“heil hitler (sic)/no surrender, no retreat…” (from Melbourne)

Not much to add to this, obviously. He does seem to be the complete package though…:

* homophobe;

* Aussie pride white nationalist;

* Fuck Off We’re Full representative;

* neo-nazi;

* racist;

* English language enforcer with terrible English skills;

* violent tendencies;

* desire to bomb/kill non-whites.

Love from Melbourne.

163 thoughts on ““heil hitler (sic)/no surrender, no retreat…” (from Melbourne)

  1. I can’t belive such fossils are living and screaming out such crap!! I do however because this Glenn Anderson is living proof. The guy can’t write in English and I suppose he can’t even speak it without the piggish “oi, oi, oi” coming out every few words. He definitely isn’t what I would consider a model of a true Australian. His racism, homophobia and nazi mind make him a complete traitor to Australia. If anybody should leave this country it is areholes like him! How dare he show support fro Hitler the day after ANZAC Day!!

    I hope that his name is out there in Google land and if he is employed thatn his boss sees his crap and sacks him.

    • “I hope that his name is out there in Google land and if he is employed thatn his boss sees his crap and sacks him.”

      Golden. I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Seriously, what kind of idiot writes crap like that without their wall set to private? Then again, without his stupidity…we wouldn’t be having epic lolz ๐Ÿ™‚

      • agree, with all of those on him and it looks like they are on prominent places you can make one of two assumptions:

        1. not employed
        2. employed by a ‘like minded fool’ who doesn’t care what kind of statement this person makes about his business

  2. Hahaha this guy is great. At least immigrants and asylum seekers are willing to learn English. He can’t even speak it and he is a “4 gen” Aussie. And what about white people invading land that was already being run by Aboriginals? Bit hypocritical if you ask me.

    Not to mention there are more Brits then anyone here, yet he wants everyone else out :/

  3. Pfft. 4th gen. I know people with Chinese background who are 5th generation. I’m first gen and bilingual and can confidently say my English grammar is much better.

  4. Isn’t this dimwit a criminal? He’s advocating a lot of illegal stuff. Some of the human waste of space exposed here make me laugh; such is their level of blatant stupidity. However, this guy is creepy. Has he been reported to Facebook? I hope so!

    • hell contact any government organisation that allows its members to carry guns. that “southern cross soldiers” page? its a little scary….

  5. People like this are just like us except they’ve found a different group that makes them feel like they belong. I feel sorry for him because he is just trying to impress his friends and tell them what they want to hear. I’m absolutely sure that if you dropped him in the middle of a situation where he had to interact on a personal level with these people he thinks he hates, he would end up realising for himself how ridiculous racism is.

    • yeah that might go for some but this guy is totally-absolutely-whacked-out-crazy-bonkeroony. total write off as a functional person.

    • I totally agree, I could watch that n***** get his head stomped on over an over an over HA HA HA.

      IP Address:
      ISP: Telstra Internet
      Region: Melbourne (AU)

        • Sorry you presumed wrong…… Hey I noticed you stole my nigger from up there but it’s ok u can keep it I don’t want it back haha. Anyways just thought I’d swing past an have a stickybeak at what lies the bottom feeders were serving up today.

          So bye ๐Ÿ™‚ (with a big over enthusiastic Nazi salute)

  6. WELL Glen you look so tough with nazi Tattoo, why dont join the armed forces and go over and join in the fighting, maybe you will scare all those muslin to death and then they wont try to come to Australia.. the trouble is you all piss and wind, , you also think Tattoo make you man, but in fact it just show you for the clown you are… think the problem with you is, you where born with two brains… one got lost and other went looking for it….. If you are such a lover of Hilter and Nazi you should go and live in Germany and you can join the rest brainless sheep that admire hilter….. you said you what fourth generation Australian… you clown you will find many Asia, Muslin and india that go back further than you.. just because they wish to keep there culture alive in AUSTRALIA IS NOT A REASON TO HATE… SO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ARSE.

    • Now, why isn’t that surprising?

      These creeps live in a parallel universe to those who are anti-racist. Their universe is full of paranoia, delusions of “grandeur” and a mythical pure Aryan Race. They think that they speak on behalf of the silent majority but they are deluded when you look at the recent polling done on multiculturalism in Australia. This has been posted on this blog.

      I think that they are sexually frustrated and instead of sublimating their sexual energy into doing stuff that’s creative, they create chaos and disorder spreading hate. They should read Wilhelm Reich (yes, a fellow Austrian like Hitler) who was persecuted by the Nazis …the best book in this context is “Listen Little Man”. It’s all about sexually neurotic individuals who don’t know they are fucked up and who direct their neuroticism into hatred, authoritarianism and invariably racism. In a way these sick people both carry the virus of racism and they are the virus themselves.

      By the way, the above about sexual frustration is also true with those idiot Islamo-fascists, so in a way, the Nazis are brothers-in-arms with the Taliban. Who would have thought?

      • You could apply similar logic to the creation of this website by its founders, they also believe the general public supports their views. Perhaps its creation is also a sign of sexual frustration, arising from the fear of those who don’t agree with them. Or can only racist ‘bogans’ be sexually frustrated?

