Operation: Bolt Cutter

Click ‘attending’ on the Facebook page:

At 10:00 am on Sundays, tune in to Andrew Bolt’s new show, “The Bolt Report” on Channel Ten.

The point is to see who is sponsoring him and buying advertising time during his show, and then to phone/write/fax/email these companies and tell them we will never be buying their products or services again, ever.

Make sure you tell them WHY.

Spread the word.

Phone: (03) 8699 2555
Fax: (03) 8699 2550
74 Eastern Road
South Melbourne, VIC, 3205
(Email feedback form on website)
(Already withdrawn advertising – thank you!)

Mr Rentals
1800 880 778
(Feedback form on website)
(Already withdrawn advertising – thankyou!)

1300 651 743

1300 85 44 85
PO Box 631 Collins Street West, Vic 8007
FAX 1300 85 58 58
(Already withdrawn advertising – thankyou!)

1300 659 359
(email same as Garnier)

Hungry Jacks
(This page contains State Office addresses and telephone numbers for each state in Australia. Also has an email feedback form)



Advertisers have pulled their advertising from News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt’s new TV show on Network Ten despite Ten telling us that the show is “selling well”.

A Facebook event dubbed Operation: Bolt-Cutter has been set up by Christian Price, a Melbourne writer/comedian best know for his Flashboard Wars blog. Price noted the advertisers during The Bolt Report’s debut on Sunday and then posted the details of the companies. He wrote the aim is to contact the companies “and tell them we will never be buying their products or services again, ever.”

According to the event, Tele-Choice, iPrimus and Mr Rentals have advised that they will no longer be advertising during the show.

A Facebook user claiming to be the marketing manager at iPrimus posted on the page, “The advertising in question was a bonus spot provided by the network and usually advertisers are only notified of bonus spots after they air. It was in no way a targeted move by iPrimus to advertise during the show or to sponsor the show. After receiving feedback from our customers, we have instructed the TV network to cease allocating bonus spots to iPrimus for this particular TV show.”

One of the cause’s supporters posted a reply he received from Mr Rentals. “Firstly, this advertising spot was given as a bonus spot by the television network and is not a chosen program in the company’s advertising schedule. Secondly, and most importantly, Mr Rental does not share or support the views portrayed in the program and has informed the station that no ads are to appear in this timeslot again.”

Speaking to Daily SPA Price said he was somewhat surprised that the campaign had been so effective. “To be honest, no I didn’t [expect so many to pull their advertising], but it looks like they might have done that regardless of whether we emailed them or not. We now know that nearly all the advertising spots during Bolt’s show were bonus spots given by Ten to existing account-holders.

“Once they found out that these spots were run during The Bolt Report, they asked Ten not to run the spots during this time again. The impression I’m getting is that they were already onto this before anyone from our group contacted them, and had already made the decision not to align themselves with the content on Bolt’s show. We may have nudged them slightly, but this was totally their call, their business decision.”

However the discussion has not been unanimous. One user blasted the page writing, “The ABC is basically a podium for Lefties/Green extremists. Channel 10 puts on ONE show with another point of view, and you all cry murder. Typical. ‘We believe in freedom of speech! But only if you share the same views as us!’”

Price responded to that today with, “Bolt is entitled to his opinion, and is entitled to express it. We are also entitled to our opinion, and are entitled to express it. I think that people trying to shout us down using freedom of speech as their argumentative basis is pretty ironic. This is a peaceful protest, one which people will either agree with or they won’t. If they don’t, we’re cool with that. We hope they’ll be cool with us for having our point of view too.”

A spokesperson for Network Ten told Daily SPA today, “Network Ten works closely with all of its clients to ensure that we find the right programs to help showcase their brands. We regularly recommend programs and timeslot that we believe will deliver very defined audiences for our clients.

“Since launching The Bolt Report, a number of clients who previously advertised within the Sunday morning edition of Video Hits have relocated their campaigns to some of our more youth-focused programming on TEN. The Bolt Report has been selling well and continues to attract interest from a range of advertisers.”

The shows debut only managed to attract 163,000 viewers in the morning slot and 123,000 for the encore that afternoon.

