28 thoughts on “Craig Jackman: “I will murder them no doubt…”

  1. Maybe they’re only offering to pay $130 because they know Craig’s a sub-standard operator – potentially as a result of being both stupid and drunk (as the photo would suggest).

    • Actually, Greg, it’s more likely a simple misunderstanding. The Indian customers Craig is referring to are used to prices being inflated and bargaining being an essential part of any purchase. This is not unique to the subcontinent. In fact bargaining is a normal part of trade in most parts of the world.

      If Craig understood this, he might not have taken his customer’s aggressive bargaining so personally. Of course, if Craig had asked his customer why he was asking for a discount he might have learnt about the cultural practice and avoided the misunderstanding.

      Likewise, if Craig knew that, for people who are learning a second language, it’s common practice to formulate your dialogue mentally in your mother tongue then translate it for your audience. I’ve learnt from my colleagues in India that when they say “tell me”, when I call them that it’s meant to sound like “how can I help you?”, rather than a terse order which it comes across as.

      All it takes, folks, is a little UNPRETENTIOUS DIALOGUE for us to understand each other better. This can easily be done one-on-one.

      Like the SMH slogan that came out a few years ago said:

      “Start a conversation today.”

      • Good point….

        I only hope this guy and the brainless f-wits egging him on him read your comment.

        Form his photo, he’s the quintessential bogan (and he’s probably proud)

      • Interesting theory kabdoo, but I fear you’re applying more logic to the situation than it deserves. I’ll stick with my earlier summation.

        • The logical thing to do is take a look at his photo. Words are no longer needed. He is a neanderthal.

      • kabdoo – Thank you for taking the time out to explain this. I have posted below, but I appreciate what you have written.

  2. While defining the term ‘illegal immigrant’ he fails to recognise these characteristics in himself – as well as being a racist, bigot, bottom feeder he can’t smell his own shit on his knees.

    FACT : CRAIG JACKMAN is “a fucking free-loading, benefit-grabbing, violent, goat-fucking, asshole” can’t say hairy because obviously the days when he had hair are far behind him. (maybe that’s why he’s so bitter, and frivolously attacks others for no good reason)

    For the love of god please get this man steralised before his stupidity multiplies. Then again it would take quite an animal of a woman to stand next to this joke!!

    • In fairness I will give you 7 days to remove this, because I can absolutely assure you that this is legal gold and trust me I am in a position to act on my threat.

  3. The most disturbing thing apart from the issue that this man is a grotesque mistake of a human being, but the people who encourage his comments.

    DANIELLA CAMILLO – staff room = teacher? it frightens me that you are responsible for the education of children. No doubt your the first one there to rally about your poor salary tho!!

    SAMANTHA EDWARDS – probably the ugly blonde in the photo who puts her tits out to distract from the fact she is a brainless twat, no matter how many high fashion handbags you own the world still knows you are white trash in a tracksuit.

    NATALIE PHELPS – of course YOU had a large chuckle from this jerkoff’s comment, you obviously have body issues hiding behind that poor child in your profile pic who you didn’t ask if you could exploit on facebook!!

    KIM VAN GASTEL -‘Fuck, that’s funny’ Pauline Hanson wants her hair cut back!

      • No i am no insecure about myself, i don’t sit on face book encouraging racist bigots comments like these people. So yes it maybe petty to attack these loonies based on their appearance but it doesn’t compare to the disparaging and discriminatory comments Crag and his trash bag minions make.

  4. I actually know who this guy is. I used to work with him. Oh how some people never change. Shame shame shame craig.

    Perhaps it IS the drinking water in ol’ Adelaide. Glad I left long ago and don’t need to cross paths with such bigots.

  5. I love the pic from the “world beer festival’…possibly a sample of some decent beers to try, but nope. Watery fightin’ liquid for ol’ Craig..

    And Gaz, any decent stories you care to share? 😉

  6. This is sick… there’s a crappy troll on BTB for the past few hours that the admin is allowing by the looks of things?!

    He posted a nasty pic of an alleged rape victim and the comments came thick and fast. Most were deleted, but the sicko that admins the BTB page was happy with these two.

    Basically, it’s ok to rape, but if there’s more than one, you are a coward.

    I… don’t know what…to say?!

