Australian Patriots Defence Movement of the Bowels

Maybe you should have told Darren, Wyatt! Beatle doesn’t mind a bit of slap and tickle with unknown women – you really should have had him on a leash.

Ah, that’s the spirit Scott. Stand up against Darren’s violent ways. At least Darren understands that racist (and sexist) remarks are just going to paint you as rednecks.

Oh Darren, it seems you couldn’t control your racist, violent or sexist ways on the day of the first official rally for the APDM (Australian Patriots Defence Movement). Perhaps you should grow up and fill that fat head of yours with some intelligence! Pick up a book sometime!

Nothing like a bit of street-lit, eh Beatle? Especially when it’s all about ‘peeeee-dophilia’!

As you were. Over and out.

51 thoughts on “Australian Patriots Defence Movement of the Bowels

  1. Ah duh Scotty, your own rants proves you betrayed yourselves as racist and you are the ones breaking the law..

  2. PS Wyatt your own rants and photos of you and other members especially BTB Facebook gutter group, proves that YOU LIED that you are NOT anti-racist and anti-violence.

  3. That first picture, is a bit unfair. The screencap of that happened just after the guy was shoved in the face by the idiot who looks like the mutant offspring of jabba the hutt and a cave troll- not to excuse him being a racist, bogan thug, but holy crap calling him a woman basher for raising his hand after being attacked is a bit unfair. Leave the lies to the other side, maybe?

      • Admin, the name Tinkerbell was used repeatedly by Morris on the day to describe a guy who had red jeans and boots on. Morris kept goading him, insinuating he was gay..
        This commenter sounds like the same person ‘mazmatt’ who has been attempting to take me to task over the megaphone issue on my Youtube vids… tiresome.

        • Funny, you should see what Darren wears when he is out and about. He would have been jealous that the red jeans and boots didn’t fit him. He has been mistaken for a women on many occasions believe it or not

    • It would be interesting to see what he would have done if there were no other people/cameras around… If a guy is going to raise his fist to a woman in a threatening manner at all, he deserves a wide, critical audience.

      • I was slapping away the loud speaker after she rammed it in my face after the 2nd time, she was a fat pig that had the hide to call her self a woman, what a joke, I have every right to defend my self. This is Australia, and you people don’t even know what you were protesting about, nothing more than a bunch of lying feral maggots! Nothing better to do than start trouble. morons.

        • Darren, we all saw the video. Yes, she pushed you in the face with the megaphone – because you kept sticking your antagonistic fat mug into it. Guess what – it’s a rally. You tried to be louder, and so did our side. We were victorious in that sense, so you blew your top several times.

          When she pushed back at you for invading her personal space, you raised your hand as though you were going to slap the shit out of her. It’s open to subjectivity but it looks like you wouldn’t have cared that she was a woman if there weren’t cameras rolling.

          As for insulting her calling her a ‘fat pig’ – have you seen yourself lately? You’re a fat ugly piece of shit to say the least. And as for our side ‘starting trouble’ – excuse me? YOUR mob started a rally. We wouldn’t have been there if you hadn’t organised a public rally to express your unjustified hatred.

        • Face it old son. Your “demo” was a big failure. If you can’t get more than a handful of people turning up in Australia’s most conservative state you have lost big time. About time you folded your tattered tent and slipped off into the night like all of those failed far right groups before you.

        • Because Dazza you were too busy assaulting someone, to be slapping you know what, because it was too small to find?

        • OMG Bailey – such a dick, seriously! What makes you think that others don’t have the right to fight back when you invade their space? Seriously, who the heck do you think you are? You are a little man with little man syndrome! Stop fighting the fact that you are transsexual and come outta the closet.
          Have you seen the boobs on this guy?

  4. You forgot to mention that you ferals spat in our faces and attacked us first- oh that’s right- you forgot to mention that. If you are big enough to give it you should expect it back, when I personally find the author of this site, I will personally sue you! You are nothing but a cheap feral unemployed parasite that changes things to suit yourself. I didn’t attack anyone in fact, slapping away a blowhorn being used to hit me by a feral overweight so called “woman” and I use that word loosely from hitting me is “self defence” You people are the “bogans” and hated me because I won’t back down and gacve back exactly what you gutless cowards gave, You expected us to run as you all did, but we didn’t and that shocked you! I am ex army, I will never run from a good argument especially from an unemployed dirty feral that wants to start trouble then run like the cowardly dogs that they are! Ferals, the same sort of people that spat and threw paint on our soldiers returning from Vietnam. At the end of the day, you losers achieve nothing and don’t even know what you are fighting for. All socialists, twerps! get a life and get a job and contribute to the country that supports your lazy arses rather than bleed off people like us that support you, and while you are at it, the women were more manly then your men. tell them to get rid of the fluro yellow hippy floral pants and get a real job. Losers! Oh and while you are at it, a shower and a shave helps!

