92 thoughts on ““I’d Be Embarrassed of My Race Aswell (sic)…”

  1. Do his bosses know that he has an attitude problem, a particularly worrisome one coming from a media specialist?

    Hmmm….be interesting to see what Channel 10 does about this insensitive and racist employee.

      • Agreed. Big horrible noises mean more viewers, ratings and attention although this guy may get fired for doing it privately. Too many are paid to do it as a public statement simply due To the bottom line. Andrew Bolt makes me so mad yet it wouldn’t surprise me if he wins his current court defense.

  2. “if u gunna live in a “multi-cultural” country, how about u make an effort to learn that culture”

    Learn what culture? Think before you blurt Sam. In future perhaps you can avoid such embarrassing self-contradictions. Unless by multicultural you mean homogenous, and ‘learn that culture’ means ‘give up your identity’.

    • Multiculturism is (should be) the fabric of Aussie society. One thing I don’t understand is why in Sydney, Christmas decorations don’t get put up. So as not to offend non-Christians. Please explain. I can’t imagine ramadan being cancelled in Kabul.

      • plus christmas in australia isn’t terribly religious and doesn’t really have the capacity to offend non christians. they buy eachother presents as everyone else does.

      • Don’t live in Sydney hence don’t really know..
        But do they put up Chinese New Year decorations?

        Let’s face it, it is all a marketing gimmick, a commercialised guilt free spending spree for those that can afford. A well deserved holiday for some, opportunity to catch up with family, over indulge, travel etc for others. Give/receive gifts, sit down lunch & then drink too much for me.
        I don’t understand how any of the above mentioned activities could offend anyone.
        Ideally shouldn’t we just not waste money/pollute decorating streets anyways?
        I like to see a society that didn’t give a hoot about christmas or ramadan or the chinese new year etc.
        Don’t you guys have a Myer window thing in Sydney? In Melbourne when that happens, by the looks of it mostly enjoyed by the people that have nothing to do with christmas or don’t care about christmas. Never seen a church minister at the Myer window 🙂

        Anthony, Personally how does this effect you? Do you run a business that sell decorations?
        If not, why do you care?

      • You’ll find that most people who worship a different religion other than Christianity don’t give a damn about religious decorations going up at any time of the year…
        It’s those other people who THINK they are being “Politically Correct”. Where the end result is that they make everyone uncomfortable about the fact that some traditions are just that… traditions

        • “You’ll find that most people who worship a different religion, other than Christianity, don’t give a damn about religious decorations going up at any time of the year…”

          Although I stated this, it should actually read:

          “You’ll find that most people who worship a religion don’t give a damn about religious decorations going up at any time of the year…”

          I would like also state that I say Merry Xmas, and Eester. Differentiating it from all religious affiliation.. is that too PC?

        • Rixhard, you beat me to it.

          In my experience, religious people/believers often hold people of other faiths in higher esteem that they do non-religious people. It’s the council or school administrators instigating “no carols” or “no decorations”. They’re either doing it in good faith, ie genuinely trying to lessen offence, or they have their own agendas in trying to stamp out displays or religion or specifically Christian religion. For once I think we can safely label this as PC gone too far.

          Muslims trying to ban Christmas is indeed bullshit.

      • That’s an issue you need to take up with the relevant councils.
        It’s an oft-repeated fabrication though, and not just in Australia. The same story goes around various western countries every year that schools, councils etc don’t put up decorations and ban nativity plays etc to avoid offending “some people” i.e. muslims. It’s usually something minor, like a school deciding that since they have a lot of non-christian students that they’ll do something more inclusive than a christian nativity and some bigots take this to mean they’ve banned it and start screaming about ‘them comnig over and changing our way of life’ etc.

  3. I just checked out that facebook page, it gets worse. Sam and another racist moron, named Sandra Dick are filling the wall with vile, racist drivel.

  4. This Sam El at Network Ten is a racist. Please TAB can you include the offenders name in plain text under the images or ideally in the heading. Need future employers to be able to find out this info on Sam El.

  5. Letting Google know Sam El’s existence is a good idea AM,

    Cozinoz, They do have a ‘Contact Us’ page & also use twitter 😉

    J, I’d like to think that too but Andrew Bolt got his own show on Ch 10. Can we expect then to sink any low?

