40 thoughts on “Shooting People Solves Problems

  1. I wonder how she would feel if she had actually met an asylum seeker who had been sent back and got shot by one of the many oppressive regimes that these poor people are trying to flee. It happens.

  2. She wouldn’t care…I escaped genocide in my own country and I can recognize a heartless one.People like her can learn only by being put into the same predicament eg.take to the war zone and let her crap herself once shooting starts and grenades start falling around her.Been there, it’s scary…

  3. Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, I think shooting racist simpletons, and other human trash, sounds like a splendid idea.

  4. Most people are other people, Their thoughts someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.
    Oscar Wilde
    Thank God she will never be the Prime Minister she’d be lucky to finish high school.

  5. Why are so many of these right wingers young women? Seriously, don’t pass that crappy attitude on. Instead of shooting innocent people how about sterilizing retards like this, think of the suffering we would save her potential children, avoiding all those years of alcohol and drug abuse, hanging around the dole office and being abused by mummies current sperm donor. It is the humane thing to do and would have benefits to the health of the general gene pool. Something to think about

    • There is nothing in any form of Fascism which is beneficial to women. So you have to conclude they have either followed their boyfriends/husbands in or have embraced it like some people embrace cults as providing some sort of relief for their problems.

      Followers of Fascism are not the full quid.

      • There is nothing beneficial in hyper-liberalism or anarchy for women… the industry of misery known as pornography is a testament to this and no amount of lies of myths that glamourise such wretchedness will ever change this fact. “Antifa” types decry patriarchy and capitalism and yet show their own allegiances to these aberrations every time they defend this indefensible shit. It is hegemonic in its depiction of sexuality of hyper-masculinity and it sexualises RACISM and exploits cheap labour throughout Eastern Europe. Anyone who allows what is essentially a commodity calculated to arouse vapid simpletons to play a part in constructing their sexuality is just as dumb as any racist idiot indeed if not more so. Pornography is not about sex about nudify and is about one thing above and beyond all other things it may or may not represent: making money. I am proudly pro-fascist but I _strongly_ but I _firmly_ oppose both racism and sexism and your narrow definition of fascism is flawed. I admire what you are doing here but your simplistic dichotomy of fascism equals racism and sexism and anti-fascism spells saintly behaviour saintly attitudes toward women and ethnic and religious minorities is misguided and is far from the truth.

    • Your comments about unemployment about drug and achohol abuse exemplify classist thinking… one of these racist thickheads might say the same word for word about indegenous Australians. Think before you write before you sink to their level. Also… sterilising “retards”… well well… it’s nothing new when “anti-fascists” show their true colours their true way of thinking but this is even eye-opening for me. I am pro-fascist and I have no problem no problem whatever with the whole idea of sterilising racist human trash but hypocrites but people with little to no political integrity such as yourself would be next in line.

  6. Fascism =/= racism and sexism. And neither does anti-fascism equal anti-racism and anti-sexism either. Fascism is typically nationalist and unfortunately racism and sexism can arise but it isn’t inherent in fascist ideiology and if I had a dime for every misogynist anti-fascist I have met I should be almost as rich as the average pimp pornographer piece of shit. Almost every single self-identified “socialist” I have encountered fits squarely into a predictable paradigm of “I hate racism and sexism but I also hate censorship so I think it’s wrong to try to stop adults from looking at media made by misogynist pimps but then of course it’s fine to try to silence to try to censor anything remotely resembling nationalist thinking. People like Andrew Bolt shouldn’t be allowed to write horrible hegemonic things about Muslims about indiegnous Australians but it’s fine for shitbags to dehumanise women because I get off on that because I lack the intellectual prowess to process my own hypocrisy.” Because complacency is all well and good when the government want to stop you doing what you do best… jerking off… figuratively as well as literally right? If self-righteous saints who go on and on about capitalism and patriarchy were turning up in droves at porn shops and behaving the way they behave whenever bogans and bigots stage a display of their own prejudice and ignorance then I might believe that they are any better then what they claim to oppose. There is no political integrity in sacrifing women on a pyre of pathetic free speech rhetoric. It makes you just as bad as if not worse than people who think it is there god-given right to vilify ethnic and religious minorities.

