32 thoughts on “Julian Lawson Hates Going to Centrelink

  1. Ugh Centrelink. I love my Youth Allowance and all, but I hate having to feel like an uber bogan. The other day there was a group of guys swearing their heads of and talking about their time in prison. This is the elite group of society I belong to.

  2. Julian must be American, as he calls it Centerlink, when it is in fact called Centrelink.

    So Julian should play a game called ‘spot the mistake in your own comment, before you look real stupid in public’

  3. Took my foreigner boyfriend with me to Centrelink when we’d first moved back to Australia and I was going on Austudy. I was pleased he got the full experience – two women ended up getting kicked out after a full on Jerry Springer match because one screamed, “Stop farkin’ standin’ on the chaaaairs!” at the other one’s little daughter.

    “Welcome to Centrelink, darling!” said I to my beau.

    • take your beauteous beau and flee the bogans – go to your beaus thurd wurld shit hole and breed youselves up a thurd wurlder – and keep it their wid you in the thurd wurld. do not pass go. do not receive handouts or other government subsidies. allah icklebar

  4. Boo freaking hoo.

    Get a job and stop being a freeloading piece of shit, Julian. Then you won’t have to go to Cennalink.

  5. back to the turd wurld with the.m
    from whence they came. let them return to the countries they flee – the ones they turned into third wurld shit holes. they did this all by themselves. let them return to the shit holes they flee. yum yum

    • History ain’t your forte, is it, moron? Most of these nations were thriving civilisations until some Europeans decided it might be a good idea to go and make use of their resources of their citizens even, displacing people, raping women, utterly spoiling these countries, and then leaving them to try and pick up the pieces. If I came around to your house and vandalised the place and beat you within an inch of your life and then told you it was all your fault and to stop blaming me then this would equate with your “brilliant analysis” of these troubled territories. Here’s an idea: if you want to be proud of your heritage your people then start _earning_ that pride by getting an education instead of being just another pathetic specimen of human trash. I take great pride in my European heritage, but I look at you lowlives, you bogans and bigots, and all I see are subhumans, _ubermensch_, people who are unfit to represent any race.

        • Hm cohesion, l love cohesion. If we all become one worlder socialist scum life will be cohesion from whoa to go. Ugly and intrusive differences of opinion about cultures and races will be a thing of the past. Life will become streamlined and sleek and we wont require messy democracy. Kill all the bogans right now, even the pretty ones. If they will repent and leap into the MELTING POT then you may spare them, but l fear many will resist the coffee coloured bland new world of zero choice…..these you must deal with accordingly, so well.

  6. Most likely it’s the “non-Aussies” playing spot the Aussie.

    Being new to a country, perhaps without certain skills (professional or language) might be considered reasonable grounds for being on welfare. There could be a raft of other reasons too.

    But a white guy is only at Centrelink for one reason. I hope they don’t point and laugh at you too much Julian.

    • oh[sic] yes indeed theres[sic] a raft full of them floating our way every day of the week. its[sic] telling that 85% of those that come by boat are still on welfare five years after they float here – but then probably to be expected given that nearly all of them are useless muslims bent on taking over our fair land and turning it into another third world muslim shit hole.

          Style them after yourself you perfect speimen of a New Age One Worlder you, you handsome beast. So well endowed mentally AND you know all about Nazis – BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE. So modern, too. Really modern, you are obviously anti White – it shows. You reek anti Whiteness. Every hue, every other colour is okay as long as its NOT WHITE. Preaching the (nonexistent) virtues of mass immigration from the third world to our land is a veiled but nonetheless obvious call for White genocide because that will be the consequence of mass immigration from non White countries. No one in this country was ever asked what they think about mass immigration from non White countries. No one has been consulted. Go and tell the Chinese their country must become a MELTING POT. Go and tell the Chinese it is not acceptable for their race to remain seperate and distinct. Go and tell that to all the non White countries and see what kind of response you get Mr Nazi Bogan killer. You are just as much a Nazi as the people you whinge about.

        • It must be hard living a life in fear of poor, uneducated brown people.

          My three year old daughter was scared of the boogey man for a while too. But she’s four now, so she’s over it.

        • Yawn.. Another rant about how white is a race, and an overlooking of the fact that the large majority of our immigrants actually come from ‘white countries’, such as England and New Zealand.

          White genocide? LOL.

  7. please [sic] make a big welcome to the[sic] white extinction. please[sic] fill the country with non whites. we love melting pots. if your Western country hasnt[sic] been turned into a melting pot complain to your government right now.

      • Fearless Mindmadeup, you speak for all of us when you courageously endorse the White genocide occuring throughout the Western lands. We support you twelve thousand per cent and loudly proclaim that when the Whites are bred out of existence (endgame) then and only then will peace and love reign supreme. Of course we could instead call for the eradification of all non White brands but there are more of those than Whites therefore its less messy to just do away with the Whites. All hail the New Age Nazi brogan killer MINDMADEUP. Yes your little moustache is cute and fetching, as is your concentric eyebrow arrangement. lf l wasnt transgenderised l could fall for a hunk of a spunk such as you embody. Please teach me how to be a successful Nazi like you. Okay l will breed with you as long as it comes out non White.

        • There’s only around 10% of whites left all over the world. Our website isn’t promoting ‘white genocide’ either.

          Whites and non-whites loving each other is replacing pure whites.

  8. I object to the insinuation in the comment that people who attend Centrelink are cashing in on tax dollars. We support our people when they need it, regardless of their race religion or social standing. The moderators there seem to have a few prejudice problems of their own.

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