a hate site after all (the term “anti” in the title gives it away a bit). Go hard. Sticks and stones.

    I am after all just ” the festering, scum-filled lowest of the low (from) public housing ghettos on the outskirts of most Australian capital cities”.

    • By T.A.B definition, anyone (yes, anyone) can gain the title of ‘Bogan’. All they have to do is express ignorant, hate-filled views and bigotry concerning people of ethnic, religious and sexuality/gender differences to their own.

      Since this is an Australian site, it just so happens that a large amount of bigotry we encounter is from ignorant, white Australians who don’t realise that the words they say on public forums are PUBLIC (Which we then have every legal right to re-publish here). Most of the threats of violence towards people who run this forum also come from the very people who feature here, so they are hereby breaking anti-discrimination laws and transmitting threats which is also a crime.

      • “the term [bogan] has remained in the Australian vernacular because people still understand the sense of what it means to be a bogan – it’s a shorthand insult for ignorance, for lack of taste, for lack of knowledge or understanding in the broadest sense. It’s almost impossible to clarify the meaning any further.” – Siobhan Argent

        That’s the definition I go by.

  4. You fools are the minority. I strongly suggest you remove any mention of me from you page. “Fuck you Jade” Charming comment from people who think that they are so smart. You didn’t mention anyone elses comment that were alot worse than mine. How dare you take my words and use them for you own sick page!

  5. I agree with villified-non-bogan and Jade how dare you lot call us bogans and then decry us for saying racist comments we are trying to make people aware of what these so called “refugees” are doing when they enter this country and its the likes of you politically correct bleedin hearts that make it difficult.
    For goodness sake open your eyes and look at the real issues we are facing if you want to compare their country to ours then have a look, they have no economy, we have the strongest in the world, they have no human rights, we have, they have very little employment, The unemployment rate in Australia was last reported at 5.1 percent in January of 2012, so why is this because of the government system that we have etc so overrun the Australian population with the likes of what is coming in and all of a sudden Australia turns into some backward third world by a dictator, run by sharia!!!
    So if you want to protect the sensibilities of a people then why don’t you move over there and try to make their life better BUT don’t get on here and decry us for protecting this country, we never had violence (apart from domestic) but that all changed when the muslims started gaining numbers and exerted their muscle and then there was the carnita mathews episode that really brought this to light and people rightfully reacted! if it was one of us that did that we would be in jail.
    I have not been going around threatening to blow up buildings or fly planes into one i have not been screaming about changing the law or the food, muslims are the minority but they act like they are the majority and rule this country, why should Australian taxpayers have to pay for a mosque or a halal training centre they are NOT Australian based organisations they belong to something that we are fighting against!

    • we are trying to make people aware of what these so called “refugees” are doing when they enter this country and its the likes of you politically correct bleedin hearts that make it difficult.

      You know we have highly trained security personnel from the Federal Police and ASIO whose job it is to monitor terrorism and extremist groups in this country. So we have no need of half-baked Rambo wannabes like yourself.

      No doubt they are taking a good look at you and some of your friends at the moment.

      The greatest threat to domestic security comes from…wait for it…home-grown far right extremist groups. We didn’t make that up.

    • I like how Littleboy Cwaig thinks that before people of Middle-Eastern decent started showing up (which, funnily enough, was hundreds of years ago; but he seems to forget that) Australia had NO VIOLENCE WHATSOEVER.

      You’ve claimed elsewhere that all Muslims do nothing but commit crime, rape children and beat their wives. Now, I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that statistic of 100% seems a bit exaggerated; but what about all the violence white people have committed? Do you just conveniently forget that? Sounds like something a fucking half-wit like yourself would believe.

      There’s actually been a drop in burglaries, assaults and domestic abuse in this country over the last few decades, so it surely can’t be the people of Middle-Eastern descent that are RUINING YOUR LIFE. I’d cast my vote for it being your fear that’s making you such a tool.

      You need to wake up. This nation doesn’t need defending; firstly because it’s not under attack from anyone (as everyone deserves the right to be here as an immigrant or refugee), and secondly because there’s actually nothing to fear from the non-white, non-anglo-saxon people of the world. You know why? Because they’re people too! REVELATION! A lot of people like you also seem to forget that multi-culturalism has helped keep this country afloat through economic hardship. Embracing other cultures also allows you to enjoy meals like ‘SunRice Sweet & Sour Pork (read: chicken) Rice’…

      And as for your “der took er jerbs” view on employment; a lot of refugees and immigrants arrive from places that are inferior to our great nation in so many different ways. They can be fleeing from political violence, headhunts, turmoil, rape, religious violence and famine or disease like cholera or malaria. You sir, are lucky as you have none of these horrible things here, but you, like so many other bogots, take all that for fucking granted. Therefore, considering a refugee’s past, Australia seems pretty fantastic; these brave people (it’s pretty physically and emotionally challenging, coming to Australia on a boat, or fleeing from killing fields in the first place) are very willing to work hard for this nation, because they know that their efforts will be rewarded here. And so, lazy bogots who take their nation and security for granted will seem as less effective employees over someone who have been given the opportunity to work and create a new life for themselves and their families over here.

