Islam Not A Race… But Islamic Women Are Ugly

Exempting themselves from any form of racism when attacking Muslims because ‘Islam is not a race’…

Yet the hypocrisy is shown (and typically missed) when John Hunton unwittingly and subconsciously refers to Islamic women as being different from Australian women in physical appearance. And when physical characteristics are pretty much the only definitive aspects separating people from around the globe, it’s obvious that John sees Muslims as being non-white. And this is after Mick Crane calls for a ‘Muslim-free Australia’ by wanting all Muslims to get onto a plane so the Government can blow it up over the ocean. (Ironic really, that Mick sees blowing people up entirely acceptable, yet probably hates Muslims based on the misconception that they like to blow people up)…

If Islam is just a religion, then Jessica Alba could be one tomorrow. And with Atheism and Islam leading the world in conversion rates, perhaps that’s not so unlikely.

72 thoughts on “Islam Not A Race… But Islamic Women Are Ugly

  1. TAB, I was about to suggest you add the names of these dimwits to the tags for this article so any prospective employers could find them but it looks like you’ve already thought of this. Good on you!

  2. The Domestic Goddess was asked to comment on the Three Stooges featured in your piece TAB.

    She said that obviously two of them are so hideous Mick Crane has to hide behind an Origin logo, and Ray Gordan (sic) behind a picture of Mr Spock. John Hunton pinched his photo back from the Wanted poster at the police station.

    Shall we send them all burqas?

    • Lol I must admit I’m guilty of having a something other then myself as my profile pic, but that’s because of what they have done with other people’s photos (go look at the discussion page). Ironically, it says on there it is a hate page, yet when I question them on it, they say both TAB and their page are hate pages. YET they can’t tell me what exactly TAB is promoting hate for.

      BTW I actually reported the above posts. Facebook has A LOT to answer for!!!

  3. Hi TAB,
    Have to say enjoyed your reply, to Ray, Mick and john specially the part where they consider it Ok to put Muslin on planes and then blow it up, yet hate Muslin because of few muslin who take it upon themself not only to blow christian but also fellow muslin up around the world.. how stupid is that talk about double standards.. as for remarks about muslin women being ugly and differant from australia women .. perhaps they are as never seen one undressed yet ?? … but have spent time in arab countries where they dont really cover up so much and I sure have seen lot beautiful arab muslin women, but by god I’ve also seen lot ugly aussie women. if he wants to make general remarks about women around the world.. do these clown ever stop to think that we also look stupid and ugly to them….
    years ago was in airport in asia , youg aussie guy asked if could help him being lived in that country at the time.. when asked what the problem was.. he said he was trying to find somebody outside the airport that was meeting him.. but the problem was he said they all look alike with black hair dark eye and tanned skin so he couldn’t find the person.. I had to laugh and my reply ..
    I said well guess what that person outside thinks the same about you as he is also looking at all of us trying to find you…. so moral of that is.. look at youself as they also look at you as being differant.

    .oohhh and liked the fact you didn’t resort to insults and foul mouth remarks… good for you Tab.. you have nice day


  4. Regardless of whether it’s racist (they refer to it as a race) at the very least it’s discrimination. Which is illegal. And immoral.

    • Right on, Zulu! I keep picturing these guys on the Titanic as it’s sinking and people are telling them to get off the sinking boat before they all die and there they are shaking their heads, standing on the tilting deck, chanting “It’s not a boat. It’s a ship!”

    • HI Zulu.. if they dont know already that muslin is not a race but a religion, how would you expect them to know its discrimination and as you said illegal by law, as for being immoral well dont know if could refer to it as that unless it sexual.

  5. The “Islam is not a race” thing is interesting to me because of how it’s spread, as a meme, among racists and general fuckwits across the country so quickly.

    I mean it’s not like the bogan really cares whether they’re vilifying a race or a religion (cf all the stuff about “curries”), it’s just something they hear on the net or from a mate and just repeat as a sort of reaffirming mantra that tells them “it’s okay, you’re allowed to vilify brown people now”.

    And there’s other memes like “Howard stopped THE BOATS” and so on. So I reckon a good way to slowly educate people about this sort of stuff would be to make and repeat memes of our own, like “it’s not illegal to seek asylum in Australia”.