    • Hey fat face – where’s your evidence that any of us spat on you? If any of your unwashed lot spat on me I’d have taken photos of it and shown it to police. But you’ve come up with nothing except baseless allegations.

      • Dazza won’t take court action, as he knows his racist,abuse and threats are against the law and he well be the one in trouble.

        So as they say. Bring it on.

        PS “my flag” who made it your flag dazza?

        PPS Hey Dazza had a cold shower after your rally?

        PPS I am confused, you bring up the boring rant get a job and then you say they get a real job, which is it get a job or a real job? And is it because you need help to get a job yourself?

    • a shower and shave might help you too Darren – oh yeah forgot – you aren’t man enough to grow facial hair are you?
      Oh and aren’t you unemployed??? And have been for some time??? Who do you think you are?
      Oh yeah and hippy, flowery pants – seen you in a few of those – or at least some pretty girly coloured ones – bit of a girl yourself aren’t you Bailey?
      Easy to try to be something your not on the net, to those who don’t know you, but impossible to do so with those who do know you.
      Stop the crap Bailey and get a life!

  5. Funny thing is this- On the weekend we saw a bunch or feral socialists attack a crowd of people that had no intention of starting a riot- but the commie ferals were not happy with that, wanted trouble and then expected us to run like they would. As proud Australians we stood our ground which pissed the crap out of them, so then they resorted to their old methods, spitting, hitting people in the back when they had their back turned and defacing the Aussie flag, which they did. Still, we did not run, only after constant abuse and being whacked with a bullhorn,twice from a overweigh feral pig, did I try and smack the bullhorn away, which I have every right to do in self defense. Believe me, If I wanted trouble or had lost the plot, I am quite capable of it, there would have been at least 8 of your ferals in hospital, ferals that spat on me, punched me from behind(too gutless to do it to my face) and kicked me. This is Australia, not some third world Muslim country and someone has every right to defend themselves. I will do it again no differently next time except for one thing, next time I identify the person that punches me from behind, rather than warn him, I will use self defence and I assue you, he will be in RBWH. No ifs buts or maybes! If you want to hit people expect to be hit back. I am ex army, I will not run, and anyone that spits on my national flag I take as an act of aggression against this country, all the ferals that did this and supported this behaviour are nothing but ferals and should be ashamed of themselves. Oh by the way, the majority of people on the street that witnessed the feral invasion actually agree with us and some have even agreed to support us financially. Thankyou as in the end, true Aussies win out!!!
    You should all be ashamed to even lick the boots of us real Aussies. Gutter rats and nothing else.

    • You’re so full of shit. Why?

      * All you losers can talk about is this alleged spitting incident – yet with 40,000 hand held cameras rolling and shooting – not one picked up any spitting from our side.
      * If you really were covered in this alleged spit, I know that you would have been taking close up photos of it and showing it to police. Yet you didn’t.


    • Absolute bullshit Darren! I was in the front row and was so for most of the day, filming. No one from our side spat, whereas other protesters mentioned to me that whilst you were screaming at them, they felt spittle strike their faces. They also noted that you had fetid breath. I myself thought that you must have been nibbling on little pieces of shit before the rally.
      It was that bad.
      Also Darren, as I said on the Youtube vids, if anyone from our lot had spat upon you scum, you would have lost the plot! Failing that, you would have done your funny little run-to-the-police routine, like the good little lap-dog you are.
      I captured you in one of the vids randomly introducing into one of your tirades that you had served your country. You have also said the same in your comments here.
      I checked the online register of people who have served Australia in deployment overseas, and I am struggling to find you? Personally, I’m calling bullshit on it, but I am happy for you to prove me wrong? I just cant imagine a fat, stunted toadish creature being much good at anything!
      Put up or shut up Dazza..

  6. Darrens yelling at the rally reminded me of when you make a fist then move your thumb to make it look like your hand is talking.

  7. DARREN,
    I am proud of my heritage but I think I can safely say I speak for a lot of people when I say that intellectually-deficient bogans are hardly noble examples of white people.

  8. I am embarrassed to be of the same species as Darren.

    Why does he keep asserting that we don’t have jobs?

    And I love that he vilifies that woman about being overweight, being that he is such a fine specimen himself. Also unsurprising that he said he would put eight in hospital. Once more we see hatred and xenophobia going hand in hand with violence. And he seems to think that others are the violent ones.

    What a clown.