70 thoughts on “Operation: Bolt Cutter

  1. That’s fantastic!!! And pretty much hilarious. Great to see a few companies responding too!! Lets do it, people!

  2. I prefer to deal with Bolt by ignoring his existence! Whilst I like the concept of targeting the companies that advertise during his show, he’s the sort of personality who gains as much momentum from his detractors who tune in or read his columns as he does from his advocates.

  3. Just posted on Andrew’s column “Shut up about Islam, and be safe”.
    Why is it that all the people on here who dislike islam and /or Muslims feel they have the right to tell one fifth of the world’s population that they’re following the wrong religion? Why can’t you see how inherently arrogant that is?
    Meanwhile I know for a fact that there is a growing movement of Muslims, Christians, Jews and secular Australians who are actively engaging each others communities and breaking down the barriers of prejudice.
    You can continue to fan the flames of fear and hate, Andrew et al, but such ugly sentiments are never going to win. Tolerance, diversity and goodwill to your fellow man are far more attractive to the majority of Australians.

    • Did it actually make it onto the site? The mods on’t like letting too many comments that contradict Bolt’s point of view onto the site. Of course you should expect a lot of bile directed at you from his fans who need Bolt to tell them how they should think.

      • Not yet. I’ll keep you posted.

        It would be quite hypocritical of them to stifle debate about their call for more open debate…lol

  4. I was actually surprised about who the people were that were advertising during the show. I was convinced that we’d get lots of ads from Gina’s mates such as mining and oil companies.
    I don’t think that Bolt’s show will last much longer even if the advertsisers don’t pull their spots. I feared that it would be car crash TV and so bad that it’s almost good, but this was so bad it was hideous. The problem of course was Bolt, who proved not to be much of a host. His delivery was wooden, although that hand gesture he did during ‘spin of the week’ was unintentionally hilarious. The worst thing is that getting guests on to his debate who just agreed with everything that Bolt said. It might feed his ego but is not very compelling TV.

    • I hate people defending Bolt’s shit with ‘free speech’ cries! The guy is on national broadcast he has a responsibility to present a somewhat balanced argument and not spew dreadfully ill informed rubbish to fuel redneck fires.

      • If it is free speech why are you calling him to boycott his talks? The problem is with you narrow minded people is that you have no idea about Islam, its foundations or what it does. At the very least Halal is a form of animal cruelty and by you defending it you accept and approve of animal cruelty. Also, Their so called prophet married and raped a 9 year old. this is child pedophilia so if you accept and approve this religion you accept child pedophilia. Oh how about Necrophilia, that’s just in as well as an accepted form by islam…really…you morons are barking up the wrong tree with this one! GET EDUCATED THEN TALK!

        • Oh dear, oh dear Ele. Dogma at it’s greatest.

          I think you need to take a chill pill, sit down, and actually talk to a Muslim about their religion, before you actually start telling everyone that you know about it.

          So, how about…. actually educating yourself, then you can talk. Because, all I can see with your version of ‘GET EDUCATED’ is that you’ve listened to a bucked full of rhetoric, which has made you look like a fool when you’ve reguritated it.

        • “Understanding Islam” does not consist of reading Internet crap like Gates of Vienna and its like, which is obviously where you get your “information” from.

          The Ayesha story is apocryphal (look up the word), may have been put out by Mohammed’s enemies at the time and I won’t bother giving you a list of child brides of Christian monarchs of the same period.

          We are quite well educated thanks – from universities, not from reading sheeple propaganda. On the Internet, anyone can put up a website pushing any myth and manage to fool a fair number of idiots.

        • Hi Josh
          I’m 100% with theantibogan but the Ayesha story is true and cannot be dismissed as ‘apocryphal and put out by Mohammed’s enemies’. It is all over the Hadith and Quaran, the primary sources of Islam. However as you correctly mentioned child marriage was very common around the time and would not have been seen by contemporaries as out of the ordinary.
          And I would also like to add, if ELE has problems with Muhammed and his marriage to a 9 year old, perhaps ELE could also condemn the figure of LOT (revered in Christianity, Judaism and Islam) – a drunk who committed incest with his daughters. Personally I’m about people being treated decently no matter what their origins, their personal beliefs or their sexual orientation, but I do not defend their ideas, they should be open to scrutiny, debate and discussion.

