Nope, Not Racist At All: The Week In Review

We get so many emails these days that we don’t need to troll festering hate groups on Facebook. 10-15 emails a day full of screenshots is enough to keep us feeling ill at the amount of shit-eaters who are so full of hatred and sheer stupidity.

Feel free to email us at any time at . Here is a collection of screenshots forwarded to us over the past week or so.


179 thoughts on “Nope, Not Racist At All: The Week In Review

  1. This country makes me sick. “If ya don’t love it, then leave!”

    If only I were able to afford it – then I wouldn’t have to keep rubbing shoulders with racist, sexist, homophobic douches.

    • ‘here, here’ tunatown!!!

      Ironically in CRAIG JACKMAN’S comment of what the term ‘illegal immigrant’ defines he fails to recognise these characteristics in himself.
      FACT : CRAIG JACKMAN is “a fucking free-loading, benefit-grabbing, violent, goat-fucking, asshole” can’t say hairy because obviously the days when he had hair are far behind him. (maybe that’s why he’s so bitter, and frivolously attacks others for no good reason)

      • I don’t understand why you are giving this Craig Jackman a hard time, i mean he looks just like the kind of dude i would party with!!! if i just got out of jail and was looking for a cocksucking redneck wanna be to bend over and fuck up the ass!!. I suggest you keep your comments to yourself Crag my man and think before you write stupid things your little brain might think people will laugh at, and well for those who did find it funny big thumbs up for boosting the ego of a fuckstick!!

  2. Or maybe it’s my problem because I’m unable to perceive the awesomeness of meat pies, beer and thongs. And bad spelling. How could anybody not be proud of a terrific culture like that?!

    I’d rather be a liberal wanker than a racist douchetard.

  3. Craig Jackman – “time to use those little f**king dots on their heads as targets”
    –News flash–
    Pakki people don’t have dots on their heads; it’s a Hindu thing, not a Muslim thing.
    Muslims have ‘towels’ on their heads, remember? *rolls eyes*

  4. Chad Simon: normally open minded, except if they aren’t the same as him. What a twat. It’s like he’s never had a conversation with anyone who isn’t white, racist or stupid.

  5. Sam Borrett: The difference between dogs and horses is that they’re a different species. So yes, a dog born in a stable is still a dog. People, on the other hand, are the same everywhere.

    Genetically, he’s got the same chances of being similar to a random person on the other side of the world as he has with a true-blue, dinky-di aussie. The documentary: ‘Race, the power of an illusion’ actually proves this through genetic testing of students from different backgrounds.

  6. hahaha really?? whose stereotyping now?? your just as bad as them just a different type of bad.. i have tattoos and a beard am I a “muderous drug lord” bikie.. haha no I’m a teacher…. you have no credibility

  7. To the racists above and others like them, DON’T DEMAND others write English, when your comments proves you have problems writing English. And remember

  8. Oh what.. What an assortment of fuckwits.

    Notably funny/ disturbing-

    Kev McKay has a commodore with a ‘such is life’ sticker AND a southern cross AND an Aussie pride sticker lol! Can someone say bogan? I think a Eureka stockade flag and one (maybe 2?) of those little Aussie flags would just top it off. Wanker.

    Samantha Edwards had to choose between abusing a random Muslim women like some sort of smackie and going shopping for Louis-Vuitton… (

    Craig Jackman listens to P!nk and watches 2 and a half men.. Bogan.

    Ben Jensen is in strife. What is it with dickhead racists and lax privacy settings? His employer deserves to know his position on immigration.

    Broadmedows boy Steve should be going back to jail shortly. His activities and interests include “Slapping ya bitch on the ass show her u care :)” He’s in a relationship too. Please don’t breed.

    “Oh yeh and like the Sudanese, get $30 000 for comin here” So wrong ha! Also notice idiots like Sarah like to look educated when they post in hate groups.. Even if that means inserting unnecessary punctuation.

    Full of fail. Well done for tagging them all in the post

    • Excuse me but that is just wrong. I own a commodore, I am not a bogan.
      And I ‘like’ groups on Facebook such as the one you mentioned for laughs.

