The ADL Fail Again – Under A Different Name


Ah, apparently some Brisbane-based dingbats held a rally yesterday @ King George Square in central Brisbane, demanding that somebody–anybody–’ban the burqa’.

The rally was organised by the ‘Australian Defence League’ (the leader of which, the Englishman Martin Brennan, is currently being held in detention @ Maribyrnong for immigration offences) and some weird new mob called the ‘Australian Patriots Defence Movement’, which claims as its inspiration a string of violent armed robberies by a gang of burqa-clad ladies police have dubbed The Burqa Gang an episode of the Australian version of the US TV show 60 Minutes.

Given these origins you might think the Movement campaigns against tabloid journalism, but no.

Rather, in addition to wanting to stop women from lawfully wearing burqas, the APDM wants: to ensure (redundantly) that food authorities continue to label products as being halal/kosher and that traitors and preachers of sedition are suitably punished; a flat tax; currency reform and; a ‘return’ (sic) to constitutional law.

They also have matching t-shirts.

Curiously, the APDM accuses the Australian Defence League (“2009″) of having attempted to “sabotage” their rally; a further product of the endless bickering among local ‘patriots’.

In any event, perhaps 20 or so individuals attended the APDM/ADL rally, which was met by a larger counter-rally composed of something like 60 or so people unamused by the antics of the ‘Australian Patriots Defence League Movement’.

A fuller account of the rally by a special correspondent:


In the lead-up to the rally, one of the organisers, Wyatt Wharton, stressed that there was to be no racism, no swearing and no threats of violence. It became obvious very early on that he had little or no control; the APDM Facebook page was littered with threats against those who went to counter-protest.

The APDM site stated:

“The Board [!] of APDM clearly states that the [r]ally [p]lanned and organi[s]ed by the APDM to Ban the Burqa will be going ahead with an estimated 300 to 500 people (supporters) attending.

Members of the [p]ress and the [e]lectronic [m]edia have been invited to attend.”

Both of these statements were well wide of the mark. There was no mainstream media in attendance. Presumably they knew the rally was destined to fail.

Fail it did.


When I arrived at midday, there was a maximum of 25-30 APDM supporters, and this included some of their partners and children (resplendent in their little ‘Ban the Burqa’ shirts!).

The antifa numbered at least twice this, and their presence seemed to confuse and anger the fascists. I don’t think many of the fascists had ever been to a rally, and they seemed somewhat shocked that the counter-protesters weren’t going to simply sit down and listen. In fact, the antifa out-yelled them to the point that the APDM speaker could not be heard, and once their tiny PA system died, their anger began to rise.

Two of the fascists were dressed in hi-vis work gear, and stood silently, glaring at the crowd. Eventually, they couldn’t suppress their anger any longer and attempted to start a fight with a male protester. As the police intervened, a female protester, having expressed her anger at this attempt to incite violence, was told by one of the hi-vis gentleman “F*ck off you filthy c*nt”.

A short while later, one of them again started on another protester, saying something like “I hope when the Muslims come, they burn down your f*cking house with you and your family in it”. The crowd went wild, and the police yet again intervened.

At this stage, two organisers, Wharton and [?], stepped in and spoke to the pair, and they vanished. I didn’t sight them for the rest of the rally.

Not that it changed the mood.

Another of the organisers, Darren Bailey-Morris, took over the insulting and threatening behavior. He was paced up and down in front of the antifa with a book, apparently one written by a Muslim girl that had suffered sexual assault. He’d point at the book, screaming “Pee-dophile, Pee-dophile”! (I don’t know what it is about the right-wing obsession with paedophilia–and their inability to both spell and pronounce it.)

Predictably this became “You are all scum, you support pee-dophiles!” and so on and so on… it became tedious quickly. Australian flags were also being waved/worn by the fascists, and the insults continued to fly.

Bailey-Morris is a vile creature, and everyone got a good look at the type of person he is. While a woman on a megaphone was yelling at him, he put his face up close to it. When she pushed him back with it, he took a dive, but not before raising his fist to her. He then ran straight over to the police and complained. Having witnessed the altercation, they ignored him.

Later, while waving The Pee-dophile Book in another woman’s face, he became enraged when she took it from him and threw it over the crowd. I didn’t catch his response, but the look of hatred on his face spoke volumes. In another incident, when a young male protester put a sticker on Bailey-Morris’s back, the crowd laughed, and Bailey-Morris responded by saying “You touch me again and I’ll kill you. I’ll be looking for you mate, I’ll be looking for you”.