    • Actually, Will, I am pretty sure it mostly comes from right wing radio announcers, like AJ et al. I know because I work/worked with some people who each morning would come in, shake their heads and complaining about “boat people” in exactly the same way, using the exact same phrases as I hear people like AJ using. It’s like the robots in “I, Robot” sitting in front of their TV’s (on Sunday mornings) or car radios every morning and getting programmed to think about a certain “issue” for the day.

      Independent thought? What’s that?

      As for your idea of creating anti racist slogans or “memes”, I like it. Let’s do it.

      Can we start with “Bogan is not a suburb.”? 🙂

    • They are not genuine asylum seekers. They are queue jumpers & bludgers. After Gillards ‘malaysian solution’ was announced your ‘asylum shoppers’ are already changing their minds.

      Australia is a , ‘chosen’ destination.

      If they were genuine, they would flee anywhere where it was safe. As the saying goes, beggars cannot be choosers.

      & yes you are correct, Islam is not a race. This is obviously far too complex for the bogans on this blog.

      The situation we have is one of the rainbow left’s own creation. & what a debacle it is.

        • How do I know this? Read my post.

          Gillard has proposed a ‘malaysian solution’.

          The asylum shoppers are re thinking their position, the people smugglers product is looking less glamorous.

          Less shoppers come: they are therefore economic illegal immigrants & are not in genuine danger.

          If they are genuine cite your sources- oh, & that wouldn’t be the Green Left weekly. Or ian rintoul. Or any other rainbow fucker.

        • Umm, you do know “the boats”, and by boats we mean people exercising their legal right to seek asylum from war and persecution, have continued arriving since that announcement right?

          It’s quite amazing how detached from reality you are from buying into all the bullshit rhetoric about stopping the boats and solutions and so on. Have you ever stopped to wonder why the hysterical obsession with “boats” when they make up less than 5% of all unauthorized arrivals?

        • People are not going to want to flee an oppressive country to arrive in a country only to be sent to another country where they’ll be tortured and incarcerated. That doesn’t mean they’ve got a better chance of surviving where they are and it won’t necessarily stop them from coming. Your generalist attitude is appalling.

      • I’m sorry, do you work for the Department of Immigration? Their figures indicate that 95% of asylum seekers are genuine refugees.

        Malaysia is not a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention 1951. If Australia is to be off limits to those seeking asylum because we will simply send them to a country where they will be incarcerated and tortured, of course they’re going to think twice about coming here. These people will live and die in poverty and oppression. And you don’t give a shit.

        • 95% so that this debacle doesn’;t look even worse for the Gillard government.
          The refugee review tribunal is stacked with human rights wankers & other do-gooders. Hand picked by the previous clown in chief: Rudd.

        • Good one, Will. It’s almost like they’e been given script, like people on helpdesks.

          Independent thought? What’s that?

        • Eh? There are people working for the Department of Immigration that were working there during the Howard years.

  6. “The misconception that Muslims like to blow people up”

    Ain’t no misconception buddy.

    Can I get some of that weed you’ve been smoking?

    Must have been Ronald McDonald.

    • Have you ever been personally harmed or even threatened by anyone of Muslim faith (aside from Conlon on ACA)? What are you people so frightened of?

    • Timothy McVeigh?

      All I have to do is illustrate that there are Muslims who don’t like blowing people up and your argument fails, as you do so often.

  7. Keep repeating the racist word over & over TAB.

    Because soon it’ll be like the boy who shouted wolf.

    No one will take any notice.

  8. “And when physical characteristics are pretty much the only definitive aspects separating people from around the globe”

    You are a first class fuckwit.

    What about cultural differences. Religious differences?

    You would be hung under sharia law. Fuck off.

    • Oh yes, a baby has culture and religion ingrained at birth. If I’m a first class fuckwit, you’re the pilot.

      THE ONLY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RACES ARE PHYSICAL. Everything else is taught or learned.

      • This country is not importing babies pal.

        You are importing adults pre programed with religion & culture- with Isalm being an incompatible & hostile ideology.

        • Don’t like multicultural Australia?

          Then leave – the gene pool and average national intelligence level would be far better without racists and bigots.

        • Josh what if we were to appropriate the racist memes/slogans like “Aussie Pride” by changing them subtlely?