      You are stereotyping so you are as bad as they are.
      You’re the one who has failed.

      • It’s not like I’m saying I do that nor do I think someone who actually does it is a good person. And I’m not associating myself with them, once I see something racist or offensive I unlike the group.
        The titles of things are funny, are u sayin u don’t laugh at something that is stupid? Doesn’t mean u believe in it…

        Facebook is supposed to be out ur friends and family. Everyone is taking it way out of hand by the groups and also this site

        • Kit, the whole point of this website is to highlight the racially motivated hate that is current and rife in our society that needs addressing on a number of levels, particularly on a legislative level. By ‘liking’ the group because you find the ‘titles of things’ funny only serves to condone their behaviour, attitudes and dysfunctional mentality – and they have no place here. This destructive, anti social and ill informed mentality is not what this country is about.

          You are pointing the finger at the wrong people!

          P.S. no one here is saying that you are a bogan for driving a commadore. Don’t intentionally misinterpret things because it looks like you are deliberately looking for an argument. Re-read what J posted in its entirety and I think you’ll find that the only one that ‘…is taking it way out of hand’ is your good self.

      • Relax Kit, If you manage to rock your commodore with phat rims and an Aussie pride sticker then IMO you’re a bogan. Doesn’t mean you’re a racist.. Just seems the two often go hand in hand.

        What’s funny about slapping ya bitch on the ass the show her ya care? I missed the gag..

        • Um no, it’s just a standard family car. No, stickers or anything. It’s just a standard car, I don’t see why I’m considered a bogan for driving it..?
          And again, it’s the stupidity of it that can be considered amusing. Some people have a sense of humor, others don’t.

        • “Some people have a sense of humour, others don’t.”

          Just because someone doesn’t find the title of that page funny, doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humour. I myself find many things hilarious. That, however, doesn’t even raise a smirk.

    • Finally! You’ve achieved something! Sure, it’s not the proudest moment your family could have hoped for, but at least your name is in lights now!

    • She is so proud of me. And contrary to popular belief, I work full time and have done since I was 16. How does that make me unemployed?

      Also, if you are going to screenshot our comments, please screenshot the whole conversation. A comment of mine was taken out of context.

      Also, Islam is not a race.

      • Ah yes, comments out of context. Haven’t heard that one before.

        Please, identify which screenshot you’re in, and explain the context. Do it now, while I’m still pretending to give half a shit.

        • Well it was the one about olympic sports and the Burka. That was a joke, and it said so futher down the post, and even my Muslim friend was laughing about it aswell. So if you are going to put posts up, put the whole thing up.

        • Wait, the same Allanah Marie that has a ‘fuck off we’re full’ badge in the bottom right corner of her dp? Get fucked! You don’t have a Muslim friend.. You don’t have any friends.

      • It is discriminated against in viation of the law and is discriminated against in a racial context. That makes you racists and also law breakers.

        Don’t come crying “out of context” we’ve heard it all before.

        • Lol, the funny part is you’re screaming about it being “out of context” yet your post was calling refugees vaginas?

        • No, my post was calling them cunts. Who cares, it is just a swear word..Haven’t you heard them before?

        • Nah, I know what the C word means. But using as a swear word doesn’t mean vagina. Ya feelin me? Does that make sense? :/ It makes sense in my head…

        • I don’t know exactly. It’s like saying to someone “You’re gay.” But you don’t actually mean they are homosexual. Make sense?

        • But the word “gay” original meant happy. The C-word has always been offensive. Try again sunshine.

        • “Cunt” is an offensive word for vagina. That’s why a lot of women find it offensive – because why should the worst swear word in the English language be a woman’s body part, where as “cock” and “penis” are pretty benign.

          Also, I find labelling someone as “gay” to mean bad to be pretty offensive to gay people. Why should the word that stands for their sexual orientation come to mean something bad? At least stick with insults that don’t insult an entire group. Like fuckface or something.