        • Ele.. Unless you are a vegetarian please don’t spout shit about Halal being animal cruelty. Have you ever seen a cow slaughtered at a ‘western’ slaughter house? I doubt it. I bet 90% of people who crap on about this have no idea how meat gets on their plate.
          Catholic priests have been sexually abusing little boys (and girls) for thousands of years! And the church protects them by silencing the families with their wealth of money.
          You’re not educated Ele, you’re a fucking idiot! You can’t get a degree watch TT you tit. I’m not at all surprised you brought up necrophilia either. You’re probably a closet fan.

        • Damn!!!!
          I must have the shittiest muslim friends, a bunch of pussies they are.. 😦
          Their version of Islam has none of that Ele, you gotta introduce me to YOUR muslim friends, I am ‘un-friending’ mine till they start behaving like real Islamics you talk of.

        • @Ele and others who use unverified internet websites as their source of information about Islam: Do you really think that one fifth of the worlds population believes that animal cruelty, pedophelia, necrophelia and whatever other bizarre practices you’ve read about are acceptable, let alone signs of piety?

          I’m not a Christian but when I hear about priests abusing children I know better than to assume this is part of the teachings of Christianity as I have faith that my fellow man cannot be that stupid or immoral on such a large scale. After all, we are all human beings with the same underlying human nature. To assume that any one is inherently better than anyone else just doesn’t bear scrutiny.

          Granted hysteria can be contagious and mobs have been known to behave as one organism, phsychologically, but there is no evidence of this sort of collective mental anomoly occuring on a national, let alone international, scale.

    • Company buys ad space from a TV network – free speech
      Viewer contacts company to express opinion – free speech
      Company makes decisions about which programs in which it might best place its ads – free speech

      Where is any of this contrary to the free speech and indeed the free market?

    • Bolt has the right to say what he likes, within the law.

      We also have the right to point out what a douche he is to companies and point out that they’re tacitly endorsing what he says by advertising during his program.

      Grow a brain.

  5. Wow! what a lot of commos you all are. You want everyone to agree with your very lopsided ideas that have never worked anywhere in the world where they have been unsuccessfully used. I say good on you Andrew Bolt, I will gladly buy from anyone that advertisers on his show which is a thousand times more watchable than all the other media shows that are boring to blazers. More that half Australia’s population are not red neds like you people so grow up and lets look at other ideas as well as your own. Your foul language tell a story about you as well.

    • Boring to blazers eh? Yes, Jillian. I understand that in depth news bores you, and you crave sensationalism packed into headlines, 10 second sound grabs and antagonistic pigheaded populist wankers like Bolt to stroke your fire.
      And you don’t like the language here huh? Well go fuck yourself you ugly trailer park whore.

    • What makes you think that the people here are communists? Other than your own assumptions do you have anything to back this up?

      Didn’t think so.

      • The moment someone accuses others of being communists, you know they’re pretty bloody stupid.

        Oh no! Fear the commos! Fear the commos! Reds under the bed n’ shit! Free speech for whites only (semi free speech?) nooooo! You loony lefties are selling out the world. If big business doesn’t get to run the government we all lose. Hand me the southern and coke.

    • You are behind the times sweetheart – Communism died in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down – or were you too busy drawing love-hearts in your Maths book and drooling over Milli Vanilli?

    • Jillian, you say that the people here want everyone else to agree with them, but from watching Bolt’s show this is exactly what he is doing. Why do you think he has not had anyone with a view opposing his as a guest? All he wants is to get his Boltian view of the world out to ignorant people such as yourself, not to have a proper debate where he can let you make up your own mind. It’s nothing more than propaganda. This is why it is so funny you telling us that we need to look at other ideas, because he is too scared to let you do the same.

  6. Did you use the word “only” before 163,000?

    What word would you use, then, to describe the Insiders audience of 172,000?

    And as far as advertisers goes, the number of businesses it attracts will be determined by the show’s ratings.

    So if you want to tell them not to advertise just because you don’t like the content of the show, unless you can muster 163,000 complaints, you’re just pissing in the wind…..

    And one other thing, foul language and personal abuse are the tools of the intellectually inferior and emotionally insecure. You people are to be pitied.

