Day of the Jackass

We try not to get sidetracked into matters outside intolerance and prejudice. But once in a while we receive something from the political sphere so mind-blowingly ghastly we have to put it up.

Fresh on the terrible news from Norway of the massacre of young Norwegian Socialists by a deranged neo-Nazi comes this latest fashion among the haters – death threats against the Prime Minister.

Kill Julia

Death threats related to the carbon tax issue seem to be the fashion amongst the ill-informed, and reports have come in from climate scientists, from journalists and from Professor Ross Garnaut himself about them. Furthermore, if you go back to 1996 and the election, the GST, a tax with far greater impact was introduced by the Coalition after strenuous denials that they would do so. We are hard pressed to remember John Howard receiving any death threats over that.

So enjoy the new trend in Australian politics, and drop Dale a line. He can be found here when he’s not posting death threats over at ‘Australians against illegal immigration’.

23 thoughts on “Day of the Jackass

    • He’s your hero, isn’t he? Because, according to the groups you run, it’s okay to kill teenagers if they disagree with your worldview.

      You do realise that however unelectable you were before, you are now even more so.

  1. Who the fuck spells Darren with an “i”? Try googling “darrin name” and Google will auto-correct you. Bogan can’t even spell his own fucking name…

  2. I love that Q&A clip that the Protectionist Party put on their website for promotional reasons – yet, Darrin doesn’t get that it shows him to be a dull witted fool. Still laughing.

  3. Hmm, followed links to a charming mob called the Australian Protection defence party.

    Not happy to see the symbols of the ADF being used in their propaganda.

    I have sent a letter to the Chief of the Defence Force pointing this out. I am sure he will not be very happy with it.

    Keep you all posted on the outcome.


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