Hate Faggots Cos (sic) They Aren’t Natural

* Note:
The guy featured below is here because he chooses to publicly denigrate gays, goths, emos and punks on his wall while calling on them to commit suicide like it’s some kind of joke.

Oh Daniel… You post your hatred for ’emo’s (sic), punks and gays’ on your completely open Facebook profile (offending at least one person who contacted us), and can’t understand why they ‘hate living’, or why they don’t kill themselves ‘like their idols’. Did it occur to you that the number one reason for depression amongst gay people is because they believe society rejects them because of their love for their own gender? But you don’t care about that, nor do you care if gay people know how you feel about them. You just keep doing your chubby fist-pump pose thinking that you’re God’s gift to women and that rational people find you more palatable than gay people.

Now Daniel, darling, you said you’re ‘always looking to laugh or make others laugh’, so we figured that ‘you can’t beat a good joke, like this’:

Q: What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam?
A: I can’t peanut butter my dick in your arse.

64 thoughts on “Hate Faggots Cos (sic) They Aren’t Natural

    • “Daniel Pinnell
      Why is the area between a girls boobs and her bellybutton called a waist? Because you could easily fit another pair of boobs in there, such a waste. Haha”

      oh hes such a charmer…. homophobic and a misogynist its enough to make any girl weak at the knees!

    • In photo 7 he resembles the nutter that blows his brains out in Full Metal Jacket! And I love the housing commission decor (check the kitchen)…

    • Looks like someone must have alerted the doofus, the wall is longer public.
      Who ever did that deserves a medal, seeing his photos and reading his shit can be nauseating.

  1. What a chunky ass-hat. Unnatural = contrary to nature. But wait! Homosexual behaviour has been recorded in nearly 1500 animal species – birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and fish (including lions, penguins, dolphins, cheetahs, cats, dogs).

    Whoops – sorry Danny-boy… you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Go lose some weight and get some fashion sense you fat fucktard.

  2. Oh how funny. He loves hot girls too. Hahaha. I think this obese nationalistic douchebag is obviously a virgin. He may love hot girls but ha I doubt any hot girl would go near him. I love gay haters because they often tend to be dipshited obese fuckers who have never come close to having sex in their lives so are clearly just jealous that gay men get more than he ever will. I bet he likes “hot” gay women though on all the porn someone of his size would have to look at to come close to ever actually having sex.

    • I’v known very good looking non-virginal men who’v been outragious homophobes (Gay Haters)-but that was due to the egocentric veiw that if he thinks he’s gorgeous, and you are gay, then OBVIOUSLY you will fall madly in love with him at first site, even if he is a jerk. It’s true, cause as a gay man, I’v experienced men like that.

      And by this guy’s style of writing, I’m leaning towards the belief that he is downright scared of gays ‘falling madly in love’ with his gorgeous chunky body that he see’s fit to please the typical ‘hot girl’.

  3. Question – how did you find the open wall facebook page, when the names are blacked out on TAB? Just curious because TAB has been covering names of late (for whatever reasons they may have).

    But this poor boy needs a little bit of help. It’s so sad.

    He likes the page:

    ‘Daniel likes Pretending to fist pump in clubs but actually punching sluts in the face’·

    Why so much anger and hatred towards women?

  4. I love it how he says he likes “All sports”, yet he s a chubtub of a man. I suppose he is a purveyor who prefers to watch the action rather than do it himself. Hence why his fixation on his fist is that he uses it to wank off to all those porn films he watches.

    • I was wondering why he had the same pose in every picture. I thought that TAB had made a mistake and replayed the same picture half a dozen times.

      And why did they blank out his name and face? (assuming TAB found him and wasn’t given these shots) Doesn’t help with the naming and shaming

      • His first name is Daniel, if that helps =P Even if it’s half the name, its still full of shame.

        Also, he could be doing that pose as some form of salute to boganity!

