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  1. When Ben inevtiably tries a vanity search on Google, will a link to this page come up? Will it help if I enter “Ben Carver, you are an embarrassment to the country, your parents and yourself”?

    Ben Carver Ben Carver Ben Carver Ben Carver Ben Carver Ben Carver Ben Carver Ben Carver Ben Carver

  2. Let me get this straight…immigrants and asylum seekers come here and “take our jobs”, yet they also steal our welfare? Can’t have it both ways people!

    • Gosh both at once? My, they are clever devils! Imagine, the path to a golden financial future is actually a couple of hundred dollars a week from Centrelink! Wht was I thinking of, attending uni for years and working hard bulding a business!

      I’m still waiting to be told by these foamheads exactly what jobs the immigrants and asylum seekers have “stolen”.

      Now let me see – it is obvious that the racists posting here are all highly qualified and experienced GPs and nurses right? It is obvious that all the racists posting here are all highly qualified IT workers with university qualifications in software engineering, programming and networking right? It is obvious that the racists posting here will go to remote areas, live in camps away from family and friends and do dirty jobs in the mining sector right? It is obvious that the racists posting here are all hard workers who will take dirty, sometimes dangerous jobs like cleaning, abbatoir work and trolley collection right?

      Don’t think so. All the racists want to do is to whinge and carry on about their “entitlements”, despite the fact that they’re not interested in getting off their arses, training for all these jobs they like to pretend they have lost and presenting themselves as the sort of employee someone would be glad to hire and retain.

    • Yes, that’s what we do. We cheat centrelink by having babies and working. That’s the only reason us immigrants come here, for the jobs. And the welfare. Oh and your men/women. Although I strongly suspect that the ignoramus that is Ben Carver doesn’t have a problem with the 25000 british immigrants that come here every year, just the more tanned ones.

  3. I don’t like the word intelligence – because it’s not really measurable and your usage suggests that there are people out there with “less intelligence” than some arbitrary thing who are likely to be racist.

    Racism is often found with those who have lower levels of education, conservative outlooks, or no exposure to people from other cultures. I’ve often found that with education and exposure, many people who were mildly racist stop being so (I tend not to hang out with people who are rabidly racist).

    So, please stop using an ablest term like “intelligence” to refer to a range of socio-economic factors which lead to racism. It further isolates those who are non-neurotypical (anyone with mental illness, brain injuries or other mental disability) and suggests that you also think that they have a greater chance of being racist.

    • People with psychiatric or neurological disabilities, or those who are neuroatypical such as people on the autism spectrum are seldom if ever found amongst the ranks of the racists.

      Perhaps it is because they themselves are often discriminated against by the same sort of thoughtless idiots who use skin colour or dress or religious belief to bully and intimidate others.

    • People with a mental condition or illness etc have an illness or condition. There intellect is not affected. For example a person with autism is not unintelligent. However our poor example of humanity exhibited above is most certainly unintelligent. By saying that racist are from lower socio-economic areas you’re guilty of stereotyping. It’s very easy to find racists in well off areas. Like private schools which have only white students by “pure chance”.

      • Very well said Zulu.

        Let us not fall under an illusion that racists only exist in lower socio-economic areas.

        Rich bogans are usually a little bit more cunning in their racism, however, a racist is racist.

        • I’d say that rich racists aren’t as overt as those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. If they directly insult someone they’ll use ‘fuck’ less often (if at all).
          That kind of thing.

        • I had a friend whose folks were originally from India. She used to work as a checkout chick at Target in Malvern, one of Melbourne’s leafy and affluent inner-Eastern suburbs. She told me once how one day two nicely dressed old ladies went to the checkout to pay for their stuff when one of the ladies said to the other one, “Don’t go there, we don’t want to be served by the nigger.”

          As for the mentally ill not being racist… this is a generalisation. I was waiting for a tram once, sitting near a woman who had an obvious mental illness. She was having conversation with an imaginary person. A young Asian lady went to sit next to her and the mentally ill woman started to scream abuse at her and pushed her off the seat saying “No. Not you. Go away.” over and over. She had no qualms about me sitting next to her, just not the Asian lady.

        • Idiocy and ignorance know no boundaries. Like a plague except it doesn’t kill you and there aren’t any charities trying to stop it.

    • As someone from a low SES background, I can’t disagree more if I tried. I mean sure, education will help those who are inherently racist, but I know a plethora of people (including my mum) who aren’t the most educated and don’t have a racist bone in their body.

      • Exactly. Being racist is a choice. It can also be a symptom of psychological problems.

        Then again not all people with psychological disorders are racist – in fact very few are. But I would say there’s a good chance that all racists have a psychological disorder.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      With all due respect I have to disagree with most of what you said.

      “I don’t like the word intelligence – because it’s not really measurable and your usage suggests that there are people out there with “less intelligence” than some arbitrary thing who are likely to be racist.”

