25 thoughts on “Drunk In Adelaide Town; On the Fuuuckin Indian Rampage

  1. What lovely human beings they are. Sound like the typical unedumccated, narrow minded arseholes with a grotesque sense of white entitlement.Shudder…all the substance of a tube of lipstick.

    • They are the most impersonable, hopeless doctors I have come across. We shouldnt lower our standards to accept doctors for which we cant 100% backup their genuinity in any case. Sorry.

        • And this is important because …?

          Patel earned his original quals in India.

          The fact is that anybody who holds any sort of qualification from OS should be scrutinised heavily before they are given recognition of their qualifications here. Patel is a perfect example of where this process failed. I think the unnecessary deaths of his patients are testimony to that and some might even say … a lowering of the standard. But to be honest, I wasn’t having a go at migrant workers here. Patel just kinda came to mind and I thought it was a kinda funny response … I mean you couldn’t get a better example right … some mad bastard with meat cleaver for a scalpel.

          Migrant workers have been an absolute asset to Australia since the first fleet (unless you were aboriginal of course) and there will be more. I do think it’s important to qualify them though and I think it’s also important to look at which migrants work out the best for us as a whole. I get to work with people from all over the world, OS and here in Oz. Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos and Vietnamese are the best I’ve worked with along with Europeans. If it were up to me, that’s where I’d be looking to bring migrants from … not to mention the already proven track record they already have in this country.

      • Unfortunately, ‘impersonable’ (whatever that means) and being ‘hopeless’ are not part of the AMC exams.

      • our family doctors and our pediatrician are all Indian and they are awesome. by far the best i’ve seen in australia. they care and take time with you rather than the majority of practices were they get you in, get you out and claim the medicare money!

  2. I wonder if he’s from the Northern suburbs or the Southern suburbs? That’s one of the few good thing about Sadelaide; it’s easy to avoid the bogans as they are shoved into McMansion farms and public housing 20km either North or South of the city, so they’re easy to avoid.

    • I’ll be happy when they develop an app that detects bogans within a radius so I can be sure to steer clear of them all.

        • Only issue i have with this bloke is he gives bogans a bad name. Not all bogans are out and out racist. Im a bogan, least i like to think of myself as one, but i don’t have bigoted views or racist ideas about any other race, religion or culture. People like this are obviously not fully evolved

  3. For the ‘not fair to target their employers’ lot… look away now.

    A young muslim girl (allegedly) posts on BTB, and Ben Anderson suggests “Fuck off you smelly bitch”

    *image removed*



    Spoke to Rob from Unleash Solar in Adelaide and he wasn’t impressed. I asked what he was doing to combat extremist views from an employee of theirs, and he wants to see the images/links. I will duly send them to him.

    • I wish I read this thread before I went and posted in Ben’s. *facepalm*

      Kudos, El Toony. You are doing *insert your favourite deity here*’s work

    • I’d never seen the BTBiA Facebook page – eye openning stuff!

      It reminds me of this quote from Yoda (paraphrased):

      “ignorance leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to facebook posting.”

        • The print media in Adelaide is owned almost exclusively by News Limited. If anything, they’d paint Ben and Rob as innocent battlers being bullied by cyberterrorists.

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