58 thoughts on “iPads and Shit…? WTF?

  1. Lol!

    Iz got an iPad… Because IZ went out and got a job, and didn’t sit around bitchin’ that someone else is mythically just given ‘shit’.

    Gen y can sometimes be so fckn retarded. ‘hey government! You’re not giving me an iPad, I’m entitled to it! I bet you’re giving them to those reffos instead of us!

    Gets a job dixhed. Buy ya own iPad. Quit ya gen y self entitled bitchin’.

    • Hey. Please don’t take this guy as the poster boy for my generation! I have my own job and iPad and shit, thank you very much!

    • Not sure about the link between this guy being a fuckwit and being a part of Gen Y. Without supporting figures I would suggest that Gen Y are probably the least racist, and perhaps the most individualist, generation in Australia’s history.

      Also, I’m getting really sick of reading the horseshit on this blog where people use the comments section to rip on the unemployed. The are many different reasons why people are unable to find work, laziness being one of the least significant. All you are doing is bullying some of society’s most disadvantaged members.

      • Yeah that’s what I thnk whenever I see all the Gen Y chicks in the same body con, heels, fake tan and bottle blonde outfit. Wow, they are such individualists.

    • Just gonna chill here being all Gen Y and stuff… not being horribly racist despite my low SES background and having a dad who was out of work for over a year because he was made redundant at the start of the stupid GFC and no one would hire him despite going to interviews nearly every day because he was ‘too experienced’ (AKA over 40). Excuse the run-on sentence there.

      Yeesh, there must’ve been a tiny bee in my bonnet. I’m done ranting now.

      Though I do agree with you on the iPad thing. If you want one then goddamn stop whinging and get one. What kind of detention centres have iPads anywhere? Is it where they keep the employees from the Apple stores.

    • I guess you guys missed the ‘Sometimes’ Bit. As for the rest, I thought Gen Y were pretty awesome at spotting irony…

    • This is the lamest most time wasting Blog that i have ever seen… All of you people are complaining about this guy, but do youz even know him. Maybe Yous are all Just as Bad of a StereoType as He is! I believe that EVERYBODY should get a life & Stop getting themselves so wrapped up in other peoples!… Seriously, You say that he needs to Grow up, Im Sorry but go and take a long hard look in the mirror!..

  2. Caps lock is cruise control for cool, however this guy definately forgot how to steer. He appears to have mistaken the spacebar for a period, but I’m pretty certain he’s such a “SIKUNT” that he’s allowed to mangle the english language like that.

  3. He sure is one stupid ‘kunt’.

    I’m so happy other people on his page have slammed him. What a fucking stooge … everyone’s geting an ipapd but him .. what’s the bet that even with an ipad he’d trash the shit out of it anyway, just like I’m sure him and his bogan mates do to their government housing accommodation .. oh yeah, but the government gives them nothing.

    Oh, can that footage be sent to Adelaide’s finest .. maybe they can use their ipads to get some identifiable detail off that video. Fuckwits

  4. I really hope that this guy and his friends are sent to jail very soon. One of my neighbors (in her 80s) is now in hospital because one hoon driver hit her and drove away.

    Do you guys know if the police will actually be interested in watching these videos?

    • I’m in a different state but I’m fairly sure it’s universal. Any videos of cars doing hooning activities is able to be used as evidence in court. Youtube videos don’t have high quality usually but across several frames you can make out a partial plate and the police can usually fill in the blanks. Dob in the hoons at your state police’s website. I regularly do it as we’re in a hoon hotspot and recently the police have done an undercover sting here resulting in 7 impounded cars and even more hoon red faces. 131444 is the number for police non-emergency and they deal with Hoons… I’m pretty sure that number is national but I know for sure it works here in WA.

  5. Wow! Hardcore Gangsta!

    I say we take our little Adelaide boy and send him to Mogadishu for a couple of days where he can show the locals how to be tough…And then repatriate his body to the local sewer where it belongs…

  6. Ah, another skinny whitebread wannabe rapper. It’s so cute that he thinks swearing will make up for the fact that he has the physique of a 12 year old boy. Still, it’s good to know it’s not just spelling that he fails at – he clearly can’t grow a proper moustache either. LOL failtard.