        • When you look at recent studies of racism in Australia, you’ll find that the vast majority of Australians oppose it. You’re commenting on a post where a guy in Melbourne has embraced Nazi, white supremacist culture. The vast majority of Australians also oppose such ideology.

        • Billy, you’re mising my point. I’m saying that some psychologists believe that fascist – nazi – totalitarian mind sets are created by the inhibition of sexual energy. This is not the blog to get into details about this but just do a web search on Wilhelm Reich. I am NOT saying that only racist “bogans”are sexually frustrated but that ALL nazi – racists may well be.

          Please don’t twist my words to suit your argument.

        • My point was that the supposed ‘science’ behind psychology is quite dubious and they can legitimately put forward any point of view they like as long as it falls under some form of psychoanaylsis. Do a web search for Louis Menand Head case

        • I’m not saying that psychology is true as in “scientific” truth because I agree with you that it can be a projection of any point of view.

          Minds much brighter than my own have struggled to understand why certain people become so filled with hatred and other emotional poisons that they are led to kill other humans because they are different from themselves. I offered a possible explanation, which I consider has some merit.

          Perhaps you can suggest why people like Glenn Nazipants and Scott the Fascist hate so much. In Glenn Nazi’s case he even threatened to use violence on a public forum.

          So, Billy, why do these people hate so much to the point where the ideology which is born through this hatred leads to such mega tragic events as the Holocaust?

        • I have no idea why they “hate so much”, I am not them and cannot comment on their mental state. Let us not forget that there have been other leaders from the left that have commited greater atrocities then the nazis ever did. In general though I abhor people like Glen, they are not doing their movement any favours, Hitler in my opinion would look at disgust at them.

        • OK, not just the Holocaust – every single attempt at genocide – the Turks on Armenians and Greeks, the Pol Pot Regime, the many African state sanctioned genocidal attempts, the Serbian – Bosnian fuck up…..I could go on and on. This is not just a rave against the nazis, it is a rave against every single moronic impulse that drives humans to outkill each other.

          I consider that the events in the Middle East now and what the tyrants are attempting to do to the people of Syria, Libya, Yemen etc to be as bad as Hitler, Stalin, Plo Pot, Mukabe, Idi Amin etc.

          So, when you say, Billy, that Hitler would not be impressed with Glenn, what did you mean? It is taken as a fact that Hitler would not have Glenn as one of his SS – even with his SS lightning tattoos.

        • Thank you Stavros, you have just highlighted the fact that historically, putting people of different races and conflicting religions/idealogies, into the same geographic area, has typically resulted in bloodshed and misery.

        • Well, it looks like Nature has stuffed up big time because we humans all share the same geographic space called Earth!

  7. Idiotic, I can’t stand people who use the word “ass” Talk about degradation of the English language, an ass is a sorta donkey and arse is an English vulgarity for bottom ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Just watched the Q&A podcast from last night, the Afghani refugee female on the panel Najeeba speaks better comprehensible English than what I read from the two Vietnam Vets & Mr Nazi Anderson. ๐Ÿ˜

  9. Saddening, sickening, worrying, frightening…driving across several suburbs of Melbourne, and into the city centre… on ANZAC night…and all of the way, suburb after suburb, street after street…seeing teeming numbers of dozens of foreign races and nations! Walking the streets, milling around, “driving”…stores emblazoned with Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, and who-know’s-what writing. A nighmare!
    Just one out of endless scenarios, pulling up to yet another set of lights, my mate looks around at the people around the intersection, and says with exasperation “I’m looking around here and see one Australian, around ten Indians, and at least a dozen Asians!”.
    This is just getting worse and worse and worse and worse…and can only do so, for that i the final point of “multculturalism”!
    It’s got to be stopped by those making it happen…OR else stopped by us who it is affecting!

      • So I presume then, Chinese nationals can also be Tibetans, and if identity is just a construct then we have nothing to worry about the forced integration/assimilation of the Tibetan people.

        • Billy, when any migrants go around and try to repress Australian and/or Christian culture, I’ll will join you in stopping that. If anyone tries to repress Christianity or a person’s right to atheism I will join you in fighting back.

          But I’m sure you have evidence of brutal repression of anglo and/or christian identities in Australia that owuld make the comparison between Australia and China fair and not completely overblown?

        • The premise is essentially the same, were just talking about varying degrees, no? Do you then believe the Tibetans have the right to protect their national identity, should Australians be afforded the same right? What measures should be taken to protect that right? Though I do agree with you that Australia is not in a dire situation yet. However if we continue down this path will we end up in the same circumstances that many European nations are in, which led to their leaders declaring multiculturalism as a failure. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

        • Well, were the original Australians of this beautiful land allowed to exist in their homeland with their own identity?

          You don’t get it Billy – Australia’s multicultural spirit IS the Australian identity. What else can be? Oh, that’s right, the little corner of the Australian flag that denotes Britain. Well, even there, what is true blue British?