      Intelligence is actually measurable. I’m not talking about the IQ tests you find for free on the Internet or the spam e-mails you receive asking to click on a link to find out your IQ. There are neuropsychological tests to measure many aspects of brain functionality, cognitive abilities etc. They use them to monitor recovery of patients with traumatic or otherwise acquired bran injuries. Results of Neuropsychological assessments do stand in a court of law, hence they are quite valid measurements. They are quite complex than the ones you see on the Internet where you do math & matching pictures etc.

      And yes. there are people out there with “less intelligence”. This is a fact, just like some people are taller or shorter than others.

      “Racism is often found with those who have lower levels of education, conservative outlooks, or no exposure to people from other cultures. I’ve often found that with education and exposure, many people who were mildly racist stop being so”

      Conservative isn’t racist. I don’t understand how being conservative is in any way shape or form racist.
      Exposure & education can correct misconceptions & prove popular prejudices to be wrong.

      “So, please stop using an ablest term like “intelligence” to refer to a range of socio-economic factors which lead to racism.”

      It’s not true though. Socio economic factors are not what lead to racism. If you are implying that lower socio economic factors lead to racism, may be you find racism prevalent amongst them due to lack of education & exposure, but not because their socio economic status. I have witnessed the complete opposite of this. I have come across people that are quite well off economically & have had a decent enough education yet to be racist, in fact very racist. Only difference I saw between them and the moron on this post is that they could write better English than Ben here & were quite closeted in their racist views. These are people with law degrees & even post graduate theology degrees etc. I wonder what socio economic factors lead to make some one with a law degree & traveled (only to white countries) a white supremacist? What about popular examples such as John Howard, Tony Abbott etc? educated. rich. 😐

      “It further isolates those who are non-neurotypical (anyone with mental illness, brain injuries or other mental disability) and suggests that you also think that they have a greater chance of being racist.”

      Unfortunately the above mentioned have difficulties in learning, reasoning etc. So it is comparatively harder to explain to them. That is why people with brain injuries can sometimes be very violent. This is an unfortunate fact.

      People with mental conditions or illnesses can have hindered cognitive abilities thus hindering the ability for one to rationalise & explain things to them. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re racist, but if they are it can be harder to educate them.
      Like zulu said there are well off racists, they aren’t as overt. I call them closeted racists.
      I have read an article on this blog linking racism with lower intelligence, I can’t find it now. But that was a comprehensive study worth reading Rebecca.

    • Rebecca.. what pleasure it was to read your remarks and how true.. sometime people who think they are far better educated and can use great grammer etc are not always as smart as they think … anybody who make the comment anybody of lower intelligance then themself are more likely to be racist, should be careful they are not also bordering on a form of racism again’st all of the people you outlined…

      I myself know a guy who can hardly read due to learning problem, but yet show him a house plan and he has no trouble building that house, how he able to do that is beyond me, but he is one great trademan and doesn’t have one racist bone in his body…

      this website has its good point, but to make comments about a person education and intelligance does not bring credit to author of this website ..

      • A learning problem is not indicitove of intelligence. All it indicates is that the individual has a learning problem. That your friend can build houses with great skill indicates that he is actually very intelligent. Dyslexia (for example) has no bearing on a persons overall intellect. It simply affects the connection a person makes between spoken an written language.

        Basically a learning disability is separate to intelligence.

        • Zulu,

          Yes agree with you, it just gets up my noses and offend me when people who have degree etc have the opinion that anybody that doesn’t have high education is not intelligent…. my remark about friend was purely to pointout the fact that he has this problem and i’m very sure this day and age kids with the same problem can recieve the required help….. as for these clowns that come out with all there racist remark, well to be honest just dont have the time to waste on them, its just pity
          we cant put them on plane so they can experience life in the real world.

        • Sure we can. We can find some old soviet junker and send it on a remote controlled one way trip.
          I vote Somalia. Should be educational.

        • Hey barry f,

          I feel like I have wasted 15 mins of my life writing that rather lengthy reply to Rebecca, you have just gone right past it without even noticing it 😦 or may be you just see what you want to see 🙂

          Human brain has a very complex functionality structure & science is still discovering/learning new things about it.
          Different parts/sections of the brain do different things, behaved differently etc etc hence the likes of the guy that you mentioned.
          For example my cousin is born partially deaf, hence he isn’t most up to date with news, new scientific discoveries or Hollywood gossip. He didn’t even finish year 12. But he is a brilliant graphics designer. I don’t think any less of him & he definitely isn’t a racist. I know the guy well enough, we grew up together and he is only 5 months younger. Intelligence isn’t measured on one aspect of brain functionality, He can read, write & draw perfectly doesn’t mean he is a genius. He isn’t great at scientific theories etc. But you can see the guy isn’t a complete moron. He may fall a bit short on an IQ test, fall short of linguistic abilities. Also it is harder to explain things to him.
          I don’t think an academic degree is directly related to a higher intelligence. It only gives you information related to a certain area and tests your ability to retain the information and apply it. I know many people with double, triple ,post-grad degrees & I would still consider them to be of a lower intelligence (idiots) 🙂
          I guess you don’t have a degree? because if you did you will know straight away that it won’t make you any smarter 🙂
          I don’t agree with Rebecca that when it comes to intelligence that we are all the same, that in fact is not true, so many researches out there will suggest otherwise.
          For example just because I have a degree I will never be the same as Prof Stephen Hawkings or Dr. Richard Dawkins. I may even obtain the same academic qualifications as they are but I will not be a match. I know this about me 🙂
          I don’t like “people who have degree etc have the opinion that anybody that doesn’t have high education is not intelligent” either. What about people who were denied the opportunity or access to higher education?
          So yeah.. end of my rant 🙂

