59 thoughts on “Jason Rooney: “highly strung like a suiside (sic) bomber”

    • On the contrary TAB gets hundreds of submissions from people who are sick to death of reading vile racist comments on Facebook and the like.

      Keep on posting onlne crap Lukey boy. You have already sealed your fate by your posts as yet another failure lving on the fringes, a psychological misfit with the potential for criminality all racists and bigots have, shunned by decent people, the object of derision for years to come.

      What goes on the Net stays on the Net. Forever.

      • yeah, say that behind a computer screen ya net hero bastard. all you liberal wankstains know me, but i dont know you. actually, scratch that i dont really want to know you. your a waste of space.

        • you realise that attacking us for being behind a computer screen rings a bit hollow when you’ve threatened violence….from behind a computer screen.

      • i do not agree with his ideas, but i vouch for his right to say them. racism is not good, but nither is condeming a persons ideas as racist. everyone is entitled to their own honest opinion

        • If you vouch for his right to same them Luke, then shouldn’t you also vouch for the rights of the people on this website to rebuke them. after all, you are saying that we all have the right to free speech, aren’t you?

        • Racism is not and never will be “an honest opinion”.

          There are predators out there who have an “opinion” that women like to be raped and children like to be sexually abused. If you are ever unfrtunate enough to confront one of them, they, like racists, are astounded to find that their victims, along with the rest of society, vehemently disagree.

          By the way so does the law .

        • Good point, Josh.

          Absolute freedom of speech means that paedophiles can start a public support group and have a membership drive, complete with marketing and radio interviews. Is that what you want? I’m guessing, no.

        • mate, whether something is racist or not i couldnt care less, i still vouch for freedom of speech. if its racist then its not right, but nither is silencing someone’s own honest views

        • Actually, they don’t have the right to say it publicly, only privately.

          The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 forbids hate speech on several grounds. The Act makes it “unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person, or of some or all of the people in the group.”

        • How is anyone’s speech being silenced? If anything, it’s been amplified! People are free to say what they want-that’s what freedom of speech is.

          However, there a consequences to speech-always are. Or do you think people have the right to call “Fire” in a crowded theatre?

        • Luke “everyone is entitled to their own honest opinion” even those you know it is not based on facts and is against the law?

  1. Hmmm. I agree on your assessment of him but I’m also wondering what TV programme he was referring to that aired the joke on National TV.

  2. I hope the fact that he is holding a baby doesn’t mean he has bred. I often think that the dictation test should be applied to people such as Jason Rooney – if he fails in his spelling and punctuation he should be deported.

  3. Further on the lock-up incident. His friend tells him it is on film and indicates there is nothing incriminating. And just to dig himself deeper into trouble, here are a few choice quotes..

    JR:” he karate choped me first”
    JR: “its not my fault i hate em and tryed to strangel him to death”
    Douchebag’s Mate: “I thought you were about to chop his head off when you grabbed the cleaver from behind the train”
    JR: “hahaha”
    JR: ” what can i say i watched kill bill the other night”

    JR admits to a criminal act on a public internet forum, as well as an intention to kill. Should be interesting for the police and prosecutor. Keeping a screenshot of it for their benefit, if they haven’t found it already.

  4. More white trash. Just as well he was probably born here because judging by his illiteracy he wouldn’t have passed the english language test for migrants.

  5. His mobile number is on his wall…. too good to resist 😉

    I can attest that he is a skullfucked individual….


    • …aaahhh, I bunged on a stupid accent and kept asking him to guess who it was. Then, proceeded to call him ‘nug nug’ on account of his name being ‘Nug’. That became ‘Nug is a mug’, then ‘mug mug’… for all of 5 mins 🙂
      All he could say was ‘wha..?’

      I found it vaguely amusing albeit childish. Meh. Thats the way I roll.

      • Lol yal! It’s funny ^.^

        Still can’t believe that Jason Nugget Rooney has left that particular picture open to public viewing. There should be a law against people doing that stuff in public… oh wait a minute …

  6. The ‘asilum’ seekers come here ‘iligaly’ but I guess that’s what his ‘belife’ is. He doesn’t want us to ‘loose’ our identity.
    Some people are so stupid it hurts.

    • At least he’s honest. From his FB page:

      About Jason: I’m a c**t of a man

      It also says he likes men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  7. “…he disrespected me in my own sushi bar.” I can’t stop giggling at this, despite the horror of the story involved.

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