  7. For a moment I thought I’d stumbled on a promo for Angry Boys.

    This one is a bedroom MC. Any dickhead can now “produce” a bunch of noises with cheap/free software, stick in some semi-literate random grunts and pretend they are a hot-shit hip hop act.

    For every Hilltop Hoods and Bliss n Eso you get a hundred wannabe wankers. Anyway this teen freak won’t last long, the scene is not racist.

  8. Moes is the dumbfuck he is out of luck, he can go and get fuck, not with Tayla as she shouldn’t lay the cunt as he looks like a runt.

  9. Who the fuck does he think he is- B Rabbit? I love hiphop but dickheads like this in the scene really give it a bad image. Moes would get stabbed and shot in the streets on Compton.

  10. Cops wouldn’t care less about this twits burnout vids. And the tosser will probably think that turning up on a page like this will make him look more ‘Gangsta’.

    But hey…. Driving like that, chances are he’ll either kill himself, or one of his mates pretty soon, and end up jailed as a reward.

    this kid doesn’t think. He’s trying to live up to some stupid identity (thug? really? With those tiny arms you’re more likely to end up someone’s bitch) to compensate for everything else that he lacks in his life.

    Anyone that settles for this kid is looking for quantity, not quality. And the only quantity he has to offer is brainlessness and bullshit.

  11. And can I say…..

    This look looked stupid on Vanilla ice. And that was twenty years ago. You look just as stupid now…. If not stupider.

    ‘rollin, in my five point oh’.
    ‘With my ipad, and posse in tow’.

  12. Even more appropriate might be to contact the American hip hop group Ugly Duckling. They’d sure hate to have their name as part of his identity and them telling him to go STFU would damage the poor little boy much more than the cops could.

  13. I have had the utter displeasure of meeting this prick. I’ve never ever met someone who was such a perfect example of an evolutionary dead end. He is even more of a dickhead than these photos and snippets above suggest. One good thing about meeting the dipshit was that I did get the chance to convey exactly how worthless he is and how stupid that pre-teen moustache looks. It was a fantastic feeling.!

      • Nonsensical obscenities. Mostly of the “Fuck off ya cunt” variety. Apparently I am one of the seeyounexttuesdays who has ruined this country. A few people got stuck into him that night too. It was an absolute pleasure to see people rally around and give him a lashing!

  14. TAB,
    Can you please set the record straight on inject some facts, because you had done the re search & got the figures handy when you replied to David Harrison; would take me hours & have an assignment due at 5.00pm 😦

    Also what has Maurice G Kriss, Barrister at Law, 0408 298 523 has to with this? If he provided this misinformation I reckon he should be disbarred. Is he (Maurice) even aware of this page? Maurice has his own page may be should contact him to let him know if his name has been used in vain 😀


  15. He’s very fly. 😉


    What are the parents doing? How can they allow their children to act like this? I honestly think that parents need a license to have them these days, it’s not fair that certain people are allowed to breed!

  16. You gotta admit though, Moes Ac is damn good at rabbit shadow-puppets! Or maybe he and his pre-teen gang are doing paper-scissors-rock for who’s balls will drop first?

  17. Wow. Evolution really stopped here, didn’t it? Simple contraception could have stopped this creature from existing. Infertility would have been a good thing here.

    Giota: the father should have pulled out. We then wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of their misspent youth.

    Sealy: what situation were you put in so that you had to meet up with him? What happened?

    Tunatown: I bet you he’d LOVE to be a ‘real’ rapper’s bitch! The ones who are like that always have the most to hide and make up for.

  18. …. i came to Australia as a refugee…. where’s my ipad?… (notice the sarcasm here)

    Some people really need to get over this “refugees are stealing our jobs”… nobody is stealing anything, the job goes to the person who is the most qualified and suited for the position. Australia doesn’t have a law that says “if the job applicant has entered Australia as an immigrant, refugee or asylum seeker, then they must be given the job over people who claim to be “pure” Australians”. Get over it or work towards becoming the best qualified and suited person for the job!

