22 thoughts on “An Aussie Hero (to some, not all)

  1. What an embarrassment. Who encourages this kind of behavior?
    He is actually frightening. KIDS DONT DO DRUGS! or you’ll end up like this brain dead fuck knuckle.

  2. “Then again there’s a sort of Darwin effect going on here is there not?”

    I’m sitting here in an Apple store watching the clip with the sound muted. I’m trying to imagine what he could possibly be saying that explains his behaviour. Got me beat.

  3. Ahhh…he might be batshit insane and perhaps not the most cultured person I’ve come across, but why is he featured on this site? I didn’t hear anything racist or bigoted in this video.

    Hang on, I get it. He’s a bogan! So he deserves to be listed amongst the neo-Nazis, Southern Cross wankers and anti-burqua brigade.

    Come on Anti-Bogan, this is deeply hypocratical for a site that claims to fight against discrimination.

      • TAB, that’s a shit house reply and further proof that this website is more about attacking those that you consider below you class-wise than actually fighting racism and discrimination. In other words, you’re just adding to discrimination.

        Representing Australia? Really.

        • The heading of this website says ‘Anti-Discrimination. Taking public comments and making them public…’

          And here’s a definition of hypocrite that I found online:

          a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

        • Not sure why you’ve got your panties all twisted about this one. It’s a fuckwit smashing his face on a car windscreen. And that suddenly makes us classist? Fuck off.

  4. unless that is some poor unfortunate person’s car then i tend to agree with Keith. if this is a website aginst stupidity and moronic behaviour then you are going to be posting non stop! i didn’t see or hear any type discrination!

    in fact this video could be used in educating children on the dangers of drugs and alcohol …….. and having sex with your siblings!

  5. Hey Tab,
    Maybe you should choose a larger ticket for your next post, like Alan Jones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgm2zLO5N5M

    If you’ve seen “Hotel Rwanda”, you’ll know the pivotal role the racist radio announcers played in creating the atmosphere from which grew one of the worst massacres in recorded history – a massacre where countrymen turned on each other because of different ethnic backgrounds.

    The Hutu radio announcers called the Tutsi’s “cockroaches”. It’s not so hard to kill someone if you think of them as a cockroach…

    The guy in this video disgusts me but, let’s face it, he’s a small fish. Personally, I’d like to see the ones who perpetuate the discrimination on a larger scale, such as Radio announcers, TV personalities and politicians exposed. For this we need to catch them out in ways that will hurt them where they care – their power and their money. I don’t know this can be done but finding video, audio and print that exposes their agenda might be a good start.

    • Here you go. Mercedes might want to know that their ad was followed by this racist diatribe:

      They may already know but not care BUT if it becomes public that they know and don’t care, I guarantee you they will lose some customers unless they distant themselves from this particular shock jock.

  6. Nice! You’re all class yourself dude. Just trying to point out some hypocrisy and disrimination on the web, as your site claims to do. Don’t worry, I won’t waste my time coming back here or to your new site. I still believe we need someone to expose racists on the web, unfortunately you lack the integrity to do it properly.

  7. The scary part is that I recognise the area where this video was taken, as I grew up not far from there. (Adelaide’s Northern Crime Belt, I recognise the drab 1960s public housing and limited gene pool anywhere … for all I know I could have gone to the same school as this failure).

    It’s also in around the same area where those involved in the ‘Bodies In The Barrel’ murders lived.

    It’s a fucking hole, full of the the most hateful and racist scumbags you could ever have the misfortune to meet.

    Most of them are progeny of ’10 Pound Poms’. Were it not for Australia’s wonderful 1960s immigration policies, this lot would be chavving it up in some council estate in Birmingham,

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