          Sure some European countries have stated that “multiculturalism” is a failure. However, don’t think that what our multiculturalism in Australia is anything like what they have. One example, even if a child is born from Turkish parents in Germany, that child is not considered a German citizen. Take a closer look at their policies and you will find that they have created a situation where the “guest” workers are alienated from the system and they are not given an equal opportunity to engage in the country which asked for their labour.

          I will not belabor the point here but suffice to say that what we have in Australia is beautiful and is (I think) one of the world’s best practice in multiculturalism.

          By the way, I migrated from Greece as a boy with my parents and I can assure you that I have witnessed over the years an amazing change in the attitudes to diversity in this country…..and its not just cappacinos, souvlakia, pizza and humus.

        • I never said I was British or of British descent, I understand that Australia was developed under the migration of people mainly from European nations and that in turn is part of our identity. Out of interest you mentioned you had seen changes other than the typical food etc comments, would you please elaborate on them, I am a little curious.

          Regarding aboriginals, does it benefit them to bring in more outsiders onto ‘their land’, are we not simply exacerbating there problem and diverting funds from them to other groups?

        • Curious huh? Well, for one thing, there are English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) teachers now. There weren’t any before the 1970’s. Migrants and refugees in the 50’s and 60’s worked hard in the factories often long hours and there was no English language tuition.

          Translating and Interpreting services did not exist. I remember as a child I had to interpret for my mother at the doctors because there was no Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) and no interpreters period.

          These are just 2 examples which have made an incredible difference to the migrant experience in this country. On a cultural level, the Australian people have embraced diversity to the point where Australia’s population has at least 50% of its population from mixed ethnic parentage. So, you can’t tell who an Aussie is by just looking at them. My kids are a mix of Greek, Scottish and Welsh backgrounds. My grand kids are a mix of Vietnamese – Greek – Scottish – Welsh – Aboriginal and Chinese. They are all proud Australians.

        • You assume your position is rational, less than a century ago, many of the early prime ministers of australia were in favour of a restricted immigration policy, I wonder what their reasoning was for such policies?

        • Do you support all political beliefs of Australia 100 years ago, or do you think maybe the world has changed, and advancements made in one entire century?

        • So now you are twisting my words, I merely asked that perhaps they had their reasons reasons and we should examine them. Assuming your position is better simply because you were born at a later date is a form of chronological snobbery, if in a centuries time the positions reverse, would you not want people of that time to look at your reasons rather than dismiss your ideas because you were a bigot etc.

          TAB, you have alluded to the fact that the general consensus of man has often been proven wrong, in science after all you cannot prove a hypothesis true, only false. Perhaps the general consensus (that you believe you have) on immigration/multiculturalism, will also be mocked and ridiculed in the future

        • They have their reasons? There is a difference between “having reasons” and saying they don’t like a particular race of human being because they are from another country.

          I have heard everything – “Muslims are terrorists” prove it. They are not. “All people who immigrate to Australia steal our jobs” Wtf? They weren’t “our” jobs to begin with!!!

      • You can’t, unless you’re looking at their passport.
        Just like I could not tell if a person is Chinese, Hong Kong or Taiwanese. ๐Ÿ˜

      • You can’t. That’s why even though I’m an immigrant who came over and stole your jobs, your men, your housing and even claimed the baby bonus I’ve never been teh victim of any racial abuse because I’m white.
        Unfortunaetly the same can’t be said for my Aussie born and bred friends whose parents happen to be Asian, Arab, South American or African.

    • Sad and sickening is exactly how the Anzacs would see you, Scott.

      Sad and sickened because everything they fought against, you represent. The Anzacs fought for the freedoms we have in this country. And the only thing you represent is an oppression of those freedoms to people that you personally dislike.

      You don’t speak for the Anzacs. The deaths that many of them suffered gave you the freedom to speak, but not on their behalf.

      It sickens me. It sickens me that you declare yourself an Australian, then declare your hatred to the people that make up this great country.

      Grow some balls. It is easy to hate. It is easy not to get along with others. It is easy to point and say ‘Look, they are bad because….’ But it takes real balls to fight for those people, regardless of if you like them or not.

      And real balls, you don’t have. You just have a keyboard, and a head full of hatred. You are a disgrace to Australia. And never speak for the Anzacs. They made real sacrifices. The only sacrifice you’ve made is your time, which you clearly have an abundance of.

      • Interestingly enough, you say they fought for “the freedoms we have in this country”, would that not include the concept freedom of speech? Or are we only allowed to express views as long as they don’t offend the delicate sensibilites of certain members of society? In a way you too are restricting the freedoms of another, I don’t necessarily agree with everything scott says, but I believe he has the right to say it. (And, yes I know freedom of speech is not technically covered by the Australian constitution)

        • Scott hasn’t been banned from this forum Billy. If he was, we would be restricting his freedom of speech.
          It’s important to note that freedom of speech does not include hate speech, which is unlawful under such acts as the Anti-Discrimination Act and the Racial Discrimination Act.

        • Hate speech and villification laws are the biggest affronts to freedom of speech in recent years, what exactly is hate speech, its all in the eye of the beholder. These laws in my opinion are a prime example of why multiculturalism is failing, if you need to legislate cooperation from people, then the battle is already lost, you are eroding the base of democracy.

