‘…their (sic) fuk (sic) nuckles (sic) [and I] hope they die lol (sic).’

No Corie. Both sides of politics shouted the idea down. The idea came from the Anglican church. There is no conspiracy to breed less ‘Australians’ while welcoming more migrants to make Australia bigger.

Do your research.

Re: The Baby Bonus – why do you need to have a reptile license to own a turtle, but you can breed at will, collecting a random cash payment every time you pop a munchkin out? MANDATORY parental training is how the money should be spent – then we’ll have less people like Corie Dunn, Sharni Lee Campbell, Ryan Chapman and Chris Flanagan.

Thepunch.com.au said it best:

Parental leave, flexible working arrangements, affordable and accessible childcare – yes. Help for poverty-stricken families to get the basics – yes. Cash payments? Policy fail.


12 thoughts on “‘…their (sic) fuk (sic) nuckles (sic) [and I] hope they die lol (sic).’

  1. I do beg to differ in the appraisal of ThePunch.com.au comment when stating they “said it best” referring to the policy fail of giving cash payments back directly for the purpose of the baby bonus.

    This touches on the concept of capitalism as a system of wealth distribution but I would not want to muddy the waters with socialism or for that matter get too full of myself and demand that communism really should determine policy. yes I have nothing more. What are you trying to say?

    • People are going to procreate whether there’s a cash incentive or not. And statistics show that people from low socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to reproduce at a faster rate, and at a younger age.
      If the cash payment system is designed to make people have babies more frequently, surely more support after childbirth and a wider access to parental training would make people who were nervous about starting families feel more supported.
      Parental training should be mandatory. Paying people a small cash grant for undertaking the biggest, most important and most responsible commitment in their lives is irresponsible.

      • Agree with this. If you want the higher educated, middle classes to procreate more then you will need to have things like higher tax breaks for parents after the paid parental leave has finished or more subsidised childcare. I have a friend in Sweden, where all childcare is highly subsidised by the government, she pays EUR30 a week for her son to go to daycare. Over here you can pay anything from $65-$110 a DAY. Even with the childcare rebate, people paying fees at the higher end of the scale will be paying over $21k a year for child care. Not everyone has family near by who are willing or able to help out with child care so for many families having more than one child simply isn’t affordable, not if they want to continue to pay the mortgage and have a decent standard of living anyway.

  2. Such good points raised. Mandatory parental training is a great idea but I’m all for desexing ‘fuk nuckles’ like Sharni. Maybe then we’d have less scummy, stained-trackpants bogans fucking for Australia.

    Ryan Chapman.. I hope you do get sick..

    Also a big diverse group of welcoming Aussies just marched the ADL out of Fed square in Melbs. Well done to anyone who was there. Should have seen the ADL clowns walking off with their tails between their legs.

    Muslims are welcome, racists are not!!

      • They can speak all they want. To each other.

        The rest of us have the inalienable right neither to listen nor to give them an audience.

    • ADL troglodytes apparently too primitive to have a web presence, but I found this rant from one of them on Andrew Bolt’s blog, lol:

      Picking up on Lefty thuggery Andrew the Australian Defence League got a taste of it yesterday at Fed Square. The ADL were around 25 in number. Lefties who arranged a protest against us were around 150 and much better prepared. There weren’t enough police to control the thugs who’s aim was to shut down the ADL protest. ADL people were very well behaved right the way through the ordeal. The Lefty group who seemed to be part of a union group were in our face the whole time with megaphones and loud PA system with so many lies about the ADL it made them look stupid. One brave Lefty ran at an ADL man and ripped a poster out of his hands. He ran straight into the arms of two policemen and was led away. It ended up when the thugs links arms and pushed against the police line and pushed towards the main ADL space. I heard one of the thugs in his 60’s behaving like a general telling his thuggish army ti get in and hit the ADL protesters. The police suggested the ADL finish their protest.The thugs followed the ADL people down the street with taunts and laughter. Alot of the public saw through the Lefty thuggery and took our leaflets and asked ADL members what they were protesting about. We can thank the thugs for putting another nail in the coffin of a free society and denying the freedom to be heard. These Socialist so called progessive Lefties are real enemy of Australian way of life.

      Harold of Ballarat (Reply)
      Mon 16 May 11 (08:10am)


      • Ha Harold the redneck came a fair ol’ way from Ballarat to support the ADL’s rally.. And to think we just shut it down and told him to fuck off home 🙂

  3. Why can’t they stay in their own country?? I don’t know, maybe the war and the persecution, death, disease and general misery that accompany it has something to do with their desire to leave their own country. Downright selfish of them to do so though, now Sharni won’t get paid to breed…
    I guess she won’t qualify for paid parental leave because you have to have a job to get that.
    I’m curious as to how Ryan think he’ll be able to take heaps of them if he gets cancer. Maybe he’s not the uneducated bogan we all assume him to be and is in fact a diabolical genius who’s created the first contagious cancer??!

  4. The problem is that uneducated fools either dominate or highjack the debate. Sometimes I think we need a basic level of education before someone is allowed to comment on or participate in a debate.

  5. I’m particularly concerned about the comments of Ryan Chapman. He appears to be threatening mass murder if he is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Hope I’m wrong, but that sounds like a very dangerous rant.

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