Watch the racists get kicked out of Federation Square here, and here, and here.

And of course, this LOLfest… Oh and here he goes again! Whoa ho ha ha ha!

And see if you can spot Marg Lennon at the very end of this video of the ADL – completely surrounded by antifa anti-racists!

And here we have Paul Guru D’Fence… Claiming that the ADL had 100 turn up. You watch the videos and you let us know if you see more than 20.

The rally was organised by Martin Brennan, a migrant from England, who ironically struggles with conventional English grammar.

And here is a list of people who said they were coming… (whether or not they actually fronted is another story):

But like all rallies organised by the likes of Martin Brennan, Darrin Hodges, Nicholas Folkes etc, it was completely swamped by anti-fascists and anti-racists outnumbering with at least a 5:1 ratio. In fact, the day ended when the ADL clowns had enough and walked home, completely overpowered by the majority of right-minded, decent Australians.


139 thoughts on “ANOTHER FAIL

  1. Anglo-Catholic is High Anglican – the Catholic wing of the Anglican Church (the other wing being “Low Church” or Evangelical. It has an emphasis on ritual and ceremony similar to that of the Church of Rome.

    The Anglicans in Australia actually tend towards High Church with the exception of the Sydney Archdiocese which is Evangelical in outlook (Low Church)

    Rather odd to find an Anglo-Catholic who has embraced neo-Nazism since many Anglo-Catholics have been great supporters of the Left of the Labor Party over the years. Poor lad is obviously sadly misguided. I pray he does not take Holy Orders – he’d be a disaster as a priest.

  2. Wait-Marg Lennon is real? She’s already told me she’s really a man who likes to wear a burqa to avoid drink driving charges.

    Also-to the guy wearing “We speak fucking English” t-shirt…your t-shirt is made in china. Iv’e seen it for sale at my local Chinese import store. Say what you will about the Chinese-but they can make money out of anything-even your own ignorant racism!

    Also, it’s a little shallow I know, but here we have further proof that the “master race” are all pretty ugly!

  3. I just don’t get it when they trot out the “islam is not a race so how can it be racism?” line. It’s like telling an abused kid they misspelt pedophilia. Lame. Lame. Lame.

    • U need to think a bit more outside the square!
      How can a religion be a race? If I said that I hate Catholics, Mormons or Salvation Army, Buddhists etc,
      would that make me a racist too?
      Since when is a religion a race? And don’t tell me about Jews! Jews is the race (Semitic) & Judaism is the religion – there are many Jews who don’t practice, same as many Christians who don’t go to church.

      So U wanna know – how is a religion a race?
      There are 1.5 BILLION Muslims in the world – 220 Million Indonesian, 167 Million in Pakistan (Indo-Aryan),410 Million Arab (Semitic), 74 Million Iran (Aryan) 75 Million Turkey (Turkic), 300+ Million African (Hamitic/Nilo Hamitic)…
      doing my research I just didn’t see where Islam was mentioned as a race.

      I’dve also thought that stopping people from speaking is anti-Democratic – fascist – or does free speech only work one way?

        • Oh, name calling now? How intellectual, I’m completely under-whelmed.
          Perhaps you’d better check out what a phobia actually is – an irrational fear – e.g. Hydrophobia – an irrational fear of water.
          The word “Islamophobia” was actually invented by a Muslim, what a surprise!
          It is thrown around as soon as someone says something negative about Islam – much like “racist” is – just to shut people up & stop them from criticizing Islam – poor dears.
          So let’s not talk about how Sunni Muslims happily kill Shi’a Muslims because they are apostate & how Shi’a Muslims return the favor – that would be racist & Islamophobic wouldn’t it?
          Meanwhile let’s feel free to criticize all other religions because they’re fair game & who cares if we hurt their feelings, that wouldn’t be racist, Christianophobic, Buddhistophobic etc would it?
          But criticizing Islam is somehow racist & Islamophobic – hypocrisy much?
          Fitzroy North isn’t called Farrugia North for nothing & while you’re at it go for a walk in Auburn & Lakemba in Sydney.
          If you can save enough money from your dole payments, fly over to Paris & take a gentle stroll through St Etienne,hike over to Antwerp in Belgium or Malmo in Sweden.

          Better still, as I told someone else on this page, get yourself an education about Islam – Google it & go on PRO – Islamic sites, read & listen to what real life Islamic scholars write & speak about Islam, I doubt you should be able to handle the truth.

          I was forced to face the truth when my ex-husband wanted our then 4 yo daughter to be circumcised (Female Genital Mutilation) & yes it is STILL widely practiced here in Melbourne & kept hush-hush even though it is child abuse – mustn’t offend the Muslims, that would be racist & Islamophobic even though a child’s life is in danger!
          Oh? You didn’t know about FGM? Like I said, get an education – I dare you!

        • Okay, let’s look at irrational fears.

          * Burqas hide bombs? How many bank hold-ups have been committed in Australia using burqas?
          * Sunni vs Shiite Muslims killing each other? Muslims have been in Australia for over 100 years, yet where is your evidence of these continued struggles? Where are the brazen murders in Australia taking place between Sunni and Shiite?
          * The Q’uran tells Muslims to kill non-believers and homosexuals? There are over 300,000 Muslims in Australia. If each of them were misinterpreting and following the Q’uran as closely as you, surely they’d have all killed us by now. But how many of the 300,000 have been locked up for murder? Hmm?
          * Auburn and Lakemba are unsafe? I walk the streets there often. Got the best tailor made dress there. Cost me $25 and it’s lasted me ages. Crime rates pertaining to Bankstown are lower than the state’s average – and dropping.
          * Muslims mutilate their childrens’ genitalia? Please find evidence that over 300,000 Australian Muslims are engaged in this practice.

          Cigarettes, cars, alcohol and MEN kill over 2 million people in Australia each year. Why aren’t you calling for bans on those things? Those would be rational fears.