        • no billy it isn’t there is a legal definition of hate speech. multiculturalism isn’t failing, if it was scott would be a happy little man instead of whatever it is he is now.

          also australia doesn’t have freedom of speech, technically

        • Billy-how is your right to free speech been restricted? Please give specific examples.

          Often when people say “You’re against free speech” they mean “You disagree with what I say, and will tell me that”

          But that’s not restricting your free speech. That asking for my free speech to be restricted so as to not challenge your views.

        • Never said that shibz, are all your arguments strawmans? I just believe threats such as that are already covered by other elements of criminal law, that worked well in the past.

        • Yes you do…
          So you’re upset that your right to free speech is restricted by hate speech/vilification laws?
          Let’s go through this slowly, stay with me folks.

          So by application of logic, it will suggest hence your speech contains either hate or vilification or both if it is to be restricted by the said laws.

          Hope we’re clear on that???

          So in the end your right to free speech is not restricted at all, you have been prevented using hate speech & vilification, which isn’t a right you or anyone have.

          So in the sense the laws have worked well for it’s intended purpose, that is to prevent people from people like you. ๐Ÿ˜€

          ..that’s just application of logic. ๐Ÿ˜

        • Logic fail:

          “So in the end your right to free speech is not restricted at all, you have been prevented (sic) using hate speech & vilification, which isnโ€™t a right you or anyone have. ”

          Do you realise what you have said here? You have effectively said, you have free speech, but cannot say certain things, without fear of punishment…. Which in my opinion is not free speech, unless of course you believe in some warped Orwellian idea of freedom of speech.

          “So in the sense the laws have worked well for itโ€™s intended purpose, that is to prevent (sic) people from people like you”

          So you agree with silencing the voices of people, who do not agree with you? I’m sure Stalin would be proud of you.

        • That’s exactly what is meant by ‘freedom of speech’. It is the freedom to have a voice in society – so long as it isn’t hate speech.
          We live in a free society, a free country. Does that mean we should be allowed to steal and kill people? We are free to live our lives how we want to, so long as it doesn’t impinge on the rights, freedoms or lives of others.

          It’s pretty simple.

          Tried walking up to a police officer lately and calling him a fat sweaty cunt rash? You’d be behind bars, screaming for your right to ‘free speech’, and they’d be laughing at you.

        • “Logic fail:”
          Hmmmm.. yes I guess just like a colouring contest judged by the blind.

          Let me try it again. Billy, the term ‘free speech’ is not the same as dictionary definitions of ‘free’ & ‘speech’ put together. Mathematically (definitions of) ‘FREE’ + ‘SPEECH’ =/ ‘FREE SPEECH’.

          If speech was a power set; free speech = speech – hate speech.
          You said you study mathematics hence I tried. I’m not sure how well I did ๐Ÿ˜

          “Do you realise what you have said here? You have effectively said, you have free speech, but cannot say certain things, without fear of punishmentโ€ฆ. Which in my opinion is not free speech, unless of course you believe in some warped Orwellian idea of freedom of speech.”

          Well if that is your ‘opinion’ then that’s it really. It is just your opinion. It’s not what free speech really is or means. It is your idea of ‘free speech’ which does not exist in reality. Not much I can do about that Billy, than just to inform you that you’re wrong.

          I know next to nothing about Orwell, so NO! My idea of free speech is what has been explained before.

          “So you agree with silencing the voices of people, who do not agree with you? Iโ€™m sure Stalin would be proud of you.”

          No Billy, Hippies reading auras and sprouting homeopathic medicine haven’t been silenced, nor have the Church preachers, Jewish & Muslim equivalent of that. Although I don’t agree with any of that they are free to air their vacuous crap because that doesn’t fall under ‘hate speech’.
          So these people are free to say all the crap they are saying. If you ever feel being restricted by Hate speech/vilification laws that is ONLY because you are involved in Hate speech/vilification.

          Thank you Billy, I’m not as sure as you are but I guess Stalin could be proud of me for many many reasons what ever fancies Stalin ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I guess were just going to have to agree to disagree on what we believe free speech should be, a power set is a set of all subsets of that set, I think you meant just a set though. Whereas I view free speech as a set containg all speech, or alternatively a universally quantified statement, which is why a gave a counterexample to prove that is currently not true.

          The reason I am primarily worried about these laws, is that their use is a slipperly slope, just remember the government of the day may change and you could find them being used against you.

        • Freedom of speech – everyone is entitled to it. Which is why I refuse to say anyone’s opinion or point of view is “wrong”. No one’s POV can be wrong. However, sadly, it can be ill informed. The opinion of asylum seekers greatly emphasises this. I too used to believe that they were “illegals” and what not…until I actually got off my ass and did some research. And what do you know…how uninformed and ignorant was I?!

          In this day in age it is bloody sad when people can’t even google simple definitions.

    • Disappointed that you are not trying to defend your Nazi mate, instead you go on one of your long, boring, paranoid rants where you just go over the same thing.

