Australia, where the game of ‘spot the racist’ gets easier every day.

Australia, where the game of ‘spot the Aussie racist’ gets harder easier every day.

So… how can an Aussie be spotted or picked out from a crowd, anyway?

So, wait… the idea behind this ‘game’ is that just by looking, and just based on any kind of physical appearance… if you have any kind of Asian, Middle Eastern, or southern European heritage, these morons will assume you’re not ‘Aussie’???

No, Belinda.  Most people have better things to do with their time than step out the door and start counting every person they pass – because the likelihood is, the vast majority of them will be AUSTRALIAN.

But wait, there’s more stupidity…

I wonder if Sera Isa Guidette plays this game with her customers as well?

“Im[sic] not racist but…”

That’s funny, at last count I thought there were about 22 million or so Australians kicking about?

Note: If you can’t stretch your brain to even construct a sentence, justf find a way to say something short with “fuck” in it.

It doesn’t seem like Toby Straatman has too much respect for his (apparent) role in the Australian Defence Force…

Alan ‘Felcher’ Tilbrook takes it that one step further and decides that in his fucked up world view, anyone with a certain eye type, anyone dark skinned (does that include Aboriginal people, Alan?), anyone who wears a religious head dress, or is Jewish (how on earth can you tell that by looking at someone?!) or indeed any descendant of our neighbouring New Zealand has to “fuck off back too[sic] were[sic] they came from”.  (Even if they are Australian.)

Quite the poster boy for his multi-national employer, eh?

So, surely this page has to be some kind of sick joke, right?  Isn’t that what they always claim?  It was just for a laugh, don’t be so uptight, etc, etc…

Speaking of sick jokes., and just to sum up the level of brain rot that is festering in groups like this, a message from the page administrator…

Hint: Finding it hard to read any of the text in the screen grabs?

Click on the image and it will open in full.

72 thoughts on “Australia, where the game of ‘spot the racist’ gets easier every day.

  1. Reminds me of a certain president being asked to prove he’s American because he doesn’t “look American” and his name “sounds funny”.


  2. Hmmm, so “Spot the Aussie” means that somebody like Kylie Kwong (who is 4th generation Australian) would not be considered an “Aussie” but an Anglo person whose grandparents came from Britain to Australia in the 60s would be considered an Aussie. Bull-effing-shit.

    Amy Wright could always not go to Auburn if the scary dark skinned people scare her so much.

    • I grew up in Auburn and went to school in Granville. Culturally, our school was like a smaller version of Auburn.

      There were 2 types of Anglo-Saxon Aussies at my school (as opposed to the wide variety of other types of Aussies who went there): the ones that stuck to “their own kind”, regularly told racist jokes and couldn’t understand why they were shunned when it came to our muck up day. This group was small in both numbers and mindset.

      The majority, however, turned out to be some of the most intelligent and nicest people I have ever met. Some of them became my best friends. In fact, I got some of them hooked on salted pumpkin seeds, lebanese bread and bastirma (similar to pastrami). This latter group became indistinguishable from the kids with Vietnamese, Lebanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Armenian, you-name-it backgrounds. One of them was voted Captain. I have vivid memories of him standing up to an openly racist Science teacher for berating a timid Muslim boy because he had asked to go and pray during recess, instead of staying in class to watch a movie.

      These guys stain the good name of Anglo-saxon Aussies who are colour blind. I’m sure that if they knew what was being said in their names they would be horrified.

      Can’t wait for the MMU prime time radio and TV shows. 🙂

      • @Melissa, thanks for the trip down memory lane. 🙂

        Your comment reminded me of the fact that, indeed, some of those kids that turned out to be racists were friends of mine in Year 7. It wasn’t until Year 8 or 9 that they started to withdraw and get antagonistic towards the rest of us. This is about the time they started to use the word “wog” in a derogatory manner.

        I don’t know for sure but it makes sense that they got this from their parents. And so the vicious circle continues…

  3. This kind of crap really pisses me off. The morons are too stupid to realize that their, oh so perfect white ancestors took this country from the only true “Australians”! 233 years is a pinprick in this country’s history and by virtue of those years they think have a right to decide who can and can’t live here.

