9 thoughts on “Paul Toohey: Proud Australian; Hates Homosexuals; Abuses Police Officers

  1. Simon Portland’s a bit of a worry. Likes to hang around toilets and listen to their occupants. There’s a name for that.

    And Alan Jones likes toilets too it seems. 😉

  2. Yes, Im pretty sure Paul is also the admin of the Facebook page ‘Laughing at the Left Wing Ferals’?

    Oh, and Max – unfortunately the APDM think you are ‘me’ on Facebook too. I’ll find a way to contact you via your blog this afternoon with the details…

    • “Yes, Im pretty sure Paul is also the admin of the Facebook page ‘Laughing at the Left Wing Ferals’?”

      That must be when he’s not pleading with guys to suck his balls.

    • Funny isn’t it. Take a few photos at a demo, and I’m a crazy greeny slash lefty. Extra funny that one of the said lefties at the demo told me he thought I was a “photographer for the racists”. I was just there taking photos man, if anyone cares to look at my blog they will see I did a fair story and a fair representation of both groups in terms of phbotgraphic coverage.

      Yes I am a lefty historically, but I don’t always support the left. Only most of the time.

  3. For a guy who apparently hates homosexuality, when I asked him why he supported an amateur politician who has supported Nazism, an enemy of Australia, over Asylum seekers who have no demonstrated links to enemies of Australians, he was quite quick to ask me to suck his balls.

    And I happen to know…Pauly is single! And online!

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