16 thoughts on “Interview With a Guy who Thinks That Aids Cures Fags

  1. I followed the video to youtube to congratulate the uploader for taking a stance against racism. As it turns out, he’s antisemitic, racist and homophobic with a vendetta against a fellow racist… Well at least I can say thanks to theantibogan for showing us this fool in action. Sigh..

  2. Perhaps you maggots would care to put your real name and face to the drivel you post?Then again you wouldnt because you are spinless anti-White scum.
    The fact is that the Creativity Movement is active and growing in numbers whilst cretins like yourselves sit behind your keyboard and post crap.’Anti-bogan’ is a joke,like the rest of you leftist scum.

  3. Geez Louise :0 I’ve long wondered if ‘immigration’ had a plural? Thanks to Pat, I now know that it is ‘immigrations’!

  4. What a complete tool. He knew that everything he wanted to say was going to sound cretinous, that’s why he had so much trouble getting the words out.

  5. Haha what a complete knob – he would have more influence if he refused to do interviews. He just embarrasses himself. I love the way a question is asked…he thinks…..then stutters…..then comes out with non-sensical tripe. His views suggest an uneducated halfwit and his interviews prove it.

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