18 thoughts on “More Racist, Insensitive Pricks

  1. I am particularly impressed by Sandra “FU*CK OFF ASYLUM SEEKERS” Gajic.

    She managed to compress more failures into four words than I’ve seen in a very long time.

    It’s like idiocy in concentrate.

    Let me see:

    1. “FU*CK” – clever – by inserting the asterisk in the word you dear Sandra have altered the meaning com*fucking*pletely. Well done little grasshopper! Self-censorship without censorship means that you are one step closer to discovering Zen.

    2. Gajic:


    Oops – Croatian surname – clever.

    No problems of note in Croatia in recent times that would have forced hundreds of thousands of Croats to flee and seek asylum elsewhere… Peaceful country with no problems with neighbours…

    Clever, clever girl!

    • A guy I know was going on about hating the Bulldogs because they are “bloody wogs”…I reminded him his surname/family name is Salvaggio.

  2. Good work finding that QLD Pc’s details. He’s been spouting off in support of Bolty on the boltcutter FB page.

    Brendon Lorenz and Katie Bowers are pigs.

  3. I’d love to know how Katie Bowers “earned her right to be Australian”… Also, Ian Moses? Interesting surname for a “born and bred Queenslander”.

  4. HAHAHHA, anyone else noticed that the sadly illiterate and braindead Brendon Lorenz was at high school in the early 90’s (meaning he’s well over 30) cooks the chips at his local McDonalds?

    Loser much?

    Maybe someone should find which ‘restaurant’ he works at and see how many ethnics work there, also see how long until he stops working there…

  5. Katie Bowers, you dopey bogan skank. I would like to beat you around the head with that handbag your poor office cleaner gave you. Your a sad sad example of a human…. how the hell you have a boyfriend/ husband is beyond me

  6. Why call racists, pricks as pricks are useful and have purpose in life, the racists above do not.

    Yes bring Pauline back, as Katie and Pauline make a lovely couple as they both have much in common. But which gutter are they going to live crowded with the other racists above?

  7. Katie if you want to tarnish Australia with your racist view which is illegal under The Racial Discrimination Act 1975, then FUCK OFF out of Australia and take your fellow gutter rats with you, as Australia doesn’t need scum like you and your parther Pauline.

  8. ‘Follow the legal proceedings to be an Australian’?
    Maybe the premier of their protest is the legality of mandatory detention in the first place?

    I would like to see any of these ‘Australians’ wait up to ten years in detention for ‘processing’. Most Ausies won’t wait 10 minutes for McDonlalds…

  9. Sorry Katie you and your fellow gutter rats with racists and abuse, has no right to be in Australia.

    So f**k off NOW with your boyfriend Tom Merrylees.

  10. Gutter rats if you do not like Australia Customs and Culture that DOES NOT include being a complete ar**hole with racists rants that are against The Law and proves you only get your information from News Ltd toilet papers and watching Today Tonight.


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