What Is a ‘Go Home’? And Where Can I Get One?

Oh damn this is so confusing.

Either Joshiie is talking about a guy called Arab who has a ‘go home’ – whatever that is… Or he is talking about how Arab IS a ‘go home’.

Apostrophes are so damn challenging when there’s more than use for them.

Thank goodness there are people like Justin Honeywill though. There’s nothing like spreading the message of interracial love. Yes Justin, having sex with non-white people is just as satisfying. Good on you for being so open about it.

15 thoughts on “What Is a ‘Go Home’? And Where Can I Get One?

  1. The question must be asked: Why does this service concentrate solely on the racist gibberings of white racists? There are endless reems of low-brow knuckle dragging racist filth published against whites by all manner of racist morons every day online. Where is the equitable challenge to racism itself?

    • i really think a guy calling himself Horst Wessel should be debating who is the most racist. im with the blues brothers i fucking hate Nazis

    • Hey Horst,

      By all means, if you find some racist comments on facebook by a ‘non white’, send them in. Personally, I have seen here racist comments by people that are definitely at least ‘brown’.

      Sincerely, a ‘white’ person.

      • Horst has a point that non-whites can be just as racist as whites.

        It’s just that most racist non-whites (a) don’t put this stuff out on the internet for all to see, and (b) even if they did, they would undoubtedly have better English skills than these peanuts.

        @Joel: That was uncalled for. That’s like saying ‘with a name like Bebbington you must be chav scum, shut the f**k up and go steal an Astra, wear knockoff Burberry shit or mug some old ladies on a Council estate’

        • Not quite pro-bogan i see your point but bebbington happens to be the name i was boarn with and Horst Wessel is a suddonem chosen because Horst Wessel was a nazi “war hero”

  2. Because the vast majotiry of racists in Australia are white?
    Or maybe non-white racists aren’t stupid enough to post things like that on a public page?
    I’m sure if you send some to the admins they’d be happy to publish them.

  3. Cut them some slack, they’re obviously crack babies from a dysfunctional, middle-class divorced parents background. They are simply exhibiting the usual total lack of education, and basic grasp of sentence structure of any neglected child of a guilty father, who bribes them with xboxs and designer jeans. Homework doesn’t exist for these kids, that’s what the struggling uni student tutor is paid for. They spend all day developing new neuroses simply to agitate their over-paid psychiatrist, who panics and runs straight to the medicine cabinet, and the prescription pad simultaneously. Their mother swings between volatile emotional outbursts, and over-compensates by enrolling them in yet another acting class to help them ‘express themselves’. This is ironic, because their complete and utter inability to do so is displayed above. The Facebook posts are discovered, and frantically forwarded to the psychiatrist, who panics, again, and prescribes yet another, stronger medication for his or herself, then downs half a bottle. The psychiatrist then leaves the office, and heads straight for the wine rack. As does the mother. The father numbs his particular neuroses by smoking copious amounts of weed, partially through a misguided attempt to relate to his socially retarded son, who definitely has sociopathic inclinations, and also to re-live his misguided youth. After all, he inpregnated the bitch, didn’t he? Why did he have to keep paying for it? He quits work, and takes up surfing, driving a convertible, and nailing peroxide bimbos who seem to be permanently attired in fluorescent bikinis. The mother has taken up laxatives, and online dating, and drinking white wine at 8am. This will convert to gin in about a decade, though little else will change. That is, unless her liver gives out. The insolent brat will continue hating everybody, especially himself, and will publicly announce a party on Facebook, to which 500 or so people with arrive with booze, and drugs, and mayhem on their minds. The community will wonder about the family that let their kid run wild and trash the neighbourhood. He’ll start wearing ridiculously large, designer glasses, paid for by his guilty father, who is now in the business of driving pounds of weed up the coast every weekend, his cover is to go surfing them gnarly waves, dude. Whatever.

    • Just trying to understand your comment Jasmine. Are you generalising or describing the back story of someone you know?

      • It’s rhetorical, and is supposed to be satirical, but possibly isn’t. It’s the middle class cliche, that evidently people take way too seriously. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. hehe

  4. I’m with Justin on this one. Italian chicks go off in the sack. Big time.

    Not sure what a fob is, but I’m sure they’re just as delightful in the boudior as the Mediterranean ladies.

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