        • “:Fitzroy North isn’t called Farrugia North for nothing ”

          Who calls it that? You just made that up! I live in Fitzroy, have so for over 5 years and have never ever heard it referred to as anything other that Fitzroy North! Yes we have a lot of Muslims in this area, we also have a lot of Christians and Buddhists too!

          What’s wrong with Fitzroy North? I walk there every dya, have often worked there, and haven’t seen any problems at all. You seem to suggest it’s a terrible place where you will be killed-it’s actually a lovely little suburb, nice libraries, bars-I had an end of year do at Glitch bar a few years back. And for a suburb which, you seem to suggest, is ruled by Muslims, there’s a lot of drinking!

          “It is thrown around as soon as someone says something negative about Islam – much like “racist” is – just to shut people up & stop them from criticizing Islam – poor dears.”

          Kinda like how you pretend to be a Muslim to silence people, isn’t it Marg? Still claiming to be a vietnam vet, a novellist and a volunteer to ten different organisations before bed time?

          “So let’s not talk about how Sunni Muslims happily kill Shi’a Muslims because they are apostate & how Shi’a Muslims return the favor – that would be racist & Islamophobic wouldn’t it?”

          How many of these murders have occurred in Australia? Give us specific crime numbers please.

          And hey, here’s a good idea, rather than just say “Go and find all the proof of all the stuff I’m saying for me” like you always do Marg, how about you provide these pro-Islamic websites that declare a plan to destroy the world. Because we know that otherwise people will say “I say this website and that website and I saw nothing of what you say” and you’ll respond “But those aren’t REALLY pro-Islamic websites”

          You have proof. Then display it. Otherwise, go back to panicking about men dressing up in Burqas. Like you do. \

          “yes it is STILL widely practiced here in Melbourne & kept hush-hush even though it is child abuse – mustn’t offend the Muslims, that would be racist & Islamophobic even though a child’s life is in danger!”

          Well that’s just stupid. I’ve worked with social workers who have protected a child from FGM. They do not ignore it. They challenge it. It’s not a common occurrence, because it doesn’t happen much, but there is not a case of Children being ignored because of their religion.

          “Oh? You didn’t know about FGM? Like I said, get an education – I dare you!”

          Go on. Show us this proof of widespread Islamic FGM practices. Go ahead and prove it.

          OR, if you are going to say “I don’t need proof. You need to prove the things I say” then I’m just going to presume you have no proof, nothing to back up your belief, and that you have made this all up.

        • Farrugia? If you are attempting to slur people of Arabic-speaking origin, Farrugia is a Maltese name and last time I looked Maltese are overwhelmingly Roman Catholics and speak Maltese.

          So congratulations for attempting to defame two ethnic groups in the one statement. You are an idiot.

          Racists and bigots are all idiots and their mental health needs to be called into question. Now that statement is factual.

      • “If I said that I hate Catholics, Mormons or Salvation Army, Buddhists etc,
        would that make me a racist too?”

        No. But it would make you discriminatory and highly prejudiced, thus justifying your appearance on this site.

        The reason Islam is linked to racism is many of the broad haters of all followers of the former, particularly in the political field, tend to had all non-whites as well. Such as the APP, AFP, One Nation-hell, can you find me one political party that objects to Islam and DOESN’T in turn, hate all non-white people as well?

        “And don’t tell me about Jews! Jews is the race (Semitic) & Judaism is the religion – there are many Jews who don’t practice, same as many Christians who don’t go to church.”

        Wait-you say religion isn’t the same as a race, then compare Judaism (Which does has a bloodline dating back centuries) to Christians who don’t go to Church (Who are of all types and shapes). I think you’re confused.

        “I’dve also thought that stopping people from speaking is anti-Democratic – fascist – or does free speech only work one way?”

        How is anyone’s right to free speech being prevented? The ADL had a rally. The Antifa had a rally. The latter had more members, and therefore were louder and gained more attention than the former. The end.

        You want more attention-get more members! Be the majority. If the majority of Australians passionately supported the ADL, then you wouldn’t be complaining about opponents silencing the ADL-you would be silencing the Antifa just by the basis of your large presence.

  4. Well this Mitchell Porter fellow is apparently a theological student at Trinity College, so he is in training for the priesthood. He may even be a member of the diaconate.

    As a deacon he would be empowered to perform baptisms, to preach, to assist the priest at Holy Communion, to celebrate marriages and to perform chaplaincy and CRE services to local schools.

    As an Anglican in good standing, I would argue that he is not a fit and proper person to be a church minister.

    Bishop Parkes of the Wangaratta Diocese, his diocesan Bishop, is a former barrister so will be well acquainted with provisions of Victorian law in regards to public expression of racism and bigotry.

    • I go to Anglican “high church” services sometimes and am pleased to say that the priest regularly preaches for love kindness and tolerance to people of all faiths and races etc. This guy had no chance 🙂

  5. I think you lot are a bunch of f**kwits! You think you’re so smart and that you know everything! Try living in the islamic culture, see how long you last! I was one of the lucky ones able to escape!

    • Try living in the Australian multicultural culture, where the majority of people treat each other equally and don’t discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability. Yes, that includes the majority of Australian Muslims.

        • Poor widdle Fascists. Did the naughty antifa say mean things to you? Diddums.

          And tell Martin Brennan to fuck off, we’re full.

        • No, the socialists didn’t say anything to me. They just proved that they are like other socialist parties.
          National Socialist German Workers Party
          Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
          People’s Republic of China

          Wouldn’t you agree?

        • What exactly did the anti-fascists do to the ADL? You had a rally, they had a rally. The latter was better attended, and thus could make more noise, and get more attention.

          If you are going to argue that the anti-fascists should have been quiet because thE ADL was there, I hope you would give them the same courtesy by not using any noise-making equipment. Whoops-you did!

          If you are going to argue that the anti-fascists should not have been there at all because the ADL was having a rally, then you are objecting to their right to protest.

          Their right, just like yours, is part of our rights in this democracy. They just happen to have more support and better organisation than you.