    • Trying not to enter the fray….trying….trying…failing.

      Nationalism is inherently prejudiced.

      Think about it. How can you be proud of being born somewhere when you had no say in it?

      It’s like being proud of being male, your skin colour or lineage. I can’t accept credit for something I had no input into.

      • I see where you’re coming from but indigenous Australians have every damn right to be proud of their heritage of their achievements and who are you to tell them or anyone else otherwise? Being proud of the achievements of the art and culture of one’s nation doesn’t have to equate with hatred for others… I hate racist bogans and bigots who think their hatred is synonymous with patriotism but it is political correctness of absurd proportions to think it is inherently wrong to strive for national harmony for national unity here or anywhere else for that matter… even saints who go on and on about Australian nationalist idiots frequently sympathise with nationalist causes among the Palestians the Irish the Basque and why shouldn’t they… what do we do… live in a homogenous world where race where nationhood mean nothing… I’m sorry but that is hardly any better than assimilation and just as frightening as any Nazi ghost. Every Australian has every right to be proud of their origins of their heritage whether it is indigenous or European or Asian or African or whatever. I am and I am of mixed heritage. The globalist dream of one world of one nation is homogeneity on a grand scale… there is nothing wrong with trying to preserve the splendour of civlisations the splendour of nationhood as long as it is considered and without irrational hatred. To decry the loss of indigenous culture of its languages is a fair is a rational response to what is happening in our world. For Europeans to protest the Christianisation of a once proud a once splendid pagan Europe is no different no more “prejudiced” than say First Nations people in North America protesting the decline of their once great empires just as long as those Europeans do not hate. To suggest that white Europeans can’t lament the loss of their culture of their nations_is_ racist _is_ prejudiced… we are all prejudiced we are all elitist at heart if some of the classist comments from the so-called “socialists” on this site are anything to go by… if there was a strong nationalist indigenous movement in this country it should have my full support.

      • Why can’t women be proud of their womanhood, why can’t Indian people be proud of their Indian heritage… I think I here what you’re saying and it sounds like:
        “Men cannot be proud of being male because being male is a privilege and Germans cannot be proud of being Germans because they’re white and we live in a white man’s world.” We do and we should challenge this we should challenge white male privilege but that doesn’t mean the answer is telling people they cannot be proud of where they come from. I am male and very very comfortable with that fact because I defy the expectations of what it means to be male in the age in the culture we live in while still displaying qualities _tradionally_ thought to be “male” like strength like courage and I am proud of this. I am of mixed heritage and take great pride in this but also in the achievements unique to the respective heritages of my mother and of my father. How does this make me prejudiced make me some kind of “bigot”?

  7. My disdain for Nationalism comes from my religion, Islam. We believe that borders are a way of dividing people and that every person is ultimately responsible for their own actions.

    That’s not to say that Nationalism, like say alcohol, doesn’t have some good qualities. I don’t believe anything about this world is as black and white as that.

    It’s a matter of the harm associated with Nationalism outweighing the good (just like alcohol). You don’t have to agree. I know that most people (indeed, most Muslims) have grown up conditioned to never question nationalism/patriotism but just because something has always been that way, doesn’t mean it’s right.

    Having said this I must point out that Islam does include very strong principles of defending your neighbourhood (as opposed to your country). We are told that we must be good to our neighbours and even defend them in the event of an attack. A person’s neighbour is 40 houses in every direction, regardless of their social status or beliefs. This has a far more practical basis than nationalism as neighbours deal with other on a day to day basis and can benefit greatly from helping and looking out for each other. There may be some drawbacks to this but the subject is not as emotive as nationality so little chance of wars breaking out between suburbs.