      TL;DR; You sir, are an idiot.

  6. mindmadeup
    you need to get a life and grow up can the highly trained AFP and ASIO be everywhere??? do you sit and watch your front door all day just in case some intruder decides he wants your gameboy??….. i guess not not all people are really aware of what is taking place in this country and we definitely don’t need a overcooked Mr potatoe head like yourself telling us what we can and cant do, who made you the the law !!!!!.
    If you have a problem with what we are trying to do take it up with someone who gives a fuck cause i don’t, a little upstart like you wont stop me.and NO they arent looking at us cause we have not committed a crime .

    • We’re quite grown up thanks jerk-off and we will know that the nation is cactus when it ever had the slightest inclination to turn to dregs like you to do anything for it.

      Now fuck off.

    • Hey fucktard,

      Yep that would be you Craig “racist dog” Dumfrey.

      How about you get some facts before you weigh in with you mindless fantasy dribble? And no, I’m not talking about unemployment levels here.

      I particularly like the fact that you think “they” come from a single country with “no economy”. Just where would that specific country be you brain-dead, syphilis-riddled cosmic-scaled moron?

      Also, given that you have clearly never met anyone who is a refugee or applying for asylum in this country you have about as much weight to your argument as fucking anorexic nematode.

      So here’s the deal you toxic grub of an excuse for a human being, go get your fucking facts straight before you blow your last remaining brain-cell on some rabid rant into a noxious halucination of your own creation.

      Give me hard facts sunshine or shut the fuck up.

    • Craig, you claim not to give a fuck about what mindmadeup says or thinks….yet you are commenting on this website, criticising the same admin for posting this at all.

      If spewing insults, obscenities, and vague threats is what happens when you don’t give a fuck…what are you like when you do?

  7. mindfuckedup
    whats yr real name so i can pull it to pieces as well if you dont have the balls to print yr real name may i suggest you grow a pair, did i make you angry with my facts! do you want a hanky im sure yr mummy can get you one!!!
    Is this all you wankers can do is abuse people that show you up oh dear poor you… get on facebook and you can read all about what you said your setting a good example for your cause im sure with language like that you will attract a lot more wankers like yourself

    • You have no facts. Islamophobes never do.

      How many Muslims in the Strathalbyn area? Virtually none. You have to go into Adelaide and you might glimpse five or six perhaps if you are lucky?

      You are still a fuckwit.

  8. Mr angry and his bunch of gaylords……Terror AUSTRALIS!!! hahahahahah your just a joke what your trying to portray yourself as a big man hahahahaha you need to grow a pair before you do that

    • “is there a grown up there?” Says the one who actually just ‘insulted’ someone by calling them a ‘gaylord’. Pretty sure that kind of word only holds weight in primary school.

    • Craig, I’m surprised you have any time at all to comment on here. Shouldn’t you be in deep consultation with your Lawyer, discussing how to bring down these wrong doers? And if your lawyer is unavailable due to non-existence shouldn’t you go back to watching the re-runs of Law and Order? Man, there’s a case to win so hop to it!

  9. @Craig Humfrey…. Gameboy? How broke are you? No wonder why you’re so pissed off at the ‘terk are jurbs immigents’. Mommy couldn’t rack up enough five dollar bills hanging from her undies to buy you the newest PSP?

      • yes you bloody are! AND REMOVE MY NAME AND PHOTO dont know how you fucking can see my info!
        you sandmonkeys come to my country and force us to live your culture fuck you.
        its not racist to defend my own country and keep it the way it is! and that is happy and not bombed!

        • Hi Felix. How exactly is posting your comments racist, compared to your own delightful comments about sandmonkeys?

          Oh, and how exactly are these “sandmonkeys” forcing you to “live their culture”?

          And I’d love to hear on what grounds you plan to sue the Admin of this site, considering you posted the above comments in a public area, where it could be viewed by anyone. After all, if they comments are fine, and you stand by them, why aren’t you proud this website is showing these comments to the world? If they are, instead, terrible comments which you are not proud of, surely you should be blaming yourself for making them, right? Or is it always everyone’s fault but your own?

  10. Wow! Happy AND not bombed. I now feel safe knowing that Felix is there to save me from being bombed by going into a rage and killing spree. Yep, that certainly makes me feel much safer.

    • my profile is private, so you fuckers must have an inside worker!
      -.- seriously you’re bring up history over 80yrs ago? we’re talking aboot NOW.
      we are VERY HAPPY with our beautful country and you lot are making it very uncomfortable to walk to streets at any time!
      anti-australia IS racist. we’re only hating because others hates first.
      also i would like to say, if we english didnt come here to Aus n take over, the Japanese would have (which they tried) have ended up Wiping out the Aborigines existance, im sure you’ll bring up “the lost generation” yes but we didnt holocaust their existance. and they still give us hard time, callng us such as “white cunts and etc”
      anyway, by all means your race CAN live here BUT do NOT spread your religion and tell us how to live YOUR culture… this is our country our culture, you choose to live here SO FUCKING LIVE BY OUR RULES!

