45 thoughts on ““Aids Cures Fags!” says Patrick O’Sullivan

    • That’s logic.
      Logic never worked with religion.
      How come no one has put a bullet in this douche’s head yet? 😦

    • Yeah, and by this logic, if you think about it, non-drug taking monogomas lesbians are God’s chosen people.
      Go Figure.

  1. Irony: a group of men that all cut their hair the same as each other, have girls cut their hair to look like boys (which they also dress like). They even join gangs just to be closer to other boys that do this kind of stuff…. So who is homosexual?

    Ironic fact: in the 80’s AIDS had s higher prevalence amongst neo-nazis than gays. Although data these days is harder to obtain, due to bashings related to HIV infections amongst members of their groups.

  2. Can’t remember, was that shot taken before or after Patty was in the slammer?

    Isn’t it also ironic how the self-described Ubermenschen always look like Untermenschen.

  3. You know, I’m pretty sure that retarded slogan at the end of his posts stands for “racial holy war”. Sounds like he’s inciting terrorism if you ask me…

  4. The irony of this? There was a news report about how employers look at people’s Facebook profiles to get the gist of their attitude etc. Hmmm…

  5. Some of you guys might be too young to remember this, but…..

    Is that ‘Ferret and Michelle’ in the front row?

  6. I remember this fuckhead from the Herald Sun years ago. Got jailed for assault or something. Makes me sick. Wish he was locked up longer rather than spewing his hatred all over Melbourne/FB

  7. Viruses don’t know what sexual orientation someone is. And homophobic Mr O’Sullivan conveniantly ignores that in a number of countries (for example South Africa) most people with HIV/AIDS do not contract it from sexual with people of the same sex.

  8. I think the photo was taken before he went to jail for stabbing another nazi who suggested that Reverend Patrick’s heritage didn’t quite qualify him for the master race. Patrick’s punishment is to live his life; he is a sad figure treated as a joke by all who come across him. A couple of years ago, at least, he was forced to live in a homeless shelter – I think he’s still there. I’m not saying this just because I don’t like his kind, but I’m pretty sure he has some form of brain damage from the beatings he has received over the years. Just listen to the guy talk. RAHOWA, eh? http://youtu.be/XhGr2nEU9RY

    • You are still trawling the net like some cyber perv Lumpen?How about you crawl out from behind your keyboard into the real world and say your petty slander in person?Homeless shelter?Stabbing another Nazi ,beatings etc?You still havent grown out of telling petty malicious gossip from your primary school days you fucking clown.It appears you’re the one with the brain damage.

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  10. TBF, my comment could be qualified better. The “nazi” the good reverend stabbed had been out of the scene for a while, but not so out that he wasn’t at the same party. “Homeless shelter” was applied in the generic sense: state-funded group housing for men with profound personal problems. No shame in that, except in his actions while there.
    Why can’t he apply his innate powers of creativity to himself? His calls for people to identify themselves is a pathetic dodge of the substance of what they say. Funny, considering his entire activism consists of ‘anonymous’ stickering and grafitti (protip: when you are a group of one, people know it’s you). At least Hitler had the courage to end it when his life had no further hope. Unfortunately, Rev Pat doesn’t have the insight required to make that assessment.

  11. Hello Hitler

    A few things:

    1) It’s spelt “fag”, but they more commonly prefer gay. Just like how ‘dykes’ prefer lesbian.
    2) It’s spelt product. On this topic, I’m pretty sure you can not buy or sell homosexuals.
    3) “Sudanese niggers”?? What are you? A lyncher in the Confederate Army? South American hick? Stop living in the past.
    4) I personally agree with the label “FILTH” … just a shame you have not evaluated yourself and realised who the real filth is.

  12. I agree with this blokes views. Maybe we should put all the Muslims and guys in 1 giant Mosque and light the joint on fire.

    Follow me on twitter my views can be read there as most of what i say is blocked here.

  13. Grant Dempsey
    Simon Dinsburg
    Pat O’Sullivan
    Troy (from Dingley)
    Malcolm (from Brisbane)
    And Nicky

  14. Bellamy had some go in her and a looker to boot, so too was Alita and Mandy. Dinsberg turned into a rat along with O’Sullivan. The last I heard was Dane Sweetman bashed five shades of shit out of him out the front of Patrick’s doss house in Fitzroy some years ago. Pat likes to talk it up big but when push comes to shove he buckles hard and for talking to the cops and dropping names to them he got battered and left unconscious on the footpath.