    To each his own. Sorry if it sounds preachy to anyone. Just stating the reasons behind my comments, above.

    • It doesn’t sound preachy at all and I value and I agree with what you have said here about neighbourhoods. I sympathise with some nationalist causes but a more localised sense of unity of communuty is as you say more practical more human too I would argue. My politics and principles are… well… complicated… I hate capitalism and I hate racism and sexism but I am fascist I am radical traditionalist and perhaps even tribalist. I have the utmost respect for people irrespective of religion of race or of nationality but I have nothing short of reverence for indigenous faith and culture and it irks me when preservation of this is lazily equated with ignorance and prejudice. There is nothing remotely considered remotely intellectual about a mob of bogans and bigots complaining about migrants but that isn’t to say that nothing is open to scrutiny when it comes to immigration… to colonise to displace people to replace their pre-existing beliefs with others is a tragedy and Islam is regrettably as guilty as Christianity of this in Asia and in Africa and I have little to no trust for either. I mean no disrespect to you to Muslims in general but any religion that has sought to extend its infuence beyond its immediate community to control governments to govern our humanity and our morality is going to be regarded with suspicion.

      • I’d classify you as a palaeo-conservative M. rather than as a Fascist. Your arguments, though I strongly disagree with their teleological underpinnings, are too coherent to be bonehead ones.

        • We will have to agree to disagree because I think all of us are fascist are seeking to control the behaviour of others… even “antifa” types. A bunch of thugs bashing concert goers because they listen to music with nationalist or racialist themes seem fairly fascist to me. A bunch of activists wanting to stop people from eating whalemeat from eating cage eggs also seem fascist to me. The same people who decry the objectives of a government to respect the right to privacy and to human dignity of women and children whose ordeals are documented as entertainment for misogynists and paedophiles alike calling the goverment “book burners” and “neo-Nazis” because of something as considerate as a fucking internet filter are among the most controlling and ideological people on the planet. Anyone who believes the internet should be a free marketplace has no right has no political integrity to identify as a “socialist”. Plain. Simple. And their allegiance to capitalism and to patriarchy with regard to this stronghold of marketism of exploitation and of hate makes them just as bad as their adversaries.

          A hyper-liberal or anarchist society when people don’t think don’t feel don’t empathise enough to deserve that kind of automony would be one of rape of murder and of other aberrant behaviour in the streets and that is the cold harsh truth about how wretched our species has become has fallen and about the delusion of anarchists. I don’t know enough about paleoconservatism to agree or disagree with you there but I do however identify as pro-fascist… I have no time for liberalism or for democracy and have no problem with a one party state that uses force that uses whatever it takes to enforce social order just as long as that social order isn’t hegemonic in its value of its citizens of womanhood of ethnicity for example. Were it within my power I shouldn’t hesitate to dispose of people of little to no value in other ways however and this includes anarchists just as much as racist trash.

          Either way your interpretation of my politics and principles doesn’t explain why fascist continues to be used incorrectly hereupon as a mere euphemism a mere display of laziness for a racist or for anyone else that doesn’t fit within the “antifa” model of perfection.

        • If I articulated my convictions with regard to the looting in Great Britian and if I explained how I should handle such a situation if granted the authority to do so I think most people might conculde that I am a fascist.

