44 thoughts on “New Face of Hate

  1. Very sad to hear this guys. All the best with everything. You’ve definitely given me the edge to stand up for what I believe in and not back down. For that I am grateful.
    Thank you.

  2. i think this is pretty sad but sadly i can’t say i’m shocked. The character of these people is so clear!
    Take care guys….its been great : )

  3. Well done TAB, you have made your point very well, look at what the shitheads have had to resort to!

    You have my email, feel free to email any names of people who have caused you grief by intimidation. I can maybe have a ‘chat’ to one or two of the bastards.


  4. I am very sorry to hear you have been attacked in such a vile way. I applaud you with this web page and will continue to follow you.

  5. Sadly it’s impossible to shame people who have no shame. I was only here for a short while, but thought you did a magnificent job. I’ll be following you at the new page (‘following’ in the nicest possible way of course).

  6. Don’t let the bastards grind you down. I look forward to the imminent arrests of the stalkers concerned.

    I can say this – they are total failures as human beings, as all of their kind are.

    Social media, primarily Facebook, deserve condemnation for allowing these germs to proliferate in the public space.

  7. Doesn’t surprise me, if you can’t bring a valid argument or take responsibility for your actions, resort to violence.

    Its exactly what terrorists do. I’m sure whoever defends this will say this is exactly what our Anzac’s always wanted, discriminate behavior and violence against fellow Australians. (sarcasm)

    Speaking up to that which is wrong , is not wrong. Resorting to violence is.

  8. So the bad guys won, then. Bugger.

    All the best with the new site; here’s hoping TAB gets their life back.

  9. So sad – over the past month or so this had become my new favourite blog; it was good to see someone actually doing something about these hate-filled morons. I’ll check out the new site, but it makes me so angry when I see the good guys lose. 😡

  10. I am gutted that the anti-bogan is closing. Dont give up, racist bogans can only win if we stop standing up for what is right. Remember that education is the key, even our ignorant, racist brothers and sisters can be redeemed. Dont. Ever. Give. Up! And dont EVER stand down. Peace.

  11. Am devastated by this blog closing. Yet I completely understand, and I hope that those responsible for stalking TAB will be brought to justice.

    All the best with your new site, which I will be sure to check out!

  12. This may sound odd, but I was in near tears reading this. I feel like the bad guys have won. I have recently been stalked/harassed by some of the racists. I’m lucky that it has happened to others, and I removed my work details, hometown etc before it got worse. Even removed my photo. Unfortunately, they googled my name and found photos of me. Sad sad people.

    • Not odd, Soibhan. I did something similar to a public blog I had that was not active but was visited regularly for advice by a few people. Thank God i was not targeted but I took that action because I felt something like this might happen – just not this soon.

      Anyway, while I didn’t agree with everything you said, TAB and the other admins, I take my hat off to you for standing up for giving a damn and being prepared to do something about it. I believe that I and my family will be some of the direct beneficiaries of the fruits of your labour.

      I arrived late in the piece but this blog has had a profound affect on me. Seeing how bad the situation is in Australia was depressing. Seeing how many people are willing to stand up for what they believe is right, even if it’s unpopular, has restored my faith in the ability of Australians to eventually turn the wheel and head down a different road to the self destructive one we seem to be heading down at the moment.

      Just don’t let go of the wheel 🙂

      Also, I’d like to say to the many positive contributors, one day it would be nice to meet you all but I know it will never happen due to the identity / safety issues. Please accept my virtual handshake. 😉

      See you on the flipside.
      PS @Vicki – I never pictured you as the stalking type…. 🙂

  13. And you may be interested in the fact that the group mentioned in the mX article is run by the same lot who run other hate groups on Facebook.

  14. I am shocked and saddened by what TAB members/ex-members/family have had to go through. Keep up the good fight though and perhaps in a generation’s time we may see the tides turn. Good luck with the new site and I will visit frequently.

  15. Sucks to see this site go, it is understandable in situations like this though, you do need to put your and your families safety first.

    It just really goes to show how low these scumbags will go over being caught out in the wrong, they are just proving how pathetic they really are.

    Well I guess i gotta make the most of this while it is still going, and i’ll be at your new site for sure!!

  16. I really do not want this blog to close down but then I cannot be selfish and ask the members to risk their lives. It is not worth it!