    • ABC and SBS, due to their special-interest nature, typically attract fewer viewers than the three commercial networks.
      Pissing in the wind? Not only is that YOUR example of foul language, but it’s also incorrect, as three or four major advertisers during the Bolt Report’s timeslot have already pulled out.
      Finally, personal abuse is not something limited to people who oppose Andrew Bolt. Only an idiot would assume that. Oh, I’m sorry Mark, do you now feel offended? Suck my titties.

    • Racism and bigotry and supporting those who espouse it are the tools of the intellectually inferior and emotionally insecure.

      You are to be pitied.

  7. What a hateful little group most of the posters here are. One person says things you don’t like and you go crying to Daddy. “Please, Channel 10, make the nasty man stop saying those things.”

    You realise, I suppose, that the advertisers listed as withdrawing have nothing for a mature audience? They are products for children and are better suited to a children’s show. Bolt Report watchers are not so insecure they need to be texting their 1000 close friends while dying their hair.

    The abusive tone says it all about you intolerent people.

    • It may be news to you old fellow but Andrew Bolt is the intolerant one, not this blog. He and Alan Jones and their imitators have been peddling their toxic intolerance for over a decade, aided and abetted by the blatant racism of Pauline Hanson and her deluded followers and the devious dog-whistling of John Howard.

      Interestingly enough in that time we have seen increasing attacks on their particular targets, and these attacks have included violent physical assaults and even deaths. But of course this is what the enablers of racism do. They get their soldiers fired up and then stand back and watch as violence is committed and hate speech is spewed on social networking sites. You won’t find Bolt posting on Facebook under his own name but his disciples do, and they echo what he says and writes.

    • Haha geriatric idiot. Even if you could send a text message there’s no way you have 1000 close friends.

      You’ll find it’s a very happy, accepting group here actually. Contrary to the deluded, spite-filled collective audience that is likely to wake up for Andrew Bolt’s rubbish.

    • No, they’re just so insecure that they need people like Andrew Bolt to confirm their prejudices, and ill informed pre-judgements. Needing people like Bolt, who is neither a social science or climate sciense expert, to confirm ill informed and often education lacking views, isn’t a sign of your own personal strength.

      Communicating (SMSing 1000 friends) doesn’t seem to the be strong point of individuals like yourself either. Actually talking to, and understanding others is exactly the kind of tosh that makes people realise that Bolt, and followers, are single minded and self centred. Something that you’re lot are desprately afraid of, considering your need to have your own opinions affirmed by a man who is… at best… just and editorialist. Editorialists yell over the people who actually know things, in the hope that someone will just pay them too.. well… yell over other people.

      Try SMSing someone for a change. Just reach out and say hi. You might be surprised how your view of the world will vary when you start communicating, and valuing those connections with others.

      • But Bolt is a man of the people, not some latte drinking person from the inner-city (a common retort given by Bolt fans to those who disagree with them). We all know that most regular Australians live in the leafy Eastern suburbs and listen to opera, just like Bolt. As for Andrew’s education, from what I know he dropped out of University after the first year before he started as a sports reporter at that leftist newspaper The Age. This means that I am more educated than Bolt, yet unlike him I don’t consider myself an expert on any of the things he discusses, yet I seem to have more of an understanding on these issues than he does.

    • You do realise Rod that much like the advertisers who have withdrawn Bolt has nothing for a mature audience. His program is much like his blog, full of dog whistles and having guests on that are just going to agree with Bolt. As I said earlier, a debate on anything is not very compelling if everyone is agreeing on everything.
      You say that the people here are intolerant. Ever tried reading the comments on Bolt’s blog? Even though they are moderated a few doozies always manage to get published. In recent times we’ve had people calling for a ‘Final Solution’ to the Muslim problem in Australia and for Australia to revert back to the White Australia Policy. Ever tried to debate on Bolt’s blog against him. Do that and then you will see just how abusive people can be.

    • Mining magnate Gina Rinehart bought part of Ch10 and then gave extreme right winger Andrew Bolt a half hour slot to spew his talking points on TV.

      • While it’s still on air, people should take clips of it and pwn his bullshit on Youtube. Would make for some entertaining viewing, seeing people tearing his diatribes to pieces.