    By the way that Facebook page “Lek shuuu habibi” is quite disturbing to say the least, comments from both sides are appalling. Sam El, Sandra Dick, Amit Handa, Dolla Berewah has said some really nasty things.

    Pardon my ignorance, can some one explain to me what the joke is? I saw a lot of ‘lol’s there but I just don’t understand what is being said. What language is it? What’s the joke? how is it offensive? etc etc.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • From what I could gather, the page is referring to Indians who (over?)-use the term “Lek Shuu Habibi”. Which in Arabic, can be loosely translated as “what for, baby?” (thanks google).

      • Thanks Ronnie,
        Google translate didn’t even detect the language when I tried 😦
        But I still don’t get it, because that is not funny….. or offensive & I have never heard Indians (over) use that phrase.
        Oh well 😐

  6. Every other post was a variation on the theme of LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo, possibly because their heads can only contain one idea at a time. My brain hurts.

  7. For my own curiosity I would like to ask the readers of this site is it wrong to expect long term visitor and or residents to try to adapt to the mainstream culture?

    I don’t mean this in a “send them back if the don’t conform” way

    • What’s the “mainstream culture”, Colin? Does it affect you if people don’t conform to it? Incidentally, I’m a “long term visitor or resident” (I was born here and have lived most my life here).

    • problem is, ‘culture’ is such a fluid term that we can twist it to accommodate almost anything. I would rather say long term visitors and residents should adapt to our laws.

    • Why is it necessary to adapt to “mainstream” culture? What is so inherently wrong with maintaining your own identity and culture as long as as you respect the laws of the country you live in?
      I’ve been here for 5 years, I pay my taxes, I don’t break the law and I contribute to the economy by using my money to pay for goods and services. I have friends from many different countries and cultures…why is it necessary for me to deny MY culture, drink VB and join an AFL cheer squad before I’m considered a ‘good’ citizen?
      Well, resident…I haven’t applied for citizenship.

    • there is no real mainstream culture. plus the ‘mainstream culture’ (such as it is) has seperate cultures within it (ie goths, hipsters etc).
      for me as long as new arrivals obey the law and gain some working knowledge of english (enough to get by) i don’t give two shits.

    • I was born here but if the “mainstream culture” is the one defined and practised by the morons featured on TAB then I am quite happy not to join in.

      Besides, the Domestic Goddess, being a woman of refinement and taste, would no doubt pack up her stethoscope and return to Ireland at the first whiff of VB, fast food, Summer Nats or pub glassings.

  8. I know Sam El and he would not write rubbish like this, He is far from being a racist and by the looks of this, Facebook may need to re-think their privacy settings.

    I find it strange that a site promoting anti-racism, equality and fairness puts something like this up without giving that person an opportunity to explain the situation. Go figure…

    • ahaha yeah Sam was hacked… right.. You’re full of shit mate. There was worse still things written on that page by Sam until he obviously figured out what a dickhead he’d been and removed them.

      This is a pretty good opportunity for your friend Sam to explain away I’d say.. I don’t see how he can possibly… Welcome to try nonetheless.

    • He didn’t write it my arse. I think you may need to re-think your friendships – that is if you do indeed think his comments are “rubbish”.

    • As a matter of transparency I would state that it is possible to post without the iPhone tag depending on whether a person is logged through Wifi on their phone…

      Although if that was the case you would think that he would THINK to enable the “Auto-lock” ability on his phone, or even the PIN access feature to prevent the SIM card being used…

      It always surprises me that people don’t do more to protect their privacy, especially with the increasing use of storing private information like bank accounts and passwords on mobile electronic devices (like phones)
      Think about what you would need to do if you lost your phone with all that info on it…

      Technology FAIL

    • I don’t really agree J. Facebook really is the root of all evil. You have those on there who are prob just young, bored and don’t really understand the consequences of their actions.. Then you have those real racists af heart, for example the Nazi extremist in the thread below.

      While Sam Els comments are pretty bad, I’ve seen so many examples of this kind of stuff on facebook coming from people who are really not racist at all..

      • Sooki,
        If someone stabbed a person with a bread knife to death, do we agree that bread knives are the root of all evil?

        • I hope so because I am not getting any.
          So you blame neither Facebook or Sam?
          Are you saying they’re both innocent?
          What is it that you don’t agree with J on?

      • They maybe young and bored but thats no excuse to yell out racist comments in public. Thing thats worrying is that perhaps passing racist comments have/will become the “cool” thing to do to get the admiration of your mates. If that’s the case guys like Sam deserve the consequences.