    • Members of my family lived quite happily in a Muslim country for some time. President Barack Obama spent some years in Indonesia when his mother remarried an Indonesian man, and went to a Catholic school with many Muslim students.

      If you are referring to a domestic situation which went sour it happens all the time in Australia with white Anglos. Just read stories like this It seems never a week goes by that we don’t get these stories.

      It’s all about men wanting to control women. Nothing to do with race or religion.

  6. I laughed at the photo of ‘Paul Guru D’fence’ eating his cake. Looks like he’d tucked into a pie beforehand (given the empty sauce packet). At least he has a diet coke to wash them both down with.

    Racist dumbarse.

  7. No worries Mel! I had a ball. We can’t let those ADL clowns think they represent a majority of Australians. They’re a bigoted minority!

    The feeling there was overwhelmingly bright in my opinion. The smiles on the faces of some young, Muslim women watching on said it all.

    • Somehow I think you’re wrong. Have you read letters to the editor in the Herald on 2 stories they ran? One was yesterday – Muslims want to introduce a “moderate Sharia law” & today – they want taxpayers to fund more Halal butchers & Islamic schools.
      The replies were OVERWHELMINGLY against anything to further Islam or Muslims – many replies were along the lines of ” If Muslims don’t like how things are in Australia, then why did they come here? They should feel free to go back where they came from.”
      or this ” Greeks,Italians,Chinese,Vietnamese etc came here & didn’t demand Australians to adapt to their culture & preferences, so why should Australians have to adapt to Muslims culture?”

      As an Ex-Muslim, how could I disagree with those sentiments?

      • “Muslims want to introduce a “moderate Sharia law””

        Excuse me, but I wasn’t aware of any journalists interviewing 300,000 Australian Muslims to find out what they all want.

      • “The Government will invest $16 million of additional recurrent funding for Australia’sOrthodox Jewish dayschools…..(recognising) the unique circumstances and special needs of Orthodox Jewish Day schools. ”

        “Since its inception in 1905, the Sydney Beth Din has been recognised as one of the pre-eminent rabbinic courts in the world. It serves Jewish communities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia as a forum for obtaining Jewish divorces, converting to Judaism, confirming personal status and adjudicating disputes stemming from divorce, business and community issues.”

        Sharia law is retarded, but it doesn’t change the fact that News only writes the headline “Muslims try to introduce sharia law” to get bogans to read only the headline and start screaming comments (i.e. generating more page views for $$$)

      • Religious schools should be self-funded not tax-payer funded! Furthermore, if you knew what was being taught inside Islamic schools about infidels then I doubt very much if you’d want them at all – just sayin’ from personal experience, but feel free to find out the hard way.

        If you really want to find out about Islam & I doubt that you really do, then just Google “Islam” & go on PRO – Islamic sites, DO NOT go on anti-Islamic sites.
        Then straight from the Imams you will find the teachings from the Quran & the Hadiths – in fact here is a link to one of the most widely respected translations of the Quran:
        Get yourself an education about Islam & remember – go on PRO-Islamic sites, you’ll get the truth not Al-Taqiyya.
        Oh, you don’t know what Al-Taqiyya is? It is Arabic for “Lying to further the cause of Allah” – or deliberate deception, but that’s another story you won’t want to know about.

        • Funny there isn’t a single google result in the world for the surname “Al-Qadawy”. And the only people who ever talk about taqqiya are anti-Muslim nuts like Robert Spencer and fans.

          Starting to wonder if you really are an “ex Muslim”

        • Yes I have problems with the name as well. The root “qada” pertains to “judge” or “judgement” but the suffix doesn’t make sense. Or so my Lebanese mate says.

          It doesn’t make sense in Masri either.

          Of course if it is Mad Marg then it does make sense – to her. nd a better surname choice would be “قمامة” 🙂

          A typical troll response too to assume the bloggers here are unemployed. Not true. It serves to make people battling with their own self-image as our enemies do feel superior.

        • سلمى آل القذافي Well Magnum PI this is my name in Arabic & it is how I Anglicised it – may not be to your liking but it is to mine.
          Feel better now? And IF you’ve got brains enough to get it translated, the you should be able to figure out why I Anglicised it that way.

          Glad you took time out from Job Search to try & Google me up,
          must’ve been a slow day in Job Searchville.

        • Speaking of Google, I can throw things into a translator as well, troll doll:

          كنت القزم سلمى، وسيئة واحدة في ذلك.

          P.S – We’re not banning you, you’re too much fun. Besides, you’d just run back to your Facebook circle-jerk friends and whinge about how we terminated your ‘free speech’. LOL

        • Salma – have you been inside an Islamic school in Australia? All educational facilities in Australia need to teach to the syllabus outlined by the Board of Studies or other relevant state-based education departments. What this means is that Islamic schools are teaching exactly what public schools and Catholic schools and private schools are teaching, plus religious education with an emphasis on Islam.

        • I’m not talking about the syllabus – I’m talking about the Religious Instruction in Arabic.
          I speak fluent Arabic & went to a Madras in Greenacre & know full well what’s said in them.
          When YOU speak fluent Arabic let me know,then I’ll get you a niqab so you can disguise yourself & listen in on the religious instruction & find out if I’ve been lying to you.
          I wouldn’t recommend a burqa, because they know that a woman in a burqa is far more suppressed than one in a niqab & would not ask many questions.

        • Well I AM talking about the syllabus, as it’s mandatory that all religious education facilities teach to it.

          Click to access studies-religion-st6-syl-from2010.pdf

          Studies of religion specific in nature are allocated around 3-4 hours per week only, while subjects like English and Mathematics require 4.7 – 5 hours per week each. And that’s on top of the other Key Learning Areas including PDHPE, HSIE, Creative Arts, Science and Technology etc.

          Now, if all mosques and Islamic schools are teaching Muslims to kill us all and take over the country, how come there are literally hundreds of community multifaith action groups in existence all around Australia, often co-created and co-managed by Muslim women, that preach the concept of respecting people and not discriminating on the basis of religion?