    • If it follows that we all relate to the early homonids (spelling?) out of the rift valley in Africa, and then the migrations that took place over millennia and had these early humans evolving and adapting to countries and climates they travelled to or through, then we are all entitled to say we are of this place or that place wherever it may be. To say indigenous Australians in the Aborigines are the original inhabitants and that white men took from them, is only partially correct. In the evolution and travel of people and society with its technology and developments means that it was inevitable that the land of Australia the great southern land would be settled by people who had discovered it, those people being more advanced and developed. Aboriginal Australians were not up to the task of fending off the colonial aspect of Britain’s expansion in the region, as well as unable to combat diseases and other malady’s that struck them down just as surely as a bullet or bayonet. So in effect there are no “true” Australians, just inhabitants of the land called Australia, the current demographic being one that may in some way in the future be replaced by another, from who knows where, but able to be replaced as surely as the blacks were a few hundred years ago. The voicing of all the comments above is a symptom of that change in demographics, they articulate it in racist terms yes, and think they are fighting for their future (possibly they are) but the fact is we are all passing through, whether this generation is the one to be replaced or another in the future, it will happen. These people are frightened that is all and do not have the means to articulate that. Just saying.

      • Your grasp of pre-history is somewhat tenuous at best. Also we are not really interested in worrying about people who are so thick they fearfully imagine the sky is falling in and brown people are coming to invade what they think is theirs.

        How about THEYgo and acquire some knowledge about the world from something other than shock jocks and scare merchants?

  4. Playing ‘Spot The Aussie’ isn’t difficult if they go somewhere like Alice Springs. The clowns in this group are just a bunch of dirty stinking chavs, only with suntans and even stupider accents. I wish they’d bugger off back to old Blighty. I don’t care if their family has been here for 200 years; they’re still not real Aussies unless their family was here 40,000+ years ago.

    Lets see its not about being AUSTRALIA its about keeping the white blood line strong for our childrens children.
    I dont hate blacks or any other race but just because i dont want to have sexual intercourse (fuck), with them does it means im a RACIST.!!!!!!!?
    Well if it does (F.U.C.K.) YOU and call me one.!!
    You ignorant naive people,WHITE PRIDE means a lot more than spot the aussie or who took who’s land,you one side minded IGNORANT PEPOLE.
    Mabey you should look into your PURE!!!!! WHITE BLOOD …!
    If it isn’t PURE call me a RACIST AND (FUCK OFF)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. excuse me but what do you think ur doing putting my facebook comments up on this website? people like you need to get a life, really? this is all over a stupid “JOKE” facebook site that someone has created (probably out of boredom and the person who created it was more than likely a kid) and now ur tring to make it serious. Honestly i dont who the person responsible for this site is but i will be talking the appropriate people to sort this out, you have no right to use my facebook ID to advertise ur slander and try to make it look like Australians are rascist, everyones rascist in some form. Are you saying you wouldnt mind standing in a small enclosed room for ur whole life with hundreds of dirty and disease-ridden people from a third world country all touching you and coughing on you and stinking? Obviously you wouldnt like that, you would feel uncomfortable, or in you’re words that would make you rascist?
    I will be going down to the police station in the morning over this matter, do you have an admin address or phone number for someone representing this site? i have printed and copied numerous copies of these documents, and it just so happen i have a local police officer, who is my housemate, whom is witnessing this email right now. Thankyou for you’re time and i hope you remove my comment from this site and grow up. P.S. I seen a group on facebook today which was called “dressing up like chuck norris because you have a death wish”, does this mean you will be starting an anti-website for this? theres hundreds of people out there all sucidal and dressing up like Chuck Norris and you wont even try to get the message out there and make people aware of this serous situation.

      • no not upset at all…its crazy but us Australians dont get upset over little things like this just annoyed that someone else, like you, thinking they are getting the better of them, but in all fairness if you done this to my face i would kick ur head in.

        • and??? what happens to people who say rascist stuff? um nothing…its not like i’m driving down the street saying rascist stuff and the cops will pull me over and say ‘its illegal to drive and talk rascist phrases, ur going to jail’ obviously its not a big deal to people of importance to society and the people who make this world run otherwise there’d be a big fuss about it…not just a couple of wannabee hippies who have nothing better to do…hang on kinda like the messages that these rascist people left, just bored people with nothing to do….just depends which way you look at it.