        • I must say it’s more than a little telling how you should choose to reply to this but conveniently neglect to engage with what I said above what I said in direct response to your comment about fascism (or perceived fascism rather) and women. I have nothing but contempt for misogynist thinking which is more than can be said for the average predictable “antifa” hypocrite who is complacent when it comes to sexual labour. I have engaged with countless “antifa” types and almost always they have predictably shown themselves to be people who suspend their principles and politics at their own convenience. It’s easy to deride the misogynist the sexist drivel of the types of bogans and bigots that are the subject of your blog but then you’re kidding yourself if you think your own movement isn’t populated isn’t _plagued_ with male youths who think supporting the world’s third largest industry and its machine of exploitation of _abuse_ is all good and dandy. Racism is as atrocious as it is just plain stupid except it seems that a lot of anti-racists think it’s perfectly okay when it’s sexualised for entertainment for just getting off. It _is_ horrible when the media dehumanise Muslims and indigenous people but then an entire industry thrives on the dehumanisation of women and the saints and socialists that make up your movement don’t bat an eye. Labour theories and critiques of hegemony get thrown out the window so women and children get sacrificed on a pyre of pathetic free speech rhetoric… it is the height of hypocrital thinking to what to stop people from vilifying ethnic and religious minorities only to act like a bunch of crybabies just because the government wish to regulate to restrict access to content that vilifies women. The anti-censorship agenda is full of holes full of hypocrisy full of bullshit. Is the government Big Brother or is that part being played by shitbags who think it is their god-given right to see whatever they want. I hate racists as much as any rational human being but I also hate self-righteous hypocrites. The ignorance and prejudice of people such as the subject of this thread is more than regrettable but the saints and socialists who make up your movement who claim to be such good people who claim to be educated to be smart to be seeking justice and trying to make the world a better place have no excuse. To suspend their principles and politics makes them as guilty as their adversaries of perpetuating injustice.

        • Your resounding silence on this matter is only proving my point that you fit squarely into the paradigm I mentioned: “racism is bad and so is misogyny (at least when it is displayed by bogans and bigots) excepting that which is commodified that which my self-righteous friends jerk off to ever suspending what little politics and principles they have at their own convenience.” The politics and principles of convenience make this world make this age as wretched as the racism you denounce here. The girl who is the subject of this thread is young is naive and doesn’t know any better yet one of the “saintly” commenters allude to her being sterilised and _that_ would be fascism _that_ would be the work of a fascist regime right there. Deriding people who are mere children for their ignorance and their prejudice as bad as it may be when you have the knowledge the common sense to do better but choose not to… who are the real villains here? That would be hypocrites who scream about the evils of capitalism and patriarchy only to defend both every time they defend someone’s right to watch whatever they want. People like you are privy to injustice just as much as any white nationalist and that’s nothing to be proud of…

  8. mindmadeup,

    I have been addressing you and have even replied directly to you two or three times mentioning things you had said and questioning their point or pointlessness rather.

    Straw man… haha. _You’re_ the one who uses the term “fascism” to apply to people who are not necessarily fascist and you’re the one who has ignored whether conveniently whether coincidently or otherwise to address the issue about fascism and gender. I am still waiting but I won’t hold my breath. Fascism is not inherently sexist nor inherently racist for that matter and neither are sexists and racists necessarily fascist either. A matriatrchal feminist regime might be fascist and the average sexist or racist imbecile usually has a _liberal_ attitude about what the citizenry can or can not do or say not least of all when it comes to vilifying people. Your rather hysterical “anti-fascist” tone throughout the entire blog is one big fat straw man because it relies on the delusion that racists and sexists are fascists and makes you look like someone whose enagement with these ideas doesn’t extend beyond the pages of the Green Left Weekly and other _pseudo_-socialist trash. Indeed nobody mentioned commodification because it’s a sore topic with fakes who sook about capitalism and patriarchy and then cry when the government attempt to censor to restrict access to commodities that dehumanise women… namely pornography. Had you bothered to read my comments to you about fascism and gender you might have garned the gist of why I mentioned commodification in the first place. You said fascism has nothing to offer women and I demonstrated that liberalism that complacency has nothing to offer them. Fascism has nothing to offer women… you mean your personal and flawed definition of fascism has nothing to offer women… and that is that. What does liberalism offer a woman when it sacrifcies her and her sisters on a pyre of pathetic free speech rhetoric… nothing.

    I agree with exposing the ignorance and prejudice of these people but when these comments descend into insults levelled toward adolescent girls who might lack the misfortune to belong to your oh-so-enlightened group of hypocrisy it’s just looks pathetic and you should know better. The “left” there in Australia and beyond has degenerated into a movement of convenience picking and choosing its politics and its principles no matter how irreconcilable with socialism… doing this makes it as bad as indeed I would argue worse than the subjects of the blog.