  9. No they are not innocent at all. But I just think with young stupid people these things can blow way out of control, especially via facebook as none of it is regulated. What one person may consider a joke, another person could consider offensive. You are right there is no excuse for the things that were said, but if someone has admitting their stupidity in this sense, then obviously they have in a way woken up to themselves. As we aussies say, everyone is entitled to a “fair go.” Better to repent than not i suppose.

    FYI.. Comments can appear without the ‘little icon’ which suggests a phone was used if it is done via Safari or a website rather than the app.

  10. Hmmmm…..Let me think for a bit. 😐
    Oh! Wait, My mistake….
    This is absolute BULL SHIT! 🙂

    Rixhard, Regardless of one is using wi-fi or 3G all browsers(mobile) on a phone will initially direct to the mobile site. (m.facebook.com) & then some sites provide you with the option to access what they call the ‘full site’ as you would on the www. If one uses the www then the mobile icon doesn’t appear. But as you can see this requires few more steps & having to enter one’s password a few times & mobile browsers don’t normally save passwords. Also the security features you have already mentioned that even a monkey could use. 😉

    So I say it out loud! BULL SHIT!!! 😀

    Sooki, Like I have explained it to Rixhard. Not always the case whether you used safari,skyfire,opera etc. This is what it looks like using safari.

    Again, I say to Sam, …. BULL SHIT!!! 😀

    TAB, there are so many holes in Sam’s story & may be you could verify with the screen caps you have, because I do not have access to the information now since Sam has deleted them and also his profile I think.

    First e-mail says a “FRIEND” posted using Sam’s profile.
    Ok! Soooo your friend is a low life racist to say things such as what has been said. And if you read the said page you’d understand the time line of comments etc & this friend has been posting on this site for more than a few days. Begging the question to be asked is Sam Blind? retarded? or both?

    This is where I say BULL SHIT! 😀

    Then the second e mail says, Sam went camping, left the phone at girl friend’s place & her brother did this using the phone.

    Ok! Sam, Nice try… few more questions though..
    Its a mobile phone yeah? a MOBILE phone. the whole idea of it being mobile is so that you can take it with you, but hey people do forget. I have forgotten my phone a few times when I went down to the shops down the street or to the car down stairs in the garage etc, I understand shit happens. But I have never forgotten it when I went CAMPING for few days. Isn’t that when one would most need a mobile phone? may be you’re with Vodafone & it’s useless out side CBD.
    TAB, If you have the screen caps of Sam’s profile you could double check ( I can’t) but from my memory Sam wasn’t in a relationship. I would not leave my $800+ phone at a girlfriends house (Mind you unlocked & all logged in too) that is not even Facebook official.

    Raf Sete? isn’t that a soccer player from South America? I’m not too sure. but anyways Sam’s friend has become his girl friend’s brother.. Interesting.. Let’s keep going…
    I must admit that Raf is pretty amazing to have come up with the stuff seeing as he says he doesn’t even think the stuff he had posted. Imagine Raf being a creative writer at Ten.
    But he also says that he was trying to act funny, so may be Raf should never even consider the comedy channel or light entertainment on Ten.

    Is this where I say BULL SHIT! again?

    I’m no media expert at Channel Ten -Sydney. I’m just a tiny insignificant bit of carbon.
    In my humble opinion Sam El, you are a pathetic excuse for a human, a resent filled ignorant up-your self racist twat. It’s just my opinion. For all I know you could ask your girl friend to write an e mail saying you are the most amazing boy friend she’d ever had.
    Good luck back peddling your self from the hole you dug your self in to, oh & on the way out you might also wanna pull your head out of your arse & give it a good wash.

    • Since you missed the last point of my post I will simplify it for you:
      By adjusting your phone settings, unauthorised use of your phone would not be possible without spending some time hacking it…

      BUT since you CAN cheat the system, as you go on to state “Not always the case whether you used safari,skyfire,opera etc.”
      By stating you can’t is just… (what was the word I was looking for???)

      When I use the INTERNET BROWSER and not the APPLICATION (via Wifi) it DOES NOT show up as posted via BB… which might have something to do with my PERSONAL Network settings on my phone/server/router. Don’t know which I just know that it happens from time to time..
      And I don’t know why any sensible person would do it this way as its much easier using the APP… (I know I am not sensible at times, but it keeps life interesting)

      • I don’t think I missed your point, in fact I was agreeing with you how easy it is to use the already available security measure on a phone.