      “seeing teeming numbers of dozens of foreign races and nations! Walking the streets, milling around, โ€œdrivingโ€โ€ฆstores emblazoned with Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, and who-knowโ€™s-what writing. A nighmare!”

      Why is this a nightmare? Have you ever gone into one of these shops? I guess not, but I have and horror of horror, even though the shops have non-English writing on the front the people inside speak English. And what’s more they speak it a lot better than you dipshit mate from Dandenong.

      “Itโ€™s got to be stopped by those making it happenโ€ฆOR else stopped by us who it is affecting!”

      Is this a threat? Are you and your dopey friend planning to do what Van Tongeran did in Perth in the 80s? I also wonder how it is affecting you, other than your eyes being offended by seeing people whose skin isn’t white. Unlike myself you don’t mix with people who has different coloured skin.

      โ€œIโ€™m looking around here and see one Australian, around ten Indians, and at least a dozen Asians!โ€

      Wow, I see the same when I look at my mates. There are Asians, Indians, Italians, Greeks, etc and all of them are more Aussie than you.

    • Scott-you’re not referring to this article at all. So here’s your chance-do you support or are you against the person profiled here, who ends most sentences with 14/88 and supports Hitler?

  10. Yet MORE sickening, bloodthirsty, tribal violence amongst Sudanese that have been brought into Melbourne!
    Gee, that “multiculturalism” is just such a joy isn’t it?!

    • Been reading Bolt again? He’d be so proud that you are a fan of his. Of course I could go and find as many articles of ‘white’ kids in Melbourne committing acts of violence too.

        • Great way to make a point with ad hom attacks, a guess its a show of your superior debating skills to the ‘bogans’. Nobody is denying that ‘white’, people do not commit crime. However it must be remembered that the government has a duty to its own citizens before any supposed moral duty to africans, and looking around the globe at countries that have tried to integrate africans, it must be noted that it has not worked well out anyway (look at the statistics in america for example). So should current australians be burdened by african immigrants, and more importantly due you believe that the rights of nations should continue to exist? Alternatively we can all stick our heads in the sand and hope all is well, that always seems to work out. Stifling genuine debate with attacks such as bogan, racist, bigot etc, is counterproductive in my opinion.

        • I don’t necessarily believe they have ‘rape, murder and assault genetically built into their DNA’, However I do believe there are differences between the races, africans for example are great 100m runners.

        • How much of that African crime is due to low socio-economic status? The poor, whatever their nationality or ethnicity, have greater pressures, and therefore greater links to crime.

          Now, no doubt, you have plenty of evidence of upper class and middle class African men from around the world committing horrendous crimes, to a degree that would be statistically significant? Do you?

        • Equally then, how much of that low socio-economic status is due to them being africans, historically and currently africans have not been able to form viable social structures above the tribal level. African is almost synonymous with poor, you can blame poverty, slavery, war and oppression all you want, but just perhaps racial differences explain predominance of certain races over others.

        • billy thats ignoring all of africas history and modern genetics . geneticsally there is negligible difference between the different ‘races’

        • Psychotic rants from daft white supremacists redolent with pseudo-history and junk science do not constitute “debate”

          However I believe TAB keeps Snotty around so we can get some comic relief. We aren’t really much into “debating” Snott but he is a good exemplar of our opponents, being obsessively barking mad.

        • Hi Billy,
          Since you directly replied to me….

          There was NO! ‘debate’. shibz1989 made a comment & I added a further ‘comment’ quite light heartedly too. So seems like you have missed the point. Glenn Nazi Anderson isn’t available for debate & it will be really hard if not impossible for me to debate in a language I do not understand, that Glenn seems to be using in all his diatribes.

          Scott is avoiding any ‘debate’ with me. Because he had his arse handed to him every time he engaged. And you may not know this seeing as you are new on this blog, that Scott is well known amongst the readers of this blog, has a reputation that suggest ‘debating’ is one of many skills he lack.

          Obviously your mentioning of African crime etc isn’t for me to respond I guess because I have said nothing about crime or Africans or any immigrants for that matter. Just what arse wipes Scott Pengelly & Glenn Anderson are and I stand by it. ๐Ÿ™‚

          If you would like to debate? please be my guest Billy, I will accommodate as time permits. Please be aware that as a student myself this time of the year isn’t when time is on my side ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        • If your going to claim the moral high ground, at least act like you belong there, that was my initial point. I am also a student are you not on holidays at the moment aswell?

        • whilst you’re there you should take a genetics class and learn how little difference there is between races

        • Thank you zulu & Jorji for the replies on my behalf.
          Jorji, to the naughty corner for confusing your with you’re. ๐Ÿ˜‰
          It is a teaching break, yes. Definitely NOT a holiday unless one’s idea of a holiday is writing 2 assignments and a re-search project ๐Ÿ˜ฆ FML!!!

          Ok! Back to Billy,
          “If your (sic) going to claim the moral high ground, at least act like you belong there,”
          Huh??? I called Scott & Glenn anal rashes. How the hell is that alone is construed as claiming moral high ground? Well I did call them what I called them depending on available evidence and many experiences with Scott and the knowledge of what/who Scott is etc.
          What state do you study in Billy? & what do you study if I may ask?

