11 thoughts on “Bonnie Redburn Hates Muslims. Does Anyone Care?

  1. And Bonnie your own rants is proof, why many despise you and your fellow whining, demanding etc racists.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’d love Bonnie, or anyone else, to tell me what it is that Muslims have done that they need to accept responsibility for.

  3. Bonnie should marry Daniel Pipes, they’d make a very happy couple, holding hands and blaming Muslims together. Awwwwww 🙂
    Bonnie, if you ever read this? please answer,
    You do realise that Islam (Muslims) as a religion has very little difference from what is said in the bible right? They’re both equally violent, misogynistic & homophobic etc oh! & also proven to be COMPLETELY WRONG! by science. but for some reason we (you & your ilk & many) don’t seem to have any problem with christians. And a Buddhist from Vietnam that doesn’t even want to harm an insect somehow seem to be very threatening & upsetting you by their very existence in Australia.
    Why is that? and where is the logic in that? Can you please explain it to me?

    @wixxy, I’ve long given up on that. 😀

    • Please report Sharia4Australia. Its radicals like Ibriham Conlon that give people This view. Mass executions for homosexuals, he goes to Taliban conferences, and is completely nuts! Look him up on 60 minutes and George Negus.

      • 1. If you are so concerned report him to the Australian Federal Police yourself.
        2. Please provide us with one example of homosexuals being executed in Australia by Muslims. We know many of them have been beaten and even raped by non-Muslim Aussie “patriots”.
        3. 60 Seconds as we call it is garbage. Negus works for a commercial TV station where he is required to present sensationalist content. We know from his work on SBS that he is capable of better.
        4. Aussie neo-Nazis “patriots” attend the Sydney Forum, the annual Gold Coast hate music gathering and the APP Ironbark love-fests. All of these are more dangerous to this country than overseas conferences.
        5. Read this thread.


        Go away and return when you have something intelligent to say.

  4. How is it racist? Islam is a religion, muslims are followers of that religion. Doesnt that come after antisemitism?
    Perhaps people like Bonnie are getting ideas from the page “Sharia4Australia”
    Please read what he is saying about islam. He is a follower of the Taliban, wants mass executions of homosexuals, and Australia Forced into Islamic Rule. His aim is world domination, he admits to it. Wants Julia Gillard wearing a burqa, and he will block you if you say anything that challenges Islamic Authority. I asked what he believed in, all the rules and its clear what he wants for Australia. Its all on his page.

    • Yeah, he’s an idiot. But he has no support from any Islamic organisations. He doesn’t even have any members in his Sharia4Australia group. So what is your concern? Don’t give him the attention he craves.

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