Ban the burqa, because it can be used to rob banks?

Ok – but first…

Let’s ban:

* Clown costumes

* Fake breasts

* Duct tape

* Make up

* Nun habits/robes

* Movie special effects make up

* Women’s clothes

* Wheat bags

* Flour sacks

* Hats

* Cow costumes

* Facepaint

* Obama masks

* Hoodies

* Darth Vader costumes

* Camo pants

* Leprechaun costumes

* Ninja costumes

* Thongs

* Permanent texta

5 thoughts on “Let’s Just Ban EVERYTHING

  1. The consistent factor in this are Banks! So we should just ban banks and everyone can wear what they want. After all, the banks are just legalised theifs anyway!

  2. I have noted that “the burqa” as a threat to national security etc. SHOULD be a complete non-issue. While it is hard to get any solid stats, it’s estimated that “burqa” wearers in Australia number (possibly) in the hundreds. As such, this would (optimistically) equate to about .004% of the population. I would propose that identical twins (estimated to be around .16% of the world population) pose a much greater risk, and should be banned. That’s rational, right? 🙂 I find it utterly ridiculous that in NSW, the police have been granted the right to ask Muslim women to uncover their faces without any sort of justification. After all, my understanding is that the police are permitted to ask ANYONE to produce identification at any time – do we really think that there aren’t some bigots in the service who would just perversely wish to inconvenience innocent practitioners of a harmless religion because they can? It’s a dangerous precedent.

  3. so i was on the ban the burqa facebook page and shared a link showing that the Norwegian bombings were not caused by Islamic Terrorists and their facts were incorrect. 4 polite comments later, with myself pointing out that perhaps they shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon before they know the truth. i was kicked off and blocked! hahahaha. what a joke they are!

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