The APP and the ADL: Working Together to Fail at a Whole New Level

Whoa, whoa whoa. You mean THIS rally, Shermon?

Yeah, this is the ADL/APP rally that Shermon Burgess is talking about. Organised by self-proclaimed ADL (Australian Defence League) leader, Martin Brennan from behind the bars of a far-flung immigration detention centre, the rally has been described as a ‘complete success’ by members and supporters of the APP (Australian Protectionist Party) and the ADL. In fact, if you ask the APP or ADL supporters how many people turned up on the day, they’ll tell you anywhere between 70 – 200.

How do we know not to believe them?

1. Four of our TAB admin were present on the day, and witnessed no more than 35, by our count.

2. The photo below of the entire rally collective shows no more than 32.

3. The APP and the ADL have a proud history of organising fail rallies (see bottom of page) that attract barely enough people to field a social touch football game.

Martin Brennan, self proclaimed leader of the ADL proudly teamed up with infamous sex-store worker Darrin Hodges to pull together this many bogans. Two of the largest right-wing collectives in Australia couldn’t pull together more than 35 people. And this is after Martin talked about his enthusiasm at leading Australia ‘out of the lion’s den’ and Darrin advertised the rally all over his ‘party’s website, and his various Facebook groups which include ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’.

And here is one of the guys that spoke on behalf of the ADL on the day, Richard Lalich. Yep, he’s been previously charged for assaulting women and police officers.

So, how successful was this rally? Well we know that Martin Brennan has failed in his bid to have his illegal immigration incarceration overturned, and has since pulled down his self-created FREE MARTIN BRENNAN Facebook page.

Brennan has now been replaced as leader of the ADL as well, to be replaced by another resident fuckbag in the form of Max Chambers (formerly Max ADL). See below…

So just who is Max Chambers of the ADL? Here is a publicly visible photo from his Facebook profile:

And here is he is with his perfectly harmless style of leadership:

(Written on Australia Day…)

So the ADL and the APP are still being led by the type of people who have been locked up and worship Nazis. They install leaders that aren’t even from Australia that are ironically locked up for breaching immigration laws, and they frequently resort to tactics that centre around intimidating and threatening.

In case you missed it, here are some photos and links to previous FAILS on behalf of the APP, the ADL and other various groups:


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Read more about the APP, the ADL and their various failures at SlackBastard.

19 thoughts on “The APP and the ADL: Working Together to Fail at a Whole New Level

  1. Of course, the other reason that we have to suspect their reported attendance numbers is that they’ve overstated the number at every single rally they’ve ever held. The biggest was the APP rally which magically turned 14 people into 50.

    Then again, considering the APP is filled with sockpuppet accounts, if you count every person who turned up to the rally, plus their online sockpuppets-you’d probably get the number they said were there.

    • @XK: Breivik provided a link to the APP site; his main point of interest was the E E EDL (the ADL’s parent organisation), w which he had much closer links — he boasted of having over 600 members as friends on his FB account — and some of whose protests and meetings he allegedly attended. (The article in The Tele also notes his words of praise for John HoWARd and other Australian neo-cons.) As for the EDL, Breivik cites a Norwegian police report (February 2011) which nominates the Norwegian Defence League as being a source of potential unrest. He blames the Norwegian Labor Party for the report; the Party whose youthful members he massacred.

    • Oh you mean the lovely Tracey Hambly? She and her husband David are Christian Taliban stalwarts – matey with Fred Nile and the Christian Demagogues . He’s an old geezer with a long white beard looks a bit like a hippie.

  2. Desperate, Desperate.

    Your count of “35” protestors is incorrect. There were at least 70 activists at the rally unlike your feral friends around the corner in Elizabeth St – they numbered less than 15. The tables are turning.

    • G’day Nick,

      Given that organisers announced that they expected anything up to 5,000 people to be in attendance — a ridiculous number; the more sober pundits claimed 500 was a more likely figure — whether it was 35 or 75 hardly makes a huge difference I think. It should, however, remind anti-Muslim bigots that big numbers on Facebook do not necessarily mean big numbers on the streets: this ain’t England. But you knew that already, yeah?

    • Nah sorry Nick, coming here trying to name our authors is not on.

      As for your comment, well, what a load of shit. I was at the rally, with some friends. We didn’t stand with your lot, or with the ‘unwashed left’. Your accounts suggest 70, yet not one photo – NOT ONE – verifies more than 32. And I saw about 10 people holding cameras of various sizes.

      As for your suggestion of ‘tables turning’, let’s look closely at such an analysis:

      * The APP couldn’t manage more than 800 votes nationally in an election year where people can’t even find it in their hearts to elect one of the two major political parties. The biggest opportunity for your miserable party to make some inroads into parliament, and you FAILED big time. A hung parliament and the APP still can’t even make it into the lunatic fringe;
      * Sydney has the highest concentration of Muslims in Australia, yet you can’t even fill a bus with people who feel as threatened by them as you;
      * Your major motivation for your most recent failure of a rally is the idea that Australia is somehow threatened by the full implementation of Sharia Law – yet the major protagonist for the cause is Ibrahim Siddiq Conlon – a man with a ‘political party’ with LESS members than the APP (only himself) who is distanced well away from all Islamic groups in Australia.
      * Your rally was a COMBINED effort (ADL and APP). You failed to take into account the fact that there are people within the ADL who HATE the APP with a passion and vice versa;
      * Your ‘political party’ is headed by a dweeb who used to work for an online sex shop, while the ADL is now headed by a man who supports Nazism and encourages people to take to the streets and kill non-whites. Not to mention the fact that the former leader wasn’t even born here and has broken our immigration laws.

      You fucked up, face it. And you continue to shy away from admitting that ALL rallies that you’ve been involved in up to now have been COMPLETE failures. At a time when every media chump wants to get cheap ratings from that Conlon fuckbag, and Sharia Law is actually a talking point in Australian politics – you STILL can’t muster any level of support.

    • You And Hodges have lied previously about your number at rallies. So you can understand why we’re a bit suspect of your number.

      So, if you have an untrustworthy source, Nicky, which do you do? Accept a response of “I really really told the truth this time!” or ask for proof.

      I could accept something other than images. I could accept new reports-if any exist.

      But if there were 70 people, we gotta ask, how come more than half that number couldn’t be photographed?

      which leads to the next obvious question-is the ADL and APP made up of ghosts? No wonder the groups are so anti-Medicare!

      • well the swatika (sic) is being waved about by muslims in the photo, so you are misrepresenting fat max as being a nazi when he is drawing peoples attention to the musleems glorification of the nazis.

        • max the moron is undoubtedly a moron however misrepresenting him as a nazi when its obvious to anyone who actually bothers to look at the photo that it is a bunch of muslims waving that swatika flag – this isnt giving your cause credibilty – and dont tell me l cant use my brain to analyse something and l should just rely on your interpretation – when in fact you are lying

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