6 thoughts on “Don’t Bloody Call Us At Dinner When We’re Smashed

  1. I detest call centres no matter what their country of origin.

    1. If you want to avoid being bothered by call centres from within Australia, get yourself on the ACMA Do Not Call Register.

    Unfortunately, Do Not Call does not protect you against overseas call centres or if you are running a small business and your home phone is the business phone. Nor does it protect you against charities, polls, businesses with whom you have a previous relationship (your phone company and the like) and market research.So you will need to use (2)

    2. If you do not want to be called from Australia-based or from overseas the best remedies are

    a) Let incoming calls go to an answering machine or voicemail. That way if they are really keen they have to leave a number. In most cases they won’t.
    b) When they start their spiel say “Not interested” firmly and hang up.

    Call centres are a universal pain in the arse. If people avoid dealing with them, they will eventually disappear.

    Above all, avoid venting your spleen with racist rubbish on Facebook because TAB will bogotise you.

  2. I’m confused- is everyone else secretly getting smashed at dinner? Me and my family sit down and discuss the day’s events. This guy makes me feel like a complete wet blanket in comparison.

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