37 thoughts on “A Message From Martin Brennan, Australian Defence League (ADL)

      • You mean “refugees”. “Refugees” as defined by the UN can never be illegal, as they have special political status. “Immigrant” refers to all non-refugees who repatriate. They may turn out to be refugees, but if they don’t, their chances of being granted legal immigration are slim.

  1. What does refusing to eat Halal meat even prove anyway? This guy is seriously twisted if he thinks that Australian humanely-slaughtered Halal meat is tainted. I hope he gets what he deserves.

  2. On the APP facebook page, people are calling this a denial of his human rights. But they don’t complain about the lack of human rights for asylum seekers. Apparently white people have extra human rights that I wasn’t the place to be.

    There is no conspiracy here. If you do not have permanent residency, and break your visa conditions, you are able to be detained. I know a lot of asylum seekers who I have warned about this, making sure the department always knows their most current contact address. Most of them realise that, unlike Martin, you can’t just blame a conspiracy for your own mistakes.

    Detention centres are terrible places to be. One can only hope that Mr Brennan’s experience will help him realise that we need to free asylum seekers from their detention.

  3. Absolute gold!!

    I have been having a shit few weeks, this has cheered me up considerably.

    I wonder what ‘his friends in high places’ are going to do when they fly his hate filled arse home??


  4. Sorry if I’m just parroting the people here but HAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, that’s funny. Karma’s a bitch, bitch.

  5. there’s an old saying never point fingers at others because how many fingers are pointing back at yourself.HAHA.LOL.payback bitch,arf arf arf.AUSTRALIA I SALUTE YOU

  6. Would it be wrong of my to say something along the lines of ‘Fuck off home Brennan, you dirty chav scum’? Or would that be discriminatory against white Britons of a low socio-economic status?

  7. While I find the irony of this series of events spectacular. For instance not even checking their own visa while attacking other. But the fact that he is in there with people he hates, smacks of karma. Here is the phone number for the detention cednter. Has anybody confirmed or denied Martin Brennan is in the detention center, they wouldn’t tell me. 03 9318 1999.
    No public announcements in the past week, that a Brit has been picked up and the fact that Martin Brennan is saying so much about it would the press be aware of it by now. Just some things don’t add up. Why wait a week to tell all about his detention? But hey i could be wrong.


    I’d say the Kebab and Meat pie’s are a corner stone of Australian snacks. Both of which are Halal, both of which are the best food ever.

  9. This is so stupid What makes this (undoubtedly) pommie idiot think Australians need him or his racist claptrap? The problem with low-life knuckle draggers like this is that they really do feel that people want them to be here. HE is the foreigner I want out of MY country, he is the outsider, the one who should go with all haste back where he came from. Give me an honest Indian or any Muslim any day over these English right-wing knobs and their sense of entitlement to rule every other person’s country. Stop immigration from England TODAY..

  10. Sorry but this is just too good. This retard gets treated the way he wants others to be treated and he whines like he is some kind of victim! What a loser! I love the fact that he is being refused a visa ans sent home to his own country, a fate he has conspired to inflict upon many innocents. Free Australia from unAustralian scum like this! Tell me I don’t have the right to say that to you boy, I was born here. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Just beautiful poetic justice.

  11. “The man who doesn’t know what surrender means”, that doesn’t surprise me, the guy is as thick as pigshit.

  12. I haven’t been able to find anything to prove he is in detention, but I really hope it’s true. Talk about poetic justice!

    • JJJ Hack ran a story about it the other day. They had an interview with him ranting about how it’s a conspiracy. So I guess it’s true! The irony is so sweet!

  13. Thanks for the support guys, reading that was the best laugh i have had in years….peace and love to you all xxx

    oh i nearly forgot NO SURRENDER!!!

  14. Oh, look: can’t you keep him, please? We’ve got loads of these knuckle-draggers here already. The place is getting crowded with ’em. Go on, just hang on to him for us, pretty please?

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  16. i think you are all crazy, we should all get along and dont get sucked in to all this crap, just be happy for where we are, we are very lucky really arent we? so lets enjoy what we have and be happy together, i love Australia . Australia forever anyone who dosnt like it bring them up here the crocodiles are hungry they dont care who you are they will eat anyone he he he have a lovely day Cobba

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