After a while, a replacement PA was sourced and the APDM circus started up again. It didn’t last long as the antifa simply became louder, and then we got to see the truly ugly side, the true APDM.

By this stage APDM leaders Wharton and [?] were visibly tired, and seemed defeated. They tried to read prepared scripts, but soon gave up. Bailey-Morris, however, wasn’t going to give up so easily. Having gotten hold of the microphone and decided that he wasn’t going to stick to the ostensible purpose of the rally, he started screeching racist, misogynist and homophobic bile. One young male protester was a particular subject of Bailey-Morris’ (and a few others) vitriol, who called him names (‘Tinkerbell’) and made (limp-wristed) hand gestures at him, leaving little doubt that a bit of gay-bashing was on the agenda. He also commented that most of the women in the antifa crowd were lesbians, and When The Muslims Come, they’ll come for the lesbians first! If it wasn’t so serious, it could be written off as bad, bad comedy…

An older Aboriginal male politely asked BM what the APDM’s stance on indigenous equality was. Although initially ignoring him, Bailey-Morris grew increasingly annoyed as the man in question persisted with his polite request.

And so it began.

“Mate, go buy some socks and then come back and talk”.

Over and over and over…

Eventually this became “That’s the problem with you lot, always playing on your colour”. Finally, this pearl: “Mate, my best friend is an Aborigine…”

By this stage there were ‘spot-fires’ breaking out in the crowd and the police formed a line between us and the fascists, which remained in placer ’til near the end of the rally. At this point, Wharton gave a rambling monologue about something or other that could barely be heard above the din… thankfully. He looked almost relieved when the police wound up the rally an hour early, but it angered some of the others. They started to thrust fingers at the crowd, screaming abuse.

At 2 o’clock, Wharton again attempted to wrap things up. The antifa started yelling “Go home racists, go home” and, unbelievably Wharton’s colleague grabbed the microphone and screamed “I’m not going home, I’m going to the pub!”

This brought many laughs from his fascist comrades and they all started stating how they too were going to the pub. It was rather sad to watch this small group of misfits, pathetic in defeat, and to realise that the only thing that made them happy was the thought of drowning their sorrows in alcohol.

Someone probably got glassed last night!


I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the end of the APDM. Such a pitiful display of public hatred, receiving so little support, and so strong an opposition, means it’s undoubtedly back to the drawing board. The looks of amazement on the faces of the passing backpackers/foreign tourists said so much. The Ugly Australian in all its ‘glory’…

In any case, as a group the the APDM are certainly nothing even resembling a threat. But on an individual basis, there are some fairly nasty minds involved who will happily scream their venomous bigotry for all the world to see.


Irrational popular tendencies do sometimes call for discretion. But powerful though they may be, they are not irresistible forces. They contain their own contradictions. Clinging to some absolute authority is not necessarily a sign of faith in authority; it may be a desperate attempt to overcome one’s increasing doubts (the convulsive tightening of a slipping grip). People who join gangs or reactionary groups, or who get caught up in religious cults or patriotic hysteria, are also seeking a sense of liberation, connection, purpose, participation, empowerment. As Reich himself showed, fascism gives a particularly vigorous and dramatic expression to these basic aspirations, which is why it often has a deeper appeal than the vacillations, compromises and hypocrisies of liberalism and leftism.

In the long run the only way to defeat reaction is to present more forthright expressions of these aspirations, and more authentic opportunities to fulfill them. When basic issues are forced into the open, irrationalities that flourished under the cover of psychological repression tend to be weakened, like disease germs exposed to sunlight and fresh air. In any case, even if we don’t prevail, there is at least some satisfaction in fighting for what we really believe, rather than being defeated in a posture of hesitancy and hypocrisy.





Oh dear, these morons still haven’t got the hint that they are the fringe lunatic dregs of society.


Note: A little more about Wyatt Wharton, this latest fiasco’s organiser…

I’m sorry, Wyatt – did you say BUXTON UNIVERSITY?

Ah well – who cares if you’re a fraud? At least you’re a true blue Aussie. Right?

Howdy back atcha.

20 rednecks at a rally where 279 said they’d attend. There’s some chains being YANKed me thinks.