          “Multicultural Aussie Pride”
          “Multicultural Australia: Love it or Leave it”
          I’m sure we can think of more.

        • This site is the work, of tunnel vision leftists who continue to ignore the anti Jewish racism of the Australian greens.

          Specifically; that of Fiona Byrne in Marrickville.

        • I don’t like leftist fucktards who opine about poor widdle Muslims.

          If you don’t like opposition fuck off to Islamostan.

          You are a racist & a bigot, as i see no condemnation of racism in the Australian Greens, nor anti Australian racism in the Australian media.

        • Nobody here is pining about Muslims. We are defending their right to freedom of religion. And opposing discrimination on the basis of their religion.

          If you don’t like secularity, fuck off to Pakistan.

        • Freedom of religion, umm does that include sharia? because that is a legit. part of their religion.

          Ikbet Patel in Vic. has recently been shilling for it.

        • TAB: “Everything else is taught or learned.” Hence, a baby that grows up in Australia, surrounded by Australians, going to school in Australia and living the Australian way of life is Australian – even if it has dark skin.

          In regards to the incompatibility of Muslims in Australia, you do realise that they’ve been here for over a decade, and that there are 350,000 of them here right now, living peacefully and abiding by our laws and customs, right?

        • I’m living proof of your above statement. I’m Asian- but my behaviour and manner of speech is generally Australian. I can even do a bogan impersonation- and get away with it.

        • Actully Muslims have been recorded here since the First Fleet and there is evidence of extensive trade and cultural contact with Indigenous people over centuries.

          There are a small number of Torres Strait Islanders and Top End Aboriginal people who are Muslims, and not recent converts either. Some of their descendant are now converts to Christianity but have Muslim names.

          Isn’t it ironic tht Islam seems to be an “indigenous” religion, along with better-known traditional Indigenous spiritual beliefs.

        • Abiding by our laws? Really?

          Surely you jest.

          No, sharia is the goal, & that is not the law here.

        • Your ideologoy seems pretty hostile to mainstream Australia’s multiculturalism.

          Oh an Islam is about as innately hostile as Judaism and Christianity. The fundamentals are pretty similar.

        • Well go to the top of the class.
          Mainstream Australia never voted for ‘multiculturalism’, it has been forced on the country by successive academic & political ideologue marxist leftist bottom dwelling scum.

          The fundamentals are similar? Is that right? That’s why Christians have been going around trying to blow stuff up, or been saying that women who are raped are asking for it because they are not wrapped up like kewpie dolls; ah la, cat meat Hilaly’s exhortations. Or going around saying it is OK to ‘lightly’ beat their womenfolk. ( All based on the ‘perfect’ book, the Koran of course.)

          What is your point?

  9. Oh by the way,

    many thanks to the fuckwits of the left for attending the ADL: protest in Melbourne.
    & all your free publicity.

    Well done & keep up the good work.

    This is just the start. 🙂

  10. Grant, is your arse jealous of the crap you are spouting? Seriously, Islam may not be a race, but it still does not give people the right to ridicule the Islamic people for their beliefs, looks and culture. I am sick to death of morons like yourself doing so.

    • If you look at what these bogans fear (and it’s definitely fear), it’s not the religion per se. The issues they have with Islam may seem on the surface to be the ideology and it’s practice. However, these are just convenient masks for the true reasons which are simply that those who practice it are different, and that by not assimilating (as opposed to integrating, which I believe is a good thing) they are essentially saying they reject the bogan’s way of life. This is seen as a threat by the bogan, even though in reality it just means that the Muslim chooses to live a different lifestyle to them (including looking different, as if this is something we choose 🙂 ). Thus, using the “you’re either with us or against us” logic, they go on the attack.

      It’s textbook response based on insecurity.

      So, for all intents and purposes of this argument, YES, Islam is a race.

      Now that we’ve put that to rest, we can stop talking about semantics and get onto the real issue:

      Why are bogans so afraid of people who are not like them?

    • This is a democracy. Grow up.

      What are you suggesting? That we legislate so that poor widdle Muslims aren’t offended about hard questions directed at their beliefs?

      This is the standard of your contributors here is it TAB?