          The kids of today, no standards. πŸ˜‰

  9. Isn’t what you are doing here illegal. Last time I checked, using peoples names and photos without consent is against the law. Does that mean they could all sue you. Even Facebook has to have your permission to use your name and photos.

    • Hi there Token Billy,

      Last time I checked, these morons still had their comments up in a public forum. So whether or not they’ve been published here, they’re still out there for anyone to see.

      P.S – Noel Gallagher called – he wants his clothes back:


      P.P.S – your friends don’t seem that bothered that they featured here:


      Allanah Marie We made it guys!
      Allanah Marie We trolled them good!
      Aleisha Allan-hynes haha, i see people i know on there
      Stevie Sevas Tra They’re stalking us :O they can be charged for what they’re doing you know.
      Matt Nowlan haha wwe rule
      Sammi Marie Yeah ya gotta watch those dickheads! They will try n shut you down the scumbags. FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND OPINION! Just block em admin!
      Andrew Bole I already said that Stevie. I even left a comment on there sight saying “Isn’t what you are doing here illegal. Last time I checked, using peoples names and photos without consent is against the law. Does that mean they could all sue you. Even Facebook has to have your permission to use your name and photos.”

      Aleisha Allan-hynes antibogan.wordpress. they are wankers. they think they can do what they like.
      Karen Wheeldon β€Ž100% WITH YOU AND NO I AM NOT A RACIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
      Kylie Graham I’m not racist….I hate them all equally !!

    • nope facebook doesnt as they OWN your name and photos once you put them up. as everything these people do is on a public forum its not illegal to repost it in other places.

  10. I have a theory about people like those featured in this post. They don’t like immigrants because they’re being shown up by them. Most immigrants I know have a better grasp of the English language than these clowns.

    I also have anecdotal evidence from several teachers I know that work in the public system in lower-socioeconomic schools: they have a far easier time teaching the children of immigrants and/or children that are immigrants themselves than they do teaching white Australian children. In fact, one of them tells me the only reason he gets up and goes to work in the morning is for the immigrant children in his class. It’s just unfortunate that those with behavioural problems (surprise surprise, they’re always white) divert too much of his time away from those that want to learn.

    • You sound as racist as the dumb asses who say these things. You’re constantly putting white ‘bogans’ down, you never mention the other races saying things to white people. I have been called many racist things from indians, Asians, Muslims. I’m not racist but if you’re going to sy things then say it about all races, not just white people.

      • Maybe you’re being called those things because you’re an appalling example of humanity? Rather than waste time attempting to articulate themselves in an intelligent manner, they just decide to go the time saving option and throw a couple of choice racist words at you instead.

        And people like you say that immigrants can’t assimilate. If they can use racial terms to respond to bogans, then they’re clearly assimilating just fine.

        • How can that be when I never insult someone from the colour o their skin or die to their race or beliefs? I support people coming over here to try and have a better future… So you’re insulting someone who agrees with some of the things you’re saying, does that mean the things you called me are the same for you?

          Many of my friends are all different races, and I accept them for who they are and also learn many things from them. So you really are an idiot for saying I am an appalling example of humanity when I don’t do anything that I would consider to be appalling.

          This page just seems as bad as all the people who are saying racist things.

    • The perfect example of this was in the series, Back to Where You Came from.
      When entering the detention centre Raquel was asked, “what do you do?”
      Raquels answer, “nothing”. Again asked “what work do you do?”, again the answer was, “nothing”.
      When they asked the children who had escaped the Congo, “what do you want to do? what do you want to study?” The answers were teacher, engineer, doctor and astronaut, (he was the youngest)!
      With attitudes like that no wonder that when they get the chance at school they excel, to them it’s all about a chance to make their lives better and to make a contribution. To people like Raquel, i imagine that there are a lot in the above post, it’s all about trying to get more out of Centrelink.

      • Watch the final ep, it’s awesome! The bit that GAMA is referring to where they ask the Congolese kids what they want to be when they grow up is incredible.. Touching. Their old man saying that they just have to ‘touch people’s hearts’ (it sounds corny now that I’ve written it out but) it’s so true.