        • It;’s Marg Lennon. I recognise her language anywhere. The stuff about “I’ve seen the hate speech in madrases” “I go undercover in the mosque or madras to find the truth” Most of all the mention of “I’m a former Muslim” without any mention of what made them a former Muslim-just like it’s their answer to all questions, like “I’m a former Muslim-so you can’t question me!”

          But hey, I could be wrong. So, Salma, please tell us about your Muslim upbringing. Were you born a Muslim, or converted? What made you change your beliefs?

          Still wearing burqas so police won’t pull you over for drink driving? Not at all feeling guilty about that-thinking you’re putitng the life of yourself and others at risk?

          Still wanting to throw bacon in a public pool, and thinking that’s your legal right as an Australian?

          Still going from saying “I’m a woman” to “I’m a man wearing a burqa” and declaring all religious followers to be idiots (So aorund 70% of Australia!).

        • I think that most of us are more than adequately able to educate ourselves without guidance from you Salma.

          Furthermore we are not interested in taking any “guidance” from racist bigots or their supporters.

          The current wave of hate has much in common with the hysteria about Asian immigrants first raised at the end of the 19th Century by the Bulletin (complete with racist cartoons and lurid tales of opium dens and white girls sold into sexual slavery) then its latter-day reincarnation stirred up by Pauline Hanson and her disreputable bunch of handlers. We were told by these intellectual giants that there was going to be an outbreak of Asian gangs, that Triads would rule the streets etc etc .

          So far none of this has happened.

  8. Steven Hawking was quoted the other day saying “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark”

    Mitchell Porter.. You’ll rot in the ground like the rest of us.. You don’t get to go to some all white games arcade in the sky..

  9. What the hell is wrong with you people? The people you are slandering have just as much right to speak out as you do.

    How dare you. Who do you people think you are throwing ignorant personal slurs at your opposition?

    You say your opposition are Fascists however you used force to silence them….

      • So you justify the use of Intimidation, threats of violence and personal slander as acceptable consequences?

        • You racists and bigots do that all the time. You racists and bigots threaten family members of anti-racist activists.

          Don’t be surprised when your targets turn on you…oh wait, you aren’t used to that are you? Facing a bunch of determined antifa isn’t like jeering at Muslim women from the safety of your cars, or making anonymous prank calls, or posting defamatory crap on Facebook.

          You’ve been labouring under the delusion that your opponents are wimps. Well think again.

        • Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

          “The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

          “Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

          “What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?”

          “How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

          “And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

          “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

          “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.”

          “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

        • BINGO!

          Ben’s a white exceptionalist/supremacist people!


          Now how did we miss that one? 😉

        • In your opinion i’m a white supremacist, your just saying that because i’m white and I have an opinion that differs to yours. I like how instead of discussing the matters raised you revert to name calling.

          How very enlightened of you…

        • Do you not have any opinions or your own, or do you just google all your beliefs?

          “Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.””

          Straw man argument. Please tell me anyone who says this (What exactly?) is a race problem, and can be solved by flooding the third world into white countries.

          It is, instead, a realisation that we need migrants to fill jobs, and migrants of all backgrounds want to come here; and there are people the world over that need and deserve our protection, and we, by being a well-off country, have earned the responsibility to assist.

          We don’t have a grand desire to turn the whole world brown. You only want white babies-then only have children with white partners-no one will complain here. There is no grand plan to interfere with anyone’s life. We are just reflecting the reality of the world in which we live.

          You want an all white Australia-it will never ever happen. We have always been a country of different races, and different cultures, since the first boat landed at botany bay. Multiculturalism is not an ideology, but a realisation of the truth-there have always been multiple cultures here, and nothing less than a genocide will stop there being multiple cultures in the future. You can accept this, or you can start denying the truth. Which do you choose?

        • I’ve read exactly that somewhere else, I think it was Scott Pengelly who posted that. So neither of you were even original or capable of forming your own opinion or argument.
          (I thought Scott actually made that shit up, but now I see how foolish I was 😦 )

          I wouldn’t bother addressing each & every point in that diatribe you copied from somewhere, but I would also say that you are a white supremacists.

          Not name calling, it’s just who you are, sooner you accept the better & easier it is and I am saying this with no knowledge of who you are. So for all I know you could be black or pink or even a unicorn. Still the fact remains what you have posted simply is what a white supremacist would say. 😐

        • Then you are consciously participating in the actions you are protesting against. Can you not see this?

        • Threats of violence? Where?

          Personal slander? Where?

          Because if you’re going to say “You can’t put public messages people put on public facebook forums on a website”-you really don’t know the meaning of public. Putting something on a public facebook forum is comparable to shouting it in the middle of the street, and gives you the same amount of privacy.

          Also, while we’re at it, if the beliefs are a-okay, and something to be proud of, why would anyone complain about their comments being put here? If they are not okay, and something to be ashamed of, shouldn’t we be complaining that the people made these comments in the first place, not that they have had them publicised?

          Give you an example. I’ve had my comments put on this website twice. I never complained, and I don’t at all mind, because they’re statements I agree with (Mainly criticisms of APP), and things I’m quite happy to continue to support publically.

        • Never. But me and another TAB admin were at the rally. The overwhelming majority of anti-ADL protesters didn’t do any of that.

      • “You have the right to speak out

        But no right to be free from the consequences of doing so”

        By that logic then by using violence against the ADL to shut them up, that means that you yourself also have no right to be free from the consequences of the violence that was perpetrated against those ADL people or do you have a double standard?
        Rank hypocrite comes to mind…

        • They didn’t have to walk away when a fair mob of was it “Socialist Alliance?” people were pushing hard against the police & other security staff & then police reinforcements were called?
          About 10 of these people were dragged away by the police,don’t know if any arrests but I don’t suppose they were invited for a cup of tea.
          So why would these people be dragged away?
          If everything was as peaceful as you say, why were the police being pushed against & reinforcements called? How’s that for logic?
          I’m sure there must be videos on Youtube showing all of that, but then I know what I saw from 15- 20 metres away & the Buddhists weren’t impressed with the socialists behaviour – wish everyone was as peaceful as them!
          Denial of the truth doesn’t change the truth.