      No one is exempt from being ridiculed or offended. I’m making legitimate claims about the authenticity of asylum shoppers here.
      That includes Muslims & Islam: an ideology worse than either Nazism or communism. The ideology cannot be separated from its adherants.

      And there are serious isssues with the theological & supremicist nature of this cult.

      .If the ideology was legitimate it would be able to stand on it’s own merits which it can’t.
      I don’t hear you bawling about the vitriol directed at Christianity, on a daily basis. So piss off bigot.

      & stop defending religious Nazis.

      • Hey Buddy,
        I’m a Muslim and I can tell you that Islam is not dented one iota by your comments. I actually enjoy reading your posts. They say far more about the validity of your claims than I could ever do by rebutting them.

        I can’t speak for Siobhan but it seems she hit a nerve with you, so you’ve gotten all defensive and nasty. Do you have an issue with women or just people with higher intellect than you?

        • Nah, not Muslim (all though the discussion page on FB are under the impression that I’m a Muslim “illegal immigrant” lol). Just sick to death of people judging others on their beliefs, race or culture.

        • Hi Siobhan,
          That wasn’t what I meant. Muslim, non-Muslim, Male or female I think people should be treated with respect. I didn’t want to be presumptuous by defending you in case you didn’t feel you needed defending. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

          As for you being an illegal immigrant…lol. Not at you but at the language.

          Funny how this war is being fought with language. One man’s illegal immigrant is another man’s legitimate refugee. The latter man is abiding by international law, the former is in denial of international law. The ironic thing is that the former is often the first one to call for greater law and order. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

        • I laughed because Dad’s side of the family was on the third fleet and Mum’s immigrated from New Zealand. They just like to make assumptions, Facebook has a lot to answer for for allowing them to spread rumours like they do.

        • Good to see you hanging out with your leftist dhimmi enablers.

          Didn’t see that coming. Not at all.

          Due to the fact that muslims indulge in all manner of first cousin marriage & other inbreeding, I don’t face any intellectual threat from Muslims- the state of the Islamic world speaks for itself.

          Sheik Hilaly? LOL, still hasn’t been sacked. Perhaps you’d like to explain why?
          I don’t have an issue with Siobhan, but shucks, thanks for asking. i have an issue with her BS

        • Too bad about Sheik Mansour Leghai though eh.?

          I got all misty over that. Such a loss to Australia. With death threats from his sons, as well. but, only doing the bidding of the prophet, eh? Deal “harshly with them” was it? Is that how it goes? Who led the example of the ‘perfect ‘ life. LOL.

          Hopefully you will soon follow, along with Hilaly & all the other Muslim invaders.

      • Gosh I am amazed that a lttle over 1% of the population can fill an Internet zero like Grant with such fear and loathing.

        Maybe he’s scared of those Muslamic Rayguns the Erectile Dysfunction Losers bang on about.

        Someone like Grunt is sure to find someone else to hate once the media-driven furore over Muslims subsides because someone like Grunt always needs to hate.

        So far in the last 200 years Australian racists and bigots who think like old Grunty-boy have managed to target in chronological order:

        Aboriginal people, Catholics, Irish, Jews, Chinese, Turks, Germans, Jewish refugees from Europe, refugees from the old Soviet countries, Southern Europeans, Pacific Islanders, refugees and asylum seekers from South East Asia, refugees and asylum seekers from the Balkans, Lebanese (both Christian and Muslim), Africans, Indian students, Muslims generally…

        Now let me see Grunt, I believe we are due to get some Burmese refugees soon. Burmese are South Asians so you will probably find an excuse to hate them. Most Burmese are Buddhists and Buddhist monks invented the main martial arts schools. Be afraid.


      • “The ideology cannot be separated from its adherants (sic)”.

        Therein lies the fallacy. It can be, just like how the “rapture” fiasco can be separated from Christians.

  11. Pretty sure the Burka is part of their religion you twit. Just like having a Bible, or wearing a crucifixtion cross around your neck.

    Quite frankly, you are nothing but fools for basing your ENTIRE argument on a STEREOTYPE. You are just generalizing the entire race of Islam based on the work of Al Qaeda, and on the events they have ensued, e.g. 9/11, Bali Bombings, etc. Just things that a group of people did, but no, you must condemn an entire race.

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