      • What race and nationality do you think I am? ….. Guess what sunshine, Australian, born and bred here, in fact one of my ancestors can be traced back to one of 4 convicts that arrived on your (English) first fleet. That doesn’t make a racist paranoid lunatic. So what’s your excuse?

      • “my profile is private, so you fuckers must have an inside worker!”

        Oh, so one of your friends is secretly a member of TAB, right? Or maybe FB itself works for TAB? Whatever makes you feel better about stating on a public website that you want to go on a muderous rage, and means you don’t have to blame yourself for it.
        Paranoia-gotta love it. Espeically when its combined with an absolutely inabilty to accept blame.

        “we are VERY HAPPY with our beautful country and you lot are making it very uncomfortable to walk to streets at any time!”

        Who was making you uncomfortable to walk the streets at any time? How have they made you uncomfortable?
        I’ve always been uncomfortable walking the streets, say, at 4am, but never had a problem doing it at Midday, so looking forward to your response.

        “anti-australia IS racist. ”

        How is this site anti-Australian? Just because it doesn’t like you doesn’t mean it’s Anti-Australian. You may be surprised to hear this, but Australia is bigger than you.

        “we’re only hating because others hates first.”

        Cool, that makes it perfectly justified. So what hate have you received from others which you think justifies going on a muderous killing spree? I again, look forward to your answer that would justify a killing spree.

        “also i would like to say, if we english didnt come here to Aus n take over, the Japanese would have (which they tried) have ended up Wiping out the Aborigines existance,”

        Pt1- No, the Japanese would not have taken Australia if the English didn’t. The Japanese only spread southward in the twentieth century-the French were far more influential in this area and therefore more likely to colonise if England hadn’t (Though the Dutch also may have become involved).

        Pt 2-The Japanese never tried to invade Australia. We thought they did during WWII, but every testimony, and all documents from the Japanese show they just wanted to colonise Asia, seeing Australia as too large, too inhospitable, and too distant to maintain (Especially considering the trouble they were having with keeping China under control in WWII). The most the Japanese government ever went to invading Australia was stating that after all other projects were completed, it may have been considered, but that’s all.

        Pt 3- Why on earth do you think the Japanese would wipe out the Aborigines? The Japanese, even during WWII, did think they were superior, but not in a “Let’s wipe out all the lesser species” way, so why would they be committing genocide? And if they were the sort of people who would completely eradicate an entire race of people, don’t you think they would have done so with their own Indigenous people, the Ainu? The Ainu are by no means treated well in Japan, but they’re not being exterminated.

        “im sure you’ll bring up “the lost generation” yes but we didnt holocaust their existance. and they still give us hard time, callng us such as “white cunts and etc”

        Pt 1-You mean stolen generation. The lost generation I believe were the term given to english child migrants.
        2- So let me get this straight. We invade Aboriginal lands, separate parents from their children, spread disease, killing thousands of their number, but Aborigines should be grateful because we didn’t kill them all?

        Wow-I want to have dinner at yor place! According to you I can steal your food, steal your woman, take your kids, and then kick you into the garage while I eat all your food (Destroying some of your family heirlooms in the process), and you’d not only be okay with that, you’d be grateful that I didn’t kill you. Is that right?

        “anyway, by all means your race CAN live here BUT do NOT spread your religion”

        Cool, well as a white Australian born Anglican, thanks for telling me white people can stay here. But I’m guessing us Christians have to keep our religion to ourselves.
        Or is it a case that some religions are allowed to try and convert others, but others can’t? That hardly seems fair, does it?

        ” and tell us how to live YOUR culture… this is our country our culture, you choose to live here SO FUCKING LIVE BY OUR RULES!”

        So we anglo-saxons aren’t allowed to give advice? We’re not allowed to say “Hey, this isn’t working out for you. In my culture, we do this-what do you think?”-that’s not allowed?

        And how exactly is your culture (Which apparently isn’t the same Australian anglo-saxon culture of mine), being replaced by another culture in Australia? I love to hear examples of this, because I’ve never actually heard of an example of this happening.

        Yet everyone assures me it is happening. Our culture is dying, apparently, in ways that can neither be seen, nor described.

      • Hey Felix Noisy Pratt,

        Would this last rant be one of your classy trivial gothic poems mate?

        I found it most easy going, probably because you use such simple language.

        Satre would have approved of this poem into a sickbag.

        I particularly like the use of the word ‘holocaust’ a verb. Very creative O aspirational drummer.

        Oh and I’m a sand monkey, if one ascribes to the evolutionary theory that we descend from a nomadic group of bipedal tail-less monkeys that lived in the tundra of Africa, which I believe, was quite sandy…

        Alternatively, I’m Canadian/Scottish and approve of your use of the word “aboot”…

        ..or I am a Lezo from the land of Lez (do not confuse us with Legos – we seceded from those plastic fools years ago)…

        ….perhaps I am a raghead, if by raghead you mean that my hair, like yours, resembles a damp, badly washed, shredded tea-towel.

        Now go back to your ‘silence project’ – the world does not need to be aware of your spectacular version of stupid.

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