        • Police were present as there were around 150 humans + 20 ADL dropkicks staging simultaneous oppositional rallies side by side. The police presence would have been strong regardless of whether any violence occurred. Police are present at peaceful protests, as well as at fail protests like this:


          Three or four police for five protesters! That’s without anti-APP protesters too!

          And Buddhists were less impressed with pro-religious freedom protesters than they were with Islamaphobes calling for the deportation/genocide of all Muslims? Hmm..

    • 1. They have the right to their “free speech” (which we have found denies the rights of their targets to their free speech).

      2. We have the inalienable right to not listen and to send them up relentlessly.

      3. No force was used in the humiliation of the ADL (still haven’t worked out which ADL it was. Maybe there’s one per loser?) No arrests were made. No one was shot dead (a plus in Victoria)

      4. No Muslamic Rayguns were spotted. 😀

      • Josh, if this is the case then how would you feel if I plastered your personal information and photo’s all over the internet for people to comment on?

        If this is not a problem then please spread it around.

        • *photos

          Go hard sunshine, since I have no info on the Internet you could possibly use. However I am sure I could find a great deal on you if I was bothered.

        • Hey-I have had two photos of mine turn up on this site. And I’ve no problem with it. I’m proud of the comments I made, and I still support them.

          You seem to think the antibogan is hacking into people’s websites to get secret photos. They’re not. They’re going into publically available forums and facebook pages to get these comments.

          Listen very carefully to this-putting something in public in facebook entitles anyone to view it. If anyone can view it, it therefore has no privacy. If there is no privacy, then how can antibogan be violating someone’s privacy by putting their comments and images here. You wouldn’t say a newpaper should ignore a comment someone screamed in the middle of a crowd of 1,000 people-well facebook is a community of a few million people, and if you are happy to reveal your views and images to those million, then how can you protest when a couple of extra hundred, via this website, have a look as well.

          I repeat, and it’s a question I’ve asked to many people-if you are proud of the comments made, then why are you angry at them being republished here? After all, if you hate Islam and see it as a major threat to the world, surely you’d be proud to have your picture here-showing that no matter what happens in the future, you stood against the largely imagined menace, and represented Australia.

          But if you are ashamed about what you believe, or what you have stated on facebook, then maybe you should start thinking twice before you comment. Because Anti-bogan didn’t make anyone say racist, homophobic or stupid things-people have to take responsibility for their own comments.

          Do you agree? Or do you believe that people should have no responsibility for their own beliefs and comments?

        • You will note that Josh understands how to keep certain things to himself, and how to operate in the social networking sphere.

      • “NO FORCE WAS USED?” – which Federation Square were you at?
        So I didn’t see 10 or so people dragged away by the police?
        And the Police reinforcements that came was to enjoy a latte or perhaps a vegan dish from the Buddhist Festival?
        But I guess lying is second nature to you.

        BTW, me being an EX-Muslim from Egypt, I still haven’t figured out how Islam or Muslim is a race!
        I have friends who are Catholic but I abhor the Catholic Church – does that make me racist?

      • Was it the Australian Defense League or the Defense League of Australia? lol

        The only thing dumbass white supremacists hate more than brown people is each other.

        • I agree. White supremacism is lunacy. No race is superior than others. However every race has the right to exist. Wouldn’t you agree?

        • Absolutely. Now….how exactly are races being threatened?

          Even if race existed, which is doubtful. Most social sciences see racial differences as largely determined by society, not biology. But, y’know, never mind. Back to your threat of non-existence.

    • Yes, and we were louder. Because their views are in the minority.
      Do you know what fascism means?

      Oh and don’t start crying about personal slurs like it doesn’t go both ways shitface.

  10. Awesome Mel, I can’t believe the ignorance of Aussies either and this group is another one promoting something they don’t have any knowledge with. The majority will stand up soon

  11. What right do you have to show private pictures of people standing up for their rights? Would you like your private photos and information shown to the world because we don’t agree with you? This is a serious breach of privacy and I really hope the consequences are worth it. Karma will get you. Ignorant fools

    • We actually have every right to photograph someone out in public and put it up on the world wide web.. Hell Ele, have you ever read a news paper? If you are arguing that people quiet so fucking ugly should never be photographed then you make a more valid point. Your friend Paul for instance looks like he is about to devour that poor Asian lady. I worry about what the next picture in that sequence looked like.

      I hope we can one day expose you as the redneck you are Ele. Get off that Karma train quick!! If it worked like it’s supposed to you’d have been cleaned up by a bus by now.

    • “What right do you have to show private pictures of people standing up for their rights? ”

      None. Thankfully these are public photos on a public website. If you have put them on a public profile in Facebook, you have allowed many millions of people access to them. How then can they be private?

      It’s just like if you put your picture on a telegraph pole in the middle of swanston street, then get angry that some of the thousand people who walk past start to look at it!

      “Would you like your private photos and information shown to the world because we don’t agree with you?”

      Well, my picture was put on a leftie’s suk website because I disagree with them. But only my profile pic. Because I don’t want them harrassing my friends and family, so have put my profile as private.

      Private profile-that’s the difference! Anything I put in a public space, such as forum comments, I am more than happy for you to replicate wherever you want!

      ” This is a serious breach of privacy and I really hope the consequences are worth it. Karma will get you. Ignorant fools”

      Again, how can you say this is a breach of privacy when it is on a public website?

      And, the question I ask all complainers-if you are proud of these comments and beliefs, how can you be mad that a website is linking you to them? Surely you should be proud to be a defender of Australia against Islam?