  4. Hi m – Dawg,
    no your not correct, yes i did read your reply to Rebecca and dont have a problem with your reply. I totally agree with the reply that you wrote…. in no way do consider you where Ranting in your reply to me
    as you put forward very strong points as research truly support that.. I really dont think was agreeing that we all have the same intelligent ?? as that truly is not the case, as you said research support that..
    have to say your reply was most enjoyable to read based on facts, also had good laugh at two parts of your reply….. one you make mention of double, triple, post-grad and couldn’t agree more, along with the last part of your reply , yes you are correct I do not hold a degree, as you said many people where denied that opportunity because of funds, not like today , what do have is degree in life experiences.
    Thank you, as was pleasure to read your reply, specially you made no insulting or foul remarks that in itself is something that other people on and this website should take note , .

    Cheers and have great week

    • Hi Barry f(ail),

      Those who hold (and proclaim) negative, generalist opinions about people from foreign backgrounds and cultures based on the mindless actions of a few are void of any intelligence.

      It’s not rational or reasonable to hate all based on the actions of a few. That’s fearmongering stereotyping.

  5. Hi TAB,

    OK, so what your point of your reply ???
    Read very good reply from M- Dawg to comments I wrote to another person, which he backed up with good facts and without using insulting or foul remarks as her or she does not allow themself to come down to thatt kind of level…..
    just let me refer you to your own words,,… its’ not rational or reasonable to hate all based on the actions of a few… now have read many of your remarks to some of these clown via this website, where you show hate and dislike to other,, but worst of all you allow yourself to come down to that level, by using insults and foul remarks to back-up your views, which is not required as you are clearly well educated.
    . now for people that have racist views regardless of level of education or intelligence will not change that view regardless of how much research etc you put before them…

    . Now I enjoy reading this website when read facts etc, as for those foul mounth and clowns that write on the website about being true Australian, well just not going to waste time, you may wish too , but not going to feed those chook with insults and reply , when clearly going to be waste of my time…. I will only make a comment when people share a viewpoint that has some meret and does not find the need to insult etc… ok
    have no intention of getting into debate with you, as I respect your views and the way you respond to those that show racism, who viewpoint you cannot change, if you feel you need to insult or answer them in foul manner, then pleased for you.

    You have great day, cheers

    • Hi (B)arry (F),

      The admin of this website have zero tolerance for racists and sexists. And after you’ve described your generalist views on Muslims AND stood up for that jerk David Harrison, we have no tolerance for you.

      ‘You have great day’ too.

  6. Hi TAB
    Like said wasn’t going to enter into debate with you.. but think we need to clear-up two points for a few of your readers who comments,I’ve read on range of matter that have enjoyed reading who put valued points forward on other matters .
    Firstly my views on muslims or any other culture or for that matter gender has nothing to do with racism, as far as I’m concerned anybody that treats women as second class or for that matter treat children as property etc,regardless where they are in the world,, that include australia and those educated people that also think that they far better qualified in this world.
    then I also have degree of zero torerance as your website has for those that you think or who are racist, but differance between you and myself, I dont always think my opinion is corrrect.. neither do i resort to insult and foul mouth replies Etc, regardless of what the other person has written….
    I have yet to be able to walk on water, only know of one person that i’ve read that has done that until now… perhaps you are second person that can..
    Why you say I defended David Harrison, is little bit overboard, yes made comment about illegal people not muslin as you put it, to be honest couldn’t careless if they where australian, not thats possible … note… please lets not go into illegal points anymore
    as I except what the australian government and courts decide is illegal. .

    .Take note and so should those that read this, i wrote that email to you on a one on one bases, not to your website because I’m not racist, you should have respected that email, it wasn’t written to your website, does it concern me you wanted to score points and spread and add to the hate thats people have of anything they dont think is australian ??

    yes it does concern me … which will become more dangerous ??.. people who try to force there believes opinions via websites and media or those that spread racism and hate because of culture background that they cannot except.
    That email was to do , mainly with my anger to the fact he brough up he was veteran and perhaps that was the view of veterans along with his ??? which is not the case and plus your reply to him with few remarks you made which I believe was uncalled for offended me…. his remark and opinion should have been his and his alone, the same as your remarks back should have been addressed to him and him alone in my opinion… that is still my opinion whether you like it or not.. … so if you want to fly off the handle with insult and foul language be my guest .
    enclosing, let just refer back to what you said before… its not rational or reasonable to hate all based on the action of a few …. so suggest you take that onboard, as you wrote it.


  7. Barry, wth? If you think that Muslims treat women as second class, then how can you explain the fact that I am a Muslim woman, and no Muslim man has ever disrepected me? In fact, all the men that have treated me as second class happened to be bogans.

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