  9. mindmadeup,

    I replied and was censored… how ironic… funny how “antifa” types resort to censorship to exactly what they claim to hate when it suits them i.e. when they lack the intellectual capacity to argue both intelligently and logically.

    There is nothing stopping you from reading what I said to you above and at least doing me the courtesy of trying to address what I said about fascism and gender to reply and explain why you think fascism is inherently sexist. I am pro-fascist and despisee misogyny and senseless and insensitive hatred of all stripes for that matter.

    • …funny how “antifa” types resort to censorship to exactly what they claim to hate when it suits them

      Not sure what you are on about. You haven’t been censored. And there is nothing wrong with the intellectual capacity of any of the admins here.

      …why you think fascism is inherently sexist

      To save myself time I will quote Lawrence Britt who in turn paraphrases Umberto Ecco. Points 2,3,5 and 8 point towards a deep-seated misogynistic culture among other things.

  10. mindmadeup ,

    re Britt:
    “The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Opposition to abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation and national policy.”

    Liberal democracies also “tend to be” patriatrchies “tend to be” rather complacent when it comes to exploiting women too for that matter (still waiting for you to address the issue of liberalisation of media and what that spells for women). None of the problems mentioned by Britt are exclusive to fascism to your imaginary enemy and in fact occur in liberal democracies and neither are they inherent in fascism… and besides… someone might as easily as say that “socialist” nations tend to be murderous and despotic because their governments like to “remove” dissidents and silence their media as often as their champions in the liberal west hysterically decry censorship. If indeed “fascists” seek more rigid gender roles for women which isn’t necessarily true of fascism just of patriarchy just of the actual enemy then liberals seek roles for women that make them nothing more than sexualised livestock for men. A socialist theorist once said that men men of the left men of the right it matters not were equally complicit to patriarchy and that evidence of this lay in the construction of myths of lies in order to defend the indefensible e.g. sexual labour. And you keep what seems to be deliberately avoiding that subject… and none of this explains why you immediately why you erroneously assume that the sexist idiots that feature on this blog are pro-fascist. They probably don’t even know the meaning of the word least of all represent what it is _actually_ about.

    re Eco:
    “This is the origin of machismo (which implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality). Since even sex is a difficult game to play, the Ur-Fascist hero tends to play with weapons — doing so becomes an ersatz phallic exercise.”

    Liberal media and culture is populated is plagued with examples of machismo and contempt for women from contemporary music videos to pornography to sexual labour and their consumers. You’re going to have to do better than that to convince yourself that all pro-fascists are misogynists and that all misogynists are fascists.

  11. mindmadeup,

    Further… point 2… I’d call championing the “right” the privilege rather of men to produce and buy and view commodities that dehumanise women disdain for the rights of women…. point 3… this is almost too funny too hysterical considering the hysteria with which people decry censorship is as absurd as the hysteria of the average fanatic… as soon as the govenrment make a sound about restricting access to anything antifa types start calling the relevant parliamentarians book burners and even Nazis… point 5… not to ignore the seriousness of sexual violence in the military but what does this point have to do with “proving” that fascism is inherently misogynist inherently sexist… unless of course you think women you think the “fairer sex” shouldn’t be allowed to serve their country… point 8… I am pro-fascist and have nothing but contempt for Christianity for Judiasm and for Islam indeed for any religion trying to govern the humanity and the morality of our species and I needn’t remind you that Tibet was a theocracy but that doesn’t stop people trying to restore it to its fomer splendour.

    Also Eco opposes modernity… considering that modernity has given us the wonders of materialism and of industrialism and other symptoms of capitalism and that the Age of Enlightment and beyond reduced Nature once deified once revered by our ancestors to nothing but a mere resource you will forgive me if don’t take him too seriously.

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