        • Wow, if were going to argue over the semantics of using terms such as holidays/teaching breaks, then I don’t have high hopes for the debate here. I’m pretty sure most people would understand what I meant.

          In regards to the moral ground comment, I was trying to point out the hyprocrisy displayed in many comment sections of this site, but alas that appears to be lost on you, so I will leave it there.

          Engineering/Mathematics is what I’m studying, how about you?

        • Sorry Billy, Wasn’t nit-picking. I knew what you meant, but you said that responding to me saying that “I don’t have much free time this time of semester”.

          “I am also a student are you not on holidays at the moment aswell(sic)?”

          So I guess now you see why people have responded to you in the way they have ๐Ÿ˜

          “In regards to the moral ground comment, I was trying to point out the hyprocrisy displayed in many comment sections of this site, but alas that appears to be lost on you, so I will leave it there.”

          I don’t represent all commentators, I can only speak for my self. Hence what I said & nothing is lost on me. I can assure you that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Science/Tech (IT)

  11. A wacko saying this shit is one thing, what’s more scary is the otherwise respectable looking Marian Lawrie (photo above) supporting the wacko.

    • Well, it all depends on what you consider to be respectable. Don’t forget that Fascism was supported by British Royalty during the second world war and that there were very many respectable looking nazis and sympathisers that supported the Holocaust.

      Surface images can be deceiving and this Marian Lawrie has obviously a maggot ridden heart and conscience.

      • lol – Marian Lawrie looks like anyone’s Mum, yet has a “maggot ridden heart”. as i said, scary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. “wow fuck head cunt,im so happy,im famous now,awsome,now can weย meet face to face rite now so i can break your face????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    you GUTLESS CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I think we made him mad. Maybe he’ll have a heart attack and die?

    • So, this is how moronic nazis respond when they are told that they now have an audience. Hey, nazi dick head, I’m glad you’re so happy that you are famous. Is this how you celebrate happiness? Kicking peoples’ heads in, breaking faces? Wow, I wouldn’t like to meet you when you are unhappy.

      The truth is, I wouldn’t want to meet you anytime. Like it or not, you live in a civil society and this means that debate does not become physical violence. You don’t know that you are debating do you? You think that the only correct way of looking at the world is through your myopic eyes and everyone else is blind. Thus, your version of reality is the only version allowed, so you can’t debate it. Even all this is probably giving your peanut brain too much credit.

      Enjoy the 15 minutes of fame Mr Glenn Nazipants.

    • Disturbing, to say the least.
      Can you report him to the police for making threats even if it was in an email?

      I do love the irony of an Australian Hitler worshipper being proud of his english roots though, apparently he doesn’t know much about WW2 history…

        • I guess you are referring to Victoria Police Shibz ?
          I was thinking on the same lines because this Glenn fella is a rodent in society & lives in Victoria but VIC police have a not so good reputation specially when it comes to matters pertaining to racism. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

          I hope there will be other avenues that I am not aware of. ๐Ÿ˜

  13. Funny thing this. Although he may pledge his allegiance to Hitler, he probably doesn’t realize it, but he would never have qualified for the Nazi Party or the German army of the second world war.

    Declaring his heritage would have instantly made him an enemy of the state back in 1939. No matter how much loyalty he would have pledged, declaring his heritage as he has here, would have had him welcoming a bullet in his head.

    A little bit of history for the stupid: The British empire WAS the enemy of Germany in the second world war. Forget Russia, that was essentially a land-grab, and attempt at expanding the empire. Hitler was hell-bent on demolishing Britain in a recurrence of the economic tensions that brought Britain and Germany in direct conflict during the first world war, and subsequently sent Germany into a horrific economic failure at the end of that war.

    Fools make themselves ‘Nazis’ in the image of the hatred that drove the Nazi party But they are but a mere shadow, a pastiche of Nazism.

    • The Herald Sun Reporter should hang her head in shame. Her story was clearly written to make it look like we in the middle of a crime explosion and then she has the audacity to ask for opinions? Of course fear, paranoia and scapegoating is the result.

      Eg. of bias in the story:
      “Assaults on streets, footpaths and in lanes have jumped by almost 10 per cent since 2007-08, the report shows. The increase equates to an almost 290 extra street bashings a year.”

      No mention of the increase in population over the 4 year period covered by the report. At least one of the comments rightly pointed out that there has always been violence in Melbourne and this increase is in line with the increased population. So no epidemic.

      Also she states that the increase equates to an extra 290 bashings a year. First of all does “Assault” = “bashing”. I’m sure it does in some cases but assault covers a broader range of crimes than that, with bashing being at the more severe end of that range. As for the figure of 290. It sounds like a lot in isolation but what if we say it increased has increased from 2,900 to 3,190. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

      The reporter is not stupid and she had to have known that choosing to present the facts that way would generate this response. For what? To sell increase readership and ultimately make more money for her employer? What ever happened to journalistic integrity?

