“fuck (sic) towl (sic) heads!!”

Why is always about ‘stink’ when it comes to Indians? So white Aussies don’t sweat? Never smell like rancid B.O? Never drop their guts on the train, or on the couch? Never belch out a winning tune? Some Indians stink like shit and some don’t. It’s no reason to send them all back to their own country, especially when the majority come to our country to study like maniacs and work like machines.

And what’s this about taking our jobs? It’s getting ridiculous. Firstly, if James Harrison wanted to drive a cab, he could quite easily get a job doing so this very week.


9 thoughts on ““fuck (sic) towl (sic) heads!!”

  1. While I am glad to see Bronwyn Hamlyn outed on the internet, I kind of feel like the image of her child should be hidden.

    • Yeah agree although it does add a sick sort of paradox,only hope this gorgeous kid grows up to have some sense, I see a few slammed doors and major rebellion for Bronwyn in the future (yeah I still have some faith in humanity, naive maybe! But I sincerely hope not)

  2. Perhaps we should pack off the likes of James Harrison to India to drive a taxi, earn just enough money to apply for an Aussie Uni, come over, study hard, work part-time and graduate with above average credentials and then perhaps I’d love to hear his opinion.

  3. I find it hilarious that they would complain about there being too many Indian taxi drivers. Um could it be that no Aussie wants to be one? Hmmm…

      • It’s the same with the health industry. I’ve had numerous clients say to me that there are too many foreigners caring for them. My response is always that without the foreigners, there would be no one to look after them. I do understand how frustrating it must be to be old and frail and have a foreigner who can’t speak very good English come into your house to shower you etc, but unfortunately, most Aussies would rather do FIFO work and earn big bucks, not a measly $20 an hour.

        • Talking about the Health Industry, a big player, Ramsey Health, actively seeks out new migrants.

          Not to be a ‘nice company’, more to do with easily controlled, non union and poorly paid employees. Honestly, slave labour by any other name.


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