        • haha violence and pub trade go together idiot, hence why we and all of the world utilise the services of security guards and bouncers, pretty sure i’m not the first person to realise violence and pubs all go together

    • 1. So Bobby why associate yourself with such a dumb group full of dumb people?

      2. Your comment in the first paragraph of your rant is even worse than the comment you posted originally in that group.

      2. When you are managing at the pub where you work do you discriminate when serving the customers, or do you confine your idiocy to Facebook?

  7. its funny how sad ur lives must be, for ur information probably 50% of our customers are Aboriginals who all drive the latest model cars and always have loads of money and alcohol and drugs, now how if this fair if they dont have jobs? we’re all out here busting our ass of only to have it rubbed into our face how much they dont care about Australia and the idea of an honest days work to EARN ur money. Now we dont provoke or intimidate them or treat them any different to anyone else but how is it that EVERY DAY and NIGHT we have to put up with abuse from them both verbally and physically. Now none of us are being rascist, infact we have 3 European backpackers who work there and a South African couple who work there (who are brown skinned and yes i asked their permission to write that), now i’ve hired them for the job, how can i be rascist? because i wrote ‘i want a pet asian’ as a joke, its a joke y’know a good percentage of them, like 100% are intendended as humour and are not actually true. Or are you calling me rascist because i wrote ‘dirty, disease-ridden people from third world countries’ ??? call me crazy but quite obviously the term ‘third world country’ implies that there is alot of poverty, disease and dirtyness. Now i am not claiming that i made up the term ‘third world country’ apparently its been around for years….i cant beleive you guys didnt hear about it. I just googled ‘percentage of people in third world countries with disease’ and would you look at that 85% of people with aids/hiv are from third world countries.So obviously that doesnt make me rascist either i’m just telling it straight and how it is, its sad that its like that in third world countries but thats nothing to do with me. So how else have i appeared rascist? seems to me that i havent from what i have just proven.

    • 50% of your customers come from a 2.5% demographic of the Australian population?

      You should try some better marketing strategies.

      P.S – Some of my good friends are Aboriginal. They drive good cars and have good jobs – OMG

      • lol keep deleting my posts that expose the sad,harsh and brutal raping of 2 young white girls from adult Aboriginal males, ever heard of it being the othere was around, white on black? no, so if it happens more than once and these 2 particular men where involved both times then why should i have any reason to thinks it okay they done it and should be allowed to just walk around in this country and do that to our children??? Apart from that theres all the burglaries, harrassment, vandalism, drug and alcohol abuse etcc…all i see is that. I’d like to see you go out to a remote town and see whats its like out here. But you dont think I HAVE THE RIGHT be angry over something like this, what if you knew the people affeted by something like this, what if it was ur child hey? then would you care enough to think ‘hey, maybe we should do something to make this work’ not just let them do whatever they want and give it all to them for free. Some foreign conteries would just kill you straight up for doing something like that, with no legal justice system operating. But they can rape our and beat up out kids, abuse alcohol and drugs, steal whatever they want, trash whatever they want and as long as we dont say anything rascist then you think its all good? pathetic

        • melissa, she’s obviously taken it to far off the subject now. Mine and my families personal problems are of no concern on this site, especially not to be thrown out there for everyone to see. I thought we were having a discussion about racism?

        • i live all the way out in W.A and i’m guessing with the lack of knowledge of how Aboriginals behave these days i’m guessing ur in a big city like melbourne or sydney? i’m all the way out here so why dont you put ur name and place of employment up for people to see? you have no problem with me having my name up here then being a smart ass about me putting off Surveying at the moment to help my parents have time off whilst they are having a divorce. All because i wrote that little comment ‘i want a pet asain’ as a joke to my half-asian friend. Seems it gone a bit too far now…

    • how can i be an idiot? i’ve passed Surveying Grade algebra, trigonometry, geometry and physics and i’m a qualified surveyor. That would make me the opposite of an idiot. Not my fault i’m smarter than probably most of you people.