  14. Don’t change Australia Posted at 5:33 AM Today

    stop immigration. and then the gangs and the violence will also decrease. If you read all the reports and watch the news you will see it’s the gang war of different cultures and religion. just look at the violence with the sudanese this week! there needs to be tougher laws on who is allowed into this country. for starters send back all those in detention centres who came here illegally. If migrants want to come to Australia then they need to abide by the rules and embrace what this country has to offer not try and change it.

    Comment 16 of 76

    Perfect Example of a bogan

  15. This is absolutely disgraceful.
    Please note all non-Melbournians: re the comment at the end ‘Love from Melbourne’. This is NOT Melbourne, this has NOTHING to do with Melbourne. This is one sick f*ck that happens to live in Melbourne. Please don’t confuse the two…

  16. glenn anderson here,
    you poor,left wing do-gooder multicultralist ethnic lovers traiters,
    have you always been brain washed by the left wing brigade,you reackon im sick,you are sick too!!
    when i write on face book,its not a spelling/grammar competition,people get my drift what im talking about,btw,i could not be bothered checking my fast typing spelling errors,big deal.
    you mention only yeah 4th gen aussie(1855) i bet my families have been here in oz alot longer than you retards!
    my families were not stupid anough to come here to be 5th gen,they came here once every thing was set up,
    you know nothing about me,so my boss would not find any thing,even if he did,he wouldnt care any way,as he hates ethnic immigrants and traiters like you.
    r.e nazi tatts,so,nazi = HATE,and i do have hate for third world ethnic immigrants invading us as we speak!
    btw,nazi = germanic,we white anglo -saxons are from germanic heritage 1600 years ago.
    another thing,hitler did not want to fight with England,winston churchill declared war on Germany.
    alot of pro white english in england look up to hitler for his leader ship,white pride,for his power status,e.c.t
    you blind fools are to stupid/pathetic to see multicultralism is stuffing Australia up!!
    this country will be stuffed with in 20 years and resemble a third wordl country!!!
    how would you turds like a law suit against you for taking my pics/posts of face book ?,do you have permisson= NO YOU DONT!!
    any way,i dont care what you think of me you stuipd p.c brigader do-gooders.
    go f_ck ya self fools……..

    btw,i will not be back on this shit,pathetic loser site,so i wont see you comments!!!

    • That must have taken a week’s work Glenn making sure you didn’t write the “f”word which seems to feature so extensively in your other missives.

      But as your beloved Fuhrer would have said during a similar hate-filled writing frenzy, Arbeit Macht Frei…see if you can translate that seeing as your knowledge in areas such as history is so seriously lacking.

    • if you won’t be back why bother commenting?
      also it seems you don’t know anything about german history or nazi history. so you even fail at racism. which i thought was inpossible to do.

    • Listen up GLENN ANDERSON.
      You might think your pretty tough. I’ve spent 6 and half years as an Infantry soldier, ‘Unit 144’ Golani Brigade, Israeli Defence Force. I’ve been to war twice, been shot 4 times. Two of those gunshots were point blank from AK-47, plus multiple shrapnel wounds. Then i walked 25 k’s from Bint Jabayl back to the armistace line carrying my dead commanding officer, fighting the whole way back. My point is, you might think your tough. But i don’t. I think your weak as piss. And i am the toughest goddamn jew you’ll ever see. Long story short, if I ever see you in the street, i will kick your ass son. I will seriously do you some damage.

      • you fucken listen up jew lover ass wipe (jay van de leers),wow,im so scared of you fuckhead =( NOT )you come on here like a big hereo tuff man!!!,ya want a medal hero???
        what a faggot you are you stupid jew loser!!
        im trembling in my boots= (NOT,fuck off key board warrior!!!
        hey hero tuff man scum,if i ever see you in the street i will break all your teeth you little scum cunt!!!!,now fuck off back under your rock jew turd.
        i have never seen such a pathetic bunch of brain washed left wing traiter scum in my life,one last word for you all, FUCK OFF!!!!!

  17. oh yay Glenn’s here finally!

    “my families were not stupid anough to come here to be 5th gen,they came here once every thing was set up” Those lazy motherfuckers. You MUD-BLOOD!!!

    Kindly get out of our country Glenn. It’s full of beautiful, accommodating people from all walks of life and there really is no room for your hate laced bullshit.

    On another note I think any tattooist who is found to of emblazoned someone with a swastika should have their licence revoked. Disgusting.

    • unless its the bhuddist, hindu etc tattoo. which is nigh impossible so actually your idea might actually be worth trying.

  18. Somehow I’m not surprised this fuckwit’s from the South East suburbs. That’s the part of Melbourne we really don’t like to talk about, and everyone would be a lot better off if we just pretended it didn’t exist.

  19. LMAO Keyboard warrior? Ever looked in a mirror? I may be only 6ft 4, but there is no freaking way I am scared of you!!

  20. I cant believe he (Glenn Anderson )can write so much crap …who does he think he is hahahahah i am a proud AUSTRALIAN MUSLIM …. ITS PEOPLE LIKE HIM THAT GIVE AUSTRALIANS A BAD NAME … about time you went home i think Glenn ..We as australians are ashamed of you … May allah forgive you !