  8. I wish Operation: Bolt-Cutter every success. Perhaps Flashboard Wars should consider a campaign against talkback radio, too. It is Bolt-like material all, day every day. Wall-to-wall hateful right wing and racist filth.

    • @Cuppa. You may be onto something there, mate. I wonder what A Jones would be worth to his employers with no advertising revenue….

  9. Bolt finally responds:

    There was much gleeful reporting on the Left of what some clearly hoped would be a successful campaign by a handful of young Facebook activists against advertisers on The Bolt Report. It was claimed that TeleChoice, for instance, had pulled its ads in protest against my allegedly extreme politics.

    That was a very damaging accusation against TeleChoice, which does not want to be see as condoning the stilfing of debate or attacking the values of the great majority to appease an intolerant minority.

    So in fairness to TeleChoice we should note that it ran ads in my show yesterday. I hope you reward them with your business for standing up to Leftist thuggery.


    Sorry. TeleChoice link now fixed.

    • “attacking the values of the great majority to appease an intolerant minority.”
      Totally unlike what bolt does…

    • What? Your bendover boy copping the heat ? aawwwwwww.

      Any media that opposes bendover is now the ‘hate media’ ? Piss off deadshit.
      This scum & his party are now flatlining in the polls & bendover & the ALP will be slaughtered at the next polls.

      • Actually I LOLed at a few things there, even at your bend over/under/sideways boys copping it back & crying like a bunch of sissy princesses. 🙂

        I came across that link via a RT from someone that wrote an article drawing parallel of the Canberra press’ treatment of politicians. It compared the press conferences of PM Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott & Bob Brown. And how the press let Gillard & Abbott get away with ducking questions and rather aggressively attacked Brown even without extending some of the common courtesy given to a Senator. That was the view of the author of the article, not mine.
        I simply didn’t care, but since “The media” is discussed on this thread I thought of sharing it. Did it hit a nerve when Bob Brown took on the Murdoch media? 😦 awwwwwwwwwww.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. After all Australia is a democracy & one downfall of democracy is that any one aged 18 & over gets to vote, idiots included 🙂 Seeing as we’re not really running out of idiots your predictions are very likely to come true. 😉
        “Polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in “reality”. And reality has a well-known liberal bias.” – Stephen Colbert

        • Our political processes should not be decided by a mediocre old man sitting in a fancy New York apartment who abandoned this country years ago in the pursuit of even more wealth than the considerable amount he already had.

          I really hope that the News of the World scandal envelopes him and his toxic empire.

  10. Did the douche go on air today?
    Didn’t T-Box, Did anyone see who advertised today?
    Please shed light.
    Thank you.

  11. You’re a bunch of sick totalitarian thugs trying to shut down debate and dissent and anything that disturbs your commie fantasies. I am contacting all those companies too and telling them if they pull adverts I will never deal with them!!! Ha.

  12. Just a boring show.
    With a boring host.
    And boring sycophants all agreeing with one another.

    It will self extinguish

    • Sunday morning. Maybe Network 10 needs to fulfil its quota of religious programming so it runs Bolt and we all exclaim “Christ!!”, “Holy shit!”, “OMG!”, or “Please God take this man off!!”

      • Ch 10 evening news crossed over to Bolt, calling him a “political commentator”, I flipped the channel.
        But seriously!! WTF???? Bolt, a “political commentator” on a national news bulletin???

        That is as same as me being a vegetable connoisseur… – ” I don’t like broccoli, just cos I don’t like them, they’re shit!” Now I shall try and pass this personal preference and opinion of mine as fact!

        Came across this.. 249 MASSIVE/HUUUUGE fan base 🙂

  13. if you don’t agree with freedom of speech why don’t you all find a country that censors or jails people who have views you don’t like and move there.

    • 1. Actually Australia does not have an unrestricted right to “freedom of speech”, only an implied right. Hence you can criticise the government or public institutions but you cannot vilify, defame or othewrwise indulge in hate speech.

      2. This is the original intent of the US First Amendment, however its scope is so broad and it has been so misused that US Federal and state governments have had to legislate explicitly to prevent hate speech.

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