Questions For Those Who Hate Us:

1. Have you ever been hurt by a form of discrimination? eg. not being allowed to be a part of something, such as a sporting team, group of friends, not invited to a party etc.

2. Are you aware of the health, wealth and education deficits that our Indigenous people suffer in comparison with white Australians?

3. Have you ever met a refugee? How did you know they were a refugee?

4. What is your ‘final solution’ in regards to Muslims in Australia? How will you know that you have ‘beaten them’? Is it when there are no more Muslims in Australia? (How will you know?) Is it when Muslims aren’t allowed to migrate to Australia? (How will you know they’re not still coming?) Is it when Muslims have their rights stripped away (such as not being able to pray, being locked up for being Muslim, having mosques knocked down etc.)?

5. Are you aware of Australia’s Anti-Discrimination and Racial/Religious Hatred laws and acts? Do you think that they destroy the concept of freedom of speech? Why?

6. Do you believe that a person who has sat the citizenship test, lives, studies, works, pays taxes, abides by Australian laws and cultures can call themselves Australian? If not, why not?

11 thoughts on “Questions For Those Who Hate Us:

  1. If I may: On behalf of the morons, what ever the lengthy drivel they may fill up the page with, it will translate in to:
    that is the only problem, 🙂
    For example they (the morons) wouldn’t even know or care about for example the Albanian Muslims who don’t cover their faces, wear any ethnic/religious attire etc. and they come to pub with me & drink, so all good! 😀

  2. Interesting that none of the Bogans have responded to this. Have to assume they just don’t have any answers to such simple and straight-forward questions.

  3. 7. Do you know how it feels to have someone who doesn’t know you hate you and your children so much that they casually make jokes about murdering you and don’t care if this incites someone to actually do it?

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