  21. It’s strange for a Neo-Nazi to not mention a thing about Jews, isn’t it? I bet people like him don’t whinge that a foreign person is usually in the taxi that drives his drunk ass home at night after a long night out promoting “Australian values” (which funnily enough also don’t resemble the Nazi regime in the slightest).

    I wonder if you quizzed him on some WWII history, how much this scumbag would actually know outside of “HITLER HATED NON-WHITES FUCKYEAAAHAHAHAHAHHHH”. Like the fact that both Australia and Britain were enemies of Nazi Germany.

    There aren’t many ways to treat society shit-stains like this jerk-off, but something may work… I prescribe cyanide to the brain for this crazy. After all, that was how most of the Nazi’s did it.

  22. People like him are a disgrace to our country. I am of mixed descent; my father is from India and my mother is German and Irish. Guess half casts like me would be put in concentration camps if people like him ruled the country. It’s funny…the “boat people” seem to have a better grasp of the English language than the “4th/5th generation Australians”…he does know that Australia fought AGAINST the nazis right?

  23. Glenn Anderson is both a moron and a hypocrit. Firstly he doesn’t know when to use their instead of there. Secondly he must hate himself as his parents come from Macedonia. His real surname is Androvski. The only non immigrants in this country are the indigenous people yet Anderson is too moronic to understand this. He berates non whites for not being able to speak English yet he cannot speak it either.

  24. Hey Anderson you are a Nazi scum bag bonehead moron and muppet. Stop deluding yourself that you are some north west european nordic you are a self hating Macedonian who Nazis would consider of the alpine dinaric phenotype. Your features are hardly Scandinavian or are you too stupid to realise this. I personally don’t believe in existance of race but I have read what morons like Anderson espouse. They like to classify people into phenotype categories, believing that they are all tall long headed blond nordics. Yet Anderson is short, dark haired, and brachycephalic with a flattened occipital region. He has features Nazis view as south eastern european. I hope you read this post you Nazi muppet.

  25. Say, didn’t the clear thinking rest of the world already tell these nazi wallies in 1939 -45 in no uncertain terms that they aren’t welcome ANYWHERE?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Let me guess Glenn, you hate non whites because you are an obese, heartless, selfish, self absorbed, egotistical, psychotic, moron, who had a crush on a white (sic) woman who chose a person of color over you, because he was kind, intelligent, fit, healthy, compassionate, nice, and sensitive. You went I will get revenge by becoming a white supremacist hate monger. You are a total moron Anderson. Your IQ is 0 and so is your EQ. If you love England so much go and live there. This land belongs to indigenous people. You claim to be Anglo Saxon but many say you are actually Southern European. You are a complete peanut. Even your dickhead Nazi mates do not like you. That moron James Lawrence has published your phone number on the internet, and says you are mentally ill. Of course your boss hates non whites. If you had any brains you would know that the bosses use racism to divide the working-class. Capitalism is the enemy of the working-class not non whites (sic).

  27. Hey Anderson/ Androvski or what ever you will be calling yourself in the future! Your stupid sign full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes stated stop the white genocide (sic). What white genocide?… you moron! This country was founded on the invasion of the indigenous people. There has been a genocide of aboriginal peoples. Australia is a crime scene, as no treaty has been signed with indigenous peoples, no sovereignty has been granted, and the genocide has not been acknowledged. The white Anglos were the ones who perpetrated the genocide. Get your facts right you idiotic hate monger. Go and read some books instead of believing the crap that Cottrell feeds you. You are not capable of forming your own opinions as you are an intellectual gnat who only knows how to argue with your fists. I would like to see you strut around Compton, the Bronx, Zimbabwe, or Redfern. You would scurry away like the vermin coward you are. What is your problem? Why are you obsessed with hate? What did non white people ever do to you? Your parents must be ashamed of you, no wonder you changed your name. You and Tony Abbott must be the most hated people in Australia. You cannot even argue your case in a lucid intellectual fashion as all you can do is threaten people, firstly because the ideology you love so much is irrational, anti intellectual, hate filled crap, and secondly because everyone
    knows you are officially brain dead. To use language you may understand you are a typical Aries (violent, egotistical, arrogant, elitist, and martial). I know someone born on your birthday and they are not only an Aries sun, but Aries moon, and mercury in Aries. Many of you nazis are into the occult and astrology. I have no doubt you are with all your 14/88 numerology crap. You no doubt love being a Mars ruled Aries as it makes you feel like a big man. Stop spewing your hate and learn to love. The problem with you is that you hate yourself and cannot even accept your own ethnic heritage just like Jim Saleam (Lebanese), and Jack Van Tongeren (half Indonesian). Someone at the rally on April 4 in Melbourne pointed at you and said why is that Greek guy rallying with these fascist scum? You don’t fool anyone dude. You are 42, grow up and act your age. You are not an angry teenager anymore. Find a lover and enjoy life for once. You are being used by the Nazis, they don’t even like or respect you. At their rallies you are always on your own. They try and disown you and find you an embarrassment. How will fascism liberate you from your woes?

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