Stop Press: Matty Barber thinks that women deserve to be raped

Matty Barber post

This came through to Mind Made Up about an hour ago in response to the True Courage post.

Here’s Matty cuddling up to what appears to be a mix desk.

Matty Barber

And he appears to be associated with English hoodlum far right group the EDL, known here at TAB as the Erectile Dysfunction League.

29 thoughts on “Stop Press: Matty Barber thinks that women deserve to be raped

  1. Oh, the best part about this is that he looks like the kind of jackass who’d start braying about Lebanese gang-rapes of “our women”.

    Humanity is such a waste of time.

  2. Oh hai guiz.. Tbf the bitch prolly did deserve it, she was drunk and she was wearing a short skirt, only slags get raped πŸ˜€

  3. Matty might enjoy the gamey favours of Bubba the next time he’s in the nick then, since he seems to think women enjoy rape.

  4. You guys foam so so good and yes it is true that im not a convict..infact i just got back from watching the cricket..2 best teams in the world and the only convicts were serving us English with beer..good times πŸ˜€

  5. I never had a point, you idiots made something out of nothing and it was brought to my attention so i decided to come and laugh at you in person πŸ˜€

    • So you will have no problem if women flock here to get stuck into you – probably the only time in your adult life any woman has paid attention to you other than the local WPCs.

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