33 thoughts on “The ADL Fail Again – Under A Different Name

  1. Words are words. Call us what you want, but we were peaceful. The counter protestors did nothing but scream badly thought out slogans. Oh wait, no they did more. They ripped stickers off bystanders and rally members alike, pushed and shoved, spat and crowed at us…for respecting the law and departing when our permit had actually expired. They didn’t “win”.

    • The counter-demonstrators were peaceful. Your three failed demo leaders of this failed demo insulted demonstrators and showed their misogyny – something we have come to expect from you lot. So Chris Bates, if you want to do anything with your life and not end up as a failure, detach yourself from far right groups because it always leads to disaster. Always.

    • Bollocks Chris…It was you lot that did the pushing! Remember when Brad tried to get police to push the protesters back, but they refused? Your lot decided to back into the protesters, bulldozing them?
      I didn’t see anyone spit either…well, I lie. Darren Morris’ method of ‘debating’ is to push his face in yours and scream, with flecks of spittle near drowning people!
      You may have been at a different rally?

    • You were peaceful? Have you seen the footage of your gallant leader screaming abuse at a counter-protester who was enjoying calmly repeating ‘you’re part of a worldwide fascist movement’? I had a nice close up view of it, and caught some of his spit-spray on my glasses.
      Did you catch the APDM guy who raised his fist, about to hit a woman before realising he was being filmed?
      You’re all the same shit, different smell. Slightly worse I’d say.

    • Sorry Chris writing and ranting racist comments, are not respecting the law. So yes The Law is a winner in this case and many cases like it. So go ahead come up with racist you sad excuse for a human being,

      • ‘mindmadeup’ this is Australia, every other country is patriotic ( or rascist or proud whatever u want to call it) about their country, i would love to see you say this stuff infront of any true Australians face…you would get knocked the fuck out

        • 1. All the authors that access this site love Australia;
          2. Patriotic doesn’t mean racist. Racists who are racist BECAUSE they are patriotic are dickheads;
          3. What’s your definition of a ‘true Australian’?
          4. I’d love to see you make your keyboard-commando comments to the face of any Indian, Lebanese, African, Greek, Italian, Asian or Samoan’s face – YOU would get ‘knocked the fuck out’.

        • Hey Bob writing “you would get knocked the fuck out” too scare to do it yourself or too busy with grammar and spelling clases to do it yourself?

  2. Excuse me, but I was spat upon by one of the merry band of counter demonstrators. Peaceful, my ass. Then again, your type seem to be quite good at living in your own little world. Think what you want to, and be thankful I didn’t report it. Because next time, I’ll be taking photos AND reporting/pursuing legal action. I’m not a failure, and have no intentions of being one. I wonder if you could say the same?

    • Well go hard there Chris. Don’t pretend to be offended when normal people find your “cause” offensive. None of us would actually spit on your side, but we do hold them in contempt. I would have thought if wearing burqas was so offensive to conservative Brisbaneites they’d have been there in droves, and they were not.

      • “None of us would actually spit on your side” Again, words. Your ACTIONS were entirely different. Deny what you will, there’s no point arguing with your kind, you’re too full of self righteousness.

        Personally, I don’t care how many showed up. And, to be frank, I don’t really want the burqa banned outright, we all have our different cultures. I just don’t want it or islam shoved down our throats, and this rally was the closest fit. And YES I do believe that, in some cases, a burqa can represent a security risk.

        When it all boils down, the counter protestors were quite amusing (if you ignore the spitting, shoving and harassment of passers-by) . Why? Because your slogans were ill thought out, you refused to enter into a civil debate, when invited to, and the majority of you acted like the slovenly rabble you represent. At least I can hold my head high, knowing I acted with dignity and respected the law. I could have responded with violence or gone to the cops when one of your rabble spat at me. But, I let it slide. Still not sure why I DIDN’T go to the police. Next time, maybe the dipshit with the bullhorn will learn some manners (basic courtesies are given to even death row prisoners, THEY are a basic right, imo). Then again, a lot of you are so full of yourselves….who knows. I didn’t deserve being spat upon, for the most part I hung back.

        • The dipshit with the bullhorn? The protesters had around 5 megaphones! Are you sure you were there?
          As far as the spitting…I’ll say it again, it didn’t happen. Honestly, your lot were spoiling for a fight, barely in control. If someone had spat on one if you, it would have been on.