  5. Daniel,

    I feel for you. You probably can’t help being large, just like I can’t help being gay.

    I don’t approve of others’ mockery of your weight, but man, you have got to take a look at yourself and your attitude – its just not ok.

    Why do you hate gay people? Why do you even have an opinion about that? Why do you want to lump a group of being all together like that, instead of judging each person you meet on their merits, their behaviour and how they treat you? Respect usually begets respect, ya know….

    Would you like it if someone said, I hate all fat people, I hate all people who went to Keebra Park High, I hate people born in 1989, I hate all gold coasters, etc?

    You’re too young to have so much hatred and intolerance. I feel sorry for you.

    Its not to late to change though……..

  6. The hilarity of his list of ‘likes’ which are open in the public domain and don’t need a FB account to access:

    ‘If Pubs Dont Serve Drunk People Why Do Mc’donalds Serve Fat People’
    ha ha the irony in this ‘like’.

    ‘having sex on the floor because the bed is too loud’
    As discussed in other posts I am not sure a woman has ever come near the poor boy, let alone on a bed in a state of undress.

    ‘suck me off at the next station please’,
    No thanks. I would rather swallow razor blades.

    ‘Chicks who eat oysters but don’t swallow are hypocrites’
    Did you hear that from a friend?

    ‘Tits out for the boys, get cha tits out for the boys’
    Do you say that to mummy often?

    ‘Saying to your friend “oi man there’s your BF/GF” when you see someone ugly’
    Do you hear that it reference to yourself?

    ‘when sluts hate other sluts for being sluts’
    I bet they still won’t sleep with you.

    ‘Matty Johns’
    Enough said.

    I normally don’t like commenting on people’s physical features but this guy has just left himself open to criticism of just that sort by criticising others. What a charmer!

    Or maybe we should feel sorry for him as he probably has major self-esteem issues? Don’t all bully’s have this characteristic?

    Hopefully he will see the light, think about his words and get some assistance.

    • Lots of young men go through an unspeakable oafish stage. Just ask our mums. 😉

      Few however also publicly and obsessively celebrate their rampant homophobia.

  7. “Pretending to fist pump in clubs but actually punching sluts in the face” is an FB page with over 66,000 members. Judging by the pics, membership is almost exclusively Gen Y bogans. Articulate additions to the hilarity mostly consist of ‘LOL’ and ‘fuck yeah’.

  8. I’m getting more and more disappointed by this site when I used to really enjoy reading it. Why are so-called politically correct posters (and TAB) ridiculing this ‘boy’ about his weight and his apartment? He’s made the kind of crass homophobic comments that are unfortunately heard in everyday situations but there are surely better targets to expose than him. Facebook contains some seriously dangerous, hate-filled, racist and homophobic posts – this guy is simply ignorant and clueless and probably hasn’t made it outside of his country town yet. Abusing him for his size (maybe he has diabetes) and his living conditions (if that is his house) is simply hypocrisy. Get TAB page back to the quality of a few months ago; choose some serious targets and leave the self-righteous, bigoted responses well alone.

    • Well, he IS chubby, and he IS fist pumping. Also, he is 21, he doesnt have the right to be a noted as a ‘boy’, he should have learnt the valuable lesson of not to judge others by face value, lest the same be done to him. He has judged women and homosexuals in a derogatory way and has expressed this on the internet publicly, so the internet will do the same for him, publicly.

      For example; if this ‘man’ did good deeds like help out children at the orphanages, held doors open for ladies and displayed exemplary manners of a gentleman, then people would judge him not by his appearance, but his character-and praise him. But instead he is a small-minded homophobic chauvinist, and thats the sad truth.

  9. I agree making comments on his perceived socioeconomic status isn’t the way to go. I don’t think TAB has made mention of that at all. Lots of people live in social housing for various reasons – some bogans, some not – but they shouldn’t be vilified. Some of the biggest bogans I know live in large houses with good incomes.

