Jay Diggler Spreads the Good Word



I bet this guy who wants to blow up refugees hates Muslims because he thinks they want to blow everyone up. Let’s take a look and see…



Yep – there it is. How predictable. Who the fuck is Jay Diggler to talk about living peacefully, preservation of environment and culture and ‘wducating ppl’? Could this bloke be any more fucked in the head? Advocating blowing up innocent people so he doesn’t have to *shock* know that they’re in our country?



Bullet in his head?



To summarise, Jay Diggler wants to:

* Blow up innocent people;

* Shoot people who have different opinions in the head;

Yet Islam:


* Is full of people who get away with murdering people because Australians don’t want to be called racist;

* Doesn’t have any peaceful, law-abiding followers.



6 thoughts on “Jay Diggler Spreads the Good Word

  1. I love how Jay is able to differenciate between a “piece of shit illiterate muslim dog c-” and himself, a piece of shit illiterate dog c-.

    You see Jay, you and Mamdouh have so much in common. You’re just focusing on the one dfference rather than all of the other things you have in common.

  2. Muslims are getting away with murder? That’s horrible! I must find out and warn the general public first I need evidence to help convince people to join my rally and…

    Oh, it doesn’t exist…never mind.

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