“…the laws…changed to protect us and allow us to carry out poofter bashings”


Further evidence of racism going hand-in-hand with homophobia:






38 thoughts on ““…the laws…changed to protect us and allow us to carry out poofter bashings”

    • Immersion therapy might work for these knuckleheads.

      PS Mark Thompson – there are people from all walks of life in all walks of life.

  1. They continue to sprout the same old stuff… And if they could spell bible, I may even believe that he had read it… But I feel pity for these people… So narrow-minded… So ignorant… Such a waste of life…

  2. Mind boggling the way everything in life that has not gone their way has nothing to do with their own inadequacies but rather it is all the fault of the ‘other’.

    The time they spend hating on others would be better spent improving/educating themselves, who the heck leaves a good job because someone there is gay? sounds like a load of bs in my humble opinion

  3. Their biggest worry about the education sector is about hiring gay people? How about, oh I don’t know… basic spelling and grammar?!

  4. I don’t get the relationship people draw between gay people and pedophiles… so a gay man will take advantage of a male student just because he’s gay? Isn’t that just like saying a straight male teacher will do nothing but take advantage of female students? Orientation has NOTHING to do with pedophilia. Though posting it here does nothing essentially as everyone here already knows that.

    As someone who actually had a teacher who was convicted of pedophilia, I just don’t get the grounds for their arguments. Unless their grounds are ‘racist, homophobic bigots who don’t understand what they’re talking about’.

  5. I noticed that Paul Jones has Wallan on his info page. I’m so disturbed that this homophobic racist Nazi lives near me. It makes me want to stay inside and lock the doors!

  6. Remember kids, everything the “bilby” says applies today, so don’t trim your facial hair, and eating shellfish is an abomination. I cannot believe these oxygen-thieves actually think this way.

  7. I was speaking to a Bilby the other day. He said it’s ok for a man to love a man and a woman to love a women. I think Luke has been speaking to the wrong Bilby…

    The other thing the Bilby told me is that gay does not generally equate to paedophilia! Amazing!!

    It seems there are still quite a few neanderthals in this world, even in developed nations. I’m surprised the idea of homosexuality as a disease didn’t rear its ugly head.

    Did you know that more often than not, people who ‘bash gays’ turn out to be gay themselves?


    • LOL @JD – I have tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard! ‘I think Luke has been speaking to the wrong Bilby!’

    • Word out in the bush is that it’s pretty tense between different “Bilby” factions. A possum in the know mentioned it could turn into a full blown Macrotis Lagotis (Bilby) war. The possum assured me that the majority of fair minded and sane Marsupials are against “poofter bashings”, wether they be animal or human!

  8. Well, you know what they say – homophobes are usually trying to cover up their hatred for their own gay tendencies.

    Methinks they wouldn’t get so worked up about being around gay people if they weren’t so bothered by their own dirty dirty feelings ; )

    And aren’t we a little tired of the gay = paedophile argument? Come up with something new – a gay adult is no more likely to be sexually attracted to children than a straight adult. These homophobes spend so much time ranting about buttsex and paedophilia – I’m starting to think something is rotten in the state of Denmark, if you get my drift…

  9. Just checked out their FB pages – they’re still going on. We can add “sexist” to the trifecta of douchetardery, because now they’re all butthurt over women serving in the military.

    Guess they should be at home, cooking and cleaning and raising more little aryan brats for the brotherhood, eh boys?

  10. Deport these traitors Our people shed a lot of blood helping to defeat the fascists now these vermin want to shit on the ANZACS and wipe their arse on the Aussie flag Death to fascist scum!

  11. I can’t remember where exactly but I’m sure I read where results of tests that were done on homophobes and people advocating “poofter bashing”, that show that those advovates are in fact closet queers or in other words have very strong homosexual leanings but because they supress their feelings,except for when they are on their own, they show violence towards those who have come out.

  12. They are all clearly from the shallow end of the gene pool. Maybe they can attempt to wade in a little deeper. Sink or swim??

  13. What about banning that fag on tv that parades around in his speedos- Tony Abbot.
    What about how dogs bum each other- Fags!
    Asian men have hairless chests- gay !
    Italian men kiss each other- WTF ???

    Seriously gentlemen its a big colourful world. Check it out sometime …

  14. Can anybody give me an official statistic that there are more homosexual pedophiles than heterosexual ones? If anything, I wouldn’t want homophobic, prejudiced, and/or sexist bastards educating my kids on their poor ethic values.

  15. I think only homosexuals have so far posted comment to this page because all the polls i have seen show 10% support or less and every comment till mine is pro homo so obviously this is a homosexual propaganda page

  16. I believe the polls I have participated in all these other polls are rigged propaganda start your own poll and see for your self oh but you cant help but rig it can you, you communist pricks you wont get away with your anti Australian attacks we fight back PROUD AND FREE

    • Does it hurt you to think Michael? Anti Australian, where on this site is there any anti Australian sentiments. Anti Racism, Anti Homophob, Anti Discrimination, yes but no anti Australian! In fact the people who post on this site want you to realize what living FREE AND PROUD in Australia really means. Freedom for ALL of it’s people. Freedom to choose your religion, politics and sexuality.

    • The polls you have participated in? What, you mean when you and your cousins sit around the fire drinking VB and then start making out? And you all agree that homos are sick in the head?

      If you don’t understand how opinion polls work it’s not our fault. And if you hate gay people so much, maybe you should take it up with the STRAIGHT people who are conceiving them.


  17. Michael, there are silent communities of paedophiles & sexual predators that prey on unwilling participants.
    Why do you care what consenting adults do with each other ?

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