        I don’t have a Black Berry to test or have never owned one before hence I don’t want to speculate anything without being certain.

  11. I just tested it from an iPhone and it didn’t say updated via iPhone on the mobile site in safari. I’m sensing a lot of hate from people who are so called ‘anti’ discrimination. You’re really gona argue a disconnect between ‘friend’ and ‘gfs brother’? Quite often these are one in the same. I don’t know, I have been a victim of facebook hacking before and my story didn’t quite add up either, so I guess I can see where these ppl are coming from.

    Anyone wanna make bets these are all stupid teenagers? When kids are bored, my guess is, they talk a lot of shit.

    • It just smells like bullshit. That’s all. The thing that matters is that the original poster is now anonymous, regardless of whether he’s lying or not. As is our obligation to those who ask for their names/photos to be removed.

      • Actually, the original poster isn’t really anonymous – with the information available on this page I could find him on Facebook in about 3 minutes. If this guy happened to prefer to use a phone browser to access Facebook and didn’t clear his login credentials (and really, why would you on a phone) then his explanation sounds quite reasonable to me. From my experience facebook apps are pretty useless for anything other than checking and updating statuses – ie. commenting in groups.

    • Sooki,
      I’m sorry but I am not going to repeat myself, a lot of technical details have already been posted in responding to Rixhard.
      The basic concept of a mobile site (m.facebook.com) is reduced options/details/functionality.
      If you wanna test anything it should be ‘mobile’ vs ‘www’ not ‘app’ vs ‘mobile’ because they’re pretty similar.
      Also TAB has provided a screen cap & I have given a screen cap from safari on iphone.
      And you just say you tested and you didn’t see it, no proof vs 2 screen caps 😐

      Your ‘hate’ meter seems to only trigger one way, how come it didn’t even register a reading when you read Sam’s comments on the facebook group?
      Of all the arguments that I have mentioned where I thought that Sam was bull shitting, the difference between ‘friend’ and ‘g’f’s brother’ is all you paid most attention to? You had nothing to say about anything else?

      For starters ‘Hacking’ is a technical term and it has been used incorrectly, but I will continue with it.
      I’m sorry Sooki, if you are telling the truth and you know exactly what happened etc. your story should add up perfectly. That is what computer forensics guys do. So I could guarantee you that if you were really “hacked” & you recall what you did etc the story will definitely add up. If you really want? we can do this 🙂

      I take offence to calling all teenagers stupid, because not all of them are & I was one not too long ago & I wasn’t doing any of what Sam/Raf were doing. None of my friends did either.
      Besides if Sam is a ‘Media Expert’ at Channel ten he’d be older than 19 ? It takes some time for one to become an expert in anything they do.

      • M Dawg- firstly, I DID test this via an iPhone and it did NOT say posted via phone and I have no screen shots to prove this, because I don’t need them – go on, test it out. It’s simple, use the app, it has the icon, use safari on an iPhone it does not.

        Secondly, I only entered this thread after Sams original post was removed. You should learn not to selectively read- at no point have I said I believe Sam or that I don’t think his comments are awful, I have simply said it’s possible he is telling the truth, and that at least those involved feel bad about the issue. I have focused on your point of ‘friend’ vs ‘gfs brother’ because it’s a weak argument, much are all the points you have raised as none of them can be completely verified yet ur arguing so sure of yourself which is what ignorant people do.

        Thirdly, fair enough, I was not ‘hacked’ but I was played a joke on via my facebook when someone I knew used my profile to post things to another friend of mine. This is all besides the point, all I’m saying is that these things are possible!

        Lastly, again please don’t selectively read- I never said all teenagers are stupid, I said who wants to bet THESE teenagers are stupid.

        • And finally – every time you mention his name in the same breath as defending his possible innocence, you are disallowing him from his requested anonymity.

        • Sooki,

          M Dawg- firstly, I DID test this via an iPhone and it did NOT say posted via phone and I have no screen shots to prove this, because I don’t need them

          Aha? you don’t need them because…….????? You say something without proof and everyone else is suppose to say ‘AMEN!’ ???

          “– go on, test it out. It’s simple, use the app, it has the icon, use safari on an iPhone it does not.”