  15. You are nothing but a Hep-C ridden disease pit Patrick. Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you post some pics of your race mixed kid that you are not allowed to see? For someone who espouses White Power through your one man sticker campaign it is interesting that you chose to breed with someone of a brownish skin colour. Your life is a joke, you are a joke. Are you still chasing Christine, the woman who wants nothing to do with you? Just because she sucked your dick does not make you married to her….still you got her name tatted on your leg like a fool.
    You are a rat bye the way, you lagged a few skins in the early 90’s for an assault on two [racial epithet edited] and a white woman. A joke and a race traitor!

    • Im unsubscribing from this thread as it encourages dogs like ‘Wulgar’ to post warped slander,idle threats and cowardly attacks on children.

  16. Ratrick is Natures Eternal fucktard, you fail on every level. Salubrious living? You drink alcohol, you do drugs, you shag prostitutes, ponce fags for a living….all not allowed in your own “religious credo” yet you seem to put all that aside and have the audacity to call others out for what they do. Let’s see, Saturday night would consist of you pulling on your clown gear, prancing on over to Bada Bings in Johnston Str, Collingwood the Asian whore palace where you have a “frequent fucker’s card.”
    Then you would be out to the pubs, not all pubs because you are banned from most, and not the Birmingham as you were bashed by a little sheila in there,,cracked your head open with a billiard ball as I recall. Then, after slobbering your way through a few pots ( you are a two-pot screamer, ) and ear bashing some brain dead tosser with anecdotes of White Power and Christine, you will crawl back to your doss house and slither into an empty bed wreaking of urine and clutch at dreams of a time when
    a woman, any woman, will have you and your minions will fall at your feet. News flash! it’s never gonna happen, who in their right mind would have a skitzoaffective mini-Fuhrer in their life. Oh wait, there was one or two, Pauline the Mod was a nice girl until you and Trapper raped her, then there is the “mud-person” you chose to have a child with and who now wants nothing to do with you. Doing great, Natures Finest….finest coward and piece of shit low life. I heard a rumor you shared a cell inside with a well known bummer named Benny Williams who is a murderer and even he kicked you out because of your extreme lack of hygiene.
    You know me, my real name is Wulfgar, I purchased several books and posters from you years ago. My wife bought two flags from you, we were at your Creator Day 2008 where you attempted to extol the virtues of Julian Knight….? Like that idiot deserves a second chance at building a better White society considering he murdered several of them. Are you going to attempt to stand over me for your flags etc. because there is nothing I would enjoy more than watching your ears bleed as I stomp on your ugly, piss ravaged face.

    • ‘Wulfgar’?I have never known anyone by that name.Then again you would want not to post your real name with ranting slander you are posting.Posting pathetic internet threats and bizarre shit that appears to posted by someone on some serious drugs.
      You’re a rodent,that’s quite clear but you are also a lying coward with some petty spitefulness issues.
      There’s no real point replying to shit anymore.It’s attention seeking by you.You run along back to your kid porn and don’t bother posting anymore of your shit.You are an insect hiding behind a false name,sicko lies and a computer screen.Die slow and do the world a favour.
      By the way ‘mindmadeup’ (mind warp) you are a fucking nitwit too.

  17. Throwing insults and slander at people’s children is the act of an utter dog.If some lowlife wants to throw lies and slander about me, so what?When it comes to people attacking children and/or family members then there’s a line crossed.It appears thats OK with the admin of this page.
    This ‘Wulgar’ maggot is obviously some warped freak that has mental/drug/lack of a backbone issues.This page is merely indulging this sick freak by allowing attacks on peoples families.

  18. Run along and have a shower you chat, we can smell your stench from here. You are an easy get you wanker, always the keyboard commando. Bad Machine hey, more like bad dog! Are you still on the Stelazine? Don’t like it when it comes back at you do you you little rat. You know for someone who cannot fight you have a big mouth but what I know about you is that you are as tough as custard and three times as yellow.
    Now toddle off and go play sticker boss and careful not to run out of credit talking to your non-existent girlfriend.

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