“buy the mosque nock (sic) it down and build a pub”

1,000,000 Muslims? In Australia? Sure you got the right country Sandy? 1,000,000 Muslim adults in Australia… Yeah right!

1.5% of our population = approximately 330,000.


10 thoughts on ““buy the mosque nock (sic) it down and build a pub”

  1. Stats are for weenies. Who needs those when you’ve got fear-mongers who are not afraid to use the caps lock key? Or an apostrophe or two?

  2. I was going to go with Pastafarian, but I think I’ll tick the Muslim box just to piss these clowns off.

  3. We WISH we could build a mosque for you to threaten. It’s MUCH harder to achieve than you think. Muslims don’t get a free ride from anybody when it comes to building places of worship.

  4. I am a complete left winger. I believe in gay rights, in women’s equality, in a social security net, in measured welfare, in universal health care and freedom of speech, freedom of choice and yes even freedom of religion – however having lived and travelled in Europe and seen what a seismic shift in those countries has occured on all of the above beliefs of a left winger, I can assure you one thing I am absolute against is ISLAM. Muslims who believe in the religious dimension, fine, but it is also a POLITICAL idealogy like communism, and a SOCIAL idealogy which dictates the primitive backward teaching of how men and women should behave accourding to MO in the 700s AD.
    It is not racist to be in anti-Islam, or Islamophobic – becuase there are blonde blue eyed Muslims too – it is not a RACE.
    Since you like stats, it is estimated there are 1.5billion Muslims in the world.
    If only 5% are radicalised, that is 75 million people across this planet (it is likely much higher than that, as there are 5% gay people in any population, and they do not have centres preaching conversion, hatred and gayness like Mosques do). If 5% of those radicalised are willing to put JIHAD into action, that is a terrorist army of three and three quarter million people. Who are backed by Saudi Arabia’s billions and Iran’s President’s life mission to wipe Israel off the map and teach INFIDELS submission to Islam. (Islam=submission to Allah)
    We are on a 1300 year war, Islam against Christianity and any other religion, which as we are now mainly post Christian, ie no more churches…then it is Islam against the West, against Freedom, against anything non-Islamic.
    This is evidenced in every country with majoirty of the population is Muslim. It is evidenced in every country in Europe who have Muslim populations of 5% or more.
    In Australia, we love to go on about multi culturalism ( a uniquely Western concept, no such bull in Saudia, Iran, etc there you are hung). We do not have the problems France, Holland , Belgium and even Sweden do becuase the numbers are still small….but you just wait, as the number of Muslims has quadrapled in Aus over the last 15 years…the issues will become bigger and bigger. And unlike my wog family, which landed here and accepted the values of the anglos and assimilated and love this country, Muslims will demand small legal ammendments, which already have happened, followed by consitutional ammendments to make this country more like their caliphate .
    Our children, or perhaps if we are lucky, our grandchildren, will ask us, why didn’t we stand up for democracy, freedom and our hard worn SECULAR society.

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