The Bikini – Australia’s National Dress (Apparently)

Why does the debate always turn this corner? It doesn’t matter what things are like in other countries around the world, we have things a certain way in Australia. We have the freedom to wear the clothes we want to wear.

When people make comments like this, they are arguing for a dress code conformity – the very thing they’re so morally opposed to for other countries.

Come to Australia, but don’t even think about wearing anything other than a bikini or you will be shot.

14 thoughts on “The Bikini – Australia’s National Dress (Apparently)

  1. I don’t want to go to another country and walk around in a bikini! (I’m a male btw)

    Visiting the Alps? Wear a bikini!! Iceland? Bikini….
    You don’t see Germans walking around in Lederhosen!

    And since when was our national dress the bikini? It was invented in France!!!

  2. Someone recently made a good point on a Muslim forum ( about the silliness and senselessness of the whole “they can do this here but we can’t do that there” argument:

    “I don’t understand why arguments against things like this billboard or a masjid being built are always like “well we can’t build a church in Saudi Arabia!” or “Will you ever find our billboard in Iran? Never!”…

    Countries like Saudi and Iran are very often said to be oppressive regimes, intolerant, and just overall people who have it in for freedom. This is what they love to say… so then now they’re complaining that their country isn’t the same? All they do is brag about their imaginary freedom of speech, but as soon as this “freedom” is tested, no, no more. We want to be like the people we hate.”

    To add to that, Iran and Saudi primarily base their laws on religious doctrine while the laws in Australia aren’t based on any religious teachings or books. It sounds so silly when people say “I can’t wear something that’s against their religion in their country, but they can wear something that’s um..err…not against my religion or Australia’s religion but against our….err..umm…culture! Yeah, our culture of wearing bikinis!”

    This reminds me of the two girls who, in order to protest the burqa ban in France, walked around in bikinis and niqabs on their faces….

  3. I don’t think we have anything to worry about with these people as I am sure they are close minded enough that they will never actually visit the countries whose people they profess to hate so much wearing a bikini in order to test their ‘theories’.

    All is well.

  4. “This reminds me of the two girls who, in order to protest the burqa ban in France, walked around in bikinis and niqabs on their faces….”

    In other words creating what covering up is supposed to prevent – blokes who cannot behave in a mature manner.

    So women cannot win it seems. Dress modestly and they are vilified and attacked on the streets, or by ridiculous laws like the one in France. Wear skimpy attire and they are vilified as sluts while at the same time regarded as instantly available and accessible to the gazes and gropes of pea-brained yobbos.

    The problem, it seems, is we men.

    • Wow Josh, a man Who Gets It…I’m impressed. In all debates about muslim apparel it’s only the women’s clothing that’s argued about – mostly by men. Nobody is suggesting the male muslim garb or facial hair be made illegal. These women are assaulted from within and without their homes; imagine if their clothing was banned…do you think they would be allowed out of the home by their husbands? Can’t win, can they?
      Oh, and as for the bikini…as an Australian woman I certainly don’t see it as our “national costume”. How stupid.

  5. Ange…I would think that far more white Anglo Saxon “Christian” bogans are beating the shit out of their wives in their own homes than Muslim men.
    I can see that you are trying to make a good point but it is still full of baseless, generalisations.

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  7. As a man would like to see women walking in modest non revealing dresses,other than for entertainment purposes.As a man i am against covering up women in burqa,as cowardly muslim men do.Christian “sharia” is well elaborated in new testament.Women must wear modest clothing,cover their head while doing public ministry/prayer,not teach or have authority over adult men.I fully subscribe to this christian “sharia”,even if christians decieved by feminist lie may say otherwise.

    Islam is an exaggration of this original christian “sharia” of new testament-bible.Muslim men in general are highly opressive to their women lot,particularly because Quran encourages violent subjugation of women.Bible encourages Men to love their wives as Jesus Christ loved the church,by giving up his life on the cross.Bible encourages selfless love.Women are in turn asked to respect & obey their husbands.Quran encourages violent terrorist attacks and military conquest inorder to expand the islamic religion.Jesus said “HE WHO TAKES UP THE SWORD WILL BE DESTROYED BY SWORD”.Islam will be extinct soon by the “sword” it used to expand itself,which is terrorism and unjust military attacks.

    Catholic Jesuit secret organization in mid 19th century invented feminist lie and spread it among christian-protestant nations through freemasonry,which is their sub organization.They did this to destroy basic society values and destroy the morality and thus these christian protestant nations will revert back to their catholic idolatry of intercession/veneration of saints/mary.But they will fail as future will prove.

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