  11. They want us to stop picking on bogans? But hang on, I thought they were “bogan and proud”?

    Don’t you just love how they start bawling about the illegality of this page whilst saying that they’re allowed to say racist things due to freedom of speech? If you’re allowed to say these things in public, why’s it illegal to share it with the world? Logic fail. But if you honestly believe it’s illegal, go to a lawyer – watch him laugh you out of the room, failtards.

    Newsflash – we’re not racist against white people. The colour of your skin has nothing to do with our contempt for you. Your asshat racist behaviour however, does.

    • when they try and hide behind our nonexistant freedom of speech isn’t it funny how they forget about our laws against discrimination and racial vilification?

  12. CRAIG JACKMAN – Take a look at that photo, its not like you really would expect anything intelligent or remotely acceptable to come out of the mouth of that germ. For the love of god i hope he’s steralized (what kind of woman would procreate with that animal anyway!!!), the world doesn’t need more racist, bigot, bottom feeders.

  13. I’m getting a bit worried about Australia. Despite what anyone wants you to believe, I genuinely believe racism is rising in Australia and from all backgrounds. There’s a few groups on facebook targetting white Australians that are just as disgusting as the above. Word on Western Sydney streets is that “aussie” and “leb” bogans have found common ground in hating “curries.”

    Tolerance is deteriorating…

    • It seems to me there’s got to be someone with a financial or political interest in making us hate each other more…

      Meanwhile right now on Today Tonight: “how aussies react to seeing someone in a burka”

    • I am with you there Tash. I find that racism in Australia is starting to get to the same levels as they were when Pauline Hanson was popular. I would say that Facebook has something to do this, as it allows all the ignorant idiots to have a forum to air their stupidity, but it seems to be happening in the real world too.

  14. okay so what i said was not racist at all, if the person had got the rest of what i said below it, or new the reason i got the badge people would know this, i got the idea for the badge from someone and we all started using it not because we are racist but because we don’t want people coming to Australia and disrespecting it,i have friends from other countries, i have no problem with people from other countries living in Australia as long as they follow the rules and respect it

    • Fuck you Hardon. I’ve read your comments and read the comments that you’ve ‘liked’. You’re a fuckhead racist pig and you’re worth shit.

        • “Come on cunt”? Terrible behaviour what!

          Though now I’ll have to go listen to the old Cosmic Psychos track! haha

        • Okay, so I’ll make a website about all the men that have fucked your mum. That would be pretty funny. Would you have any issue with people ‘liking’ that website, Hayden? What’s the problem, if it’s just making people laugh?

          P.S – I have no interest in returning to the page where you hang out with your dropkick friends. But here’s one of the pics we got:

          dickhead Hayden Sayers

        • haha my mums not a slut so go ahead and coons lol im partially black, i would have laughed and liked it if he had of said plane full of australians americans, black, whites, penguins,pigs, dogs , its a joke! and i think its funny and still would have if he had of said any of those other words, funny how you got that, but failed to read all the ones where i was telling people to not be racist, did you see the one where i made a muslim friend?? what about the one where i was agreeing with people, and admitted the idiocy of my first post because i worded it completely wrong?? did you see those??

        • Clearly missed the point haven’t you?

          You can deny affiliation with racists, and you can deny being a racist yourself. But the fact is, you’re an apologist for racism and not only do you find it acceptable, you find it funny.

          So fuck you. Dig a hole elsewhere.

        • ummm apologist for racism?? lol i dont dig holes im not a dog, i got better things to do like year 11, and you know its actual against the law to accuse people of things dont you? so either prove it or stop saying it

        • You are excusing, and encouraging racism. And I’m sure your headmaster would be fairly objectively minded if he saw the screenshot you’ve got yourself into.

        • You know what IS against the law, Hatyden? Racial vilification. Hate speech. You know, those posts you were liking on Facebook? Yeah, those.

        • Hayden you’re wasting your time at school if you’ve got this far and are still clearly about as smart as a shoe. Get good at digging holes, literally.

