37 thoughts on “Nazi From Newcastle

  1. I find it hilarious that this dude has a hard-on for hating anyone in a burqua when you just know that he’s the type who’d slap a white sheet over his head and burn a cross on someone’s lawn if he had half the chance.

    Also, I don’t see any pics of HIS face on his profile – what’s the matter Kris, not brave enough to be a nazi unless you’re anonymous?

  2. “Secure a future for white children” my ass… and what a lovely future people like him are helping to create. I can see it now – a utopia where white heterosexual males reign supreme and have all of the lucky breaks.

    Kind of like now.

    The worst part is knowing that this nosepick is married. Though it’s probably just to his sister or cousin. Is he going to be like that couple in America who got their kid a nazi birthday cake?

  3. Does he realise that Hitler was…umm…German? That would make him non-English speaking and non-Australian. Complete logic fail there Kris. Plus most of the people Hitler’s regime killed were also Caucasian – so he’s effectively killed the same people you fear are endangered.

    Not sure why these ‘ultra types’ worship someone who culturally nothing to do with them. Idi Amin and Pol Pot were just as bad, but I guess they doesn’t fit your agenda too well.

    • I may be stating the bleeding obvious but the dumbos who post racist stuff like to justify their racism by pointing to genocides inthe Soviet Union and in non-European countries in an effort to justify their own racism and to somehow mitigate the atrocities of Nazism.

  4. isn’t it interesting how very few neo-nazis know anything at all about the NSDAP?

    for starters im pretty sure none of them would have been accepted into the party.

    • Indeed. I suspect that most modern day Neo-Nazis, had they lived in 1930s Germany, would have been sterilsed, and then put to death under the Third Reich as they would have fallen into the ‘feebleminded’ category.

  5. This guy is a blatant example of the middle ages. You know i will defend a persons right to free speech, but there is a limit and this guy crossed it ages ago.

    • we dont have free speech, its not in the constitution and is only implied in the legal code.

      this needs to be rectified if only so that racists can stop trying to hide behind it.

      • your determined to have a go at me every time aye buddy, give it a rest, for once i agree with this site in its actions

        • No, Zulu’s right. There’s no provision for a right to free speech in our constitution. It’s only implied.

  6. I honestly do not understand this worship of Nazi shit.

    Do these neo types realise that Australian Soldiers fought and died to topple this regime?

    I see all of these neo nazi fucktards as traitors to this country, 60 years ago they would have been hanged.


    • I agree Mike. I wonder if these people would of preferred Germany and the Nazis to win WW2? Do they have any idea if that was the case how many more Australian service men would of been killed? If so, they realize that if that had of happened they very likely wouldn’t be around now and that if they were around then they would be living in an Australia where the people would have little, to almost no freedom. Also they are completely deluded if they believe they would included in the master race, more likely they would be working like slaves or exterminated with the rest of the non Arians!

    • What a tired old line you trot out.
      Have you ever lived as an oppressed person, a member of a race who lives under a cloud of systematic and institutionalised racism? Have you ever had to fight for your freedom or recognition as a human being?

      The Africans have, the Aboriginals have, the ‘wogs’ have and the list goes on.

      There’s little wrong in having pride in one’s country and nationality – as simplistic as that is. But when you use that pride to put others down, as is so often the case, you’re a piece of shit.

    • No but being racist is racist. And nazism was about aryans not whites. Slavs are white but not Aryan.

      And the chances of someone saying “white pride” not being a racist cockhole? Zero.

  7. Be proud of my race? Why? How do I be proud of it? And what is ‘my race’? Human race? Or are we breaking it down into palatable-to-our-own-taste lumps??

    I’m just one fucking person and to tell the truth, their ain’t a lot to be proud of! Regardless of colour/religion et al…

  8. Agreed – how can you be proud of your skin colour? It’s not something you had any choice in getting, it took no effort to attain it – so why be proud? Having a certain skin colour isn’t an accomplishment – it’s the result of genetics.

    Methinks these people bang on about pride in their skin colour because they have nothing else in their lives to be proud about. Mostly because they’re illiterate, lower-class dolts who are too lazy to read a book because the latest season of Big Brother is on tv.

  9. I would love to get the scum in front of our WW2 veterans and see them mouth off their Nazi bullshit. They would be put in their place pretty damn quick. In fact let’s line them up next ANZAC day and see if they old diggers can still shoot straight!

  10. The Nazi’s tried to exterminate the Jews & the root of Christianity.
    They wanted to reintroduce pre-Christian Germanic Paganism.

    Nazi’s are so retro- join the Young Liberals today !!
    -arrhh I just tasted a little spew …

  11. These people are so backwards it makes my mind literally stall. Not with all my mind power can i possibly fathom the… gah!

  12. you guys cant be serious? The muslim culture is trying to turn Australia into a new Islam state and if Australians say no, go home, they are Racist? please. Get off your Burqa wearing high horses and have some common sense. if you don’t like it here then leave.

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