    • dude lose the joke as an excuse, it is standard practice to claim that. I am not friends with anyone on this site but even I can see the stupidity of claiming it was just a joke. Find another way to get your point across don’t confirm what they already think of you. Fuck people like you make it hard to convey a message about race when it does have merit.

  8. just admit it you’ve made urself and this melissa girl look like idiots and the more and more you keep doing it the stupider you look. i’m not losing any sleep over it, but at the end of the day i dont care what all you people in the world think, i was blessed with quite a big penis and thats all that matters to me =)

      • lol why not post those other comments? dont like posting comments other people write when they prove ur all a bunch of idiots who have no reason to have a website like this, if you wanna feel important then i dont know get a respectable job or something. All the people you got to make look stupid and now what some guy comes along and bursts ur balloon, so why would you delete my other comments? seems ur keen to expose people for ur purpose but when they turn out to be smarter than you lot then you cant have that….you’ve spammed all my comments? lol didnt i read a phrase at the top of the page that reads ‘taking public comment and making them public’

        • so ur saying ur a respectable person with a respectable job? then why would you be on a sight like this having a go at me over a little joke like ‘i want a pet asian’ the actual significance of that comment was because my friend who had joined that group is half filipino and i thought it was funny to see he joined the group so i wrote that on there to get a laugh off him, we laughed…it was funny, then it was all over…until you people had to try and make something out of it. Isnt it like a ‘black’ person is allowed to call another black person his ‘nigga’ but a white person cant, so what is wrong with me having a little joke with my friend to get a laugh after a long day working? nothing

  9. Now before you trying to make someone else look like an idiot, look what has just happened here and learn from it…I am an honest hardworking Australian male who has all the time in the world for anyone of any race or colour…but they have to prove to me that i’m not wasting my time. I give $35 a week to charity (i know its no much but atleast i do it and i’m not mentioning which charity) I’ll give anyone a chance and a second chance when it comes to ANYTHING, i’ve even had a filipino girlfriend a few years back. I open doors for people, i am polite to everyone when they deserve it, i dress and speak respectably, i have worked my whole life and finished year 12 and completed a traineeship in surveying (a career for which you have to be extremely switched on) i paid almost 10K for my best mate to have surgery because his family couldnt afford it. I’ve managed to save a nice sum of money from hard work and have paid of my house about a year ago almost. But someone ur trying to make me look like an idiot??? seems to me like i’m a pretty decent bloke, typical Australian if you ask me!!!!

  10. there you go again using these big words you somehow acquired into ur vocabulary, 90% of people wouldnt know what they mean, and it doesnt change the fact the score is and will always be Bobby- 1 Hippies- 0

  11. well guess thats the beauty of having several fakebooks then isnt it? i can write whatever i want to…tonight i can be a Qualified Surveyor…tomorrow i could pretend to be you…all i’d have to do is go to the kitchen and cook and clean…cause thats what women should do…not try and act like there opinion matters. Now that i know ur both women it all makes sense. It is quite fun getting on these sites and ripping shit up and watching people like you think they are important. Good times.

    • haha :0) i am in no way racist in anyway but the funny thing about this all is i’ve been reading all this conversation and this Bobby or Booby or whatever his problem is i know he’s slipped up and said something racist (as a joke or not) but you didnt have to do all of this and carry on like this? What are you really trying to prove with site? Cause you are not proving much except how much you women cant face that he has just proven better arguement and you wont accept that. Now ur trying to say its his fault? did he kill someone or beat someone up? or even mouth off to someone a different colour or race? unless this conversation started somewhere else by the looks of it YOU JUST GOT SERVED, what a joke and a waste of time honestly, by the sound of it, exposing these rapes and thefts he mentioned you would be doing everyone in Australia a favour, whats more important to you? kids joking about racsim in pure boredom or the hidden truth of behing the scenes of what lowlifes and decieving people 90% of Aboriginals are.