    Attacks on physical features only ever come into play when someone is a total jerk and attacks other people for the same thing. If he didn’t join groups on publicly accessible Internet sites that made references to ‘ugly girls’, ‘punching sluts’ and ‘fat people at McDonalds’ then judging him on these features alone would be out of order.

    But in this case … Pot. Kettle. Black.

    As a gay female I am so sick of bogans like this stating how homosexuality makes them sick; there are a lot of them out there and they need to be held to account.

    As I said, maybe he will see the light and think about his actions and spread the word. I do feel sorry for the boy (yes he is a boy because real men don’t think like this).

    Maybe he can watch this and see how hurtful words like his effect people… It definitely resonated with me.

    It’s not too late Daniel. It will get better.

    • Sadly Overit, you have committed the classic faux pas of humanising this issue.

      People like Daniel cannot deal with veiwing the individual sufferings of systematic hatred because it forces them to engage standard social skills like “empathy” or “consideration” and then their heads would explode…

    • Aphy
      Very good response and points well made. My only issue is the number of posters who respond to his overt homophobia and mysogynism by criticizing his physical form and social conditions. To use an extreme example, is it less derogatory to call someone a ‘fat fuck’ or a ‘poof’. Abuse is abuse. Pot, kettle and people in glass houses!

  10. TAB do you ever contact the racists/homophobes/misogynists et al to let them know that they feature on this site? If not, how do they find out?

    I am wondering what Daniel would really say if he was confronted by the ‘humanisation of the issue’?

    Maybe I live in hope it’s not too late for some people and their heads will explode with acceptance and love (group hug ha ha ha).

    As my name suggests, I am just Over the hate.

  11. I agree with Overit and Cozinoz.

    The ridiculous name calling and calling out of his size and house are the sort of things bogans would say.

    He is obviously an idiot. I thought at the start he was about 12, but hypocrisy does not look good on this site.

  12. James, Overit and Cozinoz…why so upset? Daniel is fat. He’s overweight, and an expert might suggest morbidly so. He may have a medical condition (big boned, type 2 diabetes) etc etc, but the fact that he’s drinking at ‘The Races’, chowing down on whatever them chubby fingers can hold… all the while hating gooks, niggers and women…….

    I think Daniel is fair game. It’s not ‘hate’ -it’s borne from a simple desire to share the planet with like-minded people that have existence and survival as a collective interest. Community. And if you three believe strongly about it, come join a black bloc collective. We NEED your misguided passion…

    In the meantime, Daniel is a fat racist fuck that contributes nowt to society, yet sucks valuable resources and encourages Greencash supporters to bleat about hypocrisy…

    • They’re upset because they’re concerned that some on this site might fall foul of the very things they decry. I doubt that there’s anything that they truly need to be concerned about however.

  13. El Toony – I never suggested that hate was involved. My passion as you put it is not misguided.

    I have been a life long fan of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jnr and the fact of the matter is hate and vitriol towards the people with misguided views is not the answer.

    Nasty comments detract from what this site should be about.

  14. I have a problem regarding judgment on his perceived socio economic status. As he hasn’t made an attack on those that live in ‘housing commissions’, then it can’t be used against him. Plus those who live in social housing shouldn’t be lumped with this boy.

    I didn’t see where he has posted racist views on ‘gooks’ and ‘niggers’? If he did, that is deplorable.

    I only saw derogatory comments about ‘fags’, fat people (the irony) and women in general (he will never get one). And being a chubby gay female I take offence!

    If you read my earlier posts I do poke fun at him for his ‘likes’. For those comments he is probably fair game for public ridicule. Put your hate in a public sphere, then you must expect to face the consequences.

  15. James, given your allegiance to the popular peaceful people of our time (glad you didn’t add Che!), at what point would it be acceptable to you to suggest ‘hate and vitriol’?