          I can conclude with utmost certainty that you do NOT understand the technology behind all this & like I said before this isn’t the place for me to write up a lengthy paragraph explaining to you the technical details.

          Let me REPEAT! This is what it looks like when posted using safari from an iPhone 4 running IOS 4.3.1

          I don’t understand what you’re on about or how you tested it and somehow concluded with no evidence & I just have to believe you? 😐

          “Secondly, I only entered this thread after Sams original post was removed. You should learn not to selectively read- at no point have I said I believe Sam or that I don’t think his comments are awful, I have simply said it’s possible he is telling the truth, and that at least those involved feel bad about the issue.”

          Screen caps of some of Sam’s original comments are on here now! So I am not sure at what point you entered the thread? or if the thread was edited that comments were on again off again? that I do not know because I cannot edit the blog and I did not constantly check and noted down changes, Hence I cannot comment about something that I have no knowledge of.
          I read what you wrote. By selective reading if you mean I selected to read what you wrote? then I did just that. 🙂

          At no point you have said that you didn’t believe Sam or his comments are awful either. 😐
          For all I know Sam El could not even exist, he could be a pink unicorn, but he has been in touch with TAB and some awful comments were posted from a ‘Sam El’ facebook profile on a page.
          I have simply said with some logic & evidence that the possibility of this story told by this Sam character is minuscule.

          “I have focused on your point of ‘friend’ vs ‘gfs brother’ because it’s a weak argument, much are all the points you have raised as none of them can be completely verified yet ur arguing so sure of yourself which is what ignorant people do.”

          If that argument was the only one and was presented on its own, yes a very weak argument. But if you followed the timeline the story unfolded? you might notice the relevance. Let me refresh your memory. Firstly Sam came back saying that his facebook was “hacked” by a friend & then the forgotten mobile phone story. I am not sure what kind of logic you follow? but that is ‘some’ evidence I like to see some attention being paid to.
          But then again like Sam Harris once said: “What evidence can you provide to someone that doesn’t believe in evidence?”

          Also ignorant people provide a butt load of evidence & logic that sometimes overwhelm the non-ignorant so that the ignorant can convince other ignorant people who are good at dealing with facts, evidence & logic 😉

          “all I’m saying is that these things are possible!”

          Of course they are possible, so is dog ate my homework.

          You said “Anyone wanna make bets these are all stupid teenagers?”

          I wanna bet that Sam is NOT a teenager if he is the “media expert” at Channel Ten that he said on his profile.


          Rather than posting on a separate post I was just wondering why do you feel the need to in anyway defend Sam even if it is just the benefit of doubt? I wouldn’t wanna see Sam blamed for anymore than what he deserves to be & is responsible for. But having seen the original posts on the said facebook page, the back & forth arguments I am quite convinced Sam El or who ever posting using his profile was a low life pathetic excuse for a human, So if we are to believe his story like you want us to then Raf is a complete moron of an arsehole for posting what he posted on some random page. FYI I still don’t understand how the page itself is funny or offensive because a lot of posts on the page were not in English 😦

  12. Yeah, sure, hacking happens all the time. But to post crap like this guy did…unacceptable. If he thinks that is a “joke” then he has a sick sense of humour.

  13. The phone icon would only show up if the comments were made using an app. If the comments were made through the phone’s web browser you wouldn’t see the icon. Might be worth thinking about.

        • You understand wrong. You didn’t see the original comments on the original Facebook page, nor were you engaged in an email conversation with both of these guys.

        • Ok – well usually with those who end up here it’s pretty easy to verify these things – you just check out the other groups they post to and see if they have form. These comments were posted on one of the most obscure groups I have ever seen. I’m not quite sure why you don’t buy the explanation – some seem to think it was too elaborate others think it was too simple. To be honest this is pretty small game. Also, if the guy is telling the truth you have not made him anonymous. Let’s see the rest of the email correspondence.

        • At no stage did we call *complete* bullshit. If we had no doubt he was lying we wouldn’t have altered the post other than granting his anonymity.
          Are you suggesting that based on the given information, you have NO doubt that he is telling the absolute truth?

          It’s just our OPINION that he’s full of shit – but it doesn’t matter, because his name and photo are gone, as is his tagged connection to this post.