    TAB – how come Moes isn’t tagged in this? Did he request to be untagged? Just wondering because you guys usually point out to us if someone wanted that….

    PS: Keep up the awesome work…

  19. Doubt he’ll go far in the rap game with that vocabulary.

    What rhymes with “skunjy” apart from bungee … jumanji?

  20. I wouldn’t even dare to make this up…

    “Moes Ac
    Gday luv…..im a thug…..i’ll take ya back to ma crib we’ll do it rough…..so take ya pantys off gurl cummon lets fuck…..ma name be mr moes one tha ill kuunntt!!

  21. Sheesh. I went to school with this dickhead, recognise his face. Btw I’ve done quite a bit of stuff trying to bust the boat people crap, if anyone is interested in a fact sheet I made up, email me at ejoe89@live.com

    … and keep up the good work

  22. You guys are all morons. He isn’t a racist bogan he’s a patriotic Australian. All you cunt’s defending the foreigners need to sort out your priorities. You realize Australians are supporting these people who don’t deserve to be here. yet you complain about it when there are more of them flooding in and you defend them when they get slammed for being foreign.
    Get your shit straight and worry about important shit not some guy who doesn’t like foreigners. Moez isn’t racist he has black friends.


      You’re a dead shit Marc. Guys that beat their wives often have female friends that they’re incredibly polite and respectful to.

      Having a black friend doesn’t make this UNAUSTRALIAN loser any less racist.

    • I’m afraid it’s you who is the moron. You have a very skewed idea of what patriotism means. Hating foreigners doesn’t make you patriotic, it makes you an idiot who’s never stepped foot outside of the country and has no idea that there’s a great big world out there. If he was a patriot he’d join the army, navy, police or do something constructive to better the world he lives in, not spend his days pretending to be all gangsta and making up lies about a group of people he knows nothing about.

      How do YOU know refugees and immigrants don’t deserve to be here? Do you work for the department of immigration? Have you personally researched and reviewed their cases and made your judgement based on all teh available evidence or are you just spouting more crap that you’ve picked up from the Herald Scum website or heard on A Current Affair?

    • Yeah, pretty much everything you said there about refugees was wrong.

      Also I don’t think you know what patriotism means.

    • Even Chris Lilley couldn’t make this loser up.

      And MC Luser probably thinks a sample is his last shoplifting haul, a DJ is the store where he was caught for shoplifting, a mixtape is something his mum uses to cook, a beat is what he gets when he breaks his 9 p.m. curfew, a feat describes the skanky things on the end of his skinny legs, a hoe is what Santa says at Xmas…

      • I still have my doubts. It just seems too retarded not to be a troll. I might believe it to be more legit if it wasn’t written in unintelligible all caps and wasn’t so outrageous.

        Maybe its my own cognitive bias, because if I was to troll a bunch of people on Facebook this is exactly how I’d do it.

        • Although that would be an insult even to a troll 😀 I have seen few posts above from people that have had the displeasure of meeting him in the flesh or sharing a class room in high school etc.

          So sadly neanderthals like this do exist, in Adelaide 😉 (*jokes)

          There was a post on this blog to say that according to a study conducted by Sydney uni I think it was that Queensland is the most racist state in Australia, my personal observations on this blog suggest that SA wouldn’t be far behind to take the silver 😉

        • ah well WA has it’s moments… but I’d agree, SA is pretty terrible and QLD makes me want to puke. I can’t vouch for other states as I’ve not spent enough time in any of them but yeah.

        • Dunno about that M-Dawg.

          Victoria features prominently as well though perhaps it’s the same mouthy bunch of hicks from Gippy and the outer suburbs of Melbourne that never stop ranting which makes it look bad.

  23. Come to WA home to a shite load of South Africans. They are pretty good at throwing around their views on Multiculturalism.

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