      If, alternatively, you are ashamed of your beliefs, perhaps you shouldn’t have them! Take responsibility for your own actions! Facebook is not your mother!

    • Every right. Ever read a newspaper? And are you aware of how many of your inbred friends have posted the exact same photos and videos?

    • Jealous because they knocked you back?

      You know you actually have to be in employment and show some evidence of savings to get a bank loan, whether you are Muslim, Christian or Jedi.

      People who spend working hours rushing to the defence of a tiny bunch of xenophobes are obviously not gainfully employed.

      • Ha, that is good. A person who obviously has not been out of australia calling others xenophobes. Best go back to that girlfriend of yours, leave the discussions to the adults.

        Cheers bro.

        • Every time you post Ben I am more and more convinced you are a fool.

          I frequently travel abroad, unlike the Fascists who rely on lurid hate sites for their “information” about other countries and cultures, and if the truth be known seldom leave their suburbs and the comfort of their favourite tabloids and shock jocks.

        • Coming from the guy on an anti-racism (anti-white) forum with a fascist picture as his avatar……

      • Since you claim anti Islamists are racists. Would it also be ok if NAB started an “African Friendly” loans scheme?

        • That doesn’t even make sense.

          But if there was a substantial market to be opened by nominally restructuring the way in which a product is sold to a large group of consumers from a given African tradition (there’s thousands of cultures in Africa but I wouldn’t expect you to know that, lol) then yeah that’d be fine as long as consumers from outside that African tradition also had that product open to them.

          Nothing in the article linked appears to say otherwise about the Islamic finance products but I doubt you had the brains to read past the first line (just like Murdoch wants, be VERY afraid THE ISLAMS ARE COMING).

        • My apologies, I was referring to the “anti islamists are racists” slogans, implying that islam is a racial group.

          Now, I wasn’t referring to the article, in fact that article is over 1 year old. I was making the statement that as soon as you offer something to one group (in this case moslems) for any reason being racial, cultural, religious etc you will undoubtably find people who are opposed to it. Labeling those who are opposed as Racists is easy. Addressing the concerns they have is not.

          Also, screaming that you opposition are Fascists, while using fascist tactics to silence them is inherently hypocritical.

          You are a self-righteous hypocrite.

        • I’m sure Will S is totally gutted by your disapproval Ben. After all you have already proven your intellectual bona fides by coming onto an anti-racist blog and bellowing your support for a bunch of bedraggled xenophobic losers.

          Is that right Will?

          😀 😉

        • Rallying against a rally = freedom of speech.

          Using intimidation to stop a rally = Fascism.

        • Gee, shucks Ben.. Did we intimidate you? But we never meant to.

          How do you think a Muslim family would have felt if they had been unlucky enough to have their eyes and ears violated by you vile, racist fucks? It’s one thing to protest against a legitimate concern or threat to your being but straight making shit up and taking to the streets to preach hate is unacceptable and borderline illegal.

    • It’s Muslim-friendly loans, you dolt. Non-Muslims can still apply. And these loans charge no interest. Since Judaism and Christianity forbid usury, these loans can also be described as Jew-friendly and Christian-friendly. Read a book sometime.

    • “The loans would also be available to non-Muslims.”

      So no it is not discriminating against other Australians. Way to read the article

      • Come on, AM, let’s be fair. We can’t expect these people to read things. They’re too busy being scared that Walled Ali, host of SBS’s the late session, and periodical Richmond mascot, is destroying the world.

    • If you have a problem with Islamic Loans (which are essentially the same as Hire-Purchase agreements) you better start protesting outside Mr Rentals and Radio Rentals.

  12. Salma al-Qadawy is a moron. al-Qadawy is definitely not an Arabic surname. This Salma is such a fail, she probably meant something like al-Qaradawy.

  13. Oh my fucking God. One of those people who said they were going has the same name as my cousin. Don’t know if it’s him or not as I haven’t seen him for about 20 years, although it would not surprise me as his parents and his brother are loud mouthed bigots. However I always thought Adam was more intelligent that them. Shows how wrong I can be.

    • Those people? They are the same people as you and me. You are no better than the people you protest against…..

      • They are not the same as we are. They live in the same country, have/had the same opportunities and in many cases earn a damn sight more money than we do. But they might as well be ETs for all that they have in common with us.

        Don’t give me any crap about how their relative “disadvantage” has led them to their attitudes blah blah blah. Bullshit!

        The most disadvantaged and unfairly treated people in this country are Indigenous people, yet they are not out in the streets trashing Muslims and refugees. They know damn well who is responsible for the theft of their culture and country – and it’s represented by the same lot who are now vilifying Muslims and refugees.

        • I was standing side by side with some Aboriginal women at the rally. What you said about them being the most disadvantaged and unfairly treated people in the country is true Josh, I thought it was amazing to see them showing their support behind this cause.

          We definitely are not the same Ben! I want all the detention centers closed but I could be swayed to keep them open under the condition that the ADL be housed there indefinitely.

      • Indeed we are. Anyone with tolerance and respect for people’s religious beliefs and race is better then racist scum like the ADL.

  14. Not really related to the post, but I had a good laugh at that picture of Paul the Pig scoffing down plates of cake, while drinking a Coke Zero. Must be a half-arsed attempt to watch his calories??

    • Funny you mention that. There is a new body of scientific research suggesting that artificial sweeteners may actually cause weight gain. The breaking of the link between level of sweetness and calories have the effect of confusing the digestive system. Paul is simply relying on the low-calorie nature of Coke Zero fooling his system into thinking sweetness is not linked to high calories.

      good article

  15. In all seriousness guys. After more of a look around your blog I agree, most of these people DESERVE to be named and shamed. But you’re way off the mark here with Mitch.

    This is a personal squabble between him and Evan that has been blown way out of proportion.

    Please, if you have any common sense remove the images, and stop deleting my comments if you support free speech so much.

    • Hi Adam,

      Person squabbles aside, Mitch is an outspoken, antagonistic supporter of the ADL, and a person who is supposed to be preaching to the masses about tolerance and love for all.
      His public and completely hypocritical comments will remain published.


