44 thoughts on “Nazi From Shepparton, Victoria

  1. Hahaha, wow, according to this tool, Aboriginals are African… Or from Africa, where they play Australian football, for some reason. I wonder what will happen when this illiterate heap finally makes it to a big city?

      • The player he is talking about is Majak Daw, he is a rookie for North Melbourne and will be a superstar. He will definately make this dumbarse shiteater swallow his words.

      • Yep, theres a few african players, not that this dumb nazi clown would know the difference.

        Its *exciting* that there are african players. I’ve always believed that the AFL is the TRUE world football code, the world just hasnt realised it yet lol.

  2. What language is this moron speaking? I feel like my IQ dropped 3 points just trying to understand his gibberish. A second-grade kid has better spelling.

    Dude, unless you can actually write at an adult level, I wouldn’t be looking down on anyone else. Opposable thumbs are wasted on these tards.

    Just keep spanking off to the porn pics on your wall and continue to dream of the day you’ll know the touch of a woman – sorry, a “chik”.

    Also, Korn sucks.

  3. so young and full of hate, tsk, tsk… looks like the fool might be on the track for spending time in jail, hmmmmm, might be some fulla’s in there who gonna bitch him right up!!

  4. There are lots of bad things about Eddie McGuire. But defending one of his players was thoroughly commendable. If someone who is non-white is the hero of this guys team, I bet his attitude would change.

    • agreed. he wrote a good articel in the herald sun (of all places) soon after condemning racism in the afl.

      anyone else notice that this josh failure doesn’t know that we’ve had 6 foreign born pms?

      • If you get a chance, there was a brilliant British series called “Eleven Men against Eleven” about football (soccer). There was a hilarious scene where a bunch of skinhead football fans are kicking the crap out of a man of African appearance, before realising he was their club’s star midfielder. Apologies ensue “Oh, sh*t! We didn’t realise you were OUR guy!!”

        • That’s the way it is, alot of these people are sweet with different ethnicities and races as long as their on their team.. Other wise watch out… Some perspective needs to be fed to some of these numbskulls

  5. Drugs are bad NKKKKK!
    This dickhead is smoking the wrong weed. I thought marijuana was supposed to make you mellow and love the world. Must be crack in that bong because his brain is fried!

  6. An angry young man. He is contradicting himself of course. I reserve any anger in this case, he is obviously mentally ill and seems to be looking forward to a life of incarceration, sexual abuse and violence. I will be surprised if he hasn’t committed suicide by this time next year. Sad, lonely lost little man. 😦

    • ‘Horst Wessel’ hey??!!

      Due to my ignorance of neo Nazi’s, I have been doing some research on these fuckwits.

      Why on earth would you post under the name of Horst Wessel?? He was a Nazi SA member who wrote a song, Horst Wessel Leid. When Wessel was killed in the 1930’s street fighting, his ‘song’ was discovered and used by the Nazi’s frequently.

      It is a song of violence and racism praising Hitler and the ‘supremacy’ of the mythical Aryan superiority.

      re you a neo Nazi troll???


  7. It’s idiots like this that make us rural kids look bad. I have seen the ‘See Beyond Race’ campaign and it is briliant, definately something for Shepparton to be proud of, it’s sad that the campaign is even needed in the first place though.
    This guy must not leave the house for anything but court appearences, because I cant imagine he would last long in a place like Shepparton.

  8. Having read this, I cant understand what language this simpleton is writing in. Its like a cross between phone text and jibberish. Obviously he could not have attended school past the 3rd grade, my 4 year old writes more coherently……………..I pity the fool.

  9. Lol at his comment on Gillard. Does this kid not know that all Australians (except Aborigines) are not originally from this continent? And damn is his spelling and grammar appalling. Funny how racist Caucasians are the ones that suck the most in English, the one language they’re supposed to be good at yet whinge about how Asians and Africans can’t speak proper English when they’re in an English speaking country. How about A) get your facts right, B) learn to speak and spell, C) grow the frack up!

  10. Do these clowns realize how close the Nazi’s and Islamic Extremist’s idealogy are in regard to Jewish people. Basically to wipe them out! You can bet your arse that they hate muslims and think they are all terrorists too. They jump to the Nazi band wagon because they think it makes them look tough and superior without actually researching what the Nazis actually believed. It doesn’t make them tough or superior, it just shows how ignorant, hypocritical and pathetic they are.

    • I’m pretty sure the douche featured above can’t actually read so chances of him knowing any of this are a big fat ZERO! I’m sure his inability to read or spell will fit in perfectly with his future aspirations of being an inmate.

  11. And what is it with the finger? Why do you want to be photographed and displayed giving the bird? I mean, really?

  12. Someone tell him to check out American History X, if he learns nothing more it will be that “weed is for niggers” then maybe he’ll stop smoking cones for a few hours and realise how fucking stupid he is. I can definitely attest to the fact that too much time alone in your room smoking bongs will make anyone a hate-filled, violent moron.

    Hopefully it doesn’t take him too long to figure out that he actually despises himself and his bad habits and if he laid off the bongs he could stop digging himself into a hole.

    • What?? Since when does weed make anyone violent, unless it’s an argument over who ate the last piece of caramello?

      When was the last time anyone was convicted of a violent crime while under the influence of weed?

  13. This guy does his own tattoos (home job style), not only that he also tattoos his friends with stars and smileys. Who says he doesn’t have direction, he’s building his pathways for a future in prison tattooing.

  14. People who inspire him Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold 😐 they’re the Columbine shooters for people un-aware words escape me

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can finaly comment back=), firstly I didn’t refer to abo’s as “niggers”-as you all seemed to have lolz, next up (I) “would not last long in Shepparton”????- I’ve lived there 12 years!!; “sad”,”lonely”-pfft I have a beautiful missus and more mates than any of you sad hippy fucks=P haha ; and by the way “Reb” was Eric Harris’s nickname you sick twisted fuck=D lolz hahahahahaha

    • Really, Josh, you didn’t? Well I can see several instances of you using the term niggers, usually alongside you saying you want to stab them. Care to explain that?

      By the way, do you “heaps of friends” know you love Hitler? Or do they try to ignore you when you bring it up?

  16. Yous are all fuckwits!! Hippy fuckwits the world has changed since back in your day noone cares what you have to say.. I had a good laugh though to bad yous are stuckup old cunts.. You should know everyone does drugs by the way

    • Apparently no one cares what TAB has to say, which is why many people turn up here to tell them how much they don’t care about what they have to say. Often, some of them stick around, to say in detail exactly how much they don’t care abotu what is on this site.

      Seriously, if you don’t care about what someone says, you walk away.

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