  7. Craig, you and your friends are society’s regret.

    Its satisfying to see such a blog to expose what is wrong with this great country.

    “Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.”
    Merry Browne

  8. I don’t know why there is all this hating on Indian people lately? :S There are a few Indian families living in my area and they are just the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

  9. Agree 100% Reb.

    My experience with Indian families mirrors your, very polite and generous hosts at the frequent dinner parties I attend.

    I am also at a loss why there is such hatred towards Indians??


  10. I have just come across this thread and would like the opportunity to highlight a few things things here:

    1. the first post – was a result of me getting continually frustrated with the ongoing “demands” placed on me by Indian clients – I have read what kabdoo has written and that places a very different perspective on things for me, so thank you.
    2. Regarding the Osama post – This is directed at his followers, and ONLY his followers and I do not regret posting that at all. I had a friend die in the events of 911 and I despise those followers with a passion – I maintain the right to do so, and if you cant understand this then that is something that all of you have to deal with.
    3. The three jokes that I posted – agreed that this is not appropriate and I apologise to those that have been offended.
    4. The burqa comment – This is a free country, and I have the right to an opinion, and I will maintain my stance with my opinion on this subject.

    Regarding all the comments – I will leave a reply to all.

    Now to the administrators of this site – I strongly urge you to remove this, and if you fail to do so within 7 days, I will without doubt take legal action. I have left a contact email (purely for this purpose only, so forget about any spam), so please feel free to contact me.

    I have come here in good faith to explain myself, and where applicable to make a public apology, however I cannot comment on behalf of the other people whose names have been associated with this, so I would expect that you will be receiving some follow up from them.

  11. I am loathe to respond to this but feel I need to defend my position. I am not a racist, I have many friends from many different cultures in the world, I merely commented on a situation I once saw at a theme park. I didn’t shout anything out at the time as although I thought it was a funny idea, those who know me would know I would never do something so outrageous. I actually reprimanded Craig for his joke in the second post I am cited in but clearly the administrators of this outrageous website are not gifted with the ability to read or take humor in context.
    I think it is only right to mention that I once saw Craig carry a colleague of ours up four flights of stairs. She was dying of cancer at 23 years old. She was a muslim girl. Craig has apologised for his jokes that may have offended and taken on board others points of view. Craig for as long as I have known him, takes people as he finds them, but as everyone still has in our free country, has the right to his opinion. It is sad that others clearly have such miserable boring little lives that they choose to scroll through other peoples FB accounts and try and impose their opinions on others by trying to bully them on websites like this. Getalife.com
    @ Ruby.Rhod – Interesting that you assume I am blonde – now there is a stereotype if ever I have read one. I am absolutely not white trash as you so eloquently put it …. although to be honest I could careless what you think. Just for the record though, the only time I have ever worn a tracksuit was in PT when I was in the RAN almost 20 years ago, as it was compulsory kit, otherwise I would not be seen DEAD in a tracksuit. Although if other people want to wear tracksuits then that is fine with me (just in case there is another blog full of busybodies who have nothing better to do with their time than comment on people that have an opinion on people wearing tracksuits !!)
    Frankly, Ruby .Rhod, it is you that does not sound like the sharpest knife in the block with you pathetic little digs about appearances and calling complete strangers “twats” and I would thank Johnny Wright for pointing that out.
    Now if its ok by you, I am off to buy another handbag – I’ll make this one a Hermes – because I can 🙂

  12. @mindmadeup – What a perfect choice of name for you !! Had you read and not skimmed my response you would see that there is no excusing Craig for anything in my thread. I stated that Craig like yourself has a right to an opinion, I also stated that Craig has apologised for his jokes that may have been offensive, and I stated that he as taken on board some other peoples points of view. You clearly have your mind made up on him and that is indeed your right. I was simply stating that when I worked alongside him as a member of the ADF I observed him carrying one of our mates (who happened to be muslim) up several flights of stirs. He would have done this for anyone else as well. He was a team player and I never observed him discriminating against race or creed. My point about him carrying our friend was that if he was truly racist this would have been something incredibly difficult for him to do – yet it wasn’t. This could go on and on and you will have your view, I will have mine and it is doubtful that either of us will move from our position. That is both our rights … best thing to do is just move on ….

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