        • Hey go easy on him. He made a Muslim friend. Therefore he is now exempt of all previous and future racist sentiment.

        • lol i’m sure you know what i mean if not, go back to school, and TAB prove i am racist will ya, cause really i can’t remember saying anything racist, if you can provide truth, sure i will accept being racist fair enoughm untill then, stop saying it

        • What is it with all the youngsters of the last few days just not getting how serious this is and thinking it’s funny?

          Hayden, it’s past your bed time! Go and play with something more age appropriate, like leggo or something, and come back when you’ve grown up and can actually understand the concept of what you have been a part of.

      • I have no problem with Australians living in Australia as long as they follow the rules and respect it. Which means all xenophobes should get out – you are not wanted here.

    • You don’t want people disrespecting Australia Hayden? Let’s start with you violating Australian law and values and go from there.

  15. Hates to say it, but Melissa is completely right. Desperately wanting to become a tattooist (late 90s), I took an apprenticeship at a shop owned by the Rebels. Bikers and biker culture are pretty much as the average Joe Blow would perceive. I saw and heard some pretty messed up shit…

    **Not saying Steve Nico is a Rebel, but that is 100% a certain Rebels clubhouse in NSW**

    So smoke it Johnny Wright πŸ˜‰

  16. TAB, by that rationale, I’m going to befriend a real estate agent and claim back all rent I’ve ever paid. I like this method πŸ˜‰

  17. Fairly sure the comment by Alex Vazquez is meant to be sarcastic. Just saying, his profile pic looks asian, and he’s comment is ‘f-off you slopes’. Sounds facetious rather than racist to me. Might be worth checking that one before you tarnish the name.

  18. okay so im starting to be racist, if ima be hit with being called racist im going to make it good!!!
    Q: What’s the difference between a refugee and a pizza?
    A: A pizza can feed a family of four.
    Q: Two refugee’s jump off the top of a very tall building. Which one his the ground first?
    A: Who gives a fuck?

  19. haha well you cunts said i was racist earlier, so i went and posted racist jokes!! and spoilt fuck you, you don’t know me!! i grew up with nothing!! my stepdad fucked my life i had to earn everything, i’d love to be a spoilt rich kid!! and i actually am quiet smart actually i get 2 levels above state average in tests and shit, i just don’t like being accused of things, so i got called racist, and just was racist

  20. kim you have a good point, but i dont like being lied about, i was called racist, so i made a decision to be racist specifically so i could make my point that i was not racist before. it is a stupid theory i know, but it will work.

  21. Excuse Number 100 for Facebook Xenophobes who get caught

    ” You have taken my comment out of context”

    Excuse Number 145 for Facebook Xenophobes who get caught

    “I am a troll. I am only trolling”

    Excuse Number 231 for Facebook Xenophobes who get caught

    “We were having a joke”

    Excuse Number 50 for Facebook Xenophobes who get caught

    “Islam is not a race”

    Come on kiddies you are going to have to do much better than that. You have been caught, you made the comments, you are obviously proud of them so if you want to come on here and whine like three-year-olds then be prepared to debate, not to try and wriggle out of your offensive behaviour.

  22. Damn, I love this website. Great job TAB! I love unemployed racists. If they default on their debts and become homeless… even better. πŸ™‚

    • We could even have a competition like Masterchef for the most egregious apologetic for blatant xenophobia in the spirit of “The dog ate my homework”.

  23. Check out CRAIG JACKMAN’s facebook page… ignorant rants from a lost little boy.

    Did notice DANIELLA CAMILLO has unfriended him and deleted her comments. REGRET. u can’t hide you Stupid shit eater.

  24. Maybe he wasn’t hugged enough as a child.

    These are the words of an angry soul.
    He has NO respect from his peers. NO one likes him. NO one loves him.
    Clearly the muppets encouraging him have no spine.