      [Bobby – If you try to use a fake name, it will be changed back, so don’t do it. – MMU]

    • like i said melissa, i’ve got a big penis and thats all that matters to me, all girls wish their partner had a decent size penis, so in a way you kinda want me….and thanks Howard i thought it was obvious that i won the arguement but 2 against 1 what can i really do they just write back the same stuff and cant admit that although someone might say a racist comment everynow any then doesnt mean he’s a bad person, and just because the comment is racist doesnt mean its not true!!!!!!

  12. im pretty sure it is illeagle to have peoples names and pictures on this site without there permission and half the posts werent even racist get the fuck over it. Putting half of these peoples names up isn’t even going to make a difference, it is only going to make them want to get there feelings across more. stop being sooks there’s racism everywhere.

    • Ah Yolanda Sceney thanks for stopping by. We assume you must have taken time off school to compose your little diatribe.

      We are actually getting tired of people’s “feelings”. We much prefer facts. You know, those pesky things that get in the way of a racist rant?

      Now go back to school and learn to spell before you launch yourself on the job market.

      • i don’t actually care how i spell on a soposedly anonymous website and yes i took a whole 2 minutes off school to write what i had to say because i don’t think that one of my good friends should be posted all over the internet for something that wasnt even that racist without telling them first did you ask thier permission?

    • Let’s go through this line by line, shall we?:

      “im pretty sure it is illeagle to have peoples names and pictures on this site without there permission”

      Yes, yolly actually believes it is illegal to mention a publically available name, or show a publically available picture without someone’s permission.

      Well yolly, if it was true, you have a grand crusade ahead of you. Why, every single day in a newspaper terrible people called photographers use people’s pictures without their permission. And you know what’s even worse-you can’t go to the police, because they do it too! Police are all the time revealing a person’s name or face, and asking to talking to them, without even having the decency to ask the person if that’s okay first.

      ” and half the posts werent even racist get the fuck over it.”

      So if posts aren’t racist (Posts including there’s too many asians, etc) but around the majority are-that makes it okay?

      ” Putting half of these peoples names up isn’t even going to make a difference, it is only going to make them want to get there feelings across more. ”

      Really? IT’s not going to make a difference, and the way you show it doesn’t make a difference is turning up here, a website you’ve never visited before, to say that there’s been no effect at all.

      “stop being sooks there’s racism everywhere.”

      So you agree the comments were racist then?

      And I love the defence of “There’s racism everywhere, so stop complaining about it in Australia”

      You do realise that absolutely EVERY terrible thing in Australia could be dismissedbove about racism existing everywhere, and replace the word racism with any of the following:

      Violent Assault

      All fits, doesn’t it? Now see if you suddenly decide to legalise all forms or brutally, or on the other hand, decide to call yollu an idiot. Decision is up to you.

      • to be honest i didn’t actually write my first comment but im just over do gooders who think that they are doing the right thing but pulling up all these racists but what about sexists and homophobia and more of these things i can probably make a bet that at least one of the people who is commenting against me is most likely either a homophobe or has said pretty sexist things to people male or female yes i dont like racism and i think that something needs to be done about it but its only racism at a certain level in my opinion anyway this is slightly random but its on the same point m a pretty short person and when people calll me stupid names and make jokes about it i dont relly care but if someone was to say i couldn’t play a sport with them because of my height i would take that to heart there are different levels of it and im sorry if this doesn’t make any sense at all

        • Stop with your shitty assumptions, your excuses for discrimination and try a few full stops every now and then you dropkick piece of shit.

  13. haha stop my assumptions? you’re assuming that i’m a dropkick piece of shit because i don’t use full stops or punctuation on the internet but you’re entitled to that opinion are you not ? even though that’s actually very hurtful and if i was from another country and you said that to my face i could say you were being racist for creating a stereotype and then everything that has been posted from you would backfire that is all i’m going to say because i have to get back to being a dropkick

      • didn’t say i was excusing it i was simply saying that most of what people classify racism as is either peoples opinions that they are entitled to or harmless crap and i CAN punctuate i just choose not to so there you are assuming more things and i’m not a dropkick just because you don’t agree with my opinion and i am going to say it again i am entitled to my opinion i’m not telling you to agree with me i’m just getting annoyed how you are resorting to pointing out my errors and calling me hurtful things

  14. just one more thing the fact that you actually named me is illegal because im 16 and you need my parents permission

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