    But then I am sure something good will come out of this. And perhaps, somebody else will pick up the responsibility. This person needs the resources to protect himself/herself though.

  17. Will miss you guys enormously, but will join the new blog. All the times we have reported hideous Facebook groups for no result, and no where to turn . But you guys magically stepped in and did us all proud. Well done TAB.

    Keep fighting the good fight for decent Australians.

  18. hey guy sad to hear they found a way to get 2 you in the end. good luck in all future endeavors and thank you for the confidence to confront racism in the workplace and in my social circles instead of just going with the flow

  19. The anti-bogan was a voice of reason amongst noise. It stood up to the most vile aspect of our society, and won. Time and time again it demonstrated that racist and discriminatory views can have no basis in science, in morality, or in logic.
    For this I thank you. I thank you for the unimaginable amount of time you have invested in this blog, and the hours and hours of entertainment that this has provided me with. More importantly, I thank you for the education you provided to those who required it most.
    All the best.

  20. To TAB staff and your supporters, THANK YOU! You make me proud to be an Aussie.

    To the cowardly terrorists who made the threats, WE are here and we’re not leaving. In fact, there are more of us coming, by plane, by boats, by birth and by coming out of the closet. Your nightmare of an all-white, all-straight, shit-faced and uneducated Australia will never be. Go suck on that(instead of your siblings’ genitals.)

    Will follow you TAB(not in a stalker way!) The very best to you and your loved ones. Be safe 🙂

  21. I will miss you guys – but when people start threatening violence, it’s just not worth the risk especially as the bogans that you shame have zero impulse control. It doesn’t change the fact that it really sucks though.

  22. I have always tried to be a “glass half full” kinda guy.
    The only light I can see in this is that maybe the people involved feel some sense of shame for their hatred of others… I hope so anyway.
    However someone needs to explain to them that threatening you guys will not help, and can only lead to further grief for them, more than likely legal grief.
    You will be sorely missed, and your efforts have been greatly appreciated by many.
    I wish you all the best with your new project, I’m sure it will be successful.
    If you need donations for private security for yourselves, just ask… seriously…
    Chin Up

  23. Sorry to hear the site wil be closing TAB – the reasons for doing so are perfectly understandable. It was a good fight for a just cause. Your efforts were not in vain – you educated us and you riled up the bogans.

    I will not conclude the fight is lost but for now we have to concede to the bogans’ proclivity to resort to violence as their primary means of resolution.

    All the best.

  24. It’s ironic that the morons that attack muslims for, “all being terrorists”, act the same way! sorry to see you go but can’t say i’m surprised, the kind of people you exposed on this blog live in a world of hatred and violence so that is the only reaction they are capable of when confronted with any type of opposition.

  25. Here’s a thought. There is no Anti Bogan entry in Wikipedia. Maybe we should create one to capture and record the legacy of what you started.

  26. A few years ago I lived in my own little naive world and truly believed that racism in Australia was rare, then an associate on Facebook liked a group called ‘In Australia we eat meat, drink beer and speak F* English’ (or something of that nature). I was perplexed as I don’t drink beer (I much prefer wine 🙂 ), I rarely eat meat and I speak English – not F* English, but I am very much Australian. I clicked on the link and my naive little world crumbled around me, I could not believe the vile, blatantly racist, hate filled words on my computer screen, how on earth could a human talk about another human in such ways? So began my resolve to always get to know people who were different and to try to understand their cultures so that I would never end up sad, misguided and angry like the people on these hate pages. I have also tried my hardest to educate those around me so that they can base their opinions of facts rather than fear.

    I’m deeply saddened that exposing these people for their illegal actions has been at the cost of the safety to TAB and their families. Such is the culture among these sort of people, where violence and intimidation is the only thing that they are good at. Thank you TAB for being the voice of reason in what seems to be a dark undercurrent in Australian society that continues to grow thanks to such social media outlets as Facebook and their unaccountability with hate pages.

  27. Kim i wouldn’t worry to much, 90% of the noise is made by 10% of the people, most don’t care. You will find many supportive open minded aussies on facebook if you look for them. You cant get the good with out the bad fight for what you believe in. O btw im an aussie infantry soilder and i support you lot 100%.

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