  25. hi guys and girls!, so i’ve been really depressed lately and made some very stupid comments and posts.This is not a reasonable excuse,but it did make me temporarily feel better. I have only just realised how idiotic my behaviour has been, I am sorry to all i have offended, have a nice day everyone πŸ™‚

  26. The calibre of villain has seriously diminished on this site.
    From Scott’s ‘Great White Hope’ rants to this Hard-on Hayden’s dribble.
    All of you have indulged this baby and his little part black foreskin …
    I agree with Zulu- what the fuck is wrong with Lattes ?
    Try a real coffee, no one will think of you as a poofter or wog. Unless, of course, you are one or both.

  27. Scott Borrett of the Royal Australian Navy, your post about unloading a magazine at the local Aboriginal shelter has been referred to the Defence Minister, Stephen Smith in Canberra. Have a nice day.

  28. His comment that about a Muslim being born in Australia not being Australian is just plain ignorant. By his demented thinking there would be millions of Australians born by migrant parents that would not be Australian. Myself included, he can kiss my butt as far as i’m concerned.

  29. yeah its a great idea to accept heaps of chineese and indians and middle eastern muslims…. they all breed like rabbits and have no respect for our countrys culture YES WE HAVE A CULTURE… everyone else has just copied us since the industrial revolution! Don’t like it go back to your overpopulated home lands and fix them, because we don’t need them destroying our way of life, and the fine country that we built. No more immigrants.

  30. “mind made up” your comments don’t really contribute to discussion. What is your point of view and why? All you have done is call me a racist and tell me to “fuck off”. I bet if you met me in person you would probably shit your pants..

    “Racists don’t have a culture. They just have a cumulative heap of failures in life.”

    Well done, constructive comment. I am actually a productive, tax paying and law abiding Australian who is concerned about the number of migrants entering the country. A disproportionate amount of migrants are recieving welfare, not assimilating into the countries culture, and generally going against the grain of things here. That I have a concern about! Call me a racist all you like.. ..but I work hard and pay tax, and to see immigrants collecting welfare, calling ordinary Australians bogans etc really makes me question why we should be letting them in at all. Clearly there is a lot of dissatisfaction amongst the general population when it comes to immigration. Why ignore it, or call anyone who has a view opposing immigration a “racist”.

    “You’ve built nothing. Fuck off.”

    Clearly you need to give yourself an upper cut, get laid and start drinking beer instead of girly drinks.

    What about the roads you drive on everyday? All the infastructure? Was that built by these immigrants? Or was it built by Anglo saxon Australians? Some of us respect this country and the work that our relatives have put in, and do not want to lose our high standard of living because of mass immigration and overpopulation.

    • It’s all your opinion fuckhead. We think migrants positively contribute to our country and you don’t.

      So fuck off. Drink your beer and fuck your slappers. Doesn’t affect our lives at all.

    • Actually moron the heavy lifting in this country for large projects involving physical labour, like the Snowy, was done by gangs of immigrants including Eastern Europeans, Indigenous Australians, Irish, Kanaks, Greeks, Italians… They were paid low wages and suffered cruel working conditions. And shitbags like you treated them like dirt.

  31. yeah guess it is just personal opinion. I just look at western europe and scandinavia after they opened their gates to immigration…the immigrants are grossly overrepresented in violent crime. I’m very concerned Australia is going the same way. I don’t know what was wrong with just taking in a small number of migrants mostly EU and east Asians.. Now we have cultures that seem to be very at odds to our own. If you object to whats happening your automatically a racist. I’d like to see the shoe on the other foot… it’s not like westerners are trying to mass immigrate to their countries.. but thats just my opinion you obviously don’t see the problem.

  32. you’ve posted one min later lol … Mate I’m sure you know what defines Australian culture if you are living here…I m not going to list a few things just so you can so Oh they do that here and here….the point is a lot of the things we do/ invented have been adapted by other cultures hence giving the illusion that we have no culture! the british anglo countries share a similar culture… from the food we eat the language we speak our religious beliefs and strong ties to the mother country england and our queen. These things are not share or at the least respected by a lot of migrants. I’ll leave you to your anti aussi, anti racism stuff, but hopefully you can understand why there is a lot of decent aussies that oppose this..

