5 thoughts on “Mark Atkins wants to shoot asylum seekers

  1. Why would a wealthy person leave all their riches behind to come here and live on welfare?? And who says that refugees are incapable of supporting themselves in our society anyway?? Typically immigrants and refugees have more drive for commercial success than we native born, simply because they really are starting out with ZERO in most cases. I think this person simply sees welfare as a lot pf money because he or she is dirt poor. Now being poor doesn’t make one stupid either, it just suggests a limited outlook on the part of some, just as some rich folks are idiotic in their prejudices.

  2. Here’s a thought. Start shooting them and it won’t be boatloads of refugees coming, it’ll be boatloads of foreign soldiers. If Australia surrenders its status as a defender of human rights, it surrenders the protection of humanity.

  3. They’ll never learn the difference between a refugee and a illegal immigrant. Its always hypocrisy in these groups, they demand action against illegal immigrants but if he or she happens to be from England, even a person who has broken break the law (like Martin Brennan) they’ll turn the blind eye.

  4. I know a couple of Kiwis that have overstayed their visa, I wonder if Mark would like to shoot them? Oh, wait a minute, they’re white.

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