      • Then lets hope that all of them stay:

        “haha 1) im not a member. 2) The rally wasnt about skin colour, so now who’s the ignorant one 3) Jesus still loves you. 4) Explain please how using superior numbers of people, screaming ‘F@#k of Nazi’s’ into the faces of women and children and police is ok? Also explain please why the ‘hippies’ seemed to find it completley ok to use physical violence against a peaceful protest? Freedom of speech mate, clearly something you dont believe in.”

        Mitch – From the same thread, the bit you so nicely left out, I’m sure in the name of freedom of speech.

        There’s 2 sides to every story.

        Good on you for keeping up the proud socialist tradition of being all about the one-liner headline catching chants. Mitch is antagonistic to everyone about everything. I find it makes debates with him interesting.

        Then again, you guys aren’t about the debate, or even the conversation. You’re all about the one liners and silencing those who you disagree with unless they’re saying something that makes you guys look like the victims.

        I suppose this post isn’t all that important anyway, my only hope is that the few people reading it don’t make the same snap judgments you people have.

        Peace out

        • Hi Adam,

          You don’t become a ‘member’ of the Australian Defense Force, but by being present in their crowd at a rally they’ve organised, after joining their Facebook page, you become a staunch supporter.
          Any supporter of the ADL deserves ridicule – that’s OUR freedom of speech. By screenshotting Mitch’s admittance that he supports the ADL enough to attend their rallies – THAT’s all the screenshot we need to justify our opposition to him. The fact that he’s a wannabe minister (in training) makes the story all the more intriguing.

          Note: If Mitch is so into debating, why does he have your sorry arse here fighting his battles for him?

          Go fuck yourself Adam. Your biased views against socialists and antifa is as hypocritical as your label for us.

        • That’s the thing, you call me hypocritical yet how many of my posts did you delete before I actually got a response from you?

          3 from memory (but it may have been 2).

          But a couple of other points:

          1 – Mitch never stated he supported them. He stated he’d rather have them as friends than those who do not support free speech and won’t allow others that right. Read your screencaps, and the rest of the convo

          2 – You include a comment at the end of your screenshot that makes it all feel like his mates have known this all along and aren’t surprised. When the person who posted it doesn’t think that at all (I know them and have spoken to them about it)

          3 – No one has ever made me fight their battles for them. The only reason I’m here is because apparently I have nothing better to do than try to defend a mate who I feel is being misrepresented.

          Again, you’re judging someone on less than a few hundred words and a couple of images along with the extremely biased commentary of someone who finally got sick of being antagonized by him.

          I guess if you guys want to do that, that’s a little sad. But everything I’ve read and seen here only re-enforces the stereotype I have of you guys.

          Want to change it? Be my guest. But between what I’ve seen at protests I was involved in in the past, what I’ve experienced through my unis elections, I can only come to the conclusion that the majority of you guys just act through big showy protests and if it actually came down to asking you what we should do instead, you really wouldn’t know where to start.

          A side note, just watched their call to action. And if there’s one thing I can agree with, these guys are pretty damn crazy. One thing I can’t stress enough TAB, I’m not for these guys or their message. I just think that antifa as a movement could take a less aggressive route.

          You guys could make them look like morons, yet time and time again you seem to take direct and extremely confrontational action. You give them them the ammo they need to make you all look like a bunch of dole bludgers that have nothing better to do than attack police at rallies (not that I’m saying you are, ultimately I wasn’t there).

          Why not 500 of you sit down in front of them (with posters saying you aren’t there in support of them) and ask them questions, questions they don’t have the answers to, or questions that they’ll answer with answers making them look so stupid no-one would bother paying them mind.

          Don’t give them the satisfaction of saying you’re against their free speech. Make them shoot themselves in the foot. Get them so riled up they say or do something stupid without you getting riled up.

          But hey, what would I know I’m just a hypocrite just trying to stand up for what I think is right.

        • Hi Adam,

          You’re still here it seems.

          1. ONE of your posts was deleted. It was basically just a sookilala at the person who passed on the screenshots of Mitch.
          2. “Mitch never stated he supported them.” He attended their rally you dope. He SHOWED his support for them and their views.
          3. The only implications of us exposing Mitch is that he’s not only a fuckwit for supporting the ADL, but a hypocrite for then trying to push his apprentice quality sermons where he represents a religion that purportedly promotes tolerance, respect and love for fellow mankind, regardless of where they’re from.
          4. You’re here, Mitch isn’t. It speaks volumes about both of you.
          5. Not judging Mitch on his words. Judging him on the fact that he attended the ADL rally as an ADL supporter, then got online, defended everything the ADL stood for and then tried to advertise himself as some kind of messenger of the Gods.
          6. Your opinion of an opposing side at a rally is subjective. My opinion (after attending this most recent ADL rally, opposing the ADL) is that if the ADL hadn’t tried to push mistruths about Australian Muslims and an anti-immigration message justified by an anti-Islam stance, then nobody would have needed to be there opposing them and their absolute bullshit.

        • Adam it is sweet you want to stand up for your friend, even if he is a hypocrite who should not be aloud to become a priest.

          I too have known Mitch for years, his views have been stated over and over. He has no tolerance for other people, cultures or even sexual preference. He still yells out “Homo” to insult people! He has spent a great deal of time provoking people to respond to his out dated and irrational views, and now you (and he) are upset that people have responded? And yes, responded with statements and name calling just like he has had over the years. Is it really a surprise?

          Any person who can voice those views so often and so publicly through out his life should be able to respond himself.

          And yeah, alot of his mates do know what he is like, have had to listen to his offensive rants! Most shake their heads and walk away or justify it as “thats just mitch” it does not make what he has said and done ok with them. It may have been a personal argument, but it was one that many people have been feeling needed to be sorted out along time ago for the comfort of those who find his comment insulting and out and out offensive! So maybe he will learn something from this, maybe it will allow him the chance to see that opinions other than his own exist and also have the right to be heard.

          so there you go, not taken for just a screen shot and cut together words, or a dole bludger.

