11 thoughts on “Chucking Dessert Niggers

  1. From his About Me:

    I have plan’s to go too TAFE next year to do a CERT 4 in “COMMUNITY WELFARE” and my goal is too work with troubled teen’s!!!!

    Words fail me. 😦

    • Truly, his entire bio is a work of art.

      Do get the feeling he might be one where a sit down and a chat might get through… maybe? I mean, he HAS to recognise that youth social work means youth of ALL cultural backgrounds… right?

      Is his problem with dessert chuckers a childhood clown-based trauma thing?

  2. You can tell this lad likes to slurp a bit of the old chocky!!!! He even separates his dusky lovers into time of day – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. MMMMMM dessert. What a germ, he wishes he was gay just so he’d have something to go with his Weetbix..

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