        • Spitting on another person constitutes physical abuse. That person would have been arrested by one of the dozens of police officers present. And of the thousands of photos and videos of the rally, you haven’t been able to illustrate that this even happened.

          Are you aware of one of your APDM mates threatening to rape a woman in her bed? Yep – it happened.

          Say all you like, Bates. Your mob are the ones who’ve been filmed and photographed acting like babies throwing tanties.

        • Ass Lover when you facing the truth write BS after BS “(if you ignore the spitting, shoving and harassment of passers-by) “you refused to enter into a civil debate, when invited to, and the majority of you acted like the slovenly rabble you represent” etc etc

          So Chris word of advice SHUT THE F**K UP as your own rants are proving you are a complete idiot, fool, racist, coward etc etc etrc

        • Chris, get your facts right. There is no threat of Sharia law in Australia or anywhere in the world. No politician has proposed that. If you believe everything you see in the mainstream media, then you are gullible and naive. I don’t deny that there are Muslim extremists, but all religions have extremists. Who was behind the Oklahoma bombing? A white supremacist. Who was behind the recent massacre in this town in Norway? A Christian fundamentalist. Are we to blame an entire community just because of the extremism of a few? I have a lot of Muslim friends and I have some colleagues that are also Muslim, and they are against the likes of Al-Qaeda (which by the way, their forerunners were initially trained by the CIA to kick the Russians out of Afghanistan). If we want to stop extremism, we should be campaigning for social harmony, you are campaigning for hatred and if you continue doing that then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

      • If you have a look on Facebook for something along the lines of APDM Sharia Law Rally, you’ll see it…including out and out threats, threats to bring Vietnam Vets, Rebels and the promise that this was “square-up time”. About the same time my FB acct started to receive threats pertaining to me personally for the 27th!

    • There was plenty of footage at the rally. There is nothing unlawful about being louder than you. It seemed to anger you, which was good for the cameras. Showed your true colours.

      Note: It was funny when your members screamed abuse and then ran to the police when you were shouted down. They suitably ignored you.

    • Chris, a ass is a hoof like animal. So what do you call your ass and have you got photos of your ass?

    • Ass lover to prove you are not a failure TAKE ACTION NOW instead of claiming you well take action next time.

      Or are you scare that your own racists rants and actions well see you being in trouble with the law?

    • Excuse me, Chris I am wondering if can tell the truth ONCE in your sad, confused, lonely (get your fingers off it) and f**ked up life, thanks to you being brainwashed?

  3. Is it just me, or does Wyatt look like a member of a Village People tribute band? Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

    • Haha…Another fact on Wharton – on Myspace and the official APDM site he calls himself Col. Wyatt Wharton. Colonel? Well, kinda…
      If you pay a $30 subscription to the Texas Air Confederacy, you are given the honorary title of ‘Colonel’.
      Fail is synonymous with Wyatt..

  4. Buxton University eh? The Bob Jones University of the UK LOL.

    That’s actually where Ian Paisley got his mail-order $10 theology degree. What is it with the far right, dodgy qualifications, and poor scholarship when they actually do have a real degree (e.g Irving and Toben)?

  5. Racial prejudice and ignorance are not synonymous with fascism and it irks me when “antifa” types use the terms interchangeably. I would wager that the bigots/the bogans in question also complain about living in a nanny state and are probably as liberal as the average “antifa” activist in spite of their irrational hatred of minorities. I would not hesitate to have these rallying bigots picked up by the authorities and sent away never to be seen again and this makes _me_ a fascist and I have no problem admitting this or with using a dictionary to acquire some sort of understanding of the rather fundamental differences between a bigot/a bogan and an _actual_ fascist.
    I appreciate their opposition to racism but it is intellectually lazy of “antifa” types to label these people “fascists” and makes their mockery of the obvious intellectual shortcomings of these racists more than a little ironic.

  6. Bailey-Morris, mate go buy some socks and stick them down the front, as your own comments and the failed rally, proves you are not man enough and have no balls.

  7. Wow, you lot are STILL whinging and moaning? That was weeks ago. I’m over it, go find something better to do. I certainly have =)

    • Chris if you are so over it and got something better to do, then why did you reply again?

      So from this idiot, I don’t need to claim you are a idiot, as this proves you are a idiot.

  8. Chris, you’re a fuckwit. And a fucking FASCIST to boot. The words of Fascists have no validity? So shut the fuck up and piss off.

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