  33. So you’re saying that if you don’t respect the government of england or the queen, you can’t be australian? so all of us who support a republic need to be deported?

    you’ve previously stated you support immigration from the eu and east asia-are you honestly telling us you think greek and italian mugrants have some reverance for the queen of england?

    Similarly, you say the language we speak define our cultyre, but also state that eu and asian migrants fit into our culture. now, i work with the elderly, and the most common languaged we need interpreters for aren’t middle eastern langiagew, they’re greek,italian, chinese and vietnamese. you’re not being consistent. and let’s not even start on aboriginal languages-are they not considered australian by you also?

    finally food. what is australian food which must be eaten in order to prove you are australian? i’m guessing a few more people would be deported on that front as well.

    Most insulting of all, rather than saying we have a unique culture, you seem to think that aussie culture is nothing more than british culture plus sun.i’m sorry but i think australia is more than that, and if you honestly belive that,maybe you should buy a sun lamp and move to england.

  34. yeah mate – Jim lol (you sound suspiciously like the guy before) I think your just a little off track.. you seem to be trying to critique me rather than focus on the topic.. best to stick to what is actually said than extrapolate out into your own interpretation.

    When did I say “that if you don’t respect the government of england or the queen, you can’t be australian” ?

    I think you will also find that I didn’t say “that EU and asian migrants fit into our culture” what I said was “I don’t know what was wrong with taking in a small number of migrants mostly EU and east Asians.” Here I am going of my own personal observation that there were relatively few problems when immigration was restricted to a SMALL number of migrants from these groups. But yes as you have branched out and interpreted I do believe that they fit into our culture bettter than other groups. Just my observation. Believe it or not I do have friends of other nationalities, people I went to school and uni with that are second generation migrants and some of them have much harsher views of the other immigrant groups than my own, but I guess its only whites that can be racists lol.

    I will also say this: the solution to these countries problems is not mass migration to western countries, it is controlling their own population for starters and making their countries better places to live for their citizens. Western countries give an enormous amount of money in foreign aid. More than any of the other countries. It is insulting when non westerners are ungreatful and do not recognise this. We also pay some of the highest taxes in the world. Just saying.. for all you bag out westerners, we give a lot to the rest of the world. I don’t see any other countries giving large amounts of money in foreign aid and opening their gates to immigration. Look at countries like Japan and China they are nearly racially homogenous. And when it comes to culture I do respect the culture of these other people, as do most others, but we here do not share their culture in Australia. In their own countries go for it! As a westerner if you go on holidays to the middle east for eg you respect their traditions. you wouldn’t go walking around in a singlet. But yet you have people who migrate here pretty much demanding that Aussies respect their culture. And telling us that our women need to cover up. Its just rediculous.

    Some people are fine with letting in thousands of migrants. I am not. If you want to be consistant about things why don’t you have a go at Japan or Korea for not letting in migrants? Or maybe China or India if they didn’t already have a population problem. Why just western countries. It hardley seems consistant.

  35. So what is your definition of Australian culture? : A land where anyone and everyone can come , collect welfare, be treated with respect, still enjoy their own culture and bag out white Aussies to boot! A fair go for everyone, if anyone objects or gets in your way of things shout racist racist.. anyone can come here, you can shout racist at all their traditions like ANZAC day laugh at them for celebrating Christmas and Easter, laugh at the cars they like to drive their beverages of choice and dress, call them bogans, make remarks about their women and generally expect Aussies to embrace us…is that in your definition.
    seriously what is your definition?? I’m not going to bother with any more comments.. good luck to you mate.

  36. Where do I meet such lovely anti bogan crowd in Brisbane ? I can hardly ever have a conversation with a local here without involving beer, sex, and footy. I want to talk about politics, science, philosophy, religion (or the lack of it) and heavens forbid that dreaded ‘C’ word which every local dreads…culture.

    • We know of a handful of good people in Brisbane and surrounds but sadly they are thin on the ground.

      You probably need to join a political party or get involved in something like GetUp or groups working for refugees and asylum seekers.

      Like the cane toad, the bogots seem to choke the life out of more benign life :/

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