        • To clarify – I am kind of at a loss to understand why the original post makes such big deal about the lack of phone icon and the ‘massive’ 1.5 hours it took you to get an email from Raf……it’s not really compelling evidence of anything

        • He was in email correspondence with us for half an hour, consistently – up until the point where he was asked to provide information about who framed him. It just seemed suspicious. Based on that, and the use of a mobile phone to access a Facebook group without the fairly consistent phone logo, we ‘smelled’ bullshit.
          But – we put it to our readers to make up their minds, and it seems as though you’re unmovable in your opinion – based on even less information than we were privy to.

        • OK – so Raf has taken the hit for this. Sam is still quite identifiable. Was it Raf or Sam? The info that I am not privy to I obviously can’t comment on – do you care to share? As I have already stated, no phone icon and 1.5 hours to get an email don’t mean much, but whatever.

        • 1.5 hours isn’t that long considering he had to contact this Raf guy and get him to contact u guys… Not long at all I have to say.

        • A phone call perhaps? A minute or two. A conversation? A few more minutes. An email from Raf? A few minutes to type.

          = 90+ minutes.


        • A desperate email conversation between a person desperate to have his comments removed before somebody contacted his employer? Highly likely it wouldn’t have been as casual as you’re suggesting.
          Besides – the guy was supposedly his girlfriend’s brother. He would most likely have known exactly where Raf was and would have kept trying if the phone call was missed.
          90 mins – enough time to create a fake Facebook account (with no enabled wall and minimal friends – all randoms), and a fake email address.

          Perhaps anyway.

          That’s why we THINK it’s bullshit. You’re entitled to your opinion but stop trying to say it’s your way or the highway. We already told our readers to make the decision themselves. If they wanted to. Or not. Whatever.

        • Is that what I was not privy to?

          Come on – you aren’t dealing with Scott here. So some dude didn’t get back to your pressing questions within 1.5 hours – case closed! Are you just looking for some WIN to publish?

        • With every minute that passed, his Facebook name, disgusting comments and employer were all visible to anyone. This blog gets about 3000 – 4000 hits a day. I’d be frantic if I thought my employer knew I was a public racist.

        • “A phone call perhaps? A minute or two. A conversation? A few more minutes. An email from Raf? A few minutes to type.

          = 90+ minutes.


          You are lucky this isn’t a chan – it would =


        • I still think the whole story is BULL SHIT! phone/mobile icon included.

          I have seen the original posts from Sam, Sandra, Amit & Dolla. Some of Sam’s comments were posted from an iphone & some weren’t. When you look at the time line of Sam’s comments it was alternating, iphone & www. Sandra was using an iphone all the time & other users used ‘www’. ( I cannot show you this now because the said comments have been removed, if TAB had screen capped the whole thread of comments TAB probably could show it.)

          And it is BULL SHIT! not just because of a ‘phone icon’ or lack of it. It is BULL SHIT because the probability of all the stories of his camping trip, forgetting phone, iPhone app, www & taking few hours to convince Raf to e mail TAB……. aligning in one universe is <= 0.1% 😐

        • werd^^ it could be argued that in passing the buck he hasn’t had to face the consequences of such pig-headed actions.. still he’ll have a good think about it before he goes and does something like that again..

        • Rob,
          Assuming you’re asking me a question, can you please clarify?
          what comments? before I posted what?

          Thank you.

  14. Why wouldn’t this kid have said I left my computer logged in? Cmon, either story is viable. I think the important thing is they/he/she/whoever has realized they effed up.

  15. May be the dude wanted to be hacked? If so for what ever reason who in the world knows but only him.

    Sexual issues no doubt.

  16. Regardless of the ‘finer’ details, this posting shows a delay of over 6 hours between some of the posts.

    An ad-hoc posting because he has access to a mobile phone is one thing, but to repeatedly visit the side over a period of time, indicates more than a passing interest or familiarity.

    Accessing groups and pages on a mobile isn’t difficult, but it’s far from ideal. If this was done via mobile, someone was Really desperate to get to this site.

    Bullshit? Quite likely. But the whole story isn’t being told here. There’s more to this person typing these things than is obvious to the public.

    On top of all that, I find it almost mind blowing that someone would leave a mobile phone anywhere when they were going away. Let alone camping. Nobody forsakes contact with the outside world when they go away, unless they really mean to. But this guy doesn’t seem to be the type.

    No. There’s a torrent of crap here a mile wide. Only a fool shoots of their mouth thinking that words don’t count. Someone was trying to play the hero, and is embarrased that it backfired on them.

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