  9. Well… as much as I agree with people’s descriptions of this wretched specimen of a man, I must say the classist language being thrown around by some of you so-called socialists shows that you are anything but.

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  11. You’re not ex-army. And if you are, you need a fucking blazing from true service personnel for disgracing the face of the ADF. You fought for your country? Bullshit. My cousin fought and died for his, as did my Grandfather and uncle. Yet I see not a one of my family standing around espousing hate rhetoric. Simply put; crawl away and die Darren, you fucking coward

  12. So it is acceptable for big lady to scream at him closely and piss him off so they can take photo of him and telling everyone it’s racist (which in is bigotry because Islam is not a race but a religion). Good thing is that I don’t support Socialists at all. It is on video and you can see lady is close to man using bullhorn, I think she knew what she was doing since she was protested against them. I think it is wrong piss people off just because they didn’t like the people’s opinion.

  13. Do-gooders are only good for causing irreversible damage to a country. Wake up !!! Take a closer look at what the muslims have done to the UK. Take a closer look at their incessant demands on Australia. Demanding that xmas carols be banned, whinging about santa claus, wanting and achieving the banning of our national anthem, demanding sharia food which we are paying for the luxury of having food endorsed as Halal friendly; demanding halal abattoirs and succeeding! Just take a closer look at them, they operate in stealth mode. Look at the koran which encourages hatred of non-muslim people. Do gooders are stupid and blind.

    • You need to find out some facts, as you are operating on blind fear. These are your fellow Australians — real people, real families — that you have these misconceptions about. Australia is beautiful in its peaceful diversity, and I want to keep it that way. It’s not YOUR country, it’s EVERY Australian’s country.

    • Reading your own comments, proves calling yourself Observer is so wrong, as you are a person who DOES NOT becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses, are stupid and weak to face reality especially as we know you haven’t read The Koran and doing irreversible damage to yourself.

      Now f**k off and observe what is happening around you in the real world.

  14. Muslims are atrocious. THey are now asking for sharia law to be introduced. sharia Law is already practiced to a degree with halal abattoirs which slash an animal’s throat without prior stunning, animals are killed in front of other animals, they are then hung upside down by one leg and allowed to die a frighteningly slow and painful death. All australians were appalled upon discovering how animals were slaughtered in Indonesia but the very same thing is taking place right here in australia unbeknownst to most aussies. Meat is slaughtered in the name of Allah, where is the justice in this? Christians do not want to eat meat that has been slaughtered in the name of a pagan god BUT do Christians have a say? most meat sold in major supermarket outlets are halal meat and most people are not even made aware of this fact! Take a look at what sharia Law consists of. Sharia Law is about polygamous marriages which is a muslim way of life. ALready people from overseas have been allowed into this country, people in polygamous marriages. This is also taking place in australia! Sharia Law is something we do NOT want in australia. Do your research into the islamic way of life. Is this what you want for your children and grandchildren one day? You simply have no idea about the hidden agenda of muslims. They make a mockery of australia’s kindness, laughing all the way and saying that they are the fastest growing religion and that in due course they will take over and literally islamise Australia. Muslims operate in stealth mode, do not trust those that present themselves as “PEACE LOVING” THIS IS merely a veneer!

    • Not all Muslims want Sharia Law introduced.

      And of those that do, only an extremely minor percentage want every aspect of Sharia adopted.

      The RSPCA accepts one form of Halal meat. Do you want to take up your argument with them?

      Finally, please tell us how you expect that Australia will have a majority Muslim population when they are currently only at 2% of our population and our immigration intake is from countries that have Muslim minorities only.

    • The only thing atrocious is your fear-driven hatred. If you’re Christian, you’d best get praying hard for some love to be let into your heart.

    • Hey, Observer. I’m a Christian and I can tell you right now that I have absolutely no problem eating halal meat. In fact, I just had some the other day from a Nando’s. Plus, I’m pretty sure we do have a say in it. After all, how hard is it to pronounce “no”? It’s not like someone’s force-feeding us halal meat. As for your statement about meat (I’m assuming you mean “animals”, by the way) being “slaughtered in the name of a pagan god”, it is just laughable. If you actually did some research or went to Church, a lot of Christians believe that Allah and God are the same being. It’s just different names used by people who worship Him differently.

  15. Darren – this guy is the ultimate creep! He hates women – he hates everyone actually, but hates women the most. I get the feeling that he is actually a frustrated transsexual.
    He carries on about being an army hero – that is a crock – he was nothing but a Storeman and most definately was not in the SAS like he claims.
    There should be some sort of National warning about this creep, seriously.
    He has a big mouth and his only claim to fame is stealing the life stories of others and making them his own, because he has no life of his own.

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