        • “Mitch is antagonistic to everyone about everything.”

          That is of great concern for someone who wants to be a priest.

          As a priest he wll be counselling vulnerable people who may have alcohol, drug and mental health issues, or who are or have been abuse victims. He will be expected to offer comfort and support to the elderly facing end-of-life issues. He will be talking to people about their intimate relationships.

          And he is antagonistic to people about everything??

          Perhaps he (and you) should be examining your consciences. Standing in solidarity with a neo-Nazi group is not a Christian act.

        • Yer. Not really what I meant but go ahead.

          I meant with his mates, which is what this is all about. He thought he was just making a poke at someones beliefs because he found their claims about free speech to be hypocritical.

          The person involved took it too personally (they where both throwing insults around) and emailed it here. And here we are today. A bunch of people saying “don’t make snap judgments about immigrants” yet apparently taking a look at a few screenshots and calling someone a neo-nazi racist (which you haven’t directly and I recognize that) is fine.

          I’ve had a look at my conscience, and it’s squeeky clean. How’s yours? And TABs for that matter? Ignoring the email politely explaining the situation and asking you to take down the screenshots still huh?

        • Nope no emails received regarding Mitch. And Facebook aside, HE ATTENDED AN ADL RALLY AND STOOD IN UNITY FOR INTOLERANCE AND HATRED.

          It seems you have mental constipation, Mitch.

      • So his comments, pictures and details will remain published EVEN THOUGH he has emailed you to inform you that he is not actually a memeber of the group and has expressed that he would like you to take his details down?
        Doesn’t your blog claim that once a person has asked for they’re name and details to be removed that you will?

        • He hasn’t emailed us. Or come to our blog.

          And he didn’t have to be a member. He attended the ADL rally as a supporter of the ADL. And he got on Facebook talking it up. He had nothing to hide regarding his support for the ADL.

        • Why doesn’t Mitch man up and come to the page to defend his allegiance to the ADL?

          Just curious.. Are the people here defending him members of his church or neo-nazi mates?
          -If you are members of his church, are racist ideologies a common thread in Mitch’s sermons? Do you leave Mitch alone with your children?
          -If you are neo-nazi mates, would you consider joining said church?

        • Neither.

          Just someone who is trying to make people realize he’s not who they think he is. But you guys seem so concrete in your beliefs (an irony certainly not lost on me) that you won’t listen at all

          Not members of his church. His church has nothing to do with this.

          I would leave Mitch alone with my children (if I had any), no question, and the fact that you’d ask such a question speaks more about you and your assumptions than anything else.

          I wouldn’t consider joining the church.

        • He’s probably great with kids. Who gives a shit? It’s irrelevant.

          He stands in unity with the ADL on issues of intolerance and hatred.

        • You know Adam, with him still not here, and you still fighting desperately to tell us how wonderful he is, the temptation is to assume that you are Mitch.
          Might be wrong, but we’ve had trolls before…

        • “Just curious.. Are the people here defending him members of his church or neo-nazi mates?
          -If you are members of his church, are racist ideologies a common thread in Mitch’s sermons? Do you leave Mitch alone with your children?
          -If you are neo-nazi mates, would you consider joining said church?”

          I am no neo-nazi and I am not a member of his church. He is one of my closest friends though. And if he were actually anything like this website claims him to be i would not be his friend.
          There is nothing racist in any of Mitch’s sermons.
          Yes I would leave him with my child. I have and will continue to do so. And again if he were anything that this website claims him to be I would not have chosen him to be the Godfather of my daughter.
          I think that you people should consider thinking about getting to know, meeting and properly assessing the people you post about on here before you go out on some half assed rant based on some facebook comments and your assumptions about people you haven’t even met let alone know.
          And as for the person who posted all that information on this website in the first place this is not a protest against the ADL. It is not you standing up for greater good. It is simply a personal vandetta that you are immature and stupid enough to take to a public forum without any thought as to how something like this could impact a person in the real world.
          Well done keyboard warrior.
          And those of us who know exactly who you are and what you are about have lost all respect for you.
          well done.

        • When’s Mitch going to turn up to defend himself? Or is that you, Mitch?



          Get it through your dense matter.

  16. If you put it out there don’t be shocked if ‘it’ is plastered onto billboards that run the length of the M4 and Hume Hwy.
    Welcome to the 21st century.
    Boohoo-‘a posting on the internet criticised me’ …
    Maybe people will actually think before they have a dick measuring rally in the future.

  17. How many friends are you gunna invent for yourself Mitch?

    My passing comment about leaving your kids with him may have been sly but I stand by the fact that I wouldn’t want my children indoctrinated with hate from before a time they can make up their own mind. It was more a ploy to get Mitch to come and show some conviction about his actions.. It appears it worked somewhat, but rather than coming here to defend himself Mitch has imagined some friends, given them names then used their good names to try and distance himself from his ‘neo nazi mates’ at the ADL.

    Spineless fuck. Have some conviction and either explain what you were doing at the hate rally or repent. What’s worse than a overt redneck racist? A coward preacher like Mitchell Porter who hides his racism under the fallacy of religion.

    • Imagined some friends?
      You’ve got to be fucking kidding me… Get a grip. I am no imagined friend. Mitchell Porter has been one of my best friends for the past 4 years. And “Adam” is not imagined either. And both of us know the guy responsible for the intial post and he would know exactly who we are too. Where is his response to all of this though? Think about who your calling a “spineless fuck”. Come on McHugh where’s your comments and thoughts about all of this?


        FUCK YOU.

  18. I don’t want my comment here to be seen as endorsing the excesses of the Antibo movement – I once had a friend who was one-third bogan – but just for the record, I want to state that Mitchell Porter from Brisbane and Mitchell Porter from Melbourne are different people.

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