  16. So Overit, you identify as a fat gay woman that falls short of having a stab (not with a knife) at a fat racist prick that epitomises every single cell of humanity wasted, that exists?
    At what point do you do something outside of whinging on a forum?

    It’s not just the fat white cunts…

  17. I did not add Che as he is not part of the equation. Sarcastic comments about my alliegiance do you no favours. In fact, they make my point that this site is losing it’s way.

    My Uncle was over from England recently and heard me say something about bogans. A discussion ensued with my Dad, my uncle and myself about what constituted a bogan.

    My dad said I was being judgemental about people of lower socio economic groups and I argued that it was more to do with chosen attitudes and that I would never criticise somebody based on their status in relation to socio economics as that is often out of their control.

    The anti bogan press, at least on this thread is happy to go along with what my dad accused me of. If this site remains opposed to racism and sexism, I will keep subscribing. If it is just another site where other prejudices are encouraged, I will go elsewhere.

    • Bogan as this site uses it is used in a different fashion to how it is normally. As I understand it they can’t change the site address.

      Also I disagree that the site is losin it’s way as you say it is. However I would agree that there are a few commenters who could easily give you that impression. On the other hand given some of the people this site exposes one could argue that they forfeit any rights to leniency.
      I’m not endorsing such a stance just explaining it.

  18. El Toony – It seems we are on the same side and wouldn’t be rushing out to be friends with the boy. I just don’t agree with the comments on his economic status. No one should be judged or ridiculed on that.

  19. Daniel sounds like a very lonely and confused person, I think his loathing of gay people IS because he himself is gay. But he’s too scared to admit to himself and all his loved ones his true nature. There have been studies confirming that men with homophobic attitudes are themselves secretly gay, and the reason they hate gay people is because they are envious of the freedom they have in being out in the open about their sexuality. If he insists on hating other people, I’m sure if they got to know him they would hate him too.

    His misogyny is also borne out of fear. He’s intimidated by women, because they have the power to hurt and humiliate him. You can bet he has a dysfunctional relationship with his mother, and no real male role model in his life. Clearly, his way of ‘doing masculinity’. He might benefit from reading the works of Connell and Messcherschmidt about masculinity and sexual identity.

  20. Overit and James – Of course people shouldn’t judge based upon a socio blah blah blah, but we do. In most cases, it’s just a thought that escapes us. A flippant comment.
    The fat chick in the black SUV, the skinhead in the Chevodore ute, the jew in the Audi…We all make judgements (whether we accept or not) and as far as I am concerned, Daniel has my permission to take a huge leap into the abyss and rot like the FAT, LEECH, SLOVENLY,FIST-PUMPING CUNT that it is. I don’t use the word ‘cunt’ lazily either.

    • “The fat chick in the black SUV, the skinhead in the Chevodore ute, the jew in the Audi…We all make judgements (whether we accept or not) ”

      Aren’t they just observations??? why use the negative connotation ‘judgement’?

      vernacular use of the word ‘judge’ is to make a decision based on little or no evidence, me thinks.

      But if one has some information, preferably sufficient information to make a decision based on that why negate that as ‘judging’? for it could be a good judgement, the more information available to make the said judgement the accurate the judgement will be.
      Just me thinks 😐

  21. You don’t know where I am from. I was just trying to point out how silly it is to be discriminatory on a site that labels itself as anti discrimination.

    I went out with 2 girls from Newcastle – fabulous lasses. When the Boat Comes in is one of my favourite programmes ever aswell.

  22. TAB please reply to me please. As you know recently I’ve been against you naming & shaming so called bogans but on this case I applaud you this man has got to be one of the biggest wankers I have ever seen good work on this case =)

  23. im the person who didnt like the nic webber story and the muslim rape gang one.. but I really like you exposing this true idiot THANK YOU

  24. Daniel Pinnell,

    You poor, unelightened and overweight moron.

    Let me know if you an explanation of those ‘big words’.


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