44 thoughts on ““you (sic) know you are a true Aussie when you cant (sic) stand stinking Asian wankers.”

      • Come on, she may be a floater bobbing around in the gene pool, but threatening violence? Pretty much just as bad as her comments. Fail.

      • Plus these people have a way of loosing teeth over time when they develop meth addictions and such.. All in due time Millsie

      • wow millsie don’t be jelous of a beautiful woman you are all gutless hiding behind fake names and d.p. threatening violence? how does nay of this name calling make you any better then her, and why is she a whore? because she is beautiful and showing some skin, i think people on this page may be a little bit jelous 🙂 dont worry its not your fault you were born ugly!

    • Kabdoo, you say get shiver down your spine, when you see a sticker with” Aussie Pride”why ?? you are Australian and have pride in the country as hole .. really hope your not saying that every person that has car sticker like that is Racist, surely not ???, would agree with you if had something like white Aussie Pride as that clearly would be Racist. but Aussie pride sorry I cant agree .should I look at person that has sticker with
      flag of his or her country of birth as not being true aussie at heart.

      • Barry take a look at the book of Proverbs (yes they appear in the Bible, but they were borrowed from Roman and Greek philosophy) – “Pride Cometh Before a Fall”. Pride is vanity. Aussie Pride is being vain on the basis of a historical accident that you happen to have been born in Australia.
        Not everyone who has an ‘aussie pride’ sticker is racist. But those who aren’t racist are ignorant of the racist connotations of such a statement.

  1. What an ignorant, spoiled litle piece of trash.

    You know you are a true Aussie when you can’t stand racist little brats who grew up with all the privelages of being white and middle-class and yet think they know it all.

    • Don’t forget the breathtaking arrogance! When combined with ignorance it’s a hell of a combination. Would love to follow this type of person as they age (I won’t say mature) – like the Seven Up documentary, to see if they ever learn anything.

  2. I am actually speechless. Please tell me someone is contacting both institutions about this? Actually, maybe not Macdonalds. That’s probably where she should stay.

  3. Great stuff, I hope she gets so much grief that she actually wakes up to herself, I have posted this to my facebook page a tweeted it out also.

    I did a blog on bogans last year if you want to read it, here’s a link… http://wixxy.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/pity-the-poor-bogans-sort-of/ Apologies for all the bad grammar, I’ve improved since I think.

    I love your work, please keep it up, and that shoe on SBS tonight is supposed to be brilliant, I hope i gets the attention it dserves.


  4. How on earth did that creature get into a selective high school? Where no doubt she would have encountered lots of Indian and Chinese students with fantastic work ethics.

    Regrettably, parents of talented students know that there are many time-wasting Jades of both genders in the system so often avoid sending their kids to public schools.

  5. I thought being Australian meant that you could not stand any wankers, whatever their ethnicity or background. That being the case I’m sure there are many true Aussies that can’t stand her.

  6. Interestingly I lifted this of the Maccas website.. They have loads of literature on there about this sort of thing..

    “a fair workplace
    McDonald’s is committed to providing an environment where everyone can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. We promote equal employment opportunity (EEO) to ensure that our employees enjoy a harmonious work environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

    diversity & inclusion
    As part of McDonald’s commitment to diversity, we take an inclusive and flexible approach to employment. McDonald’s enables the cultural and personal differences of our people and we value the contribution that these differences make to our business.

    We take positive steps to ensure that job satisfaction and the potential to develop in the workplace are not related to gender, age, race, colour, national origin, religious belief, marital status, sexual preference, pregnancy, family responsibilities or employment status.”

    I was gunna go through and highlight the important bits but upon further inspection I think it’s just about all relevant. Now if Maccas were serious about this at all they would kick this mole out of a job immediately. Clearly she doesn’t fit into the environment they are trying to create in their restaurants.

    • Aussie pride – why not have your status as white, dumb, bogan, skank. Get used to working at maccas, you’ve hit the glass ceiling as they say.

    • Unfortunately, as a former teen McDonald’s employee, I can say wholeheartedly that McDonald’s does not subscribe to those values it so loudly proclaims either. I was ‘not scheduled’ on the roster (so: fired) for daring to insist I get to take time off for my TEE exams in year 12. And there was constant bullying in our store – much of it egged on by the managers.

  7. slightly disturbed by the listing of Sydney Tech High – seeing as its an all-boys school….
    i have the same reaction when i see “AussiePride” just puts me on edge about them…

  8. Fair enough that its a racist comment
    but dont you think naming all these people is a bit overboard? They made stupid comments, that doesnt give you the right to then post their names and photos etc off facebook writing shit about them…
    that to me just says that you are as bad as they are…

    • They’ve posted in a public place and posted photos of themselves and used their real names so, no, it’s not overboad and no it doesn’t make TAB “as bad as they are”.

    • I don’t see your point Kit. These people are racists, they make their comments in public, and it’s a good bet they actively vilify Australians of other races. They should be named, shamed and exposed for what they are.

      Though the consequences for them in the short term may be traumatic (loss of jobs, booted out of educational institutions, etc) I think that’s what these kinds of people need to learn that Australians don’t and won’t accept their kind of immoral behaviour.

  9. You people are disgraceful. there is no word dirty enough to describe the shit that goes down on this site. This pathetic attempt to dirty the names of good Australians go beyond anything i have ever seen. you should be ashamed of yourselves, and i dont really care if you post this in ever place. Hitler had the same idea you have, degrading everyone who didnt agree with him. Like being compared to Hitler? get used to it scum bags, cause karma is gonna rape your asshole one day very soon.

    • Aren’t you a hero? Sticking up for those who publish their hatred on public forums. Oh those poor unprotected ‘good Australians’.

    • The Wombat, you have an incredibly twisted idea of what a ‘good Australian’ is if you think the people who feature on this site are indeed ‘good Australians.’ I say the vast majority of Australians would disagree with your interpretation!

    • thats the problem, no one is willing to take responsability for their actions, thats why we have the spoilt intitlement era, does mum pay for your internet connection?

  10. i wouldn’t write a comment about this girl because as what I’ve read here that she changed her name on facebook, true enough that she realized she made a mistake and made everyone knew she’s ignorant.. repost on facebook.. :0

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