5 thoughts on “A Likely Story…

  1. Do we have “attorneys” here? Not likely. You would not refer to a lawyer in Australia as an “attorney” unless your knowledge of the law extended only as far as US TV shows.

    Some solicitors refer to themselves as “solicitors and attorneys” in their advertising – that is correct usage to indicate that they act on behalf of others in certain instances. But I have never seen or heard of one referring to himself/herself as one in a court. Judicial eyebrows would be raised.

  2. You’ve got your attorney ready? Oooh, scary! This isn’t America, dickhead. Unless, of course, you’ve retained a Patent Attorney. But I’m not sure if you’ve got any IP rights. If anyone has the right to sue for copyright infringement, surely it would be Facebook.

    Go eat a bag of dicks, fool.

    • M.
      So let me get this straight… racism is, of course, bad, but heterosexism, such as that inherent in your childish insult, is all good and dandy, right